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The Craddock-Terry Gallery supports the mission of Riverviews by exhibiting the work of professional level artists in a variety of media for the enrichment and enjoyment of the citizens of Central Virginia.

Cover: Terribly Wonderful, Wade Mickley Design by: Kyla Potter All images copyrighted by the artists, 2012

The Craddock-Terry Gallery The Craddock-Terry Gallery exhibits bold new work by emerging artists, focusing on large-scale and/ or complex installations that are impossible to realize in conventional spaces. Our gallery with 2,600 square feet of open, flexible space in a historic industrial warehouse has proven both inspiring and empowering to artists. The Annual Juried Art Show features distinct and creative works, produced by artists throughout Virginia. The Juror: Leah Stoddard Riverviews Artspace Opened in 2003, Riverviews Art space is a nonprofit arts organization presenting exhibitions, public programs, workshops and classes. Riverviews is an adaptive use of a historic shoe warehouse and houses 36 live/work spaces, three floors with studio/gallery/ commercial space, galleries, community spaces, coop gallery, screening room and over 49 artists. Riverviews encourages the dynamic interchange between making and presenting art, between visual, literary and media arts, and between our historic warehouse and tenants, workers, and patrons who again inhabit it. Riverviews collaborates with partners across the region to provide opportunities for artists, strengthen cultural awareness, stimulate tourism and attract and retain residents.

Leah Stoddard has been an art professional for over 25 years. She has curated over 100 exhibitions, and has worked in both museums and profit galleries. From 2000 to 2008, she served as Director of Second Street Gallery in Charlottesville, where she was responsible for a successful public, financial, and programmatic transformation, including attracting dozens of prominent artists to do exhibition projects. Stoddard has a MA in art history/ criticism from the State University of New York, Stony Brook, and a BA in art history from Carleton College, MN. She is currently the Director of Exhibitions at the Taubman Museum as well as an independent curator and artist advisor based in Charlottesville.

ROY BAUGHER You’ll see, it will be different next month Ink and acrylic on paper Roy Baugher grew up in Shenandoah, Virginia. He graduated from Roanoke College with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Art. Most of his art are works-on-paper, such as drawing and collage, but he works in photography and video as well. His works have been shown at the Roanoke City Art Show, the Roanoke College Biennial Juried Exhibition, and the Riverviews Artspace Juried Art Show. In 2009, he earned the Second Place Award and a Purchase Award in the Roanoke City Art Show. A solo exhibit of his recent series of drawings, You were not, is scheduled at the William King Museum in Abingdon, Virginia in June-July 2013. He currently lives and works in Roanoke, Virginia.

PETER ALLEN Braille Acrylic, Collage, Pencil

My current work is a culmination of a decades-long project involving a series of images and poems that give voice to a personal horror story, which is also a universal story of psychic pain and the possibility of redemption. The condition that creates suffering stems from a faulty notion of reality where identity and misperception co create one another, producing a karmic wheel that perpetuated itself life time after lifetime. My process involves exploring language and narrative and how these elements might work together with images pulled form various media sources. I use found images because they are already culturally imbedded, so preloaded and visual ciphers. I create the text and imagery to have equal compositional weight and to embody the dichotomies of meaning that run through all my work. The text is comprised of my original poetry: then like a letterpress, individual characters are laid out on a grid, but unlike conventional letter press that poems have new orientations in which the observer must, like with encrypted messages, effort to read the text. Thus the letters are both mechanical and hand made, both modern and hieroglyph-like. I live in Charlottesville and am a renting member of McGuffey Art Center.

KAREN NEWELL-BLAESING Walter’s Heaven Watercolor, Gouache

KAREN BOWDEN Field of Vision Mixed Media Karen Bowden earned her Bachelor of Arts degree in Art Education at Ohio Wesleyan University and continued with postbaccalaureate work at the Tyler School of Art, Temple University, the University of California at San Francisco, and Randolph-Macon Woman’s College. In more than forty years as a professional artist, she has studied with such recognized artists as Carole Barnes, Christopher Schink, Alex Powers, Gerald Brommer, David Lussier, Don Andrews and Glen Bradshaw. She has taught in the public schools, adult education programs and, since becoming a resident of Lynchburg, at the Lynchburg Art Club and the Academy of Fine Arts. Karen is an award-winning artist whose work has appeared in shows across the country. She continues to exhibit regionally and locally. Her work is regularly on view at the Artist’s Co-op Gallery, Riverviews Artspace, in Lynchburg, Virginia.

