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Simplify Trucking the Garmin Way

Driving a truck is one of the most demanding jobs in the world, but having the right tools can make your time behind the wheel much less stressful. With the goal of easing the burden for the hardest-working people in the world, Garmin has developed a comprehensive assortment of trucking products. From reliable GPS navigators to dash cams, headsets, smartwatches, and more, these products work seamlessly together to help you truck smarter, healthier, and more efficiently.

dēzl OTR Navigation

Garmin’s flagship trucking navigation series features large, high-definition touchscreen displays up to 10”. The latest models introduced enhanced arrival planning with satellite imagery, so you can see high-resolution aerial views of truck entrances, security gates, and loading dock destinations. Drivers can utilize custom routing based on the size and weight of their rig and increase awareness, with road warnings for potential hazards along the route.

dēzl Headsets

Purpose-built for truck drivers, Garmin’s premium headsets are engineered for audio excellence in noisy cab environments. Whether on duty or at a rest stop, drivers can benefit from these wireless headsets which provide crystal clear audio, active noise cancellation, and up to 50 hours of continuous Bluetooth talk time to endure long days and nights on the road. Use a dēzl headset with a dēzl OTR navigator so routing prompts can seamlessly blend into your audio stream and voice commands can be heard through your headset to control your navigator.

Instinct 2 – dēzl Edition Smartwatch

Truck driver health is important. This Garmin smartwatch monitors health and wellness around the clock by tracking heart rate, stress levels, sleep monitoring and more. It also adds convenience to your day by displaying reward point balances and provides access to member loyalty programs from select leading travel plazas. With an active PrePass® account, you can receive on-screen PrePass notifications for upcoming weigh stations and bypass decisions. The watch

also pairs with dēzl OTR series navigators to view break planning timers and health metrics on both the navigator and the smartwatch.

Dash Cam Live

Perhaps no single tool can be more valuable for a professional trucker looking to protect their driving record than a dash cam. Garmin’s newest installment in its robust lineup is Dash Cam Live – the always-on LTE dash cam – which can serve as an eyewitness, giving you immediate proof should you ever be involved in an accident. Your saved video clips are automatically stored for you in an app on your smartphone, making it quick and easy to share important videos. With an LTE subscription, it can also show a live view from the dash cam to your phone via the Garmin Drive smartphone app.

Garmin eLog Compliant ELD

Looking for a way to log your hours automatically? Easy to install with a one-time purchase and no subscription fees, the Garmin eLog is an hours-of-service (HOS) electronic logging device designed to prepare HOS records of duty status (RODS).

To learn more about Garmin’s full line of trucking-specific products, visit or a travel center near you. Please note: Some features require a connection to the Garmin dēzl app on your compatible smartphone.

Celebrating 75 Years of CB Radios

On October 4th, we celebrate National CB Radio Day, a day dedicated to honoring the citizen’s band radio, invented by Al Gross in 1948. While some may perceive CB radios as a thing of the past, seasoned truckers and drivers advocate for their enduring importance as a valuable tool on the road. Despite the advancements in communication technology, CB radios remain a lifeline for truckers, particularly during hazardous weather conditions or traffic congestion. They continue to play a crucial role in keeping drivers informed about road conditions ahead, serving as an important safety tool on the road.

In the age of smartphones and advanced communication devices, one might question the relevance of the humble CB radio. However, the stories shared by members of the RoadPro Driver’s Lounge Facebook Group shed light on the critical ways in which CB radios have come to the rescue on countless occasions.

Tiffany Wallin, a driver for the Bennett Family of Companies, recounted a recent incident that demonstrated the true value of CB radios. While passing through Nashville in the middle of the night, a fellow driver kindly alerted her and her husband through the CB radio that one of their boxes on the step deck was dragging. They pulled over at a safe location and found that the box came unscrewed and was falling off the brackets. It was a malfunction in the assembly. They ran a strap underneath it until they could get their truck back to the dealership. If not for help from a CB radio, they could have lost all their equipment and possibly caused harm to other motorists on the road.

Daryl Miller, a seasoned driver, shared his experience, saying, “I came over a hill and traffic was stopped. Someone warned me on the CB, and I didn’t run into anyone.” Often, a CB can be helpful in alerting drivers to oncoming traffic, construction zones, or bad weather conditions.

