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RIZKIANSYAH RIZAL. February 20, 1990 Male Indonesian +62 859 46136386 Bahasa Indonesia/Mother Tongue English/Fluent in Oral and Written Skills Autodesk Autocad Autodesk Archicad Autodesk Revit Autodesk Ecotect Google Sketchup Adobe Creative Suite Artlantis Rendering Macintosh/Windows Platform Freehand Drawing Model Making


Personality Self-motivated Energetic Innovative Simple Interests Design Process Sustainability New Technology Problem solving

dear sir/madam. Rizkiansyah Rizal is a 23 years old graduate architect from Queensland University of Technology in Brisbane, Australia. Rizkiansyah is a discipline, self-motivated and hardworking person shown by his eagerness back in 2005 in Pembangunan Jaya High School as part of Hoisting Flag Team and Basketball Team. These values brought by Rizkiansyah in his Architecture study at Universitas Indonesia, Depok, Indonesia in 2008. Enlisted as Architecture International Program student, he finished his obligation of two plus two years study in Universitas Indonesia and Queensland University of Technology and got his bachelor of design (architecture study) degree with minor degree in sustainability from QUT in 2012 and bachelor of architecture from UI in 2013. The combination of both Indonesian and Australian architecture studies has bring Rizkiansyah to be a critical yet humble student to enjoy tough design process. Rizkiansyah joined PT. Han Awal and Partners Architect lead by Ir. Yori Antar and finished several internship times in 2010 and 2012. At HAP, he worked as student architect to help the Project Architect in brainstorming, model making, 3d modelling and preparing presentation. The projects varied from residentials, retails, villas, and he also actively helped in competitions. Internship work has helped Rizkiansyah to enjoy working environment and saying ideas confidently in collaboration for projects. Right now, Rizkiansyah is looking for any chances to present his skills and learning new things, in pursuit of his dream to be an architect. Sincerely Yours,

Rizkiansyah Rizal

history. Education Queensland University of Technology Feb 2013 - Dec 2013 Master of Architecture Feb 2011 - Dec 2012 Bachelor of Design (Architecture Studies) Second Class Honor Division A (GPA 5.51 out of 7) Minor in Sustainability Universitas Indonesia Aug 2008 - Jun 2010 Bachelor of Architecture (GPA 3.51 out of 4) Pembangunan Jaya High School Graduated 2008 Science Professional Experience Han Awal and Partners Architect Projects during internship period Dec 2011 - Feb 2012 1. Concepto Polo Estate at Jagorawi, West Java 2. Private Residence at Senayan Residence, Senayan, Jakarta 3. Private Residence at Duta Niaga, Pondok Indah, Jakarta 4. Competition of Wika Leadership Training Center, West Java Jul 2010 - Dec 2010 1. Private Residence at Pantai Indah Kapuk, Jakarta 2. Private Residence at Kedoya Garden Raya, Jakarta 3. Competition of Laboratorium Extension Building of Faculty of Math and Science, Universitas Indonesia, Depok, Jawa barat 4. Competition of Strenkali (Water way) in Surabaya, East Java 5. Church Renovation at Blok B, Jakarta 6. Private Residence at Jl. Gedung Hijau, Pondok Indah Jakarta Achievement 3rd Place Winner Competition of Laboratorium Extension Building of Faculty of Math and Science, Universitas Indonesia, Depok, Jawa Barat. Participation in QUT Thinking Conference 2013 with research title “International Student’s Attitude towards New Places: Study on Recreational Places in Brisbane From the Use of Internet Technology” as part of Master of Architecture program.


Related Organisation Experience

Urban Design Alliance Queensland (UDAL) Kurilpa Precinct Workshop Scribe (Volunteer) Sept 2013 Workshops which involved many cross ages and professions such as stakeholders, developers, architects, urban designers, artists, landscape architects, etc, for the future of Kurilpa Riverside in Brisbane. Rizkiansyah is actively contribute ideas in brainstorming with new people as well as making a professional summary notes on the event. Pesta Rakyat 2012 Head of Creative Division Sept 2012 Pesta Rakyat is the biggest Indonesian festival in Queensland, Australia and part of Brisbane Festival. To be the head of Creative Division, RIzkiansyah has the value to communicate ideas and work on timeline for other members of the division. Rizkiansyah also in direct control of design graphic works (posters and pamphlets) and decoration for the venue. Showing his predominant value in working with new people and environment. Other Interests Basketball

Participated in several basketball teams and active to get into competitions from high school until college. Considered to be phisically and mentally healthy as well as having competitive personality.

Hoisting Flag Team Part of team in High School, important in building discipline mentality and punctuality. Referees Dr. Mirko Guaralda Post-Graduate Subject Area Coordinator - Architecture | FREA Creative Industries Faculty | Lecturer - School of Design | Researcher Centre for Subtropical Design | Creative Industries Faculty | Queensland University of Technology phone: + 61 7 3138 2464 | fax: + 61 7 3138 1528| email: Ir. Yori Antar Principal Architect | PT. Han Awal and Partners Architect phone: +62-21 745 77 97 | fax: +62-21 745 89 22 | e-mail :


THE REMINDER. 2008. Installation. 150 x 150 x 200 cm. Shattered Mirror Glass on Concrete. Faculty of Engineering, Universitas Indonesia. Depok, West Java, Indonesia.


