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Screen test Not all window coverings are for the inside of your home. Indeed, exterior shade

Coverage options

screens are an ideal outside window covering to promote energy-efficiency, said Dave German of Elite Shutters & Blinds. What’s more, if you’re a Salt River Project

Shutters, shades and blinds – oh my!

customer, the utility company is currently offering to reimburse you 80 cents per square-foot on professionally installed

By Debra Gelbart

shade screens through its Shade Screen

hen it comes to residential window treatments, newhome buyers have plenty of options from which to choose including various types of shutters, shades, blinds and more. What you choose depends on your décor and lifestyle, as well as your budget.


Shutters For the past 10 years, Elite Shutters & Blinds has sold more shutters than any other type of window treatment. Shutters made out of composite material are virtually indestructible and can be wiped down with a damp cloth, said Dave German, who is the owner of the company which has four Valley locations. The composite shutters are about 97 percent wood, German said, with a polypropylene finish that resists UV rays and moisture. Meanwhile, shutters made out of 100 percent basswood can’t be wiped down with something damp, he explained, but they can last almost as long as composite shutters. “The durability of shutters is great for Arizona’s sun, heat, dust and dirt and shutters lend themselves to a very modern style,” German said. “They’re typically available with louvers that are either 3.5 or 4.5 inches wide.” A shutter application can be integrated with and almost become part of a French door, said Jennifer Jones, design studio manager for PulteGroup’s Home Expression Studio. “With a French door application, the shutter will remain stationary as opposed

Rebate program.

i Save With SRP, 602-266-7283 Budget Blinds

“Sun screens cut your electric bill considerably — up to 30 percent.” —Dave German, Elite Shutters & Blinds

to blinds that have the tendency to move and bump against the window and door frame every time the door is opened or closed,” she said. “And the frame of the shutters can be customized to create a notch for the door handle to eliminate interference with the shutters and allow easy operation of the door.”

an especially workable option for French doors, German said, because, like shutters, they can be secured to the door. Blinds One of the most affordable options for window coverings, German and Jones said, are 2-inch faux wood blinds. For up to 10 windows, these can cost as little as $599 total, German said. These kinds of blinds work on almost any type of window, but aren’t ideal for sliding glass doors, Jones said. A step up from faux wood are real wood blinds, Jones said.

Shades For new-home buyers who prefer something other than shutters, window treatments such as roller shades, Roman shades (typically made of fabric) or honeycomb shades (with pleats) can be good options on French doors, bay windows and smaller windows, said Deland Pelto, owner of Window Dressers in Scottsdale. In addition to looking beautiful, Pelto said, shades provide privacy and sun protection. Shades have various price-points, German and Jones said. German said most shades can be motorized, if that’s the homeowner’s preference. Shades are

For sliding glass doors, the most affordable option is still vertical blinds, Jones said. Somewhat more upscale choices for sliding doors, she said, include selections from window covering manufacturer Hunter Douglas that combine sheers with vanes that can be tilted for greater or less privacy and sunlight. Expert advice Whether you choose your window coverings from your homebuilder’s design center or from a retailer, Jones said it’s important to consider your practical needs for privacy and energy-efficiency, in addition to pleasing esthetics. It’s also important to keep in mind the appearance of the windows from the exterior of the home as well as the interior, she said. Secondly, it’s helpful to work with a design professional to help you choose the best options based on your needs because a designer can offer solutions and product recommendations that will fit your design style and budget. Lastly, German said if you’re looking to purchase window treatments through a retailer, make sure the retailer is properly licensed through the state Registrar of Contractors (; 877-692-9762).

Budget Blinds


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