RoadPro Driver’s Lounge member, Randy Smith, shared, “Been using one for over 30 years now and had from simple to bigger, and anything in between. I try to warn others about problems up ahead of other traffic and sometimes get a response, other

times I don’t. Sometimes I get a warning from other drivers and thank them.”

The advantages of having a CB radio far outweigh the cost and excessive conversation that take place through the channels. Many choose not to use a CB radio because of all the negative camaraderie from other drivers. However, it is a lifesaving tool that has helped many drivers get out of dangerous situations. Many drivers prefer using only a cell phone for communication. However, when you don’t know the person’s number beside you or when you don’t have cell service, it becomes challenging to communicate. A CB radio is not reliant on cell towers, electricity, or local media, making it a dependable communication source.

Stay alert and remain aware of what lies ahead on the road. Continue to keep the roadways safe for all drivers. Join us in the RoadPro Driver’s Lounge to engage in discussions on this and many other topics. Join


Truckers everywhere owe a debt of gratitude to Irving “Al ‘’ Gross, the son of Romanian-Jewish parents who immigrated to Toronto, Canada where Gross was born in 1918.

Before his death in 2000, Gross would become a preeminent telecommunications engineer and inventor. He created a version of the walkie-talkie and a two-way communications system used by U.S. forces to direct bombers during World War II.

The reason truckers ought to revere Gross is for his invention of the citizen’s band radio, which was approved by the Federal Communications Commission in 1948.

Since then, the CB radio has become a fixture in many – and formerly most – heavy-duty trucks on U.S. highways.

Truckers rely on the CB in their cabs to provide the news of the highway including road conditions, traffic congestion, and, yes, the location of law enforcement officers. Channel 19 (known as the trucker’s channel) provides a mix of relevant information, and commentary – some helpful and some not – and is a place for idle conversation.

While smartphones have replaced CB radios in the cabs of some – mostly younger or new truckers, the CB remains a useful tool for many professional drivers. And, in the 75 years since Al Gross’s invention was patented, numerous companies have created CB radios. Here are some of the ones pro truckers may want in their trucks.

RoadKing RKCBBT Voice-Activated CB Radio

RoadKing, a member of the RoadPro Family of Brands, broke new ground when it introduced its voice-activated, hands-free CB radio. The RKCBBT comes as more and more state police agencies are cracking down on distracted driving and the use of smartphones while driving.

This is the first CB radio to provide a seamless transition between your smartphone and the included Bluetooth headset. Pushing the multi-function button on the Bluetooth headset allows you to switch between a conversation on the CB radio to an incoming call and talk hands-free.

The RKCBBT comes with a RoadKing 940 noise-canceling Bluetooth headset, which is already paired to the radio, a dynamic 4-pin handheld CB microphone, and an optional pushto-talk button.

This CB features a seven-color display, NOAA weather alerts, PA function, and talkback. The new RoadKing voice-activated hands-free CB radio is available now at travel centers and truck stops throughout the US and Canada, and online.

Need More Info about CB radios? Check out the RoadPro CB Radio Video Library!

Galaxy DX 959

Long a favorite of professional truckers, the Galaxy DX959 is loaded with features to make it easy to use while on the road.

The Galaxy DX-959 includes a large, easy-to-read meter with scales for power output, modulation, SWR and incoming signal. Its five-digit frequency counter has large yellow digits, two-digit channel display with larger yellow digits, variable power output control, and a variable talkback circuit with on/off switch.

The DX 959 also has a variable dimmer control with push switch to turn off the meter lamp and display digits, and a three-position tone switch for receive.

This CB also has the proprietary Galaxy Noise Filter (GNF) circuit, which reduces noise to aid in the recovery of weak SSB signals.

The Galaxy DX 959 can be found at travel centers, truck stops, big box stores and is available online.

