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Rishi Tea’s Phoenix Dancong Honey & Orchids Aroma (Mi Lan Xiang) oolong tea is grown and produced in the high mountain tea gardens of Wudongshan in Phoenix Mountain.

Rishi’s premier white teas are harvested at pristine tea gardens in coastal Fuding region, in the northern part of China’s Fujian province.

Welcome to Rishi Tea For over a decade, we have nurtured relationships with tea growers that serve as the foundation of our brand strength and the source of our unmatched quality. Our direct trade with growers in producing countries allows us to tailor-make our teas to a target flavor profile and premium caliber, year after year. Rishi Tea’s buyers select the highest grade micro-lots during the peak tea harvest seasons from farms all over the world, just days after production. Our constant cupping, critical selection process and communication with farmers creates the exclusive quality and style of Rishi Tea. We challenge ourselves to continually study, taste and source tea with an innovative spirit and mindfulness to constantly pursue the refinement of our teas.

Rishi Tea is there... Understanding the crop conditions and seasonal elements in each tea region is crucial in our quest for top quality teas. Our tea experts spend months every year traveling throughout the world from crop area to crop area in order to ensure the quality and sustainability of Rishi Tea’s organic supply chain. By being there in person, we get to know the seasonal character of the tea during the harvest season, decide how we want our tea processed and select the very best lots each year. Years of travel and trade in the origin countries have infused the development of our teas and blends with a global perspective of the world’s culinary arts and a unique balance of traditional flavor and gourmet innovation. Our actions and experiences at origin offer traceability that no other tea brand can offer. Our customers know where, when, how and from what cultivars and conditions their teas came from. Our goal is to make the origin of tea tangible and interesting to our customers. We strive to achieve this through sharing our experiences of tea cultivation, cupping and brewing customs that we’ve learned from our constant study in tea producing countries.

Single Origin Teas

Ms. Hua demonstrating the proper technique for plucking spring tea: Grasp the tender stem, then pull up and across with a snapping motion. This ensures a clean break from the stem, which prevents the tea leaves from oxidizing too rapidly.

Wholesale Support Our team is dedicated to serving as your direct link to tea origins. In that mission, we offer marketing support and training in the form of crop reports, seasonal flavor profiles, tasting samples, brewing demo videos and a dedicated staff available to take your calls. This Tea Menu presents our core selection of teas for you to explore. As a direct trade importer, we also offer seasonal teas not found in this menu. Please ask at any time for what’s fresh and in season.

The Rishi Tea Quality Promise If for any reason you are not fully satisfied with your purchase, let us know and we’ll issue a refund or replacement. That’s our promise.

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We often highlight the growing regions and tea bush cultivars of our teas in order to educate tea drinkers about the geographic origin of tea and why it matters. As with wine and coffee, each tea has an inherent sense of place, determined not only by geography (soil, microclimate, elevation) and craftsmanship, but also, less obviously, by history, culture and local style. Each Rishi Tea single origin tea has a character specific to its place of origin that cannot be produced anywhere else in the world and result in the same flavor. The subsequent pages offer a view into a few of these origins. For more information about our many single origin teas visit:

Classifying Tea

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All tea comes from Camellia sinensis, an evergreen that can be found as a bush or a tall tree depending upon the cultivation area, soil type, elevation and genetic make up of the plant. Just as there are many varieties of grapes for making wine, there are also hundreds of different tea bush varieties used to make the many types of tea. These are called cultivated varieties or “cultivars” when selected and bred by tea farmers. Each tea bush cultivar has a unique character. Each tea producing region (single origin) has its own local style and distinctive types of tea characterized by the local tea bush cultivars and traditional processing methods found in that single origin. Some areas are famous for green teas while others are noted for oolongs or black teas and other styles of specialty tea.

The Fuding Da Hao tea bush cultivar is the most cherished for authentic white tea and also creates wonderfully sweet and smooth green teas. It is mainly cultivated in northern Fujian.

The broad leaf “assam” is the most widely cultivated tea bush variety outside of China and provides the majority of the world’s black teas.

“Mi Lan Xiang” or “Honey & Orchids Aroma” is a medium leaf oolong cultivar native to Guangdong. It produces an exotic, strong tea with distinctive notes of honey, nectarine, tropical flowers and pit fruit.

“E-Cha #10” or “Hubei Tea #10” is a small leaf cultivar developed in the Hubei Province of central China that is well suited for making green and black teas in high elevation, temperate climates.

“Fuding Da Bai” or “Big White” is a medium leaf white tea cultivar native to Fujian noted for its plump, silvery buds and white down covered leaves. “Fuding Da Bai” creates luxurious, sweet and savory white and green teas.

Categories of Tea No matter the origin or cultivar of tea bush, all teas are categorized by their “color” or level of oxidation and style of processing. There are six basic categories of tea: green, yellow, white, oolong, black and dark teas (Pu-erh). We offer teas from all six categories and our knowledgeable staff are continually updating our customers with what’s fresh and in season. Each tea has its own unique processing which aims to control the degree of oxidation and define the tea’s color. Some teas, like green and yellow teas are lightly oxidized. White and oolong teas are semi-oxidized. Black and dark teas (Pu-erh) are more fully oxidized. Through the tea leaf oxidation process (enzymatic oxidation), tea polyphenols and enzymes in the fresh tea leaves are transformed into complex tea polyphenols, resulting in the development of various leaf pigmentations. Each tea varies in leaf pigmentation and resulting infusion color based on the individual tea’s degree of oxidation before firing and drying. That is why teas are categorized and named by their color and level of oxidation (from least oxidized to most oxidized: green, yellow, white, oolong, red (black) and dark tea types).

Categories of in Tea Levels of Oxidation Tea Fresh tea leaf polyphenols + Polyphenol Oxidase + H2O + O2 + Time (Tea enzymes)


Polyphenol Content Level




Fresh Tea Leaf

Yellow Tea White Tea

TPs: Fresh Tea Polyphenols TFs: Theaflavins TRs: Thearubigins TBs: Theabrownins

Oolong Tea Black Tea Dark Tea (Pu-erh)

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Oxidation Degree

Green Tea

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Green Tea

Green teas are predominantly produced throughout China, Japan, Korea and Southeast Asia during a spring growing season that runs from March through May. Rapidly becoming a popular class of teas throughout the world, green teas are noted for their fresh flavor and green character. Tea artisans use various methods of firing the freshly harvested tea leaves to prevent the natural oxidation process and preserve the fresh green aspect of the leaf. Green teas are the least oxidized of all the types of tea, and are categorized by the firing method and craftsmanship style as: steamed, pan-fired, oven-baked, half-roasted/half-baked, hot-air roasted, and sun-dried.

Green Tea

Green Tea

When tasting the various types of green teas, nuances of the region, the season of harvest, the leaf style and the plucking standard become apparent. Rishi’s organic Jade Cloud green tea originates in high mountain tea gardens in Xuan En county, in China’s central Hubei province.



Ancient Emerald Lily

Dragon Well

An early spring tea harvested in March and April. Emerald Lily has a crisp and refreshing flavor with unique aromatics of chrysanthemum, fresh herbs and a hint of wildflower honey.

Dragon Well (Long Jing) originated in southeastern China’s Zhejiang Province and is one of the many classic Chinese styles of green tea. Dragon Well artisans focus on special pan firing and hand shaping in hot woks to transform tender spring harvested leaves into a flat, sword-blade shaped tea. The result is a tea with bittersweet, savory and umami layers of flavor complemented by an aromatic complexity highlighting toasted chestnut and subtle pleasant grassiness.

Ingredients: Organic and Fair Trade Certified™ green tea. Origin: Yunnan, China. Process: Ovenbaked. Item: OAEL

Single bud pluck One leaf and a bud pluck

Two leaves and a bud pluck The highest grades of green tea are harvested with the “single bud,” the “one leaf and a bud,” or the “two leaves and a bud” plucking standards during March and April.

