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a letter from Pastors Rob & Becca Ketterling


ask, seek, pray River Valley Church Family, We are in awe of how God has blessed River Valley Church, overflowing with gifts, talents and generosity! Becca and I are so grateful for the people of this church. Faithful and faith-filled! God is leading our church on an adventure we could have never imagined, and we are thrilled about what is coming! We also know that while the gifts and talents in this church are plentiful, there is no substitute for the presence of God and the anointing of the Holy Spirit in our lives. That is why we believe God is asking us this year to seek an increase in the supernatural anointing on the gifts and generosity He’s already given us in this church. After a miraculous year going over $10 million given to Kingdom Builders for the first time, this year is about holding the gains and believing our miraculous experience becomes a faith-filled expectation for this year! We need to lean into the intensity of Matthew 7, asking, seeking and knocking on the door of Heaven, believing with greater faith for all that God can and will do!

Kingdom Builders is committed to extravagant generosity, above-and-beyond the tithe, supporting Global Missions, Local Church Expansion and Future Christian Leaders through a wide variety of high-quality missionary partners and organizations around the world. Especially in the most difficult places to bring the gospel. If you’re not yet part of Kingdom Builders, we want to invite you on the adventure! Last year, 1,543 people gave to Kingdom Builders for the first time! Thank you for stepping out in faith! Every gift matters because every person matters to God. We want everyone to be part of this movement of world-changing generosity! Ephesians 3:20-21 sums up our heart and expectation for this year… Now to him who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine, according to his power that is at work within us, to him be glory in the church and in Christ Jesus throughout all generations, for ever and ever! Amen.

This is the year for you to step up like never before as God pours out His blessing on you! Proverbs tells us the world of the generous grows larger and larger. As we are faithful with what God has entrusted us, faithfulness upon faithfulness will lead to the miraculous!

All of this is for Jesus! So that all may hear! Pastors Rob & Becca Ketterling


plan, vision, dream

plan vision dream


First, make a plan to give. When you have plans and are diligent, it leads to plenty (Proverbs 21:5). God is excited when you have a plan! Whatever the amount is—have the plan in place, work the plan and be obedient with it. Start there. Next, ask God to give you a vision for what He could do through you with His help. This is beyond what you can do in your natural income. This requires you to take a step of faith. Additionally, Habakkuk 2:2 tells us to write that vision down and pray about it! God will supply all your needs according to His riches in Christ Jesus (Philippians 4:19). Stepping out in faith pleases God. When you look at what He has in His hands, it goes to another level! Lastly, what would be a dream amount you could give? Hold on to it. This number is only between you and God. Watch as each step of faith you take, God moves you closer to that dream. God can do exceedingly abundantly more than all we can ask for or imagine (Ephesians 3:20).

By God’s abundant grace and blessings, and through the sacrifice of many, we are able to give away millions of dollars every year supporting reputable organizations and individuals working to expand the Kingdom of God throughout our communities, our country and the rest of

Builders in 2022, always remember every gift matters to God. It’s not the size of the gift, but the obedience to God’s voice that matters most. Now more than ever, make a plan to give, ask God for a vision in your generosity, and hold on

the world.

to the dream of what God will do as you step out in faith!

How do you make a commitment for Kingdom Builders?

We are blessed to be a blessing.

Raising over $10 million in 2022 requires a generous sacrifice from all of us. Some giving sacrificially and others giving from great abundance. If this is your first time giving or if you’re looking to grow to a new level in giving, here are some ways to step out in generosity.


While there will be thousands of people giving as Kingdom





Varanasi, India


Scripture & Discipleship Translation

SCRIPTURE & DISCIPLESHIP translation A Rendille man named Laban began translating the New

Through the work of one of the many translation

Testament into his heart language in 1981. He worked day

organizations under the umbrella of Illuminations,

and night to translate the Word of God he loved so dearly

Seed Company came in to assist with the translation

so that his people could know the Word for themselves.

project in 2015, almost 35 years after the project had

Laban was convicted to translate the Word for his people

begun. God finally answered their prayers and honored

so they could experience life-change.

their efforts in completing the scriptures in their heart language. The Rendille New Testament was presented in

A famine soon swept through his country, taking much of

2018, and the Old Testament is currently in process today.

his focus off the Rendille New Testament and shifting it towards meeting the physical needs of his people.

Without God’s Word in someone’s heart language, they will never fully understand the love God has for them

People in his community constantly questioned whether

or the overarching narrative of God’s redemptive plan

he was actually working on the translation or not. “Why

and what their place is in that plan. If you’re an English

are you delaying?” “Why are we not having the scriptures?”

speaker, you will never have to worry about finding a Bible

“Why are you taking so long?” “You are not working.” “It

in your heart language.

seems as if you just don’t care.” Kingdom Builders supports multiple partners focused


He replied, “It’s a call that was in me. If it’s not a call,

on bringing God’s Word and discipleship resources to

I could have left a long time ago.”