Uniden BearTracker 885T

The Uniden BearTracker 885T is near or close to the top of the heap when it comes to CBs, mainly because of the feature that gives it its name. In addition to being a full-featured, 40-channel, 4-watt CB that comes peaked and tuned, the BearTracker includes a fully functional digital scanner to alert truckers to the emergency activities of nearby police, ambulances, fire departments and other first responders. It uses GPS tracking to automatically identify local scanner channels to monitor. It’s also compatible with wireless microphones. Available online

If price is a concern, there are several CBs that will do the job but not break the bank.

Cobra 29 LX Professional

Cobra has made a name for itself with transportation-related electronics, including CB radios for professional drivers. The mainstay of its lineup is the 29 LX Professional. With four watts of power and providing 40 channels, the 29 LX also features a large, four-color display screen. Built for the pro driver, this Cobra includes a clock and timer to help keep you on schedule, and has a 9-foot mic cord. Available online

Uniden PRO 510XL

This compact radio may be small and comparatively inexpensive, but it’s filled with many of the features found on larger, more expensive radios. Available online

President Adams

Another compact 40-channel CB, the Adams model from President Electronics, is loaded with the features truckers need, but is available at an entry-level price. Available online

Cobra 19DXIV

This compact CB radio is a simple, practical two-way radio that is ideal for the truck cab with limited space. Still, it puts out the same 4 watts as bigger, more expensive models. Available online

Having the right antenna is critical

Key to the performance of your truck’s CB radio and its true usefulness is the piece of equipment that connects it to the outside world: your CB’s antenna. There are four styles of antennas suitable for Class 8 trucks:

• Center-load CB antenna, also known as the “trucker” antenna. A center-load antenna consists of a stiff metal shaft on the bottom with a plastic-coated coil of wire in the middle and a thin whip on top of that.

• A fiberglass antenna is a pole wrapped in copper wire and then coated with a protective material. They come in a variety of lengths, and are favored as they can be mounted just about anywhere on your truck.

• The magnet-mounted antenna is small compared to other antennas and is easily mounted. It consists of a magnetic base topped with coiled wire and a small whip. This is favored for its ease of installation.

• 102” whip antennas are seen on many tractor-trailers. They require no coil and are simply a long, flexible wire that can be lowered when not in use.

RoadPro offers a variety of sizes and styles of CB antennas from several different makers including Francis, Wilson, Solarcon, K40, TruckSpec, and its own selection of antennas and accessories.

A standout is Wilson’s 2000 Trucker Antenna, which features stainless steel center-loaded coils with a 5-inch shaft and 49-inch stainless steel whip. It’s rated at 3500 watts and its larger coil housing provides increased power handling. Available online.

Also available from Wilson is its well-regarded Little Wil magnetic mount base-loaded antenna, which has a powerful 10-ounce magnet, and heavy-duty 14-gauge copper wire coil. Available online for $47.43

Be Sure You Have a Good Mic

While most CBs come with a microphone as part of the package, you may want to upgrade or find at some point you need to replace yours. Most mics on the market today are dynamic mics with standard four-pin connectors. Better quality mics – like Astatic’s 302-10309 model or the Uniden BC804NC – include noise cancellation, something that is important for blocking out highway noise while on the road, as well as upgraded cords and housings. Finding a replacement mic won’t break your budget. Good ones range from $30 to $70.

So, pairing the CB of your choice with the right antenna and microphone will give you an added level of connectivity, community, and safety while on the road.



for new CDL drivers

The Essential Road Companion

In today’s world, saturated with cell phones and social media apps of all kinds, are CBs truly necessary? The answer is an absolute “yes,” and here’s why.

While using a Bluetooth headset is required to use your phone and gives you the ability to talk to friends who might be across the country, it does not replace the need to communicate with nearby strangers or obtain local road conditions when your phone signal weakens. Some people say CBs can prevent “the big one”, meaning a larger storm. To a certain extent, this holds true; however, it doesn’t justify driving too fast without a safe following distance.

Though social media apps keep you connected with friends and family, they also limit interaction with the general public that once defined the meaning of the word “social”. Being social means meeting new people and sharing life stories with them. Have you ever been stuck at an airport or truck stop and ended up meeting someone and sharing life stories? This is part of the reason many drive to begin with. In fact, the response I often receive when asking others why they enjoy driving is, “To see new places and meet new people”.

