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Neighbors Faivre Implement brings you interesting stories from Central Wisconsin.

GYPSY VANNERS REVISITED Feathered Gold Stables Ogdensburg, WI Cover photo by Denise Krause

March 2012 Vol. 2, Issue 3 - $4.95 Marzahl Livestock Stevens Point FFA Sleigh Bells Ring

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Cover Profile

March 2012, Vol. 2, Issue 3

8-15 Gypsy Vanner Horses Revisited The equine favorite, Feathered Gold Stables has returned!

Hannah Marzahl, Marzahl Prospects, holds a lamb twin born just moments before this photo was taken.

Features 16-20 Striving for Champions The award-winning swine and sheep of Marzahl Prospects, Oxford.

22-27 Diverse Interests Stevens Point FFA students are involved in a myriad of projects and gained many life skills through them.

28-30 Sleigh Bells Ring Regular Columns

A Day Trip to the Columbus Winter Sleigh Rally on an icy cold, bright sunny Saturday.

4 Together Thoughts from Jim Faivre, CEO of Faivre Implement and Neighbors’ publisher.

34-41 Reflections Heather Kizewski and Ann Marie Worzalla’s overview of an entire year's worth of Day Trips.

6 Grounded Ruth Johnson, Neighbors’ Editor, reflects on daily life.

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Neighbors-March 2012


“Every action of our lives touches on some chord that will vibrate in eternity.” — Edwin Hubbel Chapin

Twelve issues behind us and each one was even better than the one before it! March 2012 Neighbors marks our one-year anniversary and what a year it has been! People often ask which favorite story I liked best and my answer is always the same, Pecks of Pickles about Paradise Farms’ cucumber operation. I have known the Warzynskis forever. Ray Warzynski, founder of Paradise Farms, was one of my very first customers and bought the first John Deere 4440 row crop tractor I ever sold in 1981. Over the years, I watched Mike and David progress from teenagers into mature, smart businessmen who completely transformed Paradise Farms, originally a mid-size dairy farm into one of the Midwest’s largest and most successful cucumber producers.

Above: I was waiting for Ruth to finish shooting photos of the Marzahls, Lindners and Holleys and their show pigs and thought I might as well make a snowball. Now, if someone would just walk by… Bottom: Jeff Heinz and I went to the Polonia Café for lunch. They are one of the Polka show’s newest advertisers and the food was good and plentiful.

This last year, I also rediscovered an old friend, Jeff Heinz, host of WDEZ Polka Jamboree. I cannot thank Jeff enough for helping us promote Neighbors magazine, garnering hundreds of subscribers for us. I look forward to going on his show the second Sunday of each month and discussing the upcoming issues. Write me at and let me know what story you liked the best and why? We will put some of your comments in the Neighbors April issue. Thank you for all your thoughts and comments! Keep them coming!

Happy trails & blue skies for all!

Jim Faivre Publisher, Neighbors CEO, Faivre Implement

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Neighbors-March 2012

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Neighbors-March 2011



Faivre Implement brings you stories of interest from your community. PUBLISHER

Quotations. I have always loved to work quotes from famous persons of every walk of life into my writings and this, our anniversary issue of Neighbors is full of them. I believe this quote sums up my journey the last year in creating, not just a magazine but also an extended family of friends and colleagues: “The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched. They must be felt with the heart” — Helen Keller

So many of the articles I have written have altered my perception of even the most ordinary things in life. This issue’s story, STRIVING FOR CHAMPIONS, which details the Marzahl Prospects pig and sheep breeding operation, goes behind the scenes to discover how this family persevered, even in times of tragedy, to develop award-winning show livestock. This year, I have done so many things I never thought I would do, such as get in a pen with a huge boar (below) or be surrounded by a herd of 90 bison (November issue). As for my favorite story, that would have to be my very first,

STEEPED IN MYSTERY about Feathered Gold Stables’ Gypsy Vanner horses, whom we revisit in this issue. Thank you for reading Neighbors online. We do have some print copies at each dealership and now offer mailed print subscriptions (see page 21 for details).

Starting with this issue, we jump from 36-48 pages and after several requests have also added outside advertisers, whom we welcome and hope you will enjoy! As always, email me with your thoughts! Warm regards, Ruth Johnson Editor, Neighbors Magazine Page 6

Jim Faivre


Terry Faivre


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Neighbors-March 2012

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GYPSY VANNERS REVISITED Feathered Gold Stables Ogdensburg, WI By Ruth Johnson, Editor & Photos by Denise Krause

Page 8

Neighbors-March 2012

“We are all wanderers on this earth. Our hearts are full of wonder, and our souls are deep with dreams.” — Gypsy proverb

“A whirlwind of events,” is exactly how Denise Krause of Feathered Gold Stables describes the past year for her stables, crew, family and Gypsy Vanner horses. Feathered Gold Stables and their glorious Gypsy Vanner horses were the feature article in the March 2011issue of Neighbors magazine – our very first issue! The impact that article had on gaining readers for our magazine was phenomenal. Everyone wanted to know more about the Gypsy Vanner horses! Midwest Equine Online magazine reran our article in their April issue, which featured Denise Krause on the cover. Equestrian Style Magazine also ran the article nationally in their special Vanner Style Issue, April 2011. SHOW STOPPERS The Gypsy Vanner horses were the “belles of the ball” at our Neighbors Open House in July as enthusiasts of all ages gathered around to see these stunningly beautiful yet incredibly docile horses, up close and personal. (Continued on Page 10) Opposite Page: Courtney Casey and Feathered Gold Jasmyn in full regalia for the Midwest Horse Fair 2011. Top: Horse A Rama, Horses N Heaven 2011 participants (left to right) - Courtney Casey on Feathered Gold Jasmyn, Justin Krause on Aisli, Kimberly Casey on SR Just Buckin Around and Audrey Nusz on Mickey Finn. Right: Denise Krause outfitted in western tack aboard Paddy's Dream.