WHITNEY BROCK Bubbles Oil on canvas

HEATHER BRYANT Planting the Garden Lithograph

HEATHER BRYANT The Kiss Lithograph

DEDE BUHLER Brilliant Tangle Photo - Giclee on watercolor paper on cradled Claybord Paint and photography are my current mediums of choice to express my love of life and celebrate beauty in the ordinary. The creative process allows me to witness how my perception shapes my reality while allowing me to remain open, to flow with change, and thoroughly enjoy the ride.

SIOBHAN BYRNS The Fire WIthin - Portrait of Stacey R. Chinn - Sculptor Oxidized Tin Type

Siobhan Byrns is a faculty member in photography at Lynchburg College. She received her M.F.A. in Photography from the Art Institute of Chicago and received her B.F.A. from the Maryland Institute College of Art, focusing both on traditional and time-based new media.

SIOBHAN BYRNS Self Portrait Waxed Salt Print from Glass Negative

During her degree, she was formally trained as a fine art restorationist and conservator in some of the country’s most prominent museums. In 2004, while working in the Museum of The Art Institute of Chicago, she assisted in the digital restoration of Georges Seurat’s “A Sunday on La Grande Jatte.” Siobhan is currently exploring historic photographic processes in her artwork.


PAUL CLEMENTS Relic Blown and sand etched glass, steel infused and rusted, lighting, stainless steel,leather Paul Clements began an apprenticeship as a glassblower fifteen years ago at a studio in Massachusetts. Since then, he has travelled the world working for many artists. Today he works in Lynchburg with glass, wood and metal, creating sculpture and fabricating custom work.

MYLES KATHERINE COLEMAN Welcoming Depth Medium format film photography

MICHAEL CREED Two Bangs for Buck Wood, Metal, Paint

ED DOLINGER Elixir Mixed on Board

ED DOLINGER Royale Mixed on Board

ED DOLINGER Osteostegamatic Mixed on Board

SARA EDWARDS Metamorphosis FIlm Photography

ASHLEY FLORENCE Manager Au Lit Lamda print mounted on Dibond Ashley Florence was born in Stuttgart, Germany in 1978. She received a BA in German Literature from the University of Virginia in 2001. Ashley has trained to teach yoga and founded the first inmate yoga program at the Fluvanna County Women’s prison. She has also trained in Literacy through Photography with Wendy Ewald at Duke’s Center for Documentary Studies. Ashley was a 2011 groundbreaker photographer at the HATCH festival in Asheville, NC and has been awarded residencies at the VCCA in Amherst, VA and Mildred’s Lane (J. Morgan Puett and Mark Dion). She was also accepted to participate at the Open Engagement Conference at Portland State University in 2011. She works regularly with Hidden Voices, a Chapel Hill based organization that uses storytelling to give voice to underrepresented populations. Her work has been exhibited at the NCMA and LUMP Gallery in Raleigh, NC, as well as various other project spaces and galleries in Virginia and Berlin.

KIM GOLDSTEIN BOGGS The Extent of Pleiades Vintage, found color (mixed media) I’ve always been a treasure hunter. I’m drawn to beautiful bits of broken - artifacts in various states of disrepair and decomposition. The colors you see in my assemblages were contrived lifetimes before me. Fragments of vintage toys, timeworn furniture, ancient tools…countless well-loved objects. I get lost in their imagined stories. And found.

KIM GOLDSTEIN BOGGS Aperture to an Ancient Memory Vintage, found color (mixed media)

RUDY HILT Digital Thoughts Contemplating Geometry Oil on canvas Rudy recieved his Bachelor of Fine Art from Philadelphia College of Art and his Masters Degree from Temple University. Occupational areas and life focus, conceptual planning and business development in the following areas: residential, commercial and hospitality design, industrial product design, and residential development design internationally, as well as video production, photography and oil painting. Rudy is currently residing in Lynchburg, VA with an office in Riverview’s lofts.

GRACE MATTOX Abbeye Aux Hommes Cyanotype

GRACE MATTOX Barrels of Alsace-Lorraine Cyanotype


WADE MICKLEY Terribly Wonderful Mixed Media Wade Wade Mickley is a award winning fine artist, illustrator and graphic designer with NASA Langley Research Center in Hampton, VA. His work has been shown in exhibitions locally and across the United States. Wade works in various mediums including painting, drawing, sculpture, and digital media. He currently lives in Hampton Roads, Virginia with his wife and pug and is also a collector of all things used, old and weathered.

WADE MICKLEY Vurneable Species Mixed Media

SANDRA PLOCH Stellar’s Jay Watercolor and Acrylic My education was at the University of Michigan’s School of Architecture and Design. I worked as an interior designer for 30 some years . Now, I draw and paint with ink, watercolor and oil. My favorite subjects are things that move and change - people, birds, and the landscape.

SUSAN SAANDHOLLAND Sky Photogiclee on stretched canvas Light, line and a presentation without the interference of glass are often features of my work. Macro mystery also delights me and invites individual interpretation.

JOHN ROTH Surreptitious Return cherry, rigid foam, sheet metal, optic fiber, model scenery

Raised in Chicago. My father was a preacher, my mother is a painter. I worked in various capacities such as drug store manager, dairy farm helper, lab technician, maintenance mechanic in manufacturing plants, construction worker, k-6th art teacher before being hired to teach as a tenured professor at Old Dominion University in Norfolk VA. BS Art and Industrial Arts, Northern Michigan University, MFA in painting and sculpture University of Wisconsin, Madison. Numerous grants and awards and extensive exhibition record including venues in NYC, London, Chicago, Miami, LA, San Francisco, Ottawa, Minneapolis. I’m currently represented by Mayer Fine Art of Norfolk, VA.

JOHN SHUPTRINE Warrhouse Pinhole Silver gelatin photograph Photographer John Shuptrine has been watching magic appear in darkroom trays for over 30 years, a continued love affair with textures, shapes, shadows and light. Primarily self-taught, John specializes in Black and White, (film based), but with frequent visits to the land of color. His interests include landscapes (both natural and urban) and close-up abstracts. John has had numerous one-man shows in the Lynchburg, Virginia area including shows in the New Image Gallery at James Madison University, The Academy of Fine Arts in Lynchburg, and the 1212 Gallery in Richmond, Virginia. He has won several awards for his photography including a best in show at the Lynchburg Fine Arts Center Juried Photography Show. John also received a Gold Award in the B&W Magazine 2005 Annual Edition.

JANE SKAFTE Flying Machine Watercolor, Gouache, Collage I am a Charlottesville, VA artist and designer. I received MFA/MA from Syracuse University and BFA from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. My early career in textile design inspired a life-long fascination with nonrepresentational pattern. I have always been motivated to create art in which the primary expression is in the movement of the eye as it follows the rhythm of a geometric pattern. I taught art and design at the college level, including James Madison University, for over 10 years. I maintain a vital career in graphic design and consulting while pursuing fine art and teaching. I work as an exhibiting artist and as a member of McGuffey Art Center in downtown Charlottesville.

NANCY STARK On the Side Track Watermedia on gessoed paper Strong sunlight and cast shadows are often the inspiration for my artwork. My paintings are a response to the pattern, shape, texture and line observed in the world around me. In composing my subject I zoom in for a close-up view. And whether rendering trains, chairs or flowers I leave out as much or more of the subject as I paint. The viewer is invited to enjoy the artwork and fill in the missing pieces.


RACHEL VAN LIERE Burial & Baptism Blown glass, dirt, water, ivy Emerging artist , Rachel Van Liere was born and raised in Lynchburg. She graduated from Brookville High School in 2010 and is currently in her junior year at VCU in the Craft/Material Studies department, focused in Glass.


Riverviews Artspace Juried Art Show 2012  
Riverviews Artspace Juried Art Show 2012  

A look book of the pieces on display in this year's juried art show, as well as information about the artists and the gallery.