Truthfully, that is why I drive as well. What’s a better way to socialize and meet someone than while continuing your job and driving down the road to deliver? Certainly, you may come across individuals who want to shout obscenities at others or the occasional base station operator who wants to melt your antenna, but buying a CB radio is a great tool and an enjoyable recreation at the same time.

“One in the middle at the 205”

What serves as more effective than a radar detector than someone in front of you witnessing the exact location of the “bears”? Cops are often referred to as bears over a CB radio. Or perhaps, “Slow down eastbound. You’re stopped for five miles at the 198”. Now you can decide to re-route or not, 15-20 minutes before you get to the backup. Then of course you have the fun stuff, “How about you 10Ring?”, Craig’s CB handle name. “Come in the house” is liable to be the response from me, meaning to welcome someone into the conversation. We can chat throughout the day without wasting time.

Yes, CBs can be a nuisance and expensive but, they can be an invaluable tool and for the most part, a good setup can be had for a cheap price. Stop by a CB shop or a truck stop near you and ask about one. Reputation is key to these guys, so they won’t try to sell you something you don’t need. They want you to return for more business later.

Craig “10ring” Daniels is a Patriot Fleet driver with 9 years for Crete/Shaffer/Hunt and over a million accident-free miles and 12 years of the road experience. Daniels is an Army Veteran who went into heavy equipment repair after serving, and that led to almost twenty years of building roads by running asphalt plants, rock quarries, and paving crews. He has been led to help and guide others along the way in what he calls divine intervention. He has trained and mentored other Crete/Shaffer/Hunt drivers, helping new family members with policies and procedures unique to the company. Craig has been exposed to some special people who have taught and continue to teach him the force’s ways and is proud to call a few good friends he values and takes their knowledge to heart. You can find Craig Daniels on TikTok @10ringcraigdaniels or Instagram @Shaffer_Patriot_46135.


for new CDL drivers

Time Management Tips for Truck Drivers

Time management is a critical skill for truck drivers who navigate the roads to deliver and pick up goods. The trucking industry operates on tight schedules, where efficiency and safer journeys also play a large factor. Whether you’re a seasoned driver or just starting out, incorporating these tips into your daily routine can make a world of a difference in your driving career.

1. Give Yourself Extra Time. When planning your routes and delivery schedules, always factor in extra time for unforeseen delays. Whether it’s traffic congestion, road closures, or unexpected weather conditions, allowing a buffer in your schedule can help you stay on track even when faced with challenges.

2. Ensure You Have Enough Gas. Running out of gas in the middle of a route can cause significant delays and frustration. To not let this happen to you, always keep your fuel tank well above the halfway mark. This practice not only ensures you have enough gas for your journey but also helps you avoid potential emergencies where gas may be expensive. The Mudflap app is a great source to find the best-priced fuel.

3. Find A Quality Parking Spot. It’s best to plan your stops ahead of time and research the rest areas you’ll be going to. Arriving early at a rest stop can increase your chances of securing a quality parking spot. This can be difficult during peak hours. Occasionally, you will be able to reserve a parking spot ahead of time through a travel center app.

4. Try to Avoid Traffic. Traffic jams are a trucker’s worst nightmare. Utilize a GPS navigation system and traffic apps to receive real-time traffic updates. A CB Radio is also a great way to be notified by other truckers of a delay ahead. If you are planning to drive through a larger city, plan as to what time you will hit traffic in the city.

5. Set Mileage Goals. Setting daily and weekly mileage goals helps you maintain a steady pace and track your progress. By breaking down your journey into manageable segments, you can better allocate your time and ensure consistent progress towards your destination.

6. Get Plenty of Rest. Fatigue on the road is a huge safety hazard and can severely impact your efficiency. Follow the hours-of-service regulations to manage your driving and resting hours effectively, allowing you to stay alert and focused on the road.

7. Prepare Ahead of Time. Preparation is key to efficient time management. Before hitting the road, double-check your route, load, and any necessary documents. Having everything in order before you start driving reduces the chances of delays caused by last-minute issues.

8. Create Checklists. Develop a comprehensive checklist for your pre-trip inspections, departure procedures, and end-of-day routines. Checklists ensure you don’t overlook important tasks and can help streamline your daily activities, saving you precious time.

