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Amesbury, Massachusetts, United States

Robert Goetschkes made a courageous decision to serve in the U.S. Coast Guard during the first Gulf War. His dedication and exceptional service were acknowledged through various honors and awards, including the USO General Dynamics Community Service Award in 1995, the Navy League Award for Outstanding Military Service in 1996, two consecutive Good Conduct Awards from the USCG in 2000, and the National Ski Patrol 10 Year Service Award in 2017. These esteemed recognitions hold deep meaning for Goetschkes, reflecting his pride in his military achievements and their impact on shaping his character. Goetschkes' commitment to making a difference extended beyond his military service. He was also recognized for his hard work and dedicated service in other areas of his life. Notable accolades include the Certificate of Appreciation for Peace Corps Service in 1992, presented by President Bush; the National Ski Patrol 10-Year Service Award in 2017; the Knights of Aksarben Good Neighbor Award in 2012; and the Teacher of the Year Award from the Norwin School District in 2006. Presently, Goetschkes is a warehouse professional at the Leeward Light Charitable Foundation. This 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization owns and operates charitable thrift stores across New England. The foundation's commitment to community welfare is exemplified by donating all profits to various charities and foundations. Since 2009, the Leeward Light Charitable Foundation has contributed over $3 million to local New England charities, striving to provide nourishment, clothing, and comfort to community members in need. Though enjoying retirement from teaching, Goetschkes remains dedicated to meaningfully giving back to the community. Family and community lie at the core of his values. After an honorable discharge from his 11-year service in the Coast Guard, Goetschkes entered a new chapter of his life by marrying and starting a family.