Page 9

Neighbors-March 2012

“The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched. They must be felt with the heart.” — Helen Keller

(Continued from Page 9)

Feathered Gold Stables, held a clinic at the Open House to demonstrate the majestic beauty and docile nature of their fabulous Gypsy Vanner horses to large admiring crowds. Since the Gypsy Vanner article ran, whenever we post anything on our Faivre Implement Facebook page, we invariably have 1,000 hits on the post, within just a few days of the posting. RETURN TO FEATHERED GOLD STABLES It is no wonder that we decided our feature article on this, our Anniversary issue, would again focus on our readers’ favorite topic, Feathered Gold Stables’ Gypsy Vanner horses! Our March 2011 article has their background information but to summarize, Gypsy Vanner horses are so rare they were only discovered in the late 20th Century, when they were officially recognized and registered as a unique and truly majestic breed. The first Gypsy Vanner horse was imported to the U.S. in 1996 with the number standing at around 3,900 today. Feathered Gold Stables is one of the leading U.S. Gypsy Vanner breeders. (Continued on Page 12) Top: Feathered Gold Irish Rose was the winner of Gypsy Horse Journal’s first annual Beautiful Foal Contest. You can view the article on our Facebook page in the Feathered Gold Stable album. Bottom: Kimberly Casey shown here with Aisli, assisted with Feathered Gold Stables’ Gypsy Vanner horse clinic at Neighbors Open House.

Page 10

Neighbors-March 2012

“We expect the best!”

Bob Berard, Paramount Farms

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“The most beautiful thing we can experience is the mysterious.” — Albert Einstein

(Continued from Page 10)

MARKETING SMART Most business owners could learn a lot from Denise Krause’s marketing efforts. Denise owns Feathered Gold Stables with her husband, Derek, whom along with her son, Justin, assist with the operation, which Denise manages on a daily basis. At the time of our article last year, Denise had about 6,000 fans for her Facebook page. Many of these resulted from Feathered Gold Stables appearances at local Midwestern shows as well as breed shows specific to the Gypsy Vanner horse, direct marketing and articles she submits to leading magazines in the equine field. These efforts along with her stellar reputation as a breeder and trainer of the highest quality Gypsy Vanner foals has jumped Denise’s number of Facebook fans to well over 24,500+ fans with waiting lists for each of her foals. Denise, Derek, Justin and their team of trainers work tirelessly to spread the word of this noble, gentle breed developed through the centuries by the various gypsy clans. (Continued on Page 14) Top: Feathered Gold Stables shines in any season. Courtney Casey braves winter fogginess with Loxy of Feathered Gold and her 2011 colt, Feathered Gold Black Tie Affair. Bottom: Denise’s mother, Linda Carpenter, enjoyed a trail ride last summer on Paddy’s Dream.

Page 12

Neighbors-March 2012

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Neighbor to Neighbor, it’s Faivre!  Neighbors- March 2012

Never doubt that a group of people can change the world. Indeed that is all that ever has. — Margaret Mead

(Continued from Page 12)

DENISE’S YEAR IN REVIEW In 2011, seven colts and four fillies were born from March 17 thru June 2. Review more photos and information on foals at: Feathered Gold Stables retains at least one foal each year. The remainder goes to loving homes across the U.S., as seen in this link showing all adoptions: 2011’s keeper was Feathered Gold Lady Romance. Read about Denise's overall breeding program by clicking on this Gypsy Horse Journal article link. They are expecting ten foals in 2012. HIGHLIGHTS At the September 2011 Heartland Fall Classic, Large Gypsy Breed Show, Feathered Gold's Diesel of Feathered Gold with Courtney Casey won High Point Overall at his FIRST show and under saddle less than 60 days. In addition, SR Just Bucking Around won Grand Champion Gelding and High Point Gelding; Feathered Gold Jasmyn and Kimberly Casey took High Point Youth and Feathered Gold Jasmyn and Justin Krause took Reserve High Point Youth. (Continued on Page 15) Top: Gypsy Horse Grand Nationals, High Point Youth Champions Kimberly Casey and Feathered Gold Jasmyn with all the ribbons earned at Nationals. Bottom: Appleton Flag Day Parade with Jackie Arnold on Feathered Gold Jasmyn.

Page 14

Neighbors-March 2012

What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us. - Ralph Waldo Emerson

(Continued from Page 14)

Feathered Gold Stables repeated multiple wins at the October 2011Gypsy Horse Grand Nationals. In an unprecedented feat, Feathered Gold Stables took ALL Champion titles:  Grand Champion Stallion, Diesel of Feathered Gold  Grand Champion Mare, Feathered Gold Jasmyn  Grand Champion Gelding, SR Just Bucking Around  High Point National Champion, Diesel of Feathered Gold and Courtney Casey  High Point Youth Champion, Feathered Gold Jasmyn and Kimberly Casey  High Point Reserve Youth Champion, Feathered Gold Jasmyn and Justin Krause Click here to check out the full list of 2011 awards and events.

Feathered Gold Stables Gypsy Vanner horses will appear t the Midwest Horse Fair, April 20-22, Alliant Energy Center in Madison. If you wish to see these stately horses in action, you can purchase General Admission tickets at either Faivre location. Click here to see the Preview video of their performance. The Krause family, their team and horses will remain in our hearts as our neighbors forever and part of our extended Faivre family! Top: Diesel of Feathered Gold & Courtney Casey won High Point Overall at 2011 Heartland Fall Classic, his FIRST show. View more: Bottom: Justin Krause and Feathered Gold Jasmyn took Reserve High Point Youth at the 2011 Heartland Fall Classic.