9. Service and Maintain Your Truck. Regular maintenance is essential for a smooth journey. A breakdown due to poor maintenance can lead to significant delays. Adhere to a routine maintenance schedule and address any issues promptly to prevent them from escalating into major problems on the road.

10. Avoid Unnecessary Stops. While breaks are essential for your well-being, minimizing unnecessary stops can save time. A popular phrase among drivers is ‘keep the left door closed’ which means to make time by not stopping. Plan your breaks strategically, combining rest, meals, and fuel stops whenever possible.

By implementing these tips into your daily routine, you can enhance your efficiency, minimize stress, and ensure a safer journey on the road. Thank you for all you do drivers, stay safe!

Welcome to the Council!

Jeremy and Tiffany Wallin are team drivers behind the wheel of a 2017 Freightliner Coronado known as “The Girl Next Door.” They are owner-operators leased onto Bennett Motor Express out of McDonough, GA, pulling a step deck.

With 30 years of driving experience, Jeremy is not only a seasoned driver but also a skilled diesel mechanic and former entrepreneur. He owned a diesel and chrome/light shop for 13 years and managed his own small trucking company with seven trucks and drivers. Tiffany has been driving for 1 1/2 years. Before trucking, she was a dean’s assistant at the University of Tennessee.

Their truck, “The Girl Next Door” has been featured twice in Overdrive magazine for its lighting, chrome details, and stereo setup. Beyond the road, Jeremy and Tiffany share a love for adventure. They enjoy scuba diving, white water rafting, exploring authentic restaurants, and visiting national parks. Their passion for trucks extends to participating in truck shows throughout the country.

Learn More about our RoadPro Pro Driver Council

PRO DRIVER TIP Why Having a CB On Your Truck Is Important

Frederick graduated from Daly’s Truck Driver School in Buford, Georgia after his career in the armed forces. He served in the Marines, the Army and the Air National Guard and is a driver at Dartco for the past 5 years. In August 2015 he was named the winner of the fifth annual Mike O’Connell Memorial Trucking’s Top Rookie Award.
Have a Photo of Your Truck? Took a Photo of Life On The Road? Want to Share Your On The Go Lifestyle? UPLOAD Your Photo to the RoadPro On The Go Gallery! Submitted Photos UPLOAD HERE!

St. Christophers Truckers Relief Fund

With National Truck Driver Appreciation Week right around the bend, the staff at the St. Christopher Truckers Relief Fund (SCF) want to take a moment to thank all of the incredible drivers who dedicate so much of themselves to the trucking industry. St. Christopher Fund is honored to serve you.

Since 2008, the St. Christopher Fund has provided more than $4.5 million to assist recently injured or ill over-the-road drivers and their families. SCF provides direct bill payments for rent/ mortgage, utilities, vehicle, and insurance. They also provide drivers with resources to help negotiate medical bills as well as information about other organizations that may be able to help. To donate, or to complete an application for assistance, please visit for more information.

The St. Christopher Fund also offers an assortment of health and wellness programs to support OTR drivers under the new umbrella program, Driven to Be Healthy – all are FREE to over-the-road, Class A semi-truck drivers. Driven to Be Healthy includes Rigs without Cigs, a long-running, comprehensive smoking cessation program; Get Preventative Screenings (GPS), a preventative cancer screening program that currently includes at-home prostate cancer screenings; and Vaccine Vouchers, which provides flu, pneumonia, and shingles vaccinations for uninsured drivers.

Two other programs, Healthy Habits for the Long Haul (HH4LH) and Diabetes Prevention Program (DPP), are also included within Driven to Be Healthy. HH4LH and DPP are virtual 12-week courses, tailored to over-the-road drivers. DPP

specifically focuses on habits geared towards reducing the risk for diabetes, while HH4LH is adapted to focus on chronic disease management for drivers with high blood pressure, high cholesterol, heart disease, diabetes and more! For information about any of the SCF health and wellness programs, please reach out to Health & Wellness Manager, Lindsey Bryan, at or (865) 544-8145.

