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The Pixel Bean

By Aliyeh Yifu

I have had many adventures here in Second Life and am always on the search for something new and interesting. I was on the search for a coffee shop one day and wanted something quaint, cozy, and of course, with coffee. As I opened the search menu I came across the name ‘The Pixel Bean’ and found the name very catchy. With a click of the mouse I was in tp mode and was greeted warmly as I landed. The entrance of the building was cottage like and the colors inside were inviting. There was a fire place with nice colorful couches that set the mood just right. The tiny shop not only had a very creative coffee area but there was a vast amount of choices for one to select from. They had everything from a nice green tea to a latte. On the backside of the building there was a table and chairs for one to sit and in the middle there was this mysterious ball. It was called a truthball and has a series of questions to answer with each click. It was very humorous and entertaining at the same time. This was an excellent place to take a date or to even venture on your own for a new exploration. The coffee shop features weekly get togethers that offer group members a chance to get together and have some fun. I highly suggest this little shop for anyone seeking a new adventure. One one of my latest trips I was fortunate to meet the owner of the shop and ask her a few questions about her background. Ladies and Gentlemen, I introduce you to Harlow Heslop, owner and founder of ‘The Pixel Bean’. 8| OPULENT Magazine : June/July 2010

--Harlow how long have you been in SL and what brought you here? “I have been in SL just under four years now. I had an older avatar and now Harlow. I was an avid player of The Sims and when I found out about SL I immediately decided to check it out. I’ve been hooked ever since.” --You have created a very unique name for the coffee house Harlow, what is the vision behind ‘The Pixel Bean’? “In my RL I worked at a really unique coffee house in college. I absolutely loved the atmosphere, the friendships I made with our regular customers, the amazing conversations you could hear flowing throughout the room, etc. It was a happy and cozy place to be and I knew that I wanted to bring that kind of atmosphere into SL. I think SL often times doesn’t have enough places of quality. Places people can come and relax instead of being bombarded with nonsense. Places that people can have great conversation with friends, and enjoy a beautiful environment. I spent about two years plotting out ideas in my head (as well as endless notecards) before finally embarking on my journey to create The Pixel Bean. It’s been a long journey but we are finally exactly where we want to be.”

--We all love to explore all the various venues here in SL. What are some of the activities you do at ‘The Pixel Bean’? “The Pixel Bean prides itself on the variety it has to offer. It’s grown so much we’ve had to incorporate teleporters so people can move around the area easier! We have a cafe which features a wonderful bar. On the bar guests can find various treats including pastries, candies, and fun beverages that you won’t find anywhere else in Second Life. Our most popular being the Cupcake Mocha! Across from the bar we have a great area by the fire for people to hang |9

out and relax. Upstairs in our lofts you will find movies, and games, including: Greedy and Chess. Our two back balconies offer beautiful mountain views and Truthball for anyone looking to answer some fun questions with friends! As you venture down the wooded path outside the cafe you will find a cozy cave to snuggle up in, and onward our infamous dance dock by the pond. We host a variety of parties and live musical events on our dock. One of our most popular events which we plan on doing again soon was Pixel Prom! Everyone dressed up in beautiful gowns and tuxes. We even had a photographer take pictures of couples and friends at the event! Past the dance dock you will find our meadow. The hammock is a great place to relax with a few friends and enjoy the peaceful scenery. Near our meadow in the woods you will find one of our most popular places for people to spend their time - our campsite! At the campsite is a great interactive bonfire, marshmallows, and plenty of places to cozy up and sit! Last but not least near our pond you will find 7 seas fishing. We have many guests who love to come and spend time fishing and relaxing by the water. Out on the water are a few boats and rafts that our guests can float on! Overall we have quite a few places for people to spend their time. The Pixel Bean is a great place to catch up with a friend, or spend time with the person you love, and on nights when we are hosting a party, it’s a great place to dance the night away!” --We all have things that we do here in SL that are very rewarding for us. What has been the most rewarding thing about running ‘The Pixel Bean’? “Most definitely all the amazing people I’ve met around the world. We have the best guests here, and so many people who keep coming back. We as well have the most amazing staff. I am so blessed to have people here who volunteer their time to make sure others are enjoying themselves. If it weren’t for the people who are here this place would cease to exist. If you are looking for a place to meet nice people and have great conversation, then the Pixel Bean is a great place to check out.” --Harlow, what is your favorite thing about ‘The Pixel bean’? “DJing the parties here has been so much fun. It’s a mix up between the parties and the memorable conversations. There are nights when guests gather around the fireplace and talk for endless hours. It’s nights like that when 10| OPULENT Magazine : June/July 2010

you sign off you are grateful to meet such wonderful people from around the globe.” --What other activities do you enjoy doing in SL when you are not busy with the coffee shop? “Shopping. Ha ha! Harlow is a notorious shopaholic. There are just so many amazingly talented people in SL and the way they showcase their designs through clothing, architecture, etc, is just so fascinating. I also really love exploring beautiful sims. Places that represent gorgeous places around the world whether it be a mountain or beach, the way people portray these locations in SL is astounding to me. I feel like I can go on a vacation any day of the week here!” --Our readers are often curious as a bit more about the people behind these amazing places in SL, tell us something about yourself. “I’m 24. I met my RL partner here in SL by complete accident. He is also the co-owner of The Pixel Bean. His name is Arkansas Sorbet. I’m obsessed with cupcakes, a huge animal lover, and can’t go a day without quite a few cups of coffee. I truly believe in being kind to everyone you meet. You never know what kind of problems a person is going through in their life so I think it’s always important to be kinder than necessary. I absolutely love meeting people around the world. I feel like SL gives me the opportunity that no matter where I travel in my RL there will always be someone to have coffee with! :) “


The Pixel Bean  
The Pixel Bean  

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