Page 15

Neighbors-March 2012

STRIVING FOR CHAMPIONS Raising Award Winning Swine & Sheep Marzahl Prospects, Oxford

“If you are lucky enough to find a way of life you love, you have to find the courage to live it.” — John Irving

By Ruth Johnson, Editor

Page 16

Neighbors-March 2012

“Do your personal best” is a motto that Greg Marzahl and his family, all of whom are actively involved in Marzahl Prospects, producers of show pigs and club lambs, embrace and encourage in others, particularly those who wish to compete in livestock shows. With a track record of 20-25 of their animals winning Grand or Reserve Champions plus other awards annually (as listed on their Winners web page), the Marzahl livestock could definitely be labeled as “worth their weight in gold!” Greg Marzahl got involved with pigs at the age of 14 years old. His father was a dairy farmer but also had 50 sows. Greg took over the caring for the sows as his FFA project, which grew into a lifelong occupation. Greg is also Overseer Manager for Badger Swines, where he is responsible for 45,000 pigs annually, and eight employees. Badger Swines is owned by an investment group primarily comprised of veterinarians such as Art Mueller and Joe Severson from Clinton. A humble person, Greg says, “My team is everything because you are only as good as the people under you.” (Continued on Page 18) Opposite Page: Hannah Marzahl, Tyler Kohlman (Emily Marzahl’s fiancée) and Chris Becker (Greg Marzahl’s girlfriend) with the sheep herd. Hannah and Chris hold two newborn twins. Top: Chris, Greg and Hannah with one of the newest batch of piglets. Chris helps with the sheep and pigs along with Tyler, Emily and Hannah. Bottom: Jason Lindner and his son, Parker, who is raising one of the Marzahl pigs for his 4-H project this year and learning showmanship from the Marzahls.

Page 17

Neighbors-March 2012

(Continued from Page 17)

Greg’s right hand man, Tyler Kohlman, fianceé to Greg’s daughter, Emily, works for both Badger Swines and Marzahl Prospects. Tyler earned his bachelor’s degree from UW-Platteville with a major in Animal Science and a minor in Animal Nutrition. Tyler helps the 4-H kids with their show animals, even shearing their sheep at some of the county fairs, free of charge. Greg’s youngest daughter, Hannah, is a basketball player, but still helps tend the pigs, has her own show projects (competing in 8-10 shows per year) and helps during fair weeks. She even helps pull our baby pigs when there are birthing problems because she has little hands. She walks, trains, washes and vaccinates the pigs. Hannah says, “I get up at 5:30 am every morning to walk my pigs. According to my Dad, you get out of your projects what you put into them and he is right. They are your responsibility and if you don’t do it yourself, you probably won’t get good results.” Marzahl Prospects produces about 50-6- litters of pigs yearly, yielding an average of about 10 pigs per litter and 22 lambs births yearly of which 70% are twins. (Continued on Page 20 Top: The Marzahl’s house and care for a few select boars and collect semen from them for their owners. In return, they keep some semen for their own breeding purposes. Tyler pets Alcatraz, an owner’s surprisingly docile and playful boar. He is 3-years-old and weighs 650-700 pounds. The Marzahls breed for showmanship and temperament characteristics. Bottom: Mike Holley’s daughters, Kassie and Kourtney, both use Marzahl pigs for their 4-H projects.

Page 18

Neighbors-March 2012

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(Continued from Page 18)

TRIBUTE TO CINDY MARZAHL Greg and his family have persevered despite a personal hardship. Cindy, Greg’s wife and mother to their three children, Emily, Erik and Hannah Marzahl, passed away on May 4, 2008 following a courageous 12-year battle with A.L.S., Lou Gehrig's disease. Cindy worked side by side in the business with Greg until she got sick. Even after she was confined to a wheelchair, Greg and his family took her to as many county fair animal shows as possible. Greg continues the Marzahls’ passion for show animals, attending 12-15 events annually. “I love working with the kids, as does my girlfriend, Chris Becker,” emphasizes Greg. “It makes you so proud and happy when you see the kids present their animals well and achieve success for themselves.” “I tell parents and children wanting to get involved with 4-H projects to be sure and talk to everyone involved in the livestock business. Show animals teach kids responsibility while providing real rewards. Additionally, whatever you can help your kids learn, they can in turn pass onto their children. Otherwise, the magic of 4-H is lost.”

Top: Hannah tends to the pigs and has even helped deliver them. She competes in 8-10 events yearly. Middle: Emily was quite a competitor as well and one year won Supreme Champion Ewe. Bottom: Greg attends 12-15 show events yearly, including all of Hannah’s. He often steps in to assist when the pigs get a little anxious. I took this photo at the 2011 Marquette County Fair Animal Auction and Hannah’s pig decided to be uncooperative at photo time.

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Neighbors-March 2012

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PORTAGE, WAUPACA & WAUSHARA COUNTY 4-H CHAPTERS’ GROUP EFFORT The public is invited to this event hosted by Faivre Implement at their Stevens Point location in the large, covered warehouse, Saturday, April 14, 10:00-12:00 noon. General Farm Supply & Hubbard Feeds/Showrite is helping sponsor the clinic and will provide a professional trainer and judge to speak on topics such as animal selection, care, feeding and more before engaging the crowd in actual, hands-on demonstrations and training with real pigs. Volunteers are welcome to help coordinate and manage the events. Contact Tracy Glodowski, Portage County Market Animal Committee, at (715) 677-6966, if you would like to volunteer or if you have any questions.

(Photos in this ad are courtesy of Feathered Gold Stables.) SERVING OUR CENTRAL WISCONSIN NEIGHBORS SINCE 1981

Page 21

Neighbors-March 2012

DIVERSE INTERESTS STEVENS POINT FFA By Ruth Johnson, Editor Photos by Students

According to McKenna Karl, “FFA offers a lot of different opportunities and activities. I’ve showed pigs at the Rosholt fair for three years and participated in fundraisers, highway clean ups and field trips and more. FFA has taught me leadership and other very important skills that will help me throughout my life.”

Page 22

Neighbors-March 2012

“Through FFA, I gained the responsibility to care for things that can’t care for themselves. I participate in speaking contests such as Quiz Bowl and Parliamentary Procedure. I now have more confidence and better communication skills. I also learned more tolerance and how to work with people from all walks of life.”

