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Inside Tim Schrick tests: Hayabusa Mini BAC Mono 1000bhp Drag Evo Chevron GR8 & B19 Motec Porsche 911 CPR 982bhp Mitsubishi Evo

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im Schrick is one of the nicest guys in motorsport. He also happens to be one of the best drivers we’ve had the pleasure of riding shotgun with. He has a natural talent and can jump in any car and extract its limits instantly. He’s also a lot of fun to be around. So, we were over the moon when Tim gave us a call and asked us to line up some “crazy British cars” to feature on his new TV show, Turbo Automagazin, on Sport 1 in Germany (see http://mediencenter.sport1. de/de/video/auto_motor/video_auto_motor_turbo/#/0_lvvsn8yd). The line up is eccentric, eclectic and ballistic – and this issue of Road is dedicated to all of the mad machines we tested with Tim. There’s the Z Cars classic Mini, with a Hayabusa engine in the back and rear wheel drive... right up Tim’s crazy engineering alley, and appealing to his passion for sideways action. Great fun! Then there’s the amazing new BAC Mono single seater race ace: The ultimate track day car? An engineering master class. And we took Tim to Santa Pod, the home of UK drag racing, for his first taste of quarter mile action, in a mental 1,066bhp Mitsubishi Evo! Finally, Tim wanted a taste of a quintessential British track day. So we took him to Donington Park with the RMA, where he “fell in love” with the incredible Chevron GR8 race car (& B19 historic), drove “the best ever 964” Motec Porsche 911 from Sean Lockyear and had a go in a 982bhp Time Attack winning Mitsubishi Evo from Car Planet Racing. As you will see, it was quite a week of phenomenal cars...



Z Cars build the maddest Minis imaginable. We knew Tim Schrick would love them, and lined up a classic Hayabusa engined, rear wheel drive example to test...

Mad mini at manby Manby Motorplex (www.manbymotorplex.com), near Louth in the beautiful Lincolnshire Wolds was th first Tim test... and what a perfect introduction to crazy British engineering it was, setting the ideal to of mental motoring ahead. Manby’s wide expanses of ex-military asphalt gave Tim the chance to pro beautiful, outstandingly rapid Z Cars Mini, brimming with character and oozing fun. The car is one of mid-engined, rear-wheel-drive bike engine conversions, “bringing the Mini bang up to date” (in a goo BMW MINI!). Z Cars offer Minis with Honda Civic Type R Vtec engines as well as turbo or non-turbo Y GSXR1000 or Hayabusa motorbike engines (chain-driven). This 575Kg Mini has a 197bhp, 1.3-litre, 1 turbo Hayabusa unit with sequential gearbox – all set-up and re-mapped to suit the Mini in-house by engineers. The car itself might look like a classic A-Series Mini from outside, but, unsurprisingly, it’s n lies Z Cars’ critically acclaimed, precisely engineered bolt-down roll cage which, at the rear, locates t rose jointed Protech adjustable suspension, drive shafts, brakes, engine and transmission. It’s a work is blown away by. A self-taught, but highly proficient engineer himself, born into the Schrick Camsha of admiration for the concept and application of the Z Cars philosophy. He loves quirky, insane British and is in his element in the Summer sunshine, on the airfield, chatting away with Simon from Z Cars,

he venue for our one for the week operly let rip in this Z Cars classic Mini od way, not like the Yamaha R1, Suzuki 11,000rpm nony talented Z Cars not. Under the skin the bespoke Z Cars k of art, which Tim aft family, Tim is full h “imagineering� waiting to let rip...