Today, Dragon Well is produced in many areas of Eastern and Central China according to the traditional artisan methods of production developed in Zhejiang. The original quality of Zhejiang’s famous Dragon Well has been in decline in recent years due to a lack of labor for traditional hand harvesting and processing. Zhejiang’s economy has taken off and there are fewer farmers than years past due to rapid urbanization and a migration of traditional tea laborers to the cities. Most Dragon Well has become mechanized, high priced and lower quality. As a result, Rishi Tea developed a source of Dragon Well from a pristine organic farm outside the traditional Dragon Well cultivation zone using Long Jing #43 cultivar and the traditional artisan hand making skills. Ingredients: Organic green tea. Origin: Anhui, China. Process: Pan-fired. Item: ODW

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This rare green tea’s unique character is defined by the biologically diverse ancient tea gardens of Yunnan where we source this tea each season. Teas made from the leaves of the antique heirloom “Da Yeh” tea tree cultivars in Yunnan have a noted strength and energy not found in modern cultivated tea farms.

Green Tea


Jade Cloud A style of bright and fresh green tea that we’ve developed over the past 8 years in Hubei, China. This high mountain green tea combines steamed, traditional roasted and modern hot-air roasted green teas from a single origin. The Xuan En Yisheng Tea Co-op has developed three different green tea factories specializing in different firing styles to create Rishi Tea’s Jade Cloud production each spring. Developed from a classical eastern style of Chinese green tea known as “wulu,” Rishi Tea’s Jade Cloud is hand-harvested during the spring season from the middle to the end of April according to “two leaves and bud” plucking standard. The lively, fresh green and savory character from the steamed teas are balanced with the light toasted-chestnut note and aromatic complexity from the specially roasted micro-lots.

06 |

Ingredients: Organic and Fair Trade Certified™ green tea. Origin: Hubei, China. Process: Steamed and hot air roasted. Item: OJC

“Two leaves and a bud” plucks are withered in light piles on screen tables with air-flow. Proper withering before roasting creates a smooth and delicious flavor and reduces raw and grassy notes.



Jasmine Green Tea

Jasmine Pearl

Jasmine green tea imparts a sweet and soothing aroma in every cup and pairs well with most dishes and desserts. Throughout jasmine tea’s long history it has been regarded as a wonderful digestive and after meal tea. The fresh and enchanting scent of jasmine green tea is created by a traditional artisan method of tea-scenting that originated centuries ago in Eastern China. Green tea scented with fresh jasmine blossoms, made without flavors or oils, is one of the most classic types of Chinese tea. Special grades of silvery tipped “Yin Hao” and “Chun Hao” comprise our spring harvest each season.

Truly premium jasmine pearls are made with tender flush, spring harvested, hand-rolled buds and infused deeply with fresh jasmine flowers harvested at their peak aroma season. Drawing upon the sweet and savory Fuding Da Hao cultivar from Fujian and the rich bodied, fruity Mengfei Da Yeh cultivar from Yunnan, our artisan pearls are balanced with a distinctive and assertive tea base with the super heady aroma of real jasmine.

Ingredients: Organic and Fair Trade Certified™ green tea with jasmine. Origin: Hubei, China. Process: Bake cured/flower scented. Item: OJT

Ingredients: Organic green tea with jasmine. Origin: Fujian and Yunnan, China. Process: Combination / flower scented. Item: OJP


Green Tea Mint

Moroccan Mint

A blend of roasted houjicha green tea and select peppermint from the U.S. Pacific Northwest. Mellow and toasty with aromas of chocolate, mint and roasted buckwheat.

Our premium version of a classic green tea blend enjoyed throughout the world, composed of the finest organic peppermint and flavorful green tea.

Ingredients: Organic green tea, organic peppermint. Origin: Rishi Tea Blend. Item: OGTM

Ingredients: Organic and Fair Trade Certified™ green tea with jasmine, organic peppermint. Origin: Rishi Tea Blend. Item: OMORM



Maghreb Mint

Orange Blossom

An exotic peppermint green tea blend with a full-bodied sweetness, bold flavor and zesty notes of cardamom, ginger and exotic spices. Also, great as a tea latte.

A refreshing, fruity and floral blend of green tea with sweetly scented blossoms, tropical herbs and citrus.

A Xuan En Co-op member and artisan checks the quality of roasted green tea and must adjust the fire temperature, speed of the drum and timing to get it just right. Proper firing fixes the green character without burning the leaf.

Ingredients: Organic and Fair Trade Certified™ green tea with jasmine, organic lemongrass, organic lemon myrtle, natural rose flavor, essential orange, lime and tangerine oils. Origin: Rishi Tea Blend. Item: OOB

A Xuan En Co-op member and artisan dances the leaves on a bamboo plate in front of a fan to quickly cool the leaf after roasting.This step is key to protecting a fresh aroma and discouraging smokey or stewy aromas in our green teas.

07 |

Ingredients: Organic green tea, organic ginger root, organic cardamom, organic peppermint, organic licorice root, organic fennel, organic cloves, organic black pepper. Origin: Rishi Tea Blend. Item: OMAGM

Green Tea


Japanese Green Tea

Japanese Green Tea Japan is one of the oldest green tea producing and consuming countries and is the birthplace of sencha (the classic green tea enjoyed daily throughout Japan). Tea connoisseurs note that Japan is home to the highest caliber of steamed green teas, where sencha production techniques have been elevated to an art form through artisanal traditions and the modern hygienic food technologies of the Japanese tea industry.

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Unlike pan-fired or roasted green teas, which need to be infused longer with hotter water multiple times in order to release their full contents, steamed green teas can and should be infused with cooler water, as their contents are easily extracted within two brief infusions. Japanese tea cultivars have lower tannin content for less astringency than other green tea cultivars, and have a higher content of L-theanine amino acid for high alpha brain wave concentrating energy. Japanese green teas are prized for their vivid green character, bittersweet, varietal nuance and umami flavors. Japanese teas are also excellent for cold brew preparation. The peak season for Japanese green tea is from late April and May through June, with second, third and in some cases fourth flushes occurring through late autumn. There are many types of sencha and other Japanese green teas.

TOP OF PAGE - Many of Rishi’s organic Japanese green teas utilize the expert soil management techniques of the Nishi family on Kirishima Mountain in southern Japan’s Kagoshima prefecture.


Bancha A style of traditional green tea common to most Japanese households made of mature leaves and stems. Bancha is typically harvested from the autumnal and winter harvests. Bancha has a refreshing, lightly sweet flavor, rich golden infusion and a pleasant roasted aroma. Bancha makes great hot or iced tea, and it is often consumed cold brewed during the hot summer months. Ingredients: Organic green tea. Origin: Japan. Item: OBANCHA


Genmaicha Mellow and toasty sencha and bancha green tea blended with roasted rice. Genmaicha is a common staple in Japan and Korea and makes a perfect breakfast green tea and goes well with any meal. Ingredients: Organic green tea and organic roasted sticky rice. Origin: Japan. Item: OGMAI

Gyokuro Gyokuro is the rarest and most prized tea of Japan. It is cultivated using unique tea bush types and special frame and thatch shading. Gyokuro has deep umami flavor, rich sweetness and a distinctive stimulating energy. Depending upon the crop quality each season, our buyer selects the very best grades from Yame, Kyoto and Okabe. Our top grade of Gyokuro is known as Secret Garden, made by a revered 4th generation Matcha and Gyokuro artisan from Kyotonabe. Secret Garden is made from the Goko tea bush, which has the deepest umami sweet flavor and richest mouthfeel of all Japanese tea bush cultivars. Contact your sales representative to see what is fresh and in season. Ingredients: Green tea. Origin: Japan. Item: By special order.