Variety is the spice of life. Like other area FFA groups, Stevens Point FFA, directed by FFA Advisor Ione Hausler, has a full plate of projects, including small animal care, dairy cattle, outdoor recreation, horses and greenhouse management. The chapter began in 1939 and now has 75 members. They host many activities to promote the agriculture industry such as a Science Extravaganza in March and Food for America in May. Their agriculture literacy program includes speaking contests, Kids Teaching Kids with visits to elementary schools to teach about agriculture and development of educational displays. The group holds a rummage sale, March 26-April 13 at Ben Franklin, PJ Jacob’s and SPASH. Proceeds benefit Make-a-Wish Foundation. They collect shoes for Soles for Souls, which benefits people and locally and worldwide and work at area business events to earn money for trips and other fun activities. (Continued on Page 26) Opposite Page: McKenna Karl on her beloved horse, Cowboy, an eight year-old Morgan/ Arabian cross. Top: Mary Kawleski tends the SPASH greenhouse, watering, fertilizing, weeding and propagating plants. Right: Ione Hausler is Agri-Science/Natural Resource Instructor and FFA Advisor for SPASH, PJ Jacobs and Ben Franklin and cares for a herd of 90 bison with her husband, Phil. We featured their bison in our November issue.

Page 23

“FFA is a vital organization to today’s society and local chapters are where all the fun begins. Stevens Point FFA continually increases their community involvement while teaching the importance of agriculture in the world.”

Neighbors-March 2012

Gary Smith Bancroft

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Neighbors-March 2012

“Through FFA, I gained skills including leadership and speaking. The way I view agriculture has changed immensely once I developed my agricultural skills. I now have a passion for dairy, beef and other types of agricultural production.”

(Continued from Page 23)

MCKENNA KARL “Agriculture runs in my blood. I am glad I joined FFA because I met so many unique people. I enjoy helping others, teaching kids about the farm, cow judging contests and Bingo with the elderly. I plan to continue in FFA after high school.”

McKenna Karl buys and sells horses with her sister, currently owning eight horses, which are also her FFA project. She frequents area gymkhanas for fun equine events. McKenna plans to attend UW Madison’s Vet Assistant program, hoping to enter the large animal field. To prepare, she took classes like small animals, equine science and field and game. MARY KAWLESKI Daughter of Lorraine Kawleski, Plover, Mary, a senior, tends the SPASH greenhouse, taking care of all daily duties inside and out and hosts plant sale fundraisers. She plans to major in English and Biology with an emphasis in Botany emphasis and minor in Spanish at UW-SP and hopes to secure a job as an editor for a publishing company or a horticulturalist. BRITTANY RUCINSKI Brittany lives on a dairy farm and helps her brothers with feeding and milking cows and cleaning pens. Brittany wants to pursue a career in veterinarian science at UW River Falls, then onto UW Madison for graduate school. She wishes to become a vet so she can help hurt animals and help prevent healthy animals from becoming sick or injured. (Continued on Page 27) Upper Right & Middle: Brittany Rucinski handles all types of chores for the family dairy cattle and dreams of becoming a vet. Upper Left & Bottom: Jenna Kontney loves the outdoors and all kinds of recreation, sports and hunting with archery as one of her specialties. She initiated Archery Club at Junior High and competed in various archery competitions (3-D and Spot shooting).

Page 26

Neighbors-March 2012

“Through FFA, I gained leadership, management, presentation and communication skills. By presenting animals at Science Extravaganza, I learned responsibility and acquired a passion for veterinary studies.”

(Continued from Page 26)

JENNA KONTNEY SPASH senior and daughter of Mark and Peggy Kontney, Jenna will continue her education at UW-River Falls majoring in agricultural communications or agricultural business. She was actively involved in guiding for bow fishing, local outdoor associations such as Izaak Walton League and Blackhawk Archers, assisted with Wetlands Conservation League, and photographed hunts/shoots and her own hunting, fishing and bow fishing.

“For 3-1/2 years, I trained Nash by myself - no professional trainer. After many hours of hard work, we won several classes and high points at open shows and local fairs.”

DANIELLE COOK Daughter of Perry and Jean Cook, Senior Danielle plans to attend UW-Madison or UW-LaCrosse and major in Biology or Animal Science with a minor in Spanish. Then she wants to attend Graduate Veterinary School at UW-Madison and earn her doctorate for Vet-Medicine so she can become a small animal vet and open her own vet clinic. VANESSA HINKLE SPASH Senior Vanessa has been an active member of FFA since her freshman year and is the FFA Chapter Treasurer. She enjoys exhibiting Nash, her pony project, at local fairs during the summer. Her mother purchased Nash when she was in ninth grade. He was three years old, and only had a few months of training.

Top: Danielle Cook served as the SPASH Ag department’s Small Animals Room Manager in a yearlong independent study. Middle & Bottom: Vanessa Hinkle loves competition, as does her pony, Nash.

Page 27

Neighbors-March 2012

Day Trips By Heather Kizewski & Ann Marie Worzalla

Welcome to Day Trips! Inspired by an authentic passion for travel, each month we will share a unique adventure accomplished in one day; no overnight bags required.


We are sisters-in-law from Stevens Point and Amherst, whose families are involved in potato farming, so we are firmly entrenched in Central Wisconsin.

Our Day Trip to the Columbus Winter Sleigh Rally took place early, on February 11, an icy cold, bright sunny Saturday with temperatures at eight degrees above zero.

For more than six years, we have ventured forth in search of unique destinations – it is amazing how far you do not have to go to experience the moments we often seek in faraway lands.

The Rally builds awareness for the Unwanted Horse Program-Hay Bank and the Wisconsin State Horse Council Equine Foundation.

