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Questions What can you see through the eye of a humming bird? I can see around corners Where will you be? Ugly grey goose What makes exploding a fossils mind so special? Yes, I think so Why does it always rain on me? Squeeze it, feel the juice Why do birds fly? Don’t worry about it Howling at cigarettes feels like? Until my teeth begin to bring me great pain Where will you be in 10 years’ time? Almost like a love explosion How fast does Jupiter spin? Drink a hot chocolate then cry How long is a piece of string? It’s not water proof yet What does your name mean? In coach B seat 51 How do you sleep at night? Well, on hot nights it doesn’t bother me How would you describe yourself? As long as it needs to be

How many ducks could you take in a fist fight? I fly then get burnt by the sun What would the sun say to a fox? Sweet and friendly like snails Where do slugs go when it’s really hot and there’s no rain? It’s a state of mind, almost purple Why do we kiss boys? Sexual motion What can you see? Mild paranoia towards children Why does the old man cry to the moon? It’s just too much What is colour to you? Dolphin flesh Whats at the edge of the universe Like the Pacific Ocean and wet feet What do you see in the palm of your hand? A twitching need for no detection If you could visualise sound what would you see? Avoiding eyes What do you get when you cross a tree with an eagle? A shimmering leather black How does it feel to breath? Like God, his dog, a game of chess and strong coffee

Why do you crawl? It’s just a nimbus cloud With that in mind, what does that make you? It’s just like falling at high speed on sandpaper What hides in the blacks of your eyes? A needle that has been shot at a comet

Conditionals If the Moon was to float away Would peas take over the world? If ships made waves float and sink The canyons would turn to studded leather If tiers where alive All rivers and roads will rust If you chew your feet too often Everyone with big ears will be stunned If flowers grew taller than sky-scrapers Men would kneel to wolves When our eyes develop a sense to see sound Will the world be a sadder place? If all rivers reverse their current A child’s scream would catch no ears If the world was upside down Zion would churn If all fathers ran from birth The youth would dance in their minds If you met yourself for just one night Due drops would be a thousand drowning pools If every single light went off at once Ghosts will appear from mirrors When the birds forget to fly Venom would invade veins

If you forget your friendships The spine would melt and drip If every cigarette melted near your lips Priests, poets and prophets will still pretend When the darkness binds the eyes in bold Mice would drop their crops When staring into the eyes of a guide dog Folding would be the common act of man When timber cry’s like thunder Vexed expressions will stifle sound When rifle barrels are used for remorse Postcards will soak up snow If you can taste asphalt in air Feathers would grow out the ground When nothing communicates The sky would close in If fire could freeze Women would walk on all fours If old people were as fit as babies Shadows would walk away the sun If lovers fell instead for the moon The coral under the sea and the swimming fish, blue to black become sky If you left pain, pleasure and patience in a room Women will worship at windows

If you wear a vest of ants or pocket lots of bees Planting splinters in your skin would cause change If you wear you left shoe on your right foot, vice-versa You would wash away down the river of Styx If you eat your children Babies’ rattles would be made from teeth If you twitch like an insect Rattle snacks would shiver When all men forget adventure Kings would be baptised in mercury When you wear your finest attire Matches would strike our children If you lost all sense of distance May flies would live forever If you adopt all known faiths Everyone on the planet would jump at the same time If in spring you eat only flowers Fish would swim upside down The day your lover won’t look at you Dogs will catch the tails they chase If crying melted scrap metal You should purchase crocodile skin shoes If all flags changed to one Shaking tongues would reveal liars

If girls we kissed turned to stone Your pen would wiggle the dance of words If spot-lights made rings around the sun The spectacle would make you a dizzy man If all doors swung on creaky hinges You’d sacrifice yourself for rain If you could throw a stone to the moon All zebra crossings would turn to spiral eyed vixens When factories reproduce children more than you do The streets would be paved in the bones of the young

Rhymes If rainbows shone from the backs of flies Humankind would lose their eyes If you caught a hummingbird All other birds would seem absurd If rusty buildings dripped with blood Stepping in puddles would cause a flood Scratching plastic off your skin Would make you smash your wedding ring If all true lovers made no sound You’d step into the ground If you could squeeze a dolphins heart You would tear a child’s melody apart

Surrealist poetry book  
Surrealist poetry book  

Draft 1. of a series of poems using Surrealist poetry techniques. On going updates to writing, typesetting and general format will continue.