“IT’S A call THAT WAS IN ME. IF IT’S NOT A CALL, I could have left a long time ago.”

language. leading

Illuminations translation

















resources to believers and leaders across all nations.

task of bringing God’s Word to every language and people group. Messenger International is bringing

How can anyone know that God loves them if they cannot

discipleship material to hundreds of languages around

read it for themselves? And how can anyone disciple their

the world. These are just a few of our partners leading

communities if they have no resources to do so? Photo taken from the day the Rendille tribe received the New Testament translated in their native language.






Northern Asia Cafe Awake, Kingdom Builders Partner


Recovery Ministry

RECOVERY ministry At any given second, there are at least 21 million people in

and a place to sleep that night.

America that are struggling with some form of substance addiction. Minnesota has one of the highest alcohol abuse

Many members of River Valley are familiar with a ministry

rates in the United States. Mental illness has been on the

in the heart of Minneapolis that is reaching the broken

rise for years, and the global pandemic and confusion of

and hurting in their neighborhood. ICCM Life Center

this world have only made it worse.

in downtown Minneapolis is working as the hands and feet of Jesus in our city to meet both physical and spiritual

In November of 2021, roughly 38% of pastors said they were

needs. Many attendees at our City Campus participate in

seriously considering leaving their ministries. Each day,

the weekly Friday night Street Team that is hosted by the

there are new struggles that pastors and church leaders

Life Center.

are having to lead their churches through. Civil unrest, political divisions, ethical tensions and disturbing news

Emerge Counseling is a ministry that works to be

stories come one after another every single day. Many

a resource to pastors and church leaders and offers

churches are either going back into shutdown due to the

counseling services that specialize in meeting the unique

pandemic, while for others, they still haven’t reopened

needs and crises that pastors face. In the last year and half,

their doors to those that need their communities more

Emerge has added over 3,000 new clients that are seeking

than ever.

help and coaching in their pastoral journey.

There are hundreds of thousands of families around

Minnesota Adult & Teen Challenge is a beloved ministry

the world that are affected by addiction and substance

that works to help people to be released from their

abuse at this very moment. Some are battling through it

addictions and strongholds by discovering their true

themselves, and some are trying their best to love their

identity in Christ and freedom in His grace. Eighty percent

family and friends and meet them where they are at with

of their graduates have reported zero to one lapses after

their addictions.

the program, compared to the 43% average across the country.

Homelessness among the biggest cities in America has hit some of its highest levels ever, and sometimes it seems

There are many other local Kingdom Builders partners

that there is not enough we can do to help. Poverty runs

that create a space for those facing addictions, who have

rampant across the world as wars and political unrest

questions and concerns, who need to find rest and meet

continue to drive more and more refugees from their

the needs of those in their communities that are working

homes. There are millions of people around the world that

towards loving everyone around them!

pray every day that they are able to have their next meal 12


ICCM Street Team Volunteers

“WORKING AS THE hands and feet of Jesus IN OUR CITY TO MEET BOTH physical and spiritual NEEDS” 13

Wildwood Hills Ranch, Kingdom Builders Partner




our partners


Orphan & Compassion Care

ORPHAN & compassion CARE In 2020 there were more than 10,500 children reported

Jebre decided to give his life to Jesus that week and shared

who were abused and neglected in the state of Iowa, and

with one of the staff members that, “What got me to believe

more than 11,000 in 2019. Abuse continues to be on the

in God was how patient and loving my team leaders were

rise in the United States and around the world, destroying

towards me… it was through their kindness and patience

relationships, families and restructuring the emotional

that I knew there had to be a God.”

well-being of thousands of kids for decades to come. Through Kingdom Builders, we partner with numerous In the summer of 2021 there was a student in Iowa named

organizations that focus on bringing the Father’s love

Jebre who attended summer camp. Jebre had gone to

to those who are desperate to feel loved. This story is a

camp for several summers and had always been very

testimony from Wildwood Hills Ranch, which is

closed off to the idea of God, believing that there’s just no

ministering to the children of broken families in our

way a good God would allow such hard things to happen

neighboring state of Iowa. Change30 is speaking life into

to him. His life had been difficult for years facing abuse,

the orphans of Russia who are left to be on their own.

neglect and trauma that his own parents inflicted on him.

Ability Tree is providing respite to families and children

He came into that week of camp with the same mindset as

who have been impacted by disability and helping both

before and wanted nothing to do with God. But, after a few

the children and parents find a place in their community.

days, his heart started to soften towards the gospel after

We are so thankful for all of our Kingdom Builders’

seeing his team leaders, time and time again, be patient

partners that are living out the command in God’s Word

with him and the other students. It’s often difficult work

to care for the widows and orphans in our communities!

for camp staff to serve the students they work with and resolve conflict, de-escalate students and create teachable moments, all while loving them and being a friend to them. Jebre began noticing this in his team leaders and the other staff members and started to realize the correlation between the peace and serenity he felt at the camp with the fact that the staff there knew and loved Jesus.



