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1. It's boring 2. It's unrealistic 3. You have to be poor 4. You're going to try to convert everyone you meet 5. You have to live a strange lifestyle, eat funny foods, wear weird clothes. Well, guess what. Each one of those is wrong, except maybe for the last one, which is subjective. What's strange, funny and weird for some is perfectly normal for others. So, let's explore each myth in turn. Myth 1 - Living a Sacred Life is boring. In fact, the opposite is true. Living a Sacred Life makes your body, mind and soul glow with love and meaning. There is a deep inner radiance that feels like it's coming from every cell of your being. Many people who are living Sacred Lives actually find the "real world" shallow and boring. They see the games that are being played on the surface of relationships, commerce and politics and wonder how long it will be before the players "wake up". People who live a Sacred Life tend to love being in nature, and seeing the kaleidoscope of patterns around them that reflect the order of the Universe and of life. They also enjoy being around dogs and cats and other creatures, seeing the Soul in action without any game playing (except the delightfully obvious ones) They also tend to be happy in their own company, as there are many ideas they like to explore, and mysteries they like to contemplate. They play inner games like finding how many patterns of nature they can apply to day-to-day real life, or seeing sacred geometric patterns in everyday objects or in nature. Their favorite questions usually start with How or What - not Who, When, Where orWhy. While everyday people like to discuss other people, higher-minded people enjoy discussing events, and you'll find that people living a Sacred Life prefer to discuss ideas. In fact, people living a Sacred Life know how intrinsically important ideas are to the process of creativity, which is really what our lives are all about. Every object in your sight, right now, started as an ideas. Everything you are involved in - work, family, organizations - all started as an idea. It is ideas that change and shape our world.

But it's not all just in their head. People inspired to Sacred Living also love being involved with others, helping to lighten their day even just a little bit. For instance, they may intend to bring a smile to someone's face, help them feel good about themselves or to be generous with simple random acts of kindness. Myth 2 - Living A Sacred Life Is Unrealistic A lot of people have the idea that to live a Sacred Life means you have to retreat from the world to live like a hermit or in a monastery, and stick your head in the sand about some of the tragic things that are happening in society. Because, on the face of it, it seems that there are just so many things wrong with the world. A lot of people become nobly inspired to action to try and fix these ills. They become activists for a cause, and this cause becomes their Big Mission in life. Often they feel that people who do not support them are basically either the cause of the problem they are trying to remedy, or traitors to the cause. As the saying goes, all that evil needs in order to thrive, is for good people to do nothing. However, people living a Sacred Life are often NOT activists for the simple reason that what you give energy to what you give your attention to. They choose to go beyond the problem, and focus on the ideal solution. This quote by Mother Teresa makes this point elegantly: "I was once asked why I don't participate in anti-war demonstrations. I said that I will never do that, but as soon as you have a pro-peace rally, I'll be there." So while it may seem somewhat provocative to think that activists are actually energetically helping to perpetuate the problem they are trying to solve, if you truly want a solution to a situation, give your attention most fully to the end goal. Looking to nature for pattern clues, it is easier to change the course of a mighty river by working upstream, rather than putting all your attention on where the river is causing the problem. Myth 3 - Living A Sacred Life Means You Have To Be Poor Many people are frightened to consider living a Sacred Life because they think they will have to live like beggars and sleep on floors. Let me tell you now, this one is not true, but it's certainly one that is really coming in for close scrutiny at this particular point in our civilisation. First, let's be clear. Money is only an energy. Sure, it used to be clam shells and then cattle, then bags of salt, then bits of metal made round and stamped, then paper with promises to exchange printed on it, then mass manufactured paper or plasticized paper with an exchange amount printed on it. Nowadays, it's just numbers on a computer screen, shuffled around from one column to another. And those numbers on the screen are simply information bytes that are made up of only binary bits, being simply off and on. How much clearer can it be, that money is only energy? Money is an energy that represents value exchange. Many people can accept the fact that they can be persuaded to do extremely unpleasant or risky