As part of learning Visual Art, this project is the first built project since I got into architecture school. This was done by group work, in this project I learn how to work in group as well as learning how an artwork can have tendency for people to activate spaces and being pause moment at campus.

communication technique in architecture. 2009. Drawings. Various Sizes. Pencil and Drawing Pen on Paper. Yong-Ma Canteen, Universitas Indonesia Depok, West Java, Indonesia This is the basic communication skill I learnt in school for the first time. This is a challenging and inspiring task as I documented the canteen by free hand technique. Drawings has become very attached in design process, by communicating well at this early point of study, brings me to be confident in using pencil and drawingpen on paper.


Brisbane sport center. 2011. Public Facility. Howard Smith Wharves, Riverside. Brisbane, Queensland, Australia.


This Sport Center is located in historical area of Howard Smith Wharves which is begging to be actively used by people. An intensive research has been done to get into the design process. To invite people to come to the building as it becomes parasite with the landscape so that it triggers movement along the site, as well as making new option for sporting environment in radius of 3 kilometres from the city center.


the place for living. 2011. Courtyard Apartment. Montague Road, West End. Brisbane, Queensland, Australia.


This design exercise is the result of concise analysis and reviews from different typologies for place of living outside and inside Australia. From this assignment, I started to make manifesto and idealism of how residential place should be like and how I project architecture in 50 years to come. This apartment tends to give active lifestyle for people and support vibrant neighborhood even they live in high levels. The buildings is also have consideration on orientation to embrace air circulation and thermal insulation.


GENERATIVE OPTIMISM. 2012. Mix-used Development. Grey St, Southbank. Brisbane, Queensland, Australia.


The challenge of the design was finding patterns from the urban plan. To seek in patterns and shape of the site, I tried to use digital tracing and found three initial elements of the site, hard, fluid and porous. From those elemets, I testing out different dimensions through research based on activities on the site. The final outcome is the pods which is used for retail and library.





CEREMONY HILL AND PERMACULTURE COMPLEX DEVELOPMENT. 2012. Masterplan. Woodford Ceremony Hill. Woodford, Queensland, Australia.


In 2050, Brisbane will lose its green spaces due to the uncontrolled population growth and demand of livable neighborhood is at its peak. Woodford as Queensland inner suburb, should remain virgin but still corresponds with this population growth. With locals that consists of mostly farmers, Woodford can have positive reaction in keeping the identity of local Australian, as well as educating visitors in creating productive lifestyle through planning. Permaculture as concept trigger is brought as limitation of design for dwelling.

building technology.

Qut milton office and cafeteria. 2013. Detailed Documentation. Sheehan St, Milton. Brisbane, Queensland, Australia.


At this stage, I expected to propose a systematic diagram for technology used in a building. The design process start by looking at building problems, the environment analysis technology comparisons and integration of technologies in the building. After all the ideas and building solutions proposed, the next challenge is to create complete documentation of the building, satisfying all the conditions for Development Approval (DA) and Building Approval (BA), which comply with Building Code Australia, National Construction Code of Australia, and Brisbane City Council Development rules and agendas. The use of new programs such as Autodesk Ecotect and Revit was essential.

master studio.

the loss of critical abolition distance. 2013. Conceptual Representation. F16 Grid include Fortitude Valley, Spring Hill, Bowen Hills, Kelvin Grove and CBD. Brisbane, Queensland, Australia.


The studio is led by Kevin O’brien, injecting the idea of ‘Burning City’, as he stimulated students to dismiss 50 percent area of the grid selected. For the whole semester, students expected to read and understand the book The Possibility of an Absolute Architecture by P.V. Aureli, and believe that city works as an archipelago and there shall be conflicting forces between areas. The project merely very conceptual and philosophocal yet. The challenge of the project is to think critically which building that should be taken off the grids in order to slot in the hypothesis by counter or support the theory from the book. The grid is exercised over and over from scale 1:10000 to 1:2500 to find out the identity of the by understanding the place making and history of the grid. As a new people to Brisbane this exercise is really useful in knowing a city in a very short time.

Internship work.

the cube. 2010. PT. Han Awal and Partners Architects. Competition - 3rd Place Winner. Laboratorium Extension Building. Faculty of Math and Science. Universitas Indonesia. Depok, West Java, Indonesia.


It was a closed competition held by Faculty of Math and Science, Universitas Indonesia. The team consist of Ir. Yori Antar (Principal), Paskalis Khrisno Ayodyantoro, Rafael Arsono, Idjoen and RIzkiansyah. The Cube derived from the idea of porosity for student’s activity. The courtyard act as collaborative meeting place for students as well as landscape for protecting laboratorium areas at ground floor. The floors above it designed for classrooms and offices. I am contributing in design process from brainstorming, diagramming and presentation panelling.

Internship work.

WImbanu house 2010. PT. Han Awal and Partners Architect. Built Work. Private Residence. Jalan Gedung Hijau, Pondok Indah. South Jakarta, Indonesia.


The project architect that directly in charge is Aris Setiyono with Ir. Yori Antar acting as principal architect for the project. As student architect, I contribute in 3D modelling, rendering, and final touch-up for the image representations. By the time I helped the project architect, and I was involved in going to the construction site and witness the client-architect-contractor-builder process in tenders and executions of on site built issues.

Rizkiansyah Rizal - CV and Selected Works 2008 - 2013  
Rizkiansyah Rizal - CV and Selected Works 2008 - 2013  

This is a series works that I have done in my school and internship time. Any feedback or comments will be much appreciated. Enjoy!