We hope to spark your

Rally proceeds and donated hay provide food for horses belonging to owners who have lost their jobs. Bill Heiser, owner of My Trainer’s Closet, a new downtown Columbia equine consignment shop specializing in tack and clothing and celebrating their grand opening at the Rally, describes the Rally’s sentiment, “It’s the horse community taking care of the horse community.”

Above: Sisters-in-law, Heather Kizewski (Right) & Ann Marie Worzalla (Left).

In addition to a judged sleigh competition, other events were held at Fireman’s Park and included horse-drawn sleigh rides (tickets only $5), ‘Currier and Ives’ class, cross-country skiing and a skijoring contest where horses pulled skiers or riders on snow tubes through the snow. A chili challenge, pie contest and live music took place inside the park’s pavilion – great diversions for any age group. (Continued on Page 29)

Upcoming Columbus Horse and Carriage Festival (June 15-17) features horse and carriage events, Civil War re-enactment, parade and Civil War fashion show.

A WINTER WONDERLAND Bundled in layers, sipping on cocoa next to an open fire in the cold outdoors at the Rally, we listened to sleigh bells ring as horses dashed through the snow. With many sleigh drivers and their passengers dressed in long fur coats and top hats, it felt as though we were encased in a live snow globe. Top Left: Sleigh designs ranged from clean, traditional lines like the one at left to elaborate and elegant works of art as shown above. The number and type of horses involved also varied with the horses appearing to have as much fun as their owners.

Page 28

Neighbors-March 2012

Day Trips (Continued from Page 28)

FREY CARRIAGE COMPANY After the Winter Sleigh Rally, we drove through downtown Columbus, full of beautifully renovated establishments and stately historic buildings, to find ‘the perfect place’ to eat. As we were getting out of the car, Ann Marie glanced over and noticed a beautiful vintage sleigh through a store window. The sleigh piqued our interest so we went inside. The cheerful woman working there offered us cookies and hot wassail and encouraged us to climb inside a majestic carriage for a photo. We learned from her that Frey Carriage Company is America's premier retailer, builder and restorer of horse drawn vehicles. We also learned that carriages are the original green form of transportation and that carriage driving is one of the fastest-growing equestrian sports. It is a great way for horse enthusiasts to compete and stay close to their animals, as they grow older together.

Above: Deere & Webber, founded by John Deere and his son-in-law, Christopher Webber (having married John’s daughter, Ellen), built and sold buggies and wagons in Minneapolis, MN. Christopher and Ellen’s son, Charles C. Webber went on to serve as President of Deere & Webber, forerunner of today's John Deere Worldwide. The wagon above was restored by Frey Carriage Company.

The energetic owner, Sandy Adams, recommended the Sweet and Sassy Sandwich with ham, hot pickled peppers and smoked bleu cheese sauce on a pretzel roll. We loved this delicious blend of spicy, smoky, creamy flavors and chewy pretzel texture! (Continued on Page 30)

Sleigh rallies and driving events are becoming more popular in the Midwest and elsewhere, giving the horse driving community a further sense of togetherness. Although brief, our visit was warm. We felt as though we could have spent hours learning about different carriages, sleighs, competitors and collectors. HYDRO STREET BREWING CO. Located downtown on James Street, the Hydro Street Brewing Co. caught my eye within minutes of arriving in Columbus. The exterior is inviting and eclectic. Walking in, we knew, we had found that ‘perfect place.’ Old-time jazz music played in the background and the hardwood floors, handcrafted tables and vintage decor gave it a 1930’s vibe. Right: Heather and Ann Marie pose in one of Frey Carriage Company’s elegant vintage restorations.

Page 29

Neighbors-March 2012


Day Trips

We thought it unique that Sandy had us wave to the man who smokes their bleu cheese. He happened to be at the brewery during our visit. According to patrons, the local growers often frequent Hydro Street Brewing Co. so you often get a chance to meet them there. CAROUSEL ANTIQUES & UPHOLSTERY After our late lunch, we decided to stroll down James Street. Our first stop was Carousel Antiques & Upholstery where their motto is: A beautiful way to bring history to life.

(Continued from Page 29)

IT’S DELIGHTFUL HEFEWEIZEN! Sandy suggested the beer, It’s Delightful Hefeweizen, to complement our meal. “It starts out fruity with mild citrus notes and finishes with clove,” was Sandy’s eloquent and accurate description. It’s Delightful truly sums it up! Owners Aaron and Sandy Adams could have chosen to run a larger microbrewery but as a new business, having just opened in December 2011, they eased into the brewery front a little slower. Instead, they operate a nano-brewery, which operates a lot like a home brewery, only on a slightly larger scale. MEETING LOCAL PROVIDERS Most impressive is how the back of the menu names the farms and bakery where everything they serve comes from: mushrooms, pork, chicken, beef, eggs, cheese, honey, breads, hops and even the spring-fed trout!

The atmosphere is relaxing – it would be easy to spend hours looking through pre-1960's collectibles, old 45’s, albums and books. The shop offers a wide selection of elegant furniture, architectural salvage treasures and vintage and retro-style fabrics. We also loved the toys of yesteryear and gorgeous antique china. WEST JAMES GALLERY Immediately upon entering the West James Gallery, I commented on the calypso music that was playing and how quickly it made me forget it was only eight above zero. Moments later, two fun-loving ladies, Ellen Gorton and Shelly Hlaban, pictured above, welcomed us to Columbus. Shelly owns the West James Gallery and runs the Columbus Visitor Center. Ellen and her husband, Paul, own Carousel Antiques. With unconcealed enthusiasm, they showed us the well-preserved antique popcorn wagon that serves as the focal point in the gallery. They sparkled as they told us all about their beloved town. (Continued on Page 32) Top: The nano-brewery setup at the Hydro Street Brewery. Bottom: Definitely a happening place, the Hydro Street Brewery prides itself on its community involvement.

Page 30

Neighbors-March 2012

2012 HOME SHOW Holiday Inn Convention Ctr, Stevens Point, April 6-7 Photo courtesy of Faivre Implement who will take photos of all ages on their equipment at the 2012 Home Show!