things if the money being offered was a large enough amount. And subconsciously they would then feel that in accepting that money, they would be prostituting themselves. The material pleasures that the money would buy, would help to assuage their mental pain. "You'd have to pay me millions to do that!" "There's not enough money in the world to make me want to do that." "They deserve that money. I wouldn't want to do what they're doing. No way!" No wonder we think of money as filthy and distasteful. And if we can't find evidence of any distasteful activity undertaken in exchange for their large payments, we assume that it was acquired through dishonest or illegal means. By correlation, the better the work being done, the more pleasant or more rewarding, the less we think people deserve to earn. We believe, collectively, that they should be getting their reward from the actual doing of the work itself. And if it is truly pure and holy work, then they should just be paid a meager amount to just barely allow them to be functional citizens. Can you see how we culturally skew our thinking? But, as the saying goes, follow the money. Who benefits from having a culture where the population thinks like this? Who influences that thinking, who perpetuates it? The biggest players, of course. Church, State (i.e. schools), Corporations. They are the ones who aggressively seek out your money, and even help you to spend what you don't even have yet. The most powerful way to enslave a population is to put them into debt. You don't need to spend money on chains or guards that way. Fortunately, this kind of thinking is being deeply challenged as we progress into a new age. New light is being shed on the metaphysical mechanics of abundance in the Universe, which filters down to our planet and into our society. People who are living a Sacred Life always strive to live debt free. And they will seek to circulate what they do accumulate and draw to them. They seek to understand the higher and purer functions and workings of this energy of value-exchange, aka money, and take delight in drawing it in for the purpose of releasing it again - like a gardener harvesting seeds, and sharing those seeds. And they are quite judicious in where they distribute it, wanting to support more love and less fear emerging into our physical and emotional planes. What you DON'T see in people living a Sacred Life is the fear and anxiety most people have about money. They understand how to be responsible for their own abundance and prosperity. They understand how it is unlimited in supply and can be drawn upon by anyone who understands the metaphysical mechanics of life. Myth 4 - Living A Sacred Life Means You Have To Convince Everyone Else To Live Like You Do Many people have the erroneous idea that they need to steer clear of people living a Sacred Life incase they get cornered into being converted against their will. While this may be true for certain religious groups, you will never find this behaviour from

someone living the Sacred Life. And while it's also true that many people who live a Sacred Life have many followers or fans, or just people who adore them, they have mainly been attracted magnetically to the aura of love and kindness emanating from those living sacredly. Most people who live a Sacred Life are just quietly going about their own way, minding their own business. In fact, they are often alone, because they like to withdraw for meditation, creation, contemplation, communing with nature or the Sacred. If there are a number of people living Sacred Lives together, you will often discover that it is a quiet assembly, either hushed or in total silence. Sacred Living communities build their numbers from the members of the population who willingly step forward to join them, having been inspired by their actions, not usually words. People who join Sacred Living communities are following their own Soul's calling and are certainly not browbeaten into joining this way of life. Myth 5 - Living A Sacred Life Means Living A Strange Lifestyle, Eating Funny Foods and Wearing Weird Clothes The main hallmark of people living a Sacred Life is what can be termed "voluntary simplicity". They may actively seek out to remove all toxins from their life, including in the home, in their foods, and in their social circles. So they may insist on organic foods, and live in ecologically friendly homes, and just let certain former friendships drift away. People living a Sacred Life are also weird in that they can't comment on what happened on last night's episode of NCIS because they rarely, if at all, watch television. They tend to be extremely discriminating about the media they allow to have access to their minds and aura fields. They may not even know many of the latest hit songs or who those people are on the red carpets in Hollywood. Yet they are probably very well read, quite creative and even highly technologically competent. So it's not like they're hiding away in a cave somewhere, in remote inaccessible locations. And people who live a Sacred Life are certainly not followers of fashion. Depending on their mood, weather or prevailing values, they can be colorfully and exuberantly dressed in joyful, flowing robes and accessories, or you may see them dressed in a very understated way. But it will often seem elegant and stylish, underscored primarily by their sense of self-confidence and charisma, rather than from any single piece of item they're wearing. On their face, you won't find many sour expressions so common in the mainstream population. You'll see, instead, expressions of quiet bemusement, twinkly, smiling and observant eyes, and a ready laugh which easily comes forth from an easy smiling mouth. They laugh mainly at themselves, and often in delight with what they see in the world. Which is mainly good and happy things. For many people who are living a Sacred Life, it's almost as if they slip into a parallel universe, alongside the one most people live in. With at least 11 dimensions pretty well confirmed by science, there are many alternative worlds to choose from.

So hopefully some of the more common myths about living a Sacred Life have been dispelled, and I don't doubt at all that you will have identified quite a number of ways that you have begun to live the Sacred Life yourself. By your daily actions, you have already started living your Higher Calling.

Is living a Sacred Life important for you? Would you like further resources and support to help YOU live a more fully Sacred Life? Consider joining me on Here you will find further free articles, videos and audios of interest. I look forward to meeting you there. Namaste.

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