Houjicha A classic style of Japanese green tea made with roasted bancha tea leaves and stems from the autumn and winter harvests. Our organic Houjicha yields an amber-red infusion with a smooth flavor and accents of chocolate, coffee and roasted barley. Hot roasting decreases the amount of caffeine, making this a mild, soothing tea, perfectly suited for hot or iced tea.

Japanese Green Tea


Ingredients: Organic green tea. Origin: Japan. Item: OHOUJ




Matcha Genmaicha Our luxurious rendition of genmaicha, infused with Japanese matcha green tea powder and sweet roasted rice powder to produce an extra creamy and vivid green infusion. Ingredients: Organic sencha green tea, roasted sticky rice, organic matcha green tea. Origin: Japan. Item: OGMAT

A premium green tea made with the tender first flush stems sorted from sencha ichibancha season’s production. Kukicha has the green nuance of asamushi sencha with a lighter body and added umami sweetness from tender stems and fine leaf fibers. Kukicha has a fresh green tea character with very low astringency and a slight roasting that yields a lively and enriching greengold infusion with a creamy mouthfeel. Great for cold brew. Ingredients: Organic green tea. Origin: Japan. Item: OKUK

Asamushi Sencha: Light steamed. Chumushi Sencha: Medium steamed. Fukamushi Sencha: Deep steamed. Gyokuro: The most reserve style of leaf tea from Japan. Shaded green tea (by frame and thatch) made from unique cultivars rich in amino acids. Tencha: Shade cultivated green tea harvested from amino acid rich cultivars, produced exclusively for grinding matcha. Matcha: Ceremonial quality, stone-milled, powdered green tea made from tencha. Picked from selected types of amino acid rich tea cultivars grown under shade and unique conditions. Matcha is traditionally used in the Japanese tea ceremony, Cha No Yu.

Kabuse: Sencha that is wrap shaded for a few days or a week before harvest. Kukicha: Steamed green tea from tea leaves, stems and stem fibers. Low bitterness and strong L-theanine. Bancha: Steamed, roasted or fermented green tea made from mature leaves. Kamairicha: Pan-fried green tea. Houjicha: Dark-roasted bancha tea leaves and stems. Genmaicha: Bancha with roasted rice and puffed rice. Konacha: Small and broken leaves from sencha processing, vivid green and mild, used in Sushi bars. Mo Cha: Powdered tea for easy hot and iced tea and for making confections and drinks.

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Styles of Japanese Tea

Japanese Green Tea



Nishi Sencha 1st Flush

Matcha Super Green

An enlivening and rejuvenating energy comes from Nishi Sencha 1st Flush. This vivid green tea is rich and flavorful with a pleasant umami sweetness balanced with a bold, yet smooth, medium body. This is a prime example of authentic Japanese organic green tea.

A revitalizing green tea blend combining premium sencha and matcha green teas from Kirishima Mountain in Southern Japan. Richly flavored, this green tea has an impressive, vivid green infusion color with a smooth palate and deep umami sweetness.

The “first flush” refers to the first harvests of the spring season when the leaves emerge from winter dormancy. At this time the bushes sprout with great vigor and yield the richest, most balanced teas. More than 60% of Japan’s total tea crop is from the 1st Flush. The top grades of sencha are harvested from late April through May.

Ingredients: Organic sencha green tea, organic matcha green tea. Origin: Japan. Item: OSG

Most of the 1st Flush is consumed in Japan, while the majority of sencha green tea in the North American and European markets demand lower cost 2nd Flush or “sencha style” teas from China, especially when organic certification is a must. Authentic Japanese 1st Flush Sencha is crucial for any tea room to have on their menu in order to represent the classic character of true Japanese green tea. Ingredients: Organic green tea. Origin: Japan. Item: ONSFF


Matcha Super Green Maté This invigorating tea tonic brings together Japanese matcha green tea and Brazilian yerba maté herb–two ingredients traditionally used for a natural energy boost and greater mental focus. Matcha’s deep sweetness balances the pleasantly herbaceous notes of pure, fresh green yerba maté. The result is an uplifting, sublimely savorysweet cup harmonized in both energy and flavor. Ingredients: Organic Japanese green tea, organic yerba maté, organic lemon verbena. Origin: Rishi Tea Blend. Item: OSGMAT

Kyusu Brewing

10 |

The kyusu style teapot is the traditional vessel used to brew Japanese green teas. Visit our web site at to find instructional videos for brewing with a kyusu and other Rishi Tea tea pots.


Matcha Super Green Yuzu Japanese green tea with lemony-floral yuzu citrus. The yuzu is a small, late-cropping citrus fruit grown throughout East Asia. Tangy, sweet and sour with floral high notes of geranium and rose, the tiniest sliver of yuzu zest enlivens any dish. Matcha Super Green Yuzu, our Japanese citron green tea blend, marries lively yuzu with vivid green sencha, kukicha and matcha teas for a delicious, rejuvenating infusion.

See how it’s done! Scan the QR code to watch the video.

Ingredients: Green tea, dried yuzu citrus fruit. Origin: Japan. Item: OSGYUZ

Sencha This authentic sencha is made with the 1st and 2nd flush harvests that are organically cultivated on Kirishima Mountain, where the beneficial climate and the Nishi Family’s technique of biodynamic soil management create a deep green flavor and juicy mouthfeel. This grade of Rishi Tea’s sencha is a special blend of multiple bush cultivars and the expert drying and finishing techniques of Takezawa Seicha. Ingredients: Organic green tea. Origin: Japan. Item: OSEN


Sencha Superior A light-steamed asamushi sencha defined by a balance and harmony that represents original Japanese sencha. Our carefully selected Sencha Superior has the distinctive Yabukita cultivar character with a fresh aroma, smooth body, savory umami flavor and lightly brisk finish. The light steaming preserves the varietal character and yields a clear, golden-green infusion. Roughly 70% of Japan’s tea is made with Yabukita; a tea bush that yields what many define as the “classic sencha character” from Shizuoka.

Japanese Green Tea


Ingredients: Organic green tea. Origin: Japan. Item: SENSUP

Green tea on the go!

Drinking pure, powdered tea offers green tea energy in its most direct form – you’re literally drinking the tea leaf! Both of Rishi’s Sencha and Matcha sticks are authentic, vibrant-hued Japanese green teas, micro-ground at origin to Rishi Tea specifications for naturally energizing, refreshing flavor. Our tea powder sticks are very travel-friendly, portioned for single serve water bottles. Simply add one packet to a bottle of water and shake vigorously to blend.


Matcha Refreshingly sweet and delicious green flavor with an invigorating, energizing effect. Ingredients: Organic green tea. Origin: Japan. Item: MATSTK-RP


Sencha Vividly rich, bold flavor with uplifting energy for hours of mental clarity and focus. Ingredients: Organic green tea. Origin: Japan. Item: SENSTK-RP For a modern take on the traditional hot preparation of matcha, see the following page.

11 |

Our popular green tea stick packs are perfect for the busy commuter, the weekend warrior or the yoga devotee sweating it out on the mat.


Sift | Froth | Pour Matcha is an exquisite powdered green tea with a rich and creamy mouthfeel, a sweet and savory umami flavor, deep green color and smooth, frothy body. Matcha can easily be prepared as a green tea version of the double-shot espresso. We use our Simple Brew™ teapot and start with 100ml of 165˚ water. Sift the matcha into the water, froth with a handheld electric milk frother, and pour. Served in a small espresso shot or glass cup, matcha has a bright and attractive, emerald green appearance and tops up with a rich, foamy “crema.” A double espresso sized serving of matcha green tea offers an energetic boost that rivals any energy drink or coffee that lifts the spirit through the day without the usual caffeine crash. Ask about Rishi Tea’s current bulk matcha offerings and packaging formats.

3 simple steps to prepare matcha

Did you know? Matcha was first used by Zen monks more than 800 years ago to promote a calm state of alertness and focus during meditation.