As a thank you to all over-the-road drivers, the SCF will be offering a fun, free health and wellness challenge for the month of September. Follow along on the SCF Facebook page for updates to this event and more health and wellness offerings.

By providing financial relief during difficult times and proactive health and wellness programs, the St. Christopher fund aims to support drivers during recovery. St. Christopher fund also aims to reduce health risks for the future leading to a better quality of life long-term. St Christopher fund invites you to join in their mission to save lives and drivers, one family at a time.

Thank You, Truckers!

As we celebrate Truck Driver Appreciation Week, September 10-16, we want to extend our heartfelt thanks to all the truckers out there – our highway heroes! Your dedication keeps our nation moving forward, and we are truly grateful. Your hard work, especially during challenging times, does not go unnoticed. Thank you for being the backbone of our economy and putting in countless hours of hard work through all weather conditions.

In our RoadPro Driver’s Lounge Facebook Group, truckers shared why they are proud to be a truck driver:

• “I am proud as a peacock to be a truck driver because I know that for every mile I put in, I’m helping my fellow humans in some way. Also, I’ve never had any kind of confidence in myself, and driving this big rig helps me with that! So, yay for being proud of myself for once! I’m also super proud to work with the best company out there, Bennett!” – Tiffany

• “I’m proud to be a trucker because while the trucking market and work might be screwed up to high heaven, I still care enough to trudge through the nonsense to find that the open road gives me peace and provides a service in a required but not always glamorous position.” – Greg

• “In my current driving position, I’m doing my part to keep a couple of small family dairy farms stocked with low-cost bedding, which throughout my career I always felt I was doing my part to keep America stocked.” – Rob

To all the truckers out there, we see and appreciate all that you do. Thank you for being the driving force behind our nation and for being our true highway heroes. Throughout Truck Driver Appreciation Week, RoadPro Pro Driver Council Members and the RoadPro team will be handing out goodie bags and RoadPro hats at travel centers across the United States. Keep your eye out for them!

Drive safe, and thank you, drivers, for all you do!

Seasoned Chicken and Asparagus


• Boneless, skinless chicken breasts (individually packaged at 6.25oz each)

• Fresh asparagus spears (about half of a pre-cut 10 oz bag)

• Butter (about 1 tablespoon)

• Olive oil

• Seasoning blend of your choice (garlic powder, onion powder, salt, pepper, etc.)


• Prepare chicken in skillet and season with preferred blend.

• While the chicken is cooking, prepare the asparagus. Melt the butter over medium heat and add the asparagus to sauté for about 5-7 minutes.

• Once the chicken is cooked through, remove it from the heat.

• Enjoy the seasoned chicken and asparagus in the comfort of your cab!

Need More Recipies? Check out the Cooking With RoadPro Video Library!

Discover Exciting New Cummins Products!

Get ready for the upcoming launch of brand-new official licensed Cummins products! If you’ve recently visited a travel center during your route, you may have already noticed a new display of Cummins’ official licensed apparel, cellular accessories, knives, and power inverters. More exciting offerings are on their way, so stay tuned!

Cummins Drinkware and Coolers

If you’re looking for a new tumbler to enjoy your coffee on the go or to keep your water cold, keep an eye out for Cummins drinkware. Take your pick between a red or black matte tumbler, featuring a secure snap seal lid and magnetic base. For carrying beverages in bulk, the new Cummins Coolers will offer a sleek, compact, and highly portable design that will fit 12 cans and provide the perfect storage space for drinks and food.

Cummins Classic Logo Apparel

If you’re a fan of the old Cummins logos, you’ll be excited to know that new Cummins apparel with classic Cummins logos is

on its way. You’ll want to keep a Cummins classic logo t-shirt as a staple in your trucker wardrobe.

Cummins Gloves

Gloves have a way of mysteriously disappearing, which is why you can never have too many pairs on hand. Whether you require split leather palm gloves for versatile work, latex and nitrile dipped gloves for a secure grip, or mechanic gloves for high-performance tasks, Cummins offers a wide range of options to meet your needs. With a durable material and thoughtful designs, Cummins Gloves will ensure your hands stay well protected during any job.

Keep an eye out for these exciting new products coming to travel centers near you soon, or visit the Cummins Amazon storefront to shop online


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