COME ONE, COME ALL! Discover a Wealth of Home and Outdoors Products & Services. Whether you are dreaming of the future, looking for ideas, needing some guidance or are ready to buy, you will find all the sources and expert help you need at the fabulous Golden Sands Home Builders Association Home Show! Em

Visit home improvement, building, and remodeling exhibits featuring thousands of ideas for the home and yard. Enjoy the many “how-to� clinics presented by exhibitors and activities for all ages. If you have further questions, please email

Photo courtesy of Alchemy Concrete who will offer concrete stamping clinics for all ages at the 2012 Home Show!



Day Trips

While we were chatting with Ellen and Shelly, Bill Heiser, owner of My Trainer’s Closet, walked into the West James Gallery. Although his store was closed, he offered us a tour. We said our goodbyes to Shelly and Ellen then followed Bill a few shops down to the building that once served as a historical bank founded in 1861. Bill describes his store as, “an equine-themed consignment adventure. We sell saddles, bridles, boots, halters, show attire and much more.”

(Continued from Page 30)

PUBLIC ENEMIES Ellen and Shelly showed us a photo album from March 2008, when downtown Columbus served as a movie set for Public Enemies, starring Johnny Depp, who played the notorious bank robber, John Dillinger. The movie takes place in the 1930s during the Great Depression, truly reflecting the preservation of historic buildings in the entire downtown area.

Several storefronts were tweaked to look as the director pictured them. Streets were 'cobblestoned' with huge sheets of rubber cobblestone. The West James Gallery served as the site of Greencastle Bank.

The shop is a great way to recycle outgrown or unused equipment, tack, jewelry, clothing, antiques, collectibles and other equine merchandise. Truly a must see for horse enthusiasts! In a random discussion referring to past issues of Neighbors, we mentioned Feathered Gold Stables. It turned out that Bill knows Denise and Derek Krause, truly reiterating closeness within the horse community! FINAL REFLECTIONS Never have we been more grateful for snow and cold weather. It would not have been the same on a drippy wet day with springtime temperatures. Even at eight above zero, warmth emanates throughout Columbus. The toasty fire and large kettle of hot cocoa served with pink heart shaped marshmallows at the Winter Sleigh Rally was only a glimmer of the true warmth that defined our Day Trip. Top: The horse-drawn sleighs and riders looked like a scene straight from the 1800s. Middle: My Trainer’s Closet is located in an old bank building. Bottom: My Trainer’s Closet held their Grand Opening during the Winter Sleigh Rally.

Page 32

Neighbors-March 2012

Satisfying Central Wisconsin’s Commercial & Residential Paving Needs Our Expert Team Offers Exceptional Work at Reasonable Rates!     

Site Preparation Asphalt Paving Parking Lot, Driveway, Patio & Walkway Paving On-Site Pulverizing Pavement Removal & Recycling

B&B Paving Co., founded by Jim & Marilyn Benjamin, earns many new customers through referrals from current customers like Faivre Implement, who was so pleased with the recent parking lot paving job B&B Paving Co. did for them, they wrote about it in the October issue of their monthly Neighbors magazine. Faivre Implement’s facility is located directly across the street from B&B Paving Co. Stop by and see the smoothly paved results for yourself. We believe you will agree that we get the job done right - the first time and every time!

(We can even recycle your existing driveway in place.) 

Asphalt Repair


James & Marilyn Benjamin 6817 Johnnies Lane Stevens Point, WI 54482

(715) 592-4775 Page 33

Neighbors-March 2012

REFLECTIONS A YEAR IN REVIEW by Day Trips Columnists Heather Kizewski & Ann Marie Worzalla

Page 34

Neighbors-March 2012

Looking back. Although our Day Trips existed for six years prior to becoming a monthly column, having the opportunity to write about our adventures has offered us an entirely different set of lenses. Our trips now are more thorough. We are more observant, always thinking and looking for details our readers might appreciate. WIDE OPEN SPACES Some things, however, have not changed, such as expecting the unexpected and having faith that even if a trip ends up not being everything we imagined, that in the end, we will still have learned something new. We make it a point to keep space open for mishaps, which is why we do not fret if we miss an exit or get sidetracked. Some of those ‘mishaps’ have led to future Day Trips; places we would not have discovered otherwise. We have also come to realize that we will never know what we do not try. (Continued on Page 38) Opposite Page: One of the gardens from the House on the Rock story. Top: Wine kegs housed at Wollersheim Winery. Middle: A mural depicting the Peshtigo Fire. Bottom: Heather Kizewski and Ann Marie Worzalla at the Houdini Museum.

Page 35

Neighbors-March 2012

A Cut above… Powering up versatility!

John Deere 700 Select Series™ Tractors  

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Cut like a pro with the prestigious John Deere 700 Select Series lawn tractors. Remarkably versatile options like 42-62 inch mower decks, all wheel steering, four-year warranties, loads of attachments and more! Everything you need to create the superb lawn you always desired. Available at Faivre Implement, your local John Deere dealer in Stevens Point and Westfield and online at

STEVENS POINT 6832 Johnnies Lane, Stevens Point, WI 54482 Toll-Free: (800) 622-2611 (715) 592-4300  Fax: (715) 592-6116 WESTFIELD N6701 Harris Court, Westfield, WI 53964 Toll-Free: (800) 356-3337 (608) 296-2191  Fax: (608) 296-3912

Neighbor to Neighbor, we mean business! Page 36

Neighbors-March 2012

Ask Dr. Fixit OTHERWISE KNOWN AS CHRIS BROCKMAN Chris Brockman (pictured at left), truly bleeds green. He started working on John Deere lawn equipment when he was very young, tagging along to work with his dad, Bob Brockman, a John Deere dealer in Wisconsin Rapids. Chris, an Advanced Certified John Deere Technician, has over 25 years of experience and is a true expert on all lawn care equipment.