Sweet Matcha New ways to enjoy tea A pure Japanese green tea harvested from shadegrown bushes, traditionally stone-ground into a fine powder, and combined with milled cane sugar. Ingredients: Cane sugar and Japanese matcha green tea. Origin: Japan. Item: SMP Green Tea Latte (Hot or Iced) Heat milk in a saucepan or with a milk steamer until frothy. Remove from heat and add 1 tablespoon of Sweet Matcha per 8 ounces of milk. Stir vigorously, pour into a mug and enjoy. For an Iced Matcha Latte, combine 8 ounces of milk and 1 tablespoon of Sweet Matcha; whisk and pour over ice.

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Lemonade Combine the juice of 1/4 lemon, one heaping tablespoon of Sweet Matcha and 8 ounces of cold water. Mix well and pour over ice. Garnish with sliced lemon.

White Tea

White Tea White teas are the least processed of all tea types; they are neither fired nor rolled. White teas are semi-oxidized teas produced through careful withering, curing, and drying procedures. Premier white teas are produced in the early spring from March through April, typically harvested by either the “single bud” or the “one leaf and a bud” plucking standards. One famous white tea, White Peony, is made from the “two leaves and a bud” plucking standard. White teas have a mild and smooth flavor with a subtle fruity and sweet finish unlike other tea types.

14 |

White tea originated north of the Min River in China’s Fujian Province in the town of Zhenghe. While many white teas are still produced in Zhenghe today, others are produced in nearby Fuding. In fact, over the last decade, new types of white teas are being produced in many areas outside of Fujian. One of our favorite new origins for white tea is Yunnan Province, where leaves destined to be made into white tea are harvested from ancient heirloom Assamica trees. Depending on seasonal character, Rishi Tea produces white teas in Zhenghe, Fuding and Yunnan. We offer single farm micro-lots as well as exclusive cultivar and multiple-farm blends of organic white teas.

TOP OF PAGE - The White Peony Organic Tea Farm is located 850-1,000 meters above sea level in the Zhenghe town of Northern Fujian.This is the birthplace of white tea and one of the areas where Rishi Tea’s White Peony is produced each year, during March and April.


Silver Needle Premium An exclusive Rishi Tea blend of 1st Flush Fuding Da Hao Silver Needle from Fujian, combined with 1st Flush white tea buds from the Mengfei Da Yeh and Menghai Da Yeh cultivars of Yunnan. Our Silver Needle Premium is very unique due to our blend of smooth, savory and sweet teas from Fujian and fruity, rich teas from Yunnan. Silver Needle has a smooth nectar-like body with a subtle sweet flavor and fruity, honey-like aroma. Ingredients: Organic white tea. Origin: Fujian and Yunnan, China. Item: OSNP


Silver Needle Jasmine Savory and rich white tea buds from Yunnan create the base for one of the sweetest and most refined flower scented teas ever, with a subtle fruity flavor, rich, silky body and a lofty floral aroma of fresh jasmine and magnolia blossoms. This tea makes great cold brewed iced tea and is one of the prime examples of top quality organic certified jasmine tea. Ingredients: Organic white tea with jasmine. Origin: Fujian and Yunnan, China. Item: OSNJ


Peach Blossom

White Peony

White Peony and Silver Needle Jasmine teas are hand blended and infused with the natural essence of succulent peaches and tangerines. Deeply sweet peachy flavor with accents of fresh tangerines. Citrus and floral notes balance with smooth and delicately sweet white tea.

Also called Bai Mu Dan, White Peony is the most common type of traditional white tea. It is made from “two leaves and a bud” as well as “one leaf and a bud” harvesting standards. White Peony production is from mid April through May and is carried out after the Silver Needle Pekoe production mainly in Zhenghe and Fuding areas of Northern Fujian.

Ingredients: Organic white tea, organic white tea with jasmine, natural peach flavor, essential orange and tangerine oils. Origin: Rishi Tea Blend. Item: OPBL


White Tea Rose Mélange A blend of jasmine and rose scented white teas infused with calming peppermint and enchanting lavender. A mellow sweetness and soft palette of white teas with a fresh floral and minty finish. Ingredients: Organic roses, organic and Fair Trade Certified™ green tea with jasmine, organic white tea, organic peppermint, organic lavender flowers. Origin: Rishi Tea Blend. Item: OWTRM

White Tea


White Peony is smooth and sweet with a slightly woodsy, herbaceous and pleasantly roasted aroma. This tea is popular in Hong Kong and among Cantonese and is often served during a meal. White Peony goes well with any food and brews a medium bodied, soft and sweet infusion with low astringency, zero bitterness and a mild, mellow sweet flavor. According to Chinese philosophy and food culture, White Peony is noted to be cooling with mild Yin energy. White Peony can also be blended with Pu-erh tea or chrysanthemum to make classic Cantonese Dim Sum meal teas. Ingredients: Organic white tea. Origin: Fujian, China. Item: OWP

Rishi Tea’s unique white tea character comes from:

Near Right: The Ancient Heirloom Menghai Da Yeh tea tree variety of Mannong Manmai,Yunnan yields huge, sturdy buds with deep flavors. Far Right: Northern Fujian’s Fuding town is famous for its Fuding Da Hao white tea bush variety and is the most premium variety of true white tea. It lends our Silver Needle its distinctive savory flavor and smooth mouthfeel.



15 |

During late March to early April, we combine the rich and savory flavors of Fujian’s traditional white tea bushes with Yunnan’s fruity and floral big bud white teas to create our own original Silver Needle.

Oolong Tea

Oolong Tea Oolong refers to a category of semi-oxidized teas that can only be made from certain types of tea bush cultivars growing in specific geographical regions. The production methods of oolong tea are only known to a few of the tea cultivation regions in the world. The oolong tea process was developed in Fujian Province of southeastern China, within the Wuyi Mountains. It was originally called Qingcha (bluegreen tea) and later was dubbed Oolong Cha (“black dragon tea,” also spelled Wulong Cha) by the 18th century Qing Dynasty Emperor, Qianlong. Since then, the world of oolong tea has expanded but the main production zones of oolong today consist of Fujian, Guangdong, and Taiwan. The intention of the oolong maker is to partially oxidize the leaf, utilizing special withering, bruising, rolling, oxidation and repeated roasting techniques to fix the aroma and color of oolong.

Rishi’s Phoenix Dancong selections are sourced from highelevation orchards planted throughout the Wudongshan region of Phoenix Mountain. Thea tea leaves seen here are undergoing a traditional sun withering process on clean, carefully managed mats set out in the pristine mountainous environment.

Rishi’s Key Oolong Harvest Regions and Seasons: April-May Taiwan Oolong and Iron Goddess of Mercy, Guangdong Golden Phoenix Dancong, South Fujian, Anxi Tie Guanyin May-June Wuyi Yan Cha, North Fujian Oolongs June-July Taiwan Eastern Beauty September-October Autumnal Anxi Guan Yin Wang November-December Taiwan Winter Crop

16 |

The result is a tea that on the scale of leaf oxidation and infusion color is somewhere between green and black tea. Depending on the duration of oxidation, season, regional style, tea bush cultivar and roast degree, the resulting infusion colors of oolong teas range from lightly oxidized bright green or golden, to more heavily oxidized hues of amber-orange, to reddish and heavily roasted dark coffee-brown. Oolong tea production is the most skilled labor intensive, artisanal and sophisticated manner of tea making. Oolong tea artisans are much like boutique wine makers. Most oolong teas are sold under simple trade names (e.g., Tie Guanyin, Shui Xian, Dong Ding, Dancong) but experts categorize and understand oolong by its region, vintage, bush cultivar and season of harvest, just like wine. Taking all of these factors into consideration, there are hundreds of types of oolong.


