GPH Statement of Purpose

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Statement of Purpose

VISION A society dedicated to equitable health care as a basic human right.

MISSION Grand Pacific Health delivers quality, affordable

and culturally appropriate health care and support services with a particular focus on regional and remote communities and disadvantaged individuals.

CORE COMPETENCE Our clinical expertise and governance informs and supports all our services. We are leaders in primary mental health services, in particular suicide prevention interventions.

GUIDING PRINCIPLES In everything we do, wherever we operate, we are guided by these principles:

1 2 3

We will make a positive difference to people’s lives


We actively contribute to our community’s health, environment and wellbeing

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We are a bold, progressive and innovative service provider

The people we support have input into everything we do Every community we work in deserves services tailored to their specific needs

We care about our people as much as our consumers We will always challenge ourselves to be better We will foster environmental sustainability We are here for the long term

GOALS At all times, Grand Pacific Health will ensure our services are:

Quality 1

Our services will be evidence based


Our services will be accredited against all relevant standards


The effectiveness of our services will be externally reviewed


We will provide our people opportunity for continuous professional development


Our service delivery will be informed by data and lived experience


We aim to measure outcomes and social impact

Affordable 1 We will provide our services at no or low cost to the consumer 2 We will provide value for money to funders 3 We will consistently review our processes for efficiency 4 We will engage with our consumers in a medium that best suits their personal circumstances

Culturally Appropriate 1

We acknowledge the custodians of the country on which we work, their elder’s past and present and emerging


We will celebrate diversity and inclusion


We will ensure a culturally inclusive and safe workforce and governance structure free of discrimination


We will ensure meaningful and appropriate connections with all people of all cultures and backgrounds


We recognise Aboriginal peoples as First Nations peoples, and are committed to truthtelling and healing

Location Based 1

We commit to live and engage in the communities where we deliver services


We will tailor our services to meet the specific needs of the communities in which we operate


We recognise the dynamic, unique and diverse attributes and of the communities we serve


We commit to establishing a long-term presence for the benefit of the communities we serve

Sustainable 1

We commit to being a not for profit organisation


We commit to financial responsibility and careful application of funding entrusted to us


We will grow our organisation for the benefit of our staff and the communities we serve now and into the future


We will further diversify our funding streams

Reconciliation Action Plan This painting by Nowra based Aboriginal Artist, Rod Seymour for Grand Pacific Health, is a visual representation of our Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP). The painting depicts the three key focus areas of our RAP incorporating; relationships, respect, and opportunities in working with

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, all within the context of the various health services that GPH provides.

“At Grand Pacific Health we imagine a world where healthcare is accessible to all those who really need it. A world where nobody is left behind, where there are no gaps. Because we believe that quality health care is everyone’s right.”