DO YOU HAVE A QUESTION? Submit your questions to and Chris will address your questions personally, in Dr. Fixit’s Neighbors magazine column or on Facebook:

READER QUESTION #36 I have a John Deere LT155 with a 42 Freedom deck. When I was mowing last season, I hit a stump and broke the belt that is under the black cover. I was pretty proud that I could remove the deck, replace the belt and install the deck back on the tractor. When I moved the lever to engage the mower deck, I heard a funny sound and saw pieces of whitish tan plastic fly out from between the tractor and mower deck. The mower runs fine and the tractor drives fine, but I just cannot figure out what the plastic came from. Got any ideas? DR. FIXIT ANSWER #36 Yes, as a matter of fact, I do! The pieces of plastic are the fins of the transmission-cooling fan. When you installed the PTO engagement rod back on the deck, you installed the rod upside down. Look at the engagement rod, the ends of the bracket are probably pointing up. When the PTO is engaged, the end of the bracket is tall enough to shear off the fan blades. Remove the rod and install it with the bracket ends pointing down. You will need to replace the fan blade on top of the transmission. While you are at it, check the transmission input pulley – the splines inside the pulley wear and the pulley gets wobbly. Now would be a good time to change it since the fan blade is bolted to it. Not a bad job, and even easier done if the left rear wheel is removed. Page 37

READER QUESTION #37 I have about a half-acre lawn with a sprinkler system and I regularly fertilize it. I have been bagging my grass clippings for years, but it is becoming a pain to get rid of them so I am thinking about going to a mulch kit instead. I will keep the bagger to collect leaves in the fall. Do you think I will be happy with the results? DR. FIXIT ANSWER #37 Well, you did not say what model of lawn tractor you have. Some do a better job of mulching than others. There are some real advantages to mulching. You would probably be able to cut back on the amount of water and fertilizer you are presently using and of course, you would not have to find a way to dispose of the clippings. Now, for the downside: You will need to cut more often. The rule of thumb is when mulching you will mow at least one more time per week than you currently mow. Presently if you miss a day or two due to rain or you are out of town…no problem. However, when you convert to mulching you will not have that luxury. To mulch properly you need to leave at least two-thirds of the height of the plant, so if you are keeping your lawn at 3” and it is 5” long when you mow, you may see some clumping of the clippings. To get effective mulch, you want to cut no more than one inch off at a time. I would recommend you try mulching, but keep in mind that you may still want to put the bagger on occasionally if your lawn gets too long to mulch properly. Neighbors-March 2012

(Continued from Page 35)

We spend less time hemming and hawing, especially when it comes to trying new foods. We have become more daring, more willing to walk on the wild side. DIVERSITY We try to sprinkle in a little bit of everything. We are committed to discovering places off the beaten path without adhering to one particular focal point. Over the past year, our adventures have consisted of history, tragedy, old-world charm, magic and adrenaline. Narrowing down our favorite is impossible because every trip has been special in its own way. THE BENEFITS OF A DAY TRIP For many of us, when it comes to getting away, it is an entire week or nothing at all. It is not always easy to block out a full week or even a long weekend. In fact, sometimes just the thought of planning a vacation can feel like work. Taking a day trip is easy. It does not involve packing nor does it require a lot of money. (Continued on Page 40) Top: An exquisite flowering magnolia tree frames the Maple Leaf Cheese and Chocolate Haus, which was a featured attraction on our New Glarus trip (June issue). Middle: The USS Cobia, a Gato-Class fleet sub was the focal point of our August Maritime Museum story. Bottom: A Battle of Antietam scene from the Wisconsin Veterans Museum’s From Paper to Iron exhibit highlighted in the January ’01 issue.

Page 38

Neighbors-March 2012

Aim for Longevity & peak performance! Pre-Season Planter Service gets you off the ground!

A head start is what you get when you have Faivre Implement inspect, service and repair your planter equipment before the season starts. Count on our John Deere Certified Technicians to help you avoid costly downtime.

John Deere Planter Service Inspection   

SERVING OUR CENTRAL WISCONSIN NEIGHBORS SINCE 1981 Neighbor to Neighbor, it’s Faivre!  STEVENS POINT WESTFIELD 6832 Johnnies Lane Stevens Point, WI 54482 Toll-Free: (800) 622-2611 (715) 592-4300

N6701 Harris Court Westfield, WI 53964 Toll-Free: (800) 356-3337 (608) 296-2191

100-plus point inspection by John Deere Certified Technicians. We guarantee 100% of our workmanship for one year. We repair only the items you choose and provide accurate estimates.

Page 39

Neighbors-March 2012

Top: The Kizewskis and Worzallas whitewater rafted the Menominee River for September’s issue. Middle: October’s issue involved a “haunting” trip to Sheeley House, where women have experienced strange happenings. Bottom: Milwaukee’s Pabst Mansion was all decked out for the holidays and our December issue.

(Continued from Page 38)

How many times do we hear people say they need a vacation after coming home from one? I have even said it myself. Day Trips are revitalizing because they are simple and light. “IF I ONLY HAD THE TIME…”

If you prioritize it, you will find the time. Make it happen. Maybe you have your own day trip secretly stashed in your back pocket (if so, please share), but for those of you who are looking for ideas, we put together categorized suggestions and which issue you can reference for detailed information. It is easy to find back issues of Neighbors online. Go to and click on the tab in the left hand column that says, Neighbors. It forwards you to a page where you can go to the online issue of your choice by clicking on the issue cover. Day Trips was previously always on Page 26. With this issue, it switches to Page 28. FAMILIES/CHILDREN  Manitowoc Maritime Museum/Courthouse Pub (August 2011)  Wisconsin Veteran’s Museum in Madison (January 2012)  Houdini Museum in Appleton (May 2011)  House on the Rock in Spring Green (July 2011)  Columbus Winter Sleigh Rally/Historic Downtown (March 2012) COUPLES  Wollersheim Winery (March 2011)  Pabst Mansion/Gingerbread House (December 2011)  New Glarus-Little Switzerland (June 2011)  Manitowoc Maritime Museum/Courthouse Pub (August 2011)  Fountain City Rock on the House/The Monarch (November 2011) GIRLS’ DAY  Johanna May’s Fine Teas (February 2012)  New Glarus (June 2011)  Fountain City Rock on the House/The Monarch (November 2011)  Pabst Mansion/Gingerbread House (February 2012) (Continued on Page 41)