Fujian, China Guangdong, China Taiwan


Phoenix Dancong

Eastern Beauty

Phoenix Dancong is a style of oolong tea originating in Phoenix Mountain in China’s southern Guangdong province. These highly aromatic oolong teas are categorized according to their distinct tea tree cultivars, which are named after the tropical fruits and flowers that they are associated with in terms of their flavor profile. This tea is made with the Mi Lan Xiang (“Honey & Orchids Aroma”) cultivar, which is named for its honey-sweet taste and exotic floral aroma. It is one of the most widely beloved of all the Dancong tea cultivars. Ingredients: Oolong tea. Origin: China. Item: DCOMLX


This is one of the most exclusive types of bai hao oolong and is often referred to as “Oriental Beauty” or “Dong Fang Mei Ren.” Depending on the seasonal condition and crop quality, we select micro-lots of this tea in both Miaoli and Hsinchu, Taiwan. The prime harvest season is during the first two weeks of June. The unique, small batch processing and oxidation conditions render a tea with multi-colored, reddish leaves and silver white tips. This quality tea is famous for its expressive and profound fruity character with vivid flavors of nectarine, peach and honey that can be brewed many times. We try to stock multiple vintages of this tea as some of the best bai hao teas can improve with time and offer unique flavors a year or even two years after it is harvested and packaged. Check for our exclusive and premium grades each June and July that we stock through the year. Please ask your sales representative about what’s fresh and available.

Oolong Tea


Ingredients: Oolong tea. Origin: Taiwan. Item: BH

Bao Zhong (Pouchong) This classic type of lightly oxidized “green oolong” is a unique tea from Taiwan with a spring harvest in April and winter harvest in December. Our Bao Zhong is made with the Qingxin tea cultivar at elevations between 500-750 meters above sea level. Bao Zhong undergoes a very light rolling in order to keep its twisted leafy shape, and an oxidation level of less than 20%. The result is a tea with a fresh and delicate palate, wonderfully aromatic with accents of lilac, lily and orchid.

Dancong literally means “single-trunk,” and refers to the cultivation method whereby each individual tea tree is allowed to grow to its natural height and form its own trunk.The Dancong method allows the tree’s roots to dig deep into the mineral-rich soils of Phoenix Mountain, helping to develop the complex flavor compounds that give Phoenix Dancong tea its amazing aromatics and patience–the ability to infuse many repeated times. Many Phoenix Dancong tea tree cultivars are classified by their “aroma type” such as the Mi Lan Xiang (Honey & Orchids Aroma) seen here, which is beloved for its thick sweetness and abundant floral fragrance.

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Ingredients: Oolong tea. Origin: Taiwan. Item: BZ

Oolong Tea


Wuyi Oolong (Shui Xian)

Seasonal Selections Rare Oolong Teas Tea Master Huang, a Phoenix Dancong oolong tea artisan, demonstrates that only by smelling, touching and sensing the tea can the tea master know when to stop Yaoqing (”tumbling,” pictured above) and proceed to further stages of oxidation. This is referred to as Kan Cha Zuo Cha (”See tea, make tea”), meaning that truly exceptional tea cannot be made by following a prescribed formula, but instead must rely on the tea master’s skill. Each year we sample and buy exclusive micro-lots of prestigious oolong teas including numerous Phoenix Dancong aroma types, Wuyi Rock Tea, and Taiwan Gao Shan Cha. Please ask for what’s fresh and in season.


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Peach Oolong A blend of Iron Goddess of Mercy and Four Seasons Spring combined with succulent peaches, a blush of hibiscus and a hint of sweetness from natural herbs presents an enticing, refreshing and fruity oolong tea. Ingredients: Oolong tea, organic peaches, organic schizandra berries, organic licorice root, organic hibiscus flowers, natural peach flavor, essential tangerine oil. Origin: Rishi Tea Blend. Item: PEO

Wuyi Shui Xian is a classic oolong tea bush cultivar. It is mainly harvested to produce heavily oxidized and dark-roasted oolong teas. It is one of the most widely distributed oolong teas in the world next to Tie Guanyin. Shui Xian oolong and the original oolong teas (Qingcha) of the 18th century all originated in the Wuyi Mountains but are today widely produced throughout Northern Fujian. Organic Shui Xian is mainly produced in the neighboring towns of Wuyi and in the higher elevation gardens of Northern Fujian. Our Organic Shui Xian has a smooth, toasty flavor that is common to the oolong teas of the Wuyi region. The rich body and deep roasting make it a great choice for a mealtime or afternoon tea. Ingredients: Organic oolong tea. Origin: Fujian, China. Item: OWO


Iron Goddess of Mercy (Tie Guanyin) Each spring and winter our Iron Goddess of Mercy is hand-crafted by a 4th generation artisan oolong tea maker in Mingjian Village, Taiwan. Iron Goddess of Mercy is made in the classic style, representing medium oxidation and moderate roasting with long, careful baking in order to create a rich flavor and smooth roasted character that exudes aromas of roasted buckwheat and chestnut, with a welcome fruity note of dried apricot. Long time baking showcases a smooth sweetness with flowery and fruity accents. The characters of Wuyi and Qingxin oolong tea bush cultivars give this tea a very unique character and style. Great for cold brew or gongfu cha service with a guywan or traditional clay teapot. Ingredients: Oolong tea. Origin: Nantou, Taiwan. Item: IGOM

Oolong Tea


Coconut Oolong Tropical and creamy coconut, with hints of a macaroon-like sweetness, blends wonderfully with the fruity and lilac floral notes of Taiwanese Bao Zhong oolong. Ingredients: Oolong tea, artificial coconut flavor. Origin: Rishi Tea Blend Item: COCOO


Earl Green (Bergamot Oolong) Our Earl Green is a unique, green version of classic Earl Grey. Our Bao Zhong green oolong tea has an alluring lilac fragrance that harmonizes with the floral and distinctive citrus flavor of pure bergamot. Earl Green is an oolong tea for all seasons and it makes a remarkable iced or cold brewed tea.

Brewing with a Guywan The guywan is a traditional tea brewing vessel that is perfect for savoring the evolving aromas and flavors of oolong teas over many infusions. See how it’s done! Scan the QR code to be taken directly to the video.

Ingredients: Oolong tea, essential bergamot oil. Origin: Rishi Tea Blend. Item: EG



Plum Oolong A blend of Bai Hao Oolong from Taiwan combined with the luscious flavors of plum and strawberry. Hibiscus, rose hips and fruit pieces add a slightly tart and refreshing complement to this fruity and juicy oolong blend. Ingredients: Oolong tea, organic currants, organic strawberries, organic rosehips, organic hibiscus flowers, natural plum and peach flavors. Origin: Rishi Tea Blend. Item: PLO

This lightly oxidized, tightly rolled, ball shaped, green oolong is harvested in Taiwan’s central highlands during late April-May and during the winter harvests in December. Jade Oolong has a golden-green, medium bodied infusion and a very floral, long-lasting aromatic complexity that highlights fresh gardenia, freesia blossoms and tropical fruit. Our Jade Oolong is made from the Four Seasons Spring oolong cultivar harvested in the mid-grown elevations of 500-850 meters above sea level in the Mingjian Village of Nantou, Taiwan. Jade Oolong makes wonderful cold brewed tea and is very refreshing. Ingredients: Oolong tea. Origin: Nantou, Taiwan. Item: JO

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Jade Oolong (Four Seasons Spring)

Black Tea

Black Tea Black tea originated in China hundreds of years ago and has since spread throughout the world’s major tea growing regions including India, Sri Lanka, Africa, Latin America and elsewhere. It is the most commonly consumed category of tea in the world. “Black tea,” as it’s called in the West, is actually known as “hong cha” or “red tea” in Asia, because the tea leaves are oxidized to create a reddish infusion color. Whereas green tea undergoes firing soon after plucking to prevent oxidation and to preserve the green color of fresh tea leaves, the black tea production method encourages oxidation through careful withering, bruising and rolling of the fresh tea leaves, thereby changing the fresh green color to coppery red.