Tim test time After an hour or so with Turbo TV producer, Florian Laucke setting up the cameras on the mental Mini and a bit of last minute fettling from the Z Cars team, Tim’s finally ready to have a go. He straps himself in, laughs at the classic Mini angle of the steering wheel and hits the starter button. The Hayabusa rips into life, loudly and Tim blips the throttle, zipping the bike engine up and down the rev range. More giggling. The sound of all those speedy rising and falling revs coming from a classic Mini is one hell of a juxtaposition. Cool. With a snick of the sequential gear lever, Tim engages first and sets off... at full chat. The tiny Mini becomes a spec in a instant: It’s capable of 0-60mph in under three seconds, thanks to its low weight, big power, grip and instant gears. Tim’s face lights up. He then chucks the car into a bend, throwing it into a lurid powerslide straight away. Cue more giggling. Z Cars Chris is impressed: “I’ve never seen anyone get to grips with one of these so fast.” Tim is in the zone.


the verdict After a whole day of ripping through the gears, slewing sideways and laughing out loud in the hot sunshine, Tim was very happy. And the Z Cars Mini didn’t miss a beat – only requiring a bit of chain oil, to cope with Tim’s talent behind the wheel. I don’t think it’s ever been so well used! Afterwards, Tim said: “I was worried the car would only be about serious straight line speed. But after a few third and forth gear slides, I did not need to worry. The car handles very, very well. The rear axle set-up makes it so perfect for catching slides. It’s so impressive. And it’s do damn loud inside too – making a really nice sound. I love the gearbox too. I’d love to own one and p**s off all the yummy mums in their Porsche Cayennes at the traffic lights in Munich! This car is a lot of fun. I love it!” Enough said!

thank you A huge thanks to James and Jackie at Manby Motorplex (www.manbymotorplex.com) for the test location & of course to Z Cars for the immaculate, rapid Mini (www.zcars.org.uk), which we all would love to own...


z cars workshop Tucked away in the hamlet of Aldborough, just north of Hull are the incredible Z Cars workshops: A boys’ toy paradise. In addition to the mad Mini race, Vtec and bike engine conversions, born out of grasstrack racing engineering, Z cars specialise in bringing crazy cars to life. They offer fast road, race, rally, kit cars and full-on project builds and have full fabrication, machining, welding, paint and dyno facilities on site. Some of the projects on the go we saw on our visit with Tim included a TVR Cerbera with a tuned Nissan Skyline RB26 lump and 4WD running gear, unbelievable twin turbo Ultima with over 800bhp, Fiat 500 with bike engines, VW Golf GTi with space frame and supercharged Vtec engine etc. The list is endless, as is the limit of their engineering know-how and vision. Their latest ‘Universal kit’ converts any FWD car into a rear-wheel-drive, mid-engined animal, for the road. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Got a mad vision for your ultimate motor? Z Cars can bring it alive. Ace!


going solo

The BAC Mono is the ultimate in selfish track day fun... a 540Kg, 280bhp, single seat, super lightweight, circuit focused weapon. Tim Schrick & Road sneak a peak.

BAC Mono, e th t il u b d n chine signed a sm is dream ma uys who de g o and enthusia tw n e io th s s to a p lk f ta o “When you visible. And up. This sort is t e h v g li lo s e e h y T e their P this car. you can see d, Sachs, A ing detail of n z la a w m e a H , ry h e v ver e oswort ises,” evident all o involved – C s e m a n o comprom e n , th le t b a a k in o g w lo a when you the best im t exciting ne s e o b l m il e w th it s w p u kno t perha toRacing – yo e floor, abou ). Briggs Au l! th a n ic o d ra w s ja s , hrick oking le e, said Tim Sc performanc dical (now lo a h R ig e h th ra e lt c u y sin eight, track day to g the latest o is a lightw n in s o u M “ d : re y a tu s c pany manufa and motive Com signed and e d le ic h ur designers e o v e s v rt a o g p t s a l e mble entral-s road lega hich to asse The single c . w y n g o lo s o a n v h n c erleaf. lank ca racing te e ultimate b and spec ov th m o rs e .c e o n in o g n w.bac-m project e l more at ww o ro D .” m a their dre


VEHICLE SPECIFICATION Engine Type: Displacement: Configuration: Number of valves: Bore x Stroke: Maximum Power: Maximum Torque: Construction: Lubrication system: Camshafts: Induction system: Intake system: Exhaust: Engine management: Clutch:

Normally Aspirated, 4 cylinder, in-line, structurally mounted 2300cc In-line, 4 cylinders 16 87.5mm x 94mm 280 bhp at 7700rpm 280 Nm at 6000rpm Forged connecting rods and Forged Cosworth Pistons Cosworth dry sump with internal scavenge pump Cosworth developed performance inlet, exhaust camshafts, uprated valve springs Cosworth developed gas flowed cylinder head with roller barrel port throttles BAC / ITG aero optimized carbon inlet, remote filtration system and carbon airbox Cosworth / BAC developed 4 into 2 into 1 stainless steel exhaust manifold and centrally mounted exhaust system Gems EM40 ECU with Cosworth / BAC developed calibration AP Racing

Fuel System Construction: Capacity: Fuel pump: Filler:

Custom alloy fabrication with internal baffles and collector system 35 litres ATL in tank high pressure fuel pump, with two stage filtration Lockable billet aluminium filler cap

Gearbox & driveline Model: Type: Differential: Lubrication: Ratios: Gear selection: GCU: Driveshafts:

Hewland FTR, fully stressed with integral engine oil tank 6 speed sequential Powerflow LSD Splash Final drive 9:31 1st = 12:38 2nd = 14:33 3rd = 15:27 4th = 17:25 5th = 21:26 6th = 19:21 Shiftec Electronic/Pneumatic semi-auto matic closed loop system operated via Steering wheel mounted paddles. Shiftec/Gems GKN / BAC developed, low friction

Lubrication / Fluids Type: Suspension Type:

Motul developed 5W50, fully synthetic engine oil Motul developed 300 LS 75W90 gearbox oil Motul developed RBF 600 brake & clutch Motul developed Inugel optimal coolant Front - Adjustable pushrod activated twin wishbone system with needle roller

Wishbones: Uprights: Dampers: Springs: Anti-Roll Bars:

bearing mounted bell cranks, rising rate, optimized camber change and roll centre position, full Ackermann geometry, shim adjustable camber Rear - Gearbox mounted, Adjustable pushrod activated twin wishbone system with needle roller bearing mounted bell cranks, rising rate, optimized camber change and roll centre position, shim adjustable camber TIG welded Seamless CFS3 steel aero tube twin wishbone Ultra light, billet aluminium uprights front and rear Two way adjustable Sachs racing RDS - 36 Formula system* Race spec H & R 325lb front and 375lb rear Rising rate jounce rubbers Adjustable front and rear torsion bar

Vehicle Construction Body type: Safety Cell: Aero:

Ultra - lightweight Carbon fibre / foam TIG welded cold drawn seamless tube RACMSA & FIA compliant ROPS Carbon fibre Crash Box Side impact structure BAC / FKFS – developed & tested low drag aero package

Brakes Calipers: Discs: Master cylinders: Pedal box:

AP Racing, Formula Car Caliper - Radial 4 Piston (F & R) AP Racing, 295 mm ventilated discs, crossed drilled, Billet Machined mounting bells (F & R) AP Racing pedal box mounted, differential bore, dual circuit. BAC designed and developed, adjustable, billet, floor mounted pedal box with ball bearing mounted billet pedals

Wheels and Tyres Wheels (f): Wheels (r):

O.Z. Racing / BAC developed HRT alloy 7.5j x 17in O.Z. Racing / BAC developed HRT alloy 8.5j x 17in

Tyres (f): Tyres (r):

Kumho / BAC developed V70a 205/40 R17 Kumho / BAC developed V70a 245/40 R17

Interior Seat: Trim: Steering wheel: Seat Belts:

Tillett / BAC developed fixed position carbon fibre “Extreme” waterproof leather, Microcare MC waterproof “suede” BAC developed 290mm diameter billet aluminium GEMS LDS4 colour display system 16 pin quick release steering boss Touch sensitive starter button Willans safety restraint system, FIA compliant



1066bhp DRAGstrip VIRGIN

Tim Schrick has raced, rallied and driven some of the best cars and bikes built. But he’d never drag raced the quarter mile... until now! With 1066bhp on tap. 3-2-1. GO!

the fear Tim has driven the scariest race on the world’s most demanding race track, Nürburgring 24-Hour. He’s drifted a Porsche Carrera GT, inches from big drops and stone walls. He’ll extract the limit of any performance car you give him the keys of. He’s a driving, drifting, racing god. But, without doubt, Tim Schrick is (understandably) fearful of this 1,066bhp Mitsubishi Evo drag beast from the east. As Turbo TV producer, Florian Laucke says: “I’ve never seen Tim scared before. It’s just unheard of.” The once American Evo, now owned by serial drag fanatic, Andy Robinson and fettled in the UK by Car Planet Racing is a dedicated drag car... designed simply to demolish the quarter mile. It’s all about straight lines today Tim... here at “the home of British drag racing,” Santa Pod. Gulp!


“das ist ein monster!� Tim schrick


race ace turned drag pro? When the rain showers stop (only fueling Tim’s dread), owner Andy takes the animal Evo for its first ever run up the hallowed drag strip. Sadly, things don’t go perfectly (it had been hoped the car would break a European record today), as Andy struggles with the gearbox, which is perhaps the only weak link on the car – unbelievably a stock H-pattern affair! Putting his nerves to one side, pro Tim has a final last pep talk from Andy and buckles up for his first ever drag race, 1,066bhp under his right foot. He needn’t have been nervous though. Tim absolutely blitzes the crucial launch, cracking the first 60-foot and 80mph in a flash like a seasoned dragger, using the huge grip from the baloon ET drag slicks and all 45psi of turbo boost thrust: It’s insanely fast. Uncharacteristically, Tim then grabs the fly-off handbrake instead of the gear lever pulling second, and looses most of the initial launch thrust, before the boost tidal wave reappears through third and forth and the lunatic Evo practically takes off en route to the famous quarter mile landmark, in a cloud of race fuel and aggression. The time wasn’t perfect, but the terminal speed (150mph+) proves how must power & pace this UK Drag Evo has on tap. “One run is enough for me, for sure,” says Tim. “This is something I’m very glad (and grateful to Andy) I have tried, but it’s just not for me. I prefer the corners. But I can see why people love it. The acceleration was so strong, I almost lost consciousness. The power is so crazy, and a lot of fun for sure.”


quintessential UK track day

We take Tim on a perfect British track day, RMA style, at one of the UK’s best drivers’ circuits, Donington Park – testing the Chevron GR8 and B19, a Motec 911, CPR Evo and latest Evo X

history repeating British race car manufacturer, Chevron Bizarrely unknown to many, the brand b ing the B1. The company has one of the box ever. And the list of wins, and F1 st loved them over the decades is mind-b able in GT or Challenge Car spec (as pi continues... as the GR8 has come straig against Porsches, Ferraris etc. Powered Hewland 5-speed sequential, Proflex su own space frame, it weighs just 750Kg it is affordable, nimble, innovative and g fallen in love with this car. It’s amazing.� toric B19. Racer Tim adores Chevrons,

has one of the most amazing histories. began in 1961 with Derek Bennett builde best win records straight-out-of-thetars who’ve driven them to victories and blowing. Now enter the new GR8, availictured here), and the giant killing story ght-out-of-the-box to win races today, d by a 260bhp Cosworth 2-litre, with uspension, AP brakes and Chevron’s and costs just £55,000. It’s as fast as gorgeous. After lapping, Tim said: “I’ve ” And don’t get him started on the hisjust like us... and many F1/race stars.


evil evo What Car Planet Racing’s chief engineer, Clive Seddon doesn’t know about tuning Mitsubishi Evos is simply irrelevant. Clive’s been fettling the mental turbo nutter barges for decades... and this 982bhp, 830lb ft monster of a machine is his ultimate creation. Built to win the UK and Euro Time Attack series, against serious competition, it’s was job done in 2010, and at Ten of The Best too. Stripped out to the bare minimum, given a full massive turbo engine build, sequential operation gearbox, racing roll cage, Nitron race suspension, aero pack, dinner plate brakes and super sticky slicks, this is a tuned road racer at its peak. Tim is used to purist race cars as a rule, but he still gave the huge power Evo some stick of course. Recovering afterwards, red-faced, he said: “This is a very special car and I am most impressed with it. With 982bhp, I expected it to be very quick, of course, but it was still so surprising how fast it is in a straight line, but also how good it was on the brakes and through the corners. Clive forced me to go after a GT3 and it was so easy to catch and overtake him. I would love to have had more time and get more experience of this car. It’s a mad machine for sure.” Trackside, the sheer pace of this evil Evo on boost is breath-taking. It’s like watching a car in fast forward. Definitely not for the faint hearted... big respect is due to CPR. roadmagazine.co.uk

911 heaven Specialist vehicle salesman, Sean Lockyear has raced, rallied and dealt Porsche 911’s in all guises for years. And we’ve been around many UK and European tracks with him. He’s a fabulous driver, and all round good egg, so when Tim said he wanted to test a classic British 911 on track, he was the only port of call... and came with a blinder. This 964 road/race car was originally built by AFN (Porsche UK) as a Carrera 2 race car, has raced in the Porsche club Championship in the early 1990’s (Tony Dron, Barry “Whizzo” Williams) and comes, in striking canary yellow, with WP fully adjustable suspension, Dymag Magnesium wheels, a 330bhp 993 3.6 engine with Motec ECU and full race interior. Cracking, popping and spitting flames on the over-run, it was ballistic at Donington, embarrassing many newer 911s. Tim loved it: “Without a doubt, this is easily the nicest Porsche 964 I’ve ever drive. It’s so easy to drive fast and has the perfect suspension set-up and power. A great pleasure.” We want it!

“without a doubt, this is easily the nicest porsche 964 Ive ever driven” Tim Schrick

road’s track tool We couldn’t arrive empty handed to the RMA event. Enter the latest Mitsubishi Lancer Evo X FQ-330 TC-SST, with its trick Twin Clutch Sports Shift Transmission gearbox and 324bhp and 322 lb ft MIVEC turbo engine. On track at Donington, it was both fast, and fun. The new generation ‘automated manual’ gearbox in Sport Plus mode is violently quick, picks the right gears for track day useage (rare) and leaves you to concentrate on your lines. Grip levels are super high from the Super All Wheel Control, AYC diff technology and you can still wag the Evo’s tail about with ease and safety, with the traction control turned off, using a turn-in-lift-and-nail-it approach = big fun. It’s fast too, sucking in Porsches no bother, much to their annoyance. Downsides? It’s heavy... at 1590Kg. It still drinks Super Unleaded like a Scotsman drinks malt on Burns’ night. The new MIVEC engine sounds horrible. And there’s now a pointless, deeply irritating beep whenever you reverse. That would drive me insane. Cost ain’t cheap either, at £32,699. Is it just me, or was the Evo VIII FQ-360 the best ever Evo?

BIG THANKS GO TO: www.donington-park.co.uk www.rmatrackdays.com www.seanlockyear.co.uk www.carplanetracing.com www.chevronracing.com www.mitsubishi-cars.co.uk

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Road buddy, racer and Turbo Automagazin TV presenter, Tim Schrick asked us to line up some "crazy British cars" to film. The line-up takes s...


Road buddy, racer and Turbo Automagazin TV presenter, Tim Schrick asked us to line up some "crazy British cars" to film. The line-up takes s...