Page 40

Neighbors-March 2012

(Continued from Page 40)

ADRENALINE SEEKERS  Whitewater Rafting, Niagara, WI (September 2011)  Sheeley House/Chippewa Valley Paranormal Investigators Ghost Walk (October 2011) HISTORY BUFFS  Peshtigo Fire Museum (April 2011)  Wisconsin Veteran’s Museum in Madison (January 2012)  Manitowoc Maritime Museum/Courthouse Pub (August 2011)  Houdini Museum in Appleton (May 2011)  Columbus Winter Sleigh Rally/Historic Downtown (March2012)  House on the Rock (July 2011) WINE LOVERS  Wollersheim Winery (March 2011)  New Glarus/Primrose Winery (June 2011)  Fountain City/Seven Hawks Winery (November 2011)  Autumn Harvest Winery and Orchard (October 2011) BREWERIES  Hydro Street Brewing Co and Eatery (March 2012 )  New Glarus Brewing Co (June 2011)

FEEDBACK Thank you to everyone who took the time to share their enthusiasm and feedback, whether in person, via e-mail or on our new Day Trips Facebook page. We now post short videos of our trips on our Facebook page along with many unpublished photos that we did not have space to include in the original articles. We are very excited about our Day Trips 2012 line-up! However, if you have day trip ideas you wish to share, we would love to hear from you! Top: The Infinity Room from House on the Rock in Spring Green, July 2011 issue. Top: We enjoyed Johanna May’s Fine Teas in February 2012. Bottom: This house was nearly split in two by a huge boulder, which we wrote about in our November 2011 column.

Page 41

Neighbors-March 2012


2012 UW Extension & WPVGA Grower Education Conference & 63rd Annual Industry Show Issac & Angella Isherwood of Isherwood Company Farm and their children, Kingsley and Grace, shown at left, stopped by Faivre Implement’s booth at the Wisconsin Potato & Vegetable Growers Association (WPVGAA) Annual Meeting and Winter Trade Show, held January 31at the Holiday Inn, Stevens Point. Below, Bruce Soik, Myron Soik & Sons, Inc., chats with Faivre Implement’s General Manager, Gary Smith. With record attendance, the event attracted producers of all sizes of operations, employees, vendors and seminar and conference speakers presenting information on a variety of subjects.

Page 42

Neighbors-March 2012

CUSTOMER FRIENDLY ATMOSPHERE Faivre Implement turned to Eric Beggs Construction, LLC, Bancroft, WI to help transform their wall of offices into a more open and accessible area. Eric Beggs, owner, designed a plan that removed the walls and doors to most of the offices. Eric’s team then performed necessary demolition work and cleanup, reconstructed openings, dry walled, painted and trimmed. Top: AFTER photos with Eric Beggs, owner of Eric Beggs Construction, LLC, and Gary Smith, General Manager of Faivre Implement, in front of the finished project. Sales representative, Tom Ferg (left) and Bobby Spreeman (right) work in their newly remodeled offices Right: Close-up of Tom’s office. Below: BEFORE stage with deconstruction and clean-up in progress.

Page 23

Neighbors-January 2012

Every ride is a journey. Fast & furious!

Page 44

Neighbors-March 2012

Get in & Go to Gator XUV Land! Work and Play Hard! Travel just about anywhere; do just about anything with John Deere’s great, new XUVs – conquering the universe one yard, one field, one stream at a time! More than enough horsepower and 4x4 performance to travel where you want, carrying up to four people. You can tame the wild or simply feel the wind in your hair. Test-drive one today at Faivre Implement, your local John Deere dealer in Stevens Point, Westfield and online, STEVENS POINT 6832 Johnnies Lane Toll-Free: (800) 622-2611 (715) 592-4300

Page 45

WESTFIELD N6701 Harris Court Toll-Free: (800) 356-3337 (608) 296-2191

SERVING OUR CENTRAL WISCONSIN NEIGHBORS SINCE 1981. Neighbor to Neighbor, It’s Faivre! 

Neighbors-March 2012

“First impressions mean everything in our business.” Scott Kollock, Owner Vista Royalle Campground, Bancroft, WI

“I use Eric Beggs Construction (EBC) for all my projects because I know I’ll get attractive, professionally designed, well-built results that last for years.

Eric Beggs Construction Inc. Locally Owned & Operated Serving Central Wisconsin for 20+ Years HOME & COMMERCIAL REMODELING/BUILDING Roof repair, window installation, concrete flatwork, decks, patios and fireplaces. POLE BUILDING Pole sheds, pole buildings, metal pole buildings, pole barn buildings, pole plans and much more.

Free Estimates – Call Today 6314 5th Ave, Bancroft, WI 54921-9655

(715) 498-8858

Eric’s team built our storage garage, maintenance building, concrete flatwork, bathroom/shower house and now three deluxe rental cabins, which renters love so much, we are adding more in the near future. Quality counts and EBC gets my vote!” ~ Scott Kollock

(Permit info)

6832 Johnnies Lane Stevens Point, WI 54482

Page 36

Neighbors-February 2012

Profile for Journey Publishing LLC

Neighbors-1203 March 2012  

An insightful magazine featuring articles and information about Wisconsin’s interesting people, businesses, destinations, scenery and lifest...

Neighbors-1203 March 2012  

An insightful magazine featuring articles and information about Wisconsin’s interesting people, businesses, destinations, scenery and lifest...

Profile for rj200

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