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The basic steps of producing black tea are picking, withering, tumbling, rolling, oxidation and drying. Based on the region, season, style and level of oxidation, black teas can be of a light yellow, orange, red or dark infusion color.



China Breakfast

Earl Grey

Our breakfast tea is a Dian Hong from Yunnan that has a robust and flavorful taste profilerich and malty with subtle notes of chocolate. It is strong and assertive, with a deep colored infusion and a unique caramelized, sweet finish. Dian Hong is a special style of black tea that originated in Yunnan during the 1950’s. It is more mellow and sweet than Indian Assam but just as robust and malty. Our China Breakfast has a special character derived from the particular performance of antique heirloom, wild tea tree cultivars harvested for Rishi Tea in the Menghai and Lincang Counties of Southwestern Yunnan. Like old vine wine, ancient tree teas offer a special character, flavor, aroma and rich body that regular cultivated teas do not have.

A British tea classic, Earl Grey is one of the most popular tea blends in the world. Earl Grey dates back to the 19th century tea trade when Charles Grey (the 2nd earl Grey) was given a citrus blossom scented tea from South China known as Taitaicha as a gift. “Earl Grey” quickly became a staple tea blend, recreated by the tea salons of Europe by infusing black tea with the essence of the exotic Bergamot citrus fruit that grows in Reggio Di’ Calabria, Italy. Rishi Tea’s organic Earl Grey blends black teas from origins throughout East and Southeast Asia that to create a balance of robust body, rich and smooth mouthfeel, and unique floral high notes of geranium and rose that perfectly complement our pure essential oil of the Bergamot citrus imported from Southern Italy and pressed during the peak winter season.

Ingredients: Organic and Fair Trade Certified™ black tea. Origin: Yunnan, China. Item: OCB

Ingredients: Organic and Fair Trade Certified™ black tea, essential bergamot oil. Rishi Tea’s Ruby black tea harvested in May at 600-750 meters above sea level in Central Taiwan’s Mingjian Village.

Origin: Rishi Tea Blend. Item: OEG


Ceylon Single Estate

Darjeeling Muscatel

A classic black tea from the New Vithanakande estate in the heart of Sri Lanka’s mountainous interior. This tea has a smooth palate, medium body, and slightly fruity, raisin flavor. Its rich red infusion has a sweet finish.

Each year, Rishi Tea selects the top grade from dozens of samples sent to us from the premier organic tea estates in Darjeeling. After cupping during the peak season, we select only the best one or two lots that stand out to our tea tasters as truly exceptional. While our estate selection for Darjeeling Muscatel changes each season our standard is the same: tingling sweetness with a semi-brisk and rich mouthfeel that offers vivid flavors and aromas of fruits, flowers and muscat grape. Check with our sales staff to see what estate selection is fresh and in season.

Ingredients: Black tea. Origin: Sri Lanka. Item: CSE


Black Tea


Ingredients: Organic and Fair Trade Certified™ black tea. Origin: India. Item: OSFD

Darjeeling 1st Flush The 1st Flush tea harvest of Darjeeling is one of the most widely anticipated tea events of the year. Early every spring, tea connoisseurs await reports on the harvests and production of these famous black teas, similar to the flurry of excitement felt within wine circles during the annual release of Beaujolais Nouveau wines. Darjeeling 1st Flush, while defined as a black tea by processing, has a bright and lively character with a crisp, refreshing body and layers of fresh floral and fruity aromas. Ingredients: Organic and Fair Trade Certified™ black tea. Origin: India. Item: ODFF


Golden Assam The Assam region of Northeast India is famous for its black tea production. The sub-tropical valleys of Assam in which tea is cultivated yield gutsy and bold infusions with full body and flavor. Our single estate organic Golden Assam is a traditionally manufactured tea that is comprised of an abundance of golden leaf-buds with a base of high quality leaf. Its deeply flavored and rich red infusion is strong and malty with refined notes of fruity raisin and dried fruits. There are many styles and qualities of Assam and this selection is one of the top shelf grades (STGFOP) of certified organic tea available.

Plucking tea from the Tumsong Estate, situated at over 1,600m above sea level in Darjeeling’s Golden Valley.

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Ingredients: Organic and Fair Trade Certified™ black tea. Origin: Assam, India. Item: OGA

Black Tea



Ancient Golden Yunnan

Earl Grey Lavender

A deeply flavored infusion with a tinge of peppery spice, notes of chocolate and sweet raisin with a very rich, malty and mellow finish. This is our “tippiest” and finest grade of full flavored Dian Hong Golden Pekoe black tea, harvested from ancient tea forests in Yunnan. This black tea has a strength, density and refined finish not found in most Yunnan black teas. Golden Yunnan is a major upgrade for breakfast tea to be savored straight up or with milk and sugar.

The floral and lightly sweet minty aromas of lavender flowers add an alluring accent and energy to our classic Earl Grey. Ingredients: Organic and Fair Trade Certified™ black tea, organic lavender flowers, essential bergamot and lavender oils. Origin: Rishi Tea Blend. Item: OEGL

Ingredients: Organic and Fair Trade Certified™ black tea. Origin: Yunnan, China. Item: OAGY -------------------------------------------------------------

Vanilla Bean


Ruby This rare black tea is made from a special tea bush type that was created by cross-breeding a Burmese ancient tea tree with a wild Taiwanese tea tree in the 1920’s. This unique cultivar (NTS #18 Hong Yu) was selectively bred for making exquisite black teas with remarkable aromatic complexity and strength. The name Hong Yu means “Ruby” in Chinese, and is a fitting descriptor for the precious, lively and deeply red infusion color provided by this enchanting tea. Ruby is full-bodied and malty with a heavy flavor and brisk character. Ruby has a wonderfully complex aroma unlike any other black tea with notes of camphor, wintergreen, mint, cinnamon and tropical fruits.This distinctive tea is best brewed gongfu cha style with a guywan, savored over the course of many infusions to enjoy its long-lasting aftertaste and the dynamic aromas emerging from one infusion to the next. 22 |

Ingredients: Black tea. Origin: Taiwan. Item: HYBT Ruby black tea leaves are rolled to stimulate the natural tea leaf oxidation process (right, above) which changes the tea leaf color from green to bright, vivid red.The oxidation step (right, below) is carried out on small trays lined with muslin cloth in a special sauna-like steam room. Ruby’s classically strong spicy, fruity and malty flavor develops during oxidation.

This blend is decadent and creamy with the enchanting flavor of true vanilla beans. We select a rich and malty black tea from Southeast Asia and blend it with excellent vanilla extract and whole, premium grade vanilla beans that we hand chop before blending and mix into the tea. After curing for a few weeks, we release the batch when the vanilla flavor, aroma and creamy sweet mouthfeel harmonizes with the black tea. Ingredients: Organic and Fair Trade Certified™ black tea, organic vanilla beans, natural vanilla flavor. Origin: Rishi Tea Blend. Item: OVB

Pu-erh Tea Tea Pu-erh

Pu-erh Tea

We offer various grades of both sheng and shu Pu-erh types, all of which are tailor-made for us through our partnership project with the Organic, Fair Trade Certified™ Mannong Manmai Ancient Tea Co-op located in a 1,500 year-old tea garden in Yunnan. The sun-dried green tea produced by the Mannong Manmai Ancient Tea Co-Op for Rishi’s organic Pu-erh is fermented and produced in a USDA-NOP / EU organic certified facility in Pu-erh City, Yunnan.

TOP OF PAGE - Women of the Lahu ethnic group harvesting ancient tree teas in Mannong and Manmai Villages for the creation of Rishi Tea’s organic Pu-erh teas.


