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Rizmer Capunitan Design Portfolio

Hello, I’m Rizmer Capunitan.

I am a first year BA Product Designer, studying at Nottingham Trent University. I am hoping to develop my existing skills further to prepare myself for working in industry in the following years to come after graduation. My strongest assets are based around my sketch work and ideation process of the projects; however, I have a natural aptitude for graphical presentation and aesthetics which help to keep my work looking crisp. I am currently looking for a design internship to do a minimum 6 month placement, starting July 2019.


Ripple Effect.

Fold Shelf.



Pure Bottle.

Expand Storage.


01. ‘Ripple Effect’

brief. Accounting for how different groups in society are affected by loneliness, design a way to reduce its impact on one or more of the following: physical health, mental health, or access to services.

What is Post-Natal Depression? Postnatal Depression (PND) is a type of depression occurring after child’s birth, showing symptoms of anxiety, feeling low and changes to eating and sleeping patterns.

primary research. 1 in 10 Parents are affected within a year of childbirth.

49% of women who suffer from PND, do not seek help.

25% - 50% of fathers with depressed partners, go through depression themselves.

texture. The ripple pattern is designed like this to distract and comfort the user in times of distress and increased anxiety levels by rubbing on the surface.

concept modelling.

design. Ripple Effect is a contemporary gender-neutral jewellery range designed as a solution to Post-Natal Depression (PND) in both Mothers and Fathers. Designed to look less medical, Ripple Effect makes the tracking device discrete

application. The ripple effect application allows the user to create their own profile, and use the tracking feature to see their own progress, as well as using the community tabs to speak with likeminded people to gain positive feedback or information about any issues they may be having. There are also extra features and widgets which may help the user including a journal planner, meditation timer, etc.

tracking clasp. Tracking clasp stays hidden behind the neck and uses the pulse to record the BPM that is reflected in the application in real-time.

application design. Product Sync and Profile creation Live BPM Monitor All-Time BPM Tracker Community Forums Community Chatroom Extra’s and Tools Journal Logger

02. ‘Fold Shelf’ brief. To explore the commercial homeware market, developing a single or range of products specifically for sheet material manufacturing, such as laser, water and plasma cutting.

What is Fold? Fold Shelf is a customiseable shelving unit manufactured from bushed aluminium coming in 3 variant shades - Light, Medium and Dark. Fold Allows the user to bend the units to their desired shape, making it quite bespoke and personal to their home.

key influences.

Zai Divecha.


Tim Defleur.

design idea. Using the idea of folding and origami, it was almost transferrable to do this method on a different sheet material to paper. It makes the product more interesting and interactive, yet functional, aesthetic and personal.

range. The range comes with offset perforations in comparison to the standard pack allowing different combinations and more customisation possibilities. There are available nets to make containers and drawers for these units.

03. ‘Pure’ Bottle


primary research.

BPMA brief - Many companies are looking for a new promotional item or gadget that they can use.

6 in 10 People bring too many things in their pockets and do not have a locker 1/3 of these people lose or misplace one of their items during their workout

What is Pure Bottle? Pure Bottle is a designed for active lifestyle consumers; specifically people who go to the gym. Pure Bottle allows these consumers to conveniently keeps their keys, supplements and drink all in one unit.

9 in 10 bring a bottle of water or supplement for their workout

unit development.

lid ideas.

form ideas. design process.

features. BPA-Free Plastic Hassle-Free Lid Clear Body Removable Middle Container Removable Bottom Container 1L Capacity

removable middle. Allows the user to store small necessities that people may lose or misplace such as keys, earphones, etc.

04. ‘Expand’ Storage

brief. Living well in small spaces Pearson Lloyd collaboraition- To design a living space or product for the young urban dweller, where the space is limited to a 15 square meters.

Reframed brief. “To design a product or solution which makes the setup/cleanup of social gatherings/events more convenient and easy.”

What is Expand? Expand Is a convenient storage unit that allows hosts to conveniently pop-out when required; particularly during social events when the host needs more space to store guests’ loose items

user journey problem areas. Context - Host a social drinking gathering with guests to highlight potential problems that could be improved. Had to clear up messy table area Wash up dishes Put away dishes Too many wires to setup Had to bring from upstairs No coat hangers so a big pile of jackets on chairs Plenty of alcohol to store Not enough seating Not everyone enjoyed the same genre of music Music was too loud, annoyed house mates Spillage

How does it work?

3 Step folding mechanism using the hinge, makes for a quick, easy and convenient setup for when guests are round to temporarily store their garments.

Could produce different colours as the panels can be maufactured by any desired wood(s).

Uses hinge mechanism to fold the unit flat against a wall.

In situ within a 15 Square Meter apartment.

thank you. Contact details. Tel • 07768 619765 Email • RizmerC99@Gmail.com Instagram • Riz.Design

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