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Turley Associates is a leading planning and urban design consultancy involved in key development sectors across Britain. Retailing is a dynamic sector of the economy with a key focus upon supporting and revitalising towns and city centres. Healthy commercial competition is to encouraged with new retail facilities in and beyond existing centres. Planning and Urban Design Turley Associates was established in Manchester in 1983 to provide distinctive, specialist and independent planning advice. The Company is owned by its employees and it has 10 offices throughout the UK.

Turley Associates has an extensive track record in promoting and shaping retail development including major city centre mixed use regeneration schemes, sensitive conservation led infill and edge of town supermarkets.

Turley Associates have commissioned RMG:Clarity on a number of occasions since 2004, undertaking projects throughout the UK and Ireland via various methodologies. Most recently Turley Associates have commissioned both telephone and onstreet retail shopper interviews within Dewsbury, Darlington, Sheffield, Dorridge, West Oxfordshire, Cranleigh and Maldon.

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Telephone Interviews On-Street Interviews Technical Reporting

“RMG:Clarity have worked with Turley Associates for a number of years undertaking various telephone and on-street studies to support planning applications throughout the UK. We have been very pleased with their proactive project management from initial setup to final results – on time and to budget. We would definitely recommend RMG:Clarity to our clients.”

The telephone and on-street retail shopper interviews normally conducted for Turley Associates entail a set number of interviews within a pre-defined catchment area. Consumer data is purchased through RMG:Clarity’s approved suppliers and is utilised using random calling and structured questionnaires. The surveys cover a range of aspects relating to shopping habits and in particular sought to establish the following: • • • • • • • • • • •

Main food shopping Top-up shopping Comparison goods shopping Transport mode Frequency Expenditure Likes & dislikes Improvements Leisure activities Proposed food/ non-food stores Demographic profile

Vicki Freestone Associate Director Turley Associates As an example a recent telephone survey was conducted within the Sheffield catchment area, as well as the surrounding areas. A total of 1,500 interviews were carried out between 25th May and 7th June, 2010. Interviews were conducted at RMG:Clarity’s in-house CATI (Computer Assisted Telephone Interviewing) unit. Respondents were contacted during the day, in the evening and at the weekend.

For further information about RMG:Clarity’s products and services please call: 0800 138 9038

Turley Associates - RMG:Clarity Case Study  
Turley Associates - RMG:Clarity Case Study  

Case study outlining the market research undertaken for Turley Associates by RMG:Clarity. Testimonial is included.