Ancient Pu-erh Classic This is our special blend of multiple vintages, containing matured and younger lots to achieve a consistently bold, full bodied and rich flavor profile, year to year. Classic Pu-erh has a deep and smooth mouthfeel with a slightly sweet aftertaste and a woodsy, soothing aromatic finish. The very best, everyday organic Pu-erh. Ingredients: Organic and Fair Trade Certified™ pu-erh tea. Origin: Yunnan, China. Item: OPC


Ancient Pu-erh Reserve, Vintage 2006 This select quality of shu Pu-erh exhibits a wellbalanced and smooth flavor with a silky, smooth texture and a sweet aftertaste with hints of rice milk and buckwheat honey. Combining special and maiden grades of shu Pu-erh from the 2006 reserves, our tea’s character is derived from the ancient heirloom tea tree cultivar Antique Menghai Da Yeh growing wild in one of Yunnan’s oldest tea growing areas. The ripe character and patience (how many infusions can be brewed from one serving of leaf) that this tea offers is perfect for gongfu tea preparation using a porcelain guywan or traditional clay teapots. Ingredients: Organic and Fair Trade Certified™ pu-erh tea. Origin: Yunnan, China. Item: OAPRES06

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Pu-erh tea has an ancient history of more than 2,000 years, originating in Yunnan Province of southwestern China. There are two distinct types of Pu-erh: sheng Pu-erh (the raw or green type) and shu Pu-erh (the ripened or black type). Pu-erh is a specially fermented form of tea, and both shu and sheng Pu-erh types are made from a sun-dried green tea called saiqing mao cha. Like Champagne or other regionally specific foods and beverages, Pu-erh is a geographically indicated (GI) product, and it can only be produced and fermented in Southern Yunnan with sun-dried green tea from certain tea cultivars found in Yunnan, Laos, Burma and some parts of Thailand and Vietnam. Pu-erh tea, with its unique bold and earthy character, is becoming very popular all over the world as a health and wellness tea. It is regarded as a slimming and naturally safe dieter’s tea throughout Southeast Asia, where it is an integral part of the food culture.

Pu-erhBlack Tea Tea



Ancient Pu-erh Tuo Cha

Ancient Sheng Pu-erh Tuo Cha, Vintage 2005

This classic-style, compressed shu Pu-erh is rich, full-bodied and smooth with a rare, sweet flavored infusion owing to our unique vintage blend of golden broken pekoe and broken 1st grade of shu Pu-erh. Pu-erh, and the first teas exported to Tibet and Mongolia from China, were typically pressed into bricks, cakes and the “tuo cha” or bowl shaped pieces. In Pu-erh’s ancient past, it was compressed into pieces, like tuo cha, coin shapes, cakes or bricks that were used to barter and trade for horses and salt. Tuo Cha is one of these classic, compressed shapes of Pu-erh tea. About 5 grams of tea per piece, each Tuo Cha is designed to brew a rich 12-16 oz single cup.

This tea was made with a grade of Pu-erh called Saiqing Ya Cha, which means “sun-dried buds” tea. It has a unique fruity character and a matured, clear reddish-orange infusion color that is specific to aged sheng Pu-erh. The fruity, nectar-like and flowery note is the signature character from the famous Jingmai Mangjing’s 1,300 year-old ancient tea gardens. Ingredients: Organic and Fair Trade Certified™ pu-erh tea. Origin: Yunnan, China. Item: OASPTC05

Ingredients: Organic and Fair Trade Certified™ pu-erh tea. Origin: Yunnan, China. Item: OASHUPTC -------------------------------------------------------------

Pu-erh Blood Orange


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Ancient Pu-erh Tea Cake,Vintage 2009 This is a vintage specific tea, pressed from reserved lots of aged shu Pu-erh. Aged in traditional bamboo leaf bundles called a “tong,” this rich, full-bodied tea is ready to drink. It has a remarkable smooth and sweet flavor with a deep red infusion and slight hints of aromatic woods and royal jelly honey. Best brewed gongfu style using a guywan or traditional clay teapot. This is a glorious example of a traditional compressed Pu-erh. Available in 125 gram individual cakes or by the “tong.” Seven tea cakes per original bamboo tong pack. Ingredients: Organic and Fair Trade Certified™ pu-erh tea. A “tong” is the traditional bamboo packaging from Origin: Yunnan, China. Pu-erh’s ancient past. Item: OASHUPUTC125

This rich yet smooth-bodied pu-erh is balanced with fruity and tart hibiscus, sweet orange peel, and a refreshing array of citrus, Sicilian blood orange and grapefruit to produce a unique and refreshing pu-erh tea. Ingredients: Organic and Fair Trade Certified™ puerh tea, organic and Fair Trade Certified™ hibiscus flowers, organic orange peel, natural oils of orange, grapefruit, and blood orange. Origin: Rishi Tea Blend. Item: OPBO


Pu-erh Ginger The zesty notes of orange rind and a special variety of Rishi Tea’s extra pungent and citrusy ginger root harmonize with Pu-erh to create an excellent, energizing profile. Pu-erh Ginger also makes an incredibly tasty and unique iced tea. We often combine hot brewed Pu-erh Ginger with Korean plum or pomegranate blueberry juice. Ingredients: Organic and Fair Trade Certified™ pu-erh tea, organic ginger root, organic orange peel. Origin: Rishi Tea Blend. Item: OPG

Pu-erh Tea Tea Pu-erh

Shu Pu-erh is made by special, natural pile fermentation which transforms sun-dried green tea from a pale yellowish tea to a rich reddish black tea over the course of 85-120 days.


Pu-erh Bordeaux


Pu-erh Vanilla Rich and decadent, with a creamy and alluringly sweet character, Pu-erh Vanilla highlights a hint of cool peppermint with hand-chopped premium vanilla beans and the most enticing and aromatic grade of sweet cassia cinnamon from Vietnam. Ingredients: Organic and Fair Trade Certified™ pu-erh tea, organic peppermint, organic cinnamon, organic vanilla bean, organic licorice root. Origin: Rishi Tea Blend. Item: OVM

This distinctive, gourmet blend honors the cultural parallels between Pu-erh tea and Bordeaux wine–a pair of ancient beverages richly steeped in tradition and history. Their very names derive from their geographic place of origin. Connoisseurs seek those that best express their terroir. Both of these treasured libations benefit from the richening effect of aging, ripening to develop a complex, nuanced character. Together, Pu-erh tea and red wine grape skins of various Bordeaux varietals like Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Cab Franc create a smooth, supple sip with a refined structure and notes of dark fruits, cocoa nibs and a hint of fig. Ingredients: Organic and Fair Trade Certified™ pu-erh tea, organic red wine grape skins, organic raspberries. Origin: Rishi Tea Blend. Item: OPBOR

Shades of Pu-erh

Sheng Pu-erh (Raw/Green)

Saiqing Mao Cha (sun-dried crude green tea) Base of all Pu-erh

Shu Pu-erh (Ripe/Black)

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All the shades of authentic Pu-erh, whether sheng or shu, must be made with sun-dried green tea harvested from Da Yeh Broad Leaf tea varieties native to Yunnan, Laos and Burma.

Masala Black Chai Tea

Masala Chai

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It’s said that Masala Chai, a sort of spiced tea latté meaning “mixed-spice tea,” is the national drink of India. Rishi Tea’s master herbalists source and blend exclusive qualities of individual herbs and spices to create amazing Masala Chai blends. Herbs and spices are chopped, crushed, ground or pounded to release their essential characters then are combined in micro-batch blends with our select teas to harmonize and cure for a few months before packaging and release according to our proprietary Masala Chai recipes. We offer traditional, original masala chai as well as other inspired gourmet masala chai blends, including a caffeine-free blend.



Masala Chai

West Cape Chai

A big bodied black tea blended with our traditional Indian Masala spices that are expertly sourced by Rishi Tea’s herb tasters from the highest qualities of culinary spice grades. Rishi Tea’s Masala Chai blend is very traditional, highlighting cardamom and ginger with undertones of cracked pepper, clove and sweet cinnamon. The black tea base of our Masala Chai is comprised of gutsy, deep and malty broad-leaf assamica variety tea trees throughout South and Southeast Asia.