“BRINGING THE Father’s love TO THOSE desperate to feel loved ”

Wildwood Hills Ranch


project list intro


Cairo, Egypt


GLOBAL 500 SENDERS FUND Our vision is to send out 500 missionaries from our church. We are helping to equip and send them. AFRICA’S HOPE Provides biblical training for leaders of the growing Church in Africa, equipping them with knowledge and the power of the Holy Spirit. ARAB WORLD CHURCH PLANTS Planting churches in sensitive countries in the Middle East, including Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Syria, Algeria and Yemen. ASIA PACIFIC CHURCH PLANTS Raising money for projects and church plants amongst the unreached throughout Asia Pacific. BARCELONA INTERNATIONAL CHURCH Supporting the continued expansion and growth of the International Church of Barcelona. BETHANY GLOBAL UNIVERSITY A private Christian College in Minnesota focusing on training missionaries. BOYS & GIRLS MISSIONARY CHALLENGE (BGMC) Beginning the process of missions awareness, concern and stewardship in young lives by training kids to give sacrificially.


CAFE AWAKE: NORTHERN ASIA COFFEE SHOP Growing coffee shop that serves as a cultural ministry center in Northern Asia, providing gospel access to the unreached. CENTRAL ASIA PROJECT Developing evangelism and discipleship tools across different mediums to reach the unreached. CHANGE30 Inspiring purpose in Russian orphans by providing them with the love, guidance and resources they need to lead fulfilling lives. CHANGE THE MAP Bringing awareness to and inspiring prayer for the more than 1 billion Buddhists in the world. CONVOY OF HOPE Providing disaster relief, and support around the world. CUBA CHURCH PLANTS Partnering with missionaries to Cuba on projects such as church construction, school of theology, and pastoral training. EAST AFRICA PROJECT Using business as missions to meet the physical and spiritual needs of the unreached in East Africa.

EQUIP LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT Training Christian leaders and mobilizing them to impact their families, businesses and communities. ESWATINI CAMPUS AND CHILDREN’S CUP CAREPOINTS Investing in our eSwatini church plant and surrounding local churches to change communities through holistic child development and the hope of Jesus. EURASIA COFFEE & TEA (BUSINESS AS MISSION) Partnering with the local church to have a multi-purpose meeting venue that will operate as a forprofit cafe in the up-and-coming business and retail district in Estonia. FIRE BIBLE TRANSLATION The first comprehensive study Bible, translated into hundreds of languages, created to help pastors and leaders preach, teach and reach others. GLOBAL TEEN CHALLENGE On mission mobilizing people and resources to put hope within reach of every addict. GLOBAL UNIVERSITY Equipping, educating, and training thousands of pastors globally to plant churches and reach their communities. HAND OF HOPE Helping to fund water wells in third world countries. HEALING HAITI A Christ-centered ministry leveraging resources to elevate and unify Haitian families to end the cycle of poverty and strengthen the community. HEALING HANDS GLOBAL (JUNGLE HOSPITAL) Hospital providing care and support for the impoverished people of Honduras.

HOPE INTERNATIONAL Empowering those in poverty through financial training, microloans and other resources. INDIA LIVE DEAD A global community of people connected by the heart to introduce India’s unreached to Jesus. INTERNATIONAL JUSTICE MISSION (IJM) Rescuing and restoring victims of human trafficking and working with law enforcement officials to bring criminals to justice. INTERNATIONAL SOCIETY OF MISSIONARY KIDS Bringing support to missionary kids and their families through the challenges they face as missionaries. INDONESIA CAMPUS MINISTRY A training center in Indonesia that teaches young people English and disciples them in their growing faith. JAPAN & ASIA CHURCH PLANTS Helping to plant new churches through a vibrant bilingual church called Lifehouse International. LIGHTHOUSE CHURCH Assemblies of God church heading the national lead team for Ireland. MESSENGER INTERNATIONAL Providing believers worldwide with access to life-changing messages and discipleship tools through a variety of different mediums. MOROCCO HOUSE CHURCHES Supporting the church planting movement in Morocco. MOROCCO INTERNATIONAL CHURCH The church in Tangier exists to minister to the twenty-five nations of migrants, students, and business people living in Morocco.

NETWORK 211 Using cutting-edge technology to spread the gospel in the most difficult places in the world by helping people discover and grow in their journey. ONEHOPE INTERNATIONAL Reaching children and youth worldwide with the gospel message through print, films, storytelling, audio and mobile apps. ONE MILLION MEALS (VENTURE) A partnership between Venture Expeditions and Feed My Starving Children to provide meals to refugees of Thailand and Burma. PAN-AFRICA THEOLOGICAL SEMINARY Seminary focusing on training African leaders for greater effectiveness and growing the African Church. PRIORITY ONE Educating and equipping pastors of the global Church through Bible colleges, schools and leadership development organizations.

SPEED THE LIGHT Youth raising money for missionary projects around the world, including essential resources, transportation and creative communication equipment. THAILAND CHURCH EXPANSION Expansion of the national Assemblies of God church in Thailand. THE GO FUND Helping mobilize missionaries to the unreached by relieving some of their student debt. THE WARRIOR’S JOURNEY An extension of Network211 that works to holistically support the life of military members and their families through the struggles they face. TURKEY CHURCH PLANTS Bringing the gospel to Istanbul, Turkey through a live music cafe, Business as Mission approach. WORLD CHURCH PLANTING INITIATIVE Planting Assemblies of God churches around the world.

PROJECT 42 Raising awareness and resources for the 42% of the world that is still waiting for access to the gospel of Jesus Christ. PROJECT RESCUE Rescuing and restoring victims of sex trafficking through the love and power of Jesus Christ. REACHING INDIANS MINISTRIES INTERNATIONAL Reaching the unreached of India with the gospel message and developing Christlike leaders to change lives and transform communities. SCRIPTURE TRANSLATION Providing access to the gospel for various people groups throughout the world who do not yet have access.


LOCAL ABILITY TREE Creating a space for children who are affected by disabilities to have healthy relationships and a community where they live. ALPHA A course that explores the Christian faith through a series of questions designed to create conversation ASSOCIATION OF RELATED CHURCHES (ARC) Churches working with church planters and church leaders to provide support, guidance, and resources to launch and grow life-giving churches. CHURCH MULTIPLICATION NETWORK (CMN) Equipping and funding leaders to plant healthy, Spirit-filled churches across the United States. COMMUNITY SERVING The department of River Valley Church that supports and funds local Christian-based and Christian-purposed non-profits. CAMPUS COMMUNITIES LOCAL OUTREACH Community outreach projects specific to the communities of each of our Twin Cities metro area campuses.


EMERGE COUNSELING MINISTRIES A place of help, hope and healing for individuals on a journey to mental health healing and awareness through the presence of God.

MINNESOTA ADULT & TEEN CHALLENGE A Christ-centered organization focusing on helping people gain freedom from chemical addictions and other lifecontrolling issues.

FUTURE RIVER VALLEY CAMPUSES Our vision is to launch new campuses in the Twin Cities metro area and in key communities throughout greater Minnesota.

NATIONAL BLACK FELLOWSHIP Partnering to transform the environments, education and economics of the toughest and most dangerous cities in America through church planting, community revitalization and raising indigenous leaders.

ICCM LIFE CENTER MINNEAPOLIS Urban ministry center in Minneapolis committed to transforming impoverished people through the power of Christ. LA DREAM CENTER A resource center that focuses on sharing the love of Jesus by finding solutions for homelessness, hunger and the lack of education through residential and community outreach programs in Los Angeles. MERGE TWIN CITIES Large-scale outreach events in the Twin Cities for Hmong, Somali and Sudanese communities.

RIVER VALLEY WORSHIP Supporting the River Valley Church worship team as they create and perform albums, recordings and other projects locally and globally.

FUTURE CHURCH MATCH SCHOLARSHIPS Funds donated by River Valley Church for ministry students attending Christian universities. KINGDOM BUILDERS YOUTH GLOBAL TEAMS Sending youth students to other countries and exposing them to what God is doing around the world. LAKE GENEVA BIBLE CAMP The expansion of the Assemblies of God District Campground at Lake Geneva, Minnesota. MINNESOTA FOSTER CARE ADOPTION Support existing foster parents and encourage new families and individuals to be involved in the process.

NORTH CENTRAL UNIVERSITY A university in Minneapolis focused on equipping and sending leaders into the world to bring the love of Jesus further than we could on our own.

WILDWOOD HILLS RANCH A ranch in Iowa transforming lives and strengthening communities by providing healing, hope and God’s love to children and at-risk youth.

CHINESE STUDENT SCHOLARSHIP Supporting Chinese student immersion and success as they attend North Central University. RIVER VALLEY LEADERSHIP INSTITUTE Raising up hundreds of future leaders, providing interns with a community, opportunities in the church and leadership labs. RIVER VALLEY NETWORK Offering innovative resources, events and training opportunities, along with relationship-building for churches all over the nation.




DERS partners 2022


Giving Percentages








giving percentages


Cairo, Egypt 27

Good Bureau, Kingdom Builders Partner

Hope International, Kingdom Builders Partner 28




ways to get involved

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