CAFFEINE-FREE - Rich red and nectar like Rooibos, coupled with sweet cinnamon and aromatic cardamom, impart a traditional yet entirely exclusive flavor of caffeine-free Masala Chai. Enlivening star anise and ginger mixed with a fruity and pungent grade of black pepper and the roasted coffee-like character of Guatemalan ramón nut produce a truly original taste profile.

Ingredients: Organic and Fair Trade Certified™ black tea, organic cinnamon, organic cardamom, organic ginger root, organic black pepper, organic cloves. Origin: Rishi Tea Blend. Item: OMC

Ingredients: Organic and Fair Trade Certified™ rooibos, organic cinnamon, organic ginger root, organic cardamom, organic ramón nut, organic star anise, organic licorice root, organic fennel seed, organic black pepper, organic cloves, organic peppermint. Origin: Rishi Tea Blend. Item: OWCC


Chocolate Chai

Green Tea Chai

Velvety, indulgent and deep, this Masala Chai is an enticing blend of robust Pu-erh tea, enlivening yerba maté and sweet cacao. Hints of creamy vanilla and luscious tropical coconut combine with the fruity character and uplifting energy of Ayurvedic long pepper make this a most sophisticated take on hot cocoa.

This is a very uplifting, one-of-a-kind Chai with a bright green infusion color and a lemony ginger flavor. This harmonious blend combines a vibrant, pan-fired green tea with ginger, zesty lemongrass, tropical herbs and spices for a well balanced break with tradition. Its spicy overtures, sweet citrus aroma and pleasant green tea flavor provide a delectable diversion from your usual chai.

Ingredients: Organic and Fair Trade Certified™ puerh tea, organic roasted cocoa nibs, organic roasted dandelion root, organic yerba maté, organic coconut flakes, organic long pepper, organic cardamom, organic vanilla bean. Origin: Rishi Tea Blend. Item: OCMC

Masala Chai Tea Pu-erh


Ingredients: Organic and Fair Trade Certified™ green tea, organic lemongrass, organic ginger root, organic cardamom, organic licorice root, organic peppermint, organic black pepper. Origin: Rishi Tea Blend. Item: OGTC

Brewing Guide The traditional slow brewing of tea leaves and full-bodied spices results in an authentic and complex array of rich flavors and aromas.

Vanilla Mint Chai Luxuriously textured and inviting, this Masala Chai blend highlights the sweetest grade of cinnamon and the most aromatic calibre of American peppermint with the vigorous and bold body of Pu-erh tea. The accents of silky smooth and luscious vanilla bean with exotic cardamom transform this Masala Chai into something magical and heady. Ingredients: Organic and Fair Trade Certified™ pu-erh tea, organic peppermint, organic cinnamon, organic vanilla bean, organic licorice root. Origin: Rishi Tea Blend. Item: OVMC Rishi’s Organic Masala Chai blends combine specially selected teas and spices to create robust and exotic milk tea.

Step One

Mix 2 tablespoons Masala Chai with 1cup water. Bring to a boil. Step Two

Add 1 cup milk and bring to a simmer. Remove from heat and steep 3 minutes. Step Three

Add 1-2 tablespoons sugar, strain and serve!

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HerbalBlack Tea Tea

Herbal Tea Our expert herbalists formulate and hand-blend our herbal teas with premium organic ingredients and spices that we import directly from growers all over the world. We source our herbal ingredients through extensive sampling and taste evaluations–just as we do with our single-origin teas–by constantly cupping their seasonal characters and selecting the best lots for our herbs and spices from the top growers.

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The herbal teas in our menu contain a range of premium quality roots, fruits, flowers, seeds, leaves, barks and other rare botanicals that are often combined with natural plant essential oils and fruit extracts. Our herbal teas exhibit flavors representing traditional food and beverage cultures from around the world. Rishi’s herbal teas are always hand blended in micro-batches, cured for harmony and cupped before release to ensure the batch is at its prime performance.



Bergamot Sage

Chamomile Medley

CAFFEINE-FREE - The mystic character of sage is wonderfully balanced and masterfully combined with the citrus notes of lemon thyme and bergamot citrus peel. Beautifully aromatic with notes of cedar, pine, wintergreen and penny royal. It’s a perfect blend for any time of day.

CAFFEINE-FREE - A calming and delicious ensemble of chamomile and lemongrass, with a sweet, honey-like character and a hint of soothing mint. Chamomile Medley is designed to relax, refresh and please the palate.

Ingredients: Organic lemon thyme, organic sage leaf, organic peppermint, organic lemon verbena, essential bergamot oil. Origin: Rishi Tea Blend. Item: OBS

Ingredients: Organic chamomile flowers, organic lemon myrtle, organic lemongrass, organic spearmint. Origin: Rishi Tea Blend. Item: OCM


Cinnamon Plum

Hibiscus Berry

CAFFEINE-FREE - A warming, sweet and juicy blend combining the succulent flavors of plum, currants and hibiscus with festive and seductive cinnamon. Cinnamon Plum is deliciously fruity and full-bodied with a deep red infusion. Makes a great mulling spice when infused into wine or apple cider.

CAFFEINE-FREE - Luscious currants and a delicious blend of forest berries create a juicy and succulent blend with a scarlet red infusion that refreshes and rejuvenates. This blend makes superb hot brewed and iced teas. Hibiscus Berry offers a great base for Sangria and mixed cocktails or a natural fruit punch for kids.

Ingredients: Organic cinnamon, organic and Fair Trade Certified™ hibiscus flowers, organic currants, organic licorice root, natural plum flavor. Origin: Rishi Tea Blend. Item: OCP

Ingredients: Organic rosehips, organic and Fair Trade Certified™ hibiscus flowers, organic currants, organic schizandra berries, natural blueberry flavor, essential orange oil, natural mango flavor. Origin: Rishi Tea Blend. Item: OHIB

Herbal Tea Tea Pu-erh



Apple Ginseng


CAFFEINE-FREE - An invigorating herbal tea with a pleasant and lively bittersweetness and the fruity flavors of sweet apple, succulent apricots, premium cinnamon and roasted roots.This blend is smooth and satisfying with the restorative and rejuvenating energy of 6-year-old ginseng from Baekdu Mountain.


Ingredients: Organic red ginseng, organic roasted dandelion root, organic apricots, organic cinnamon, organic licorice root, organic orange peel, organic apples, organic vanilla bean. Origin: Rishi Tea Blend. Item: ORGR

Ingredients: Organic currants, organic rosehips, Organic and Fair Trade Certified™ hibiscus flowers, Organic and Fair Trade Certified™ rooibos, organic blueberries, organic cherries, organic orange peel, organic cranberries, natural blueberry, passion fruit and mango flavors. Origin: Rishi Tea Blend. Item: OSCAR

CAFFEINE-FREE - This fruit tea blend is based upon rich flavored and full-bodied rooibos, which lends a sweet and nectar-like flavor and fruity, floral aroma. Scarlet has a deep red infusion that is tart with natural tasting notes of blueberry and cherry.


Golden Chamomile Blossoms CAFFEINE-FREE - Pure chamomile blossoms have a mildly sweet and fruity flavor with a soothing floral aroma and subtle hint of fresh peeled apples and orange blossom honey. An infusion of chamomile is one of the most popular caffeine-free herbal teas used since ancient times by countless food cultures. Ingredients: Organic chamomile flowers. Origin: Varies by season. Item: OCBL2

Our approach to blending herbs and teas is unique in the industry. It all starts with strict standards for quality and commitment to use natural ingredients. This includes the flavorings for our teas and herbs, which are derived solely from real fruits and botanicals. We may not offer as many flavored teas as other companies, but most flavored tea we make contains only essential oils and extracts from natural fruits and botanicals in strict compliance with the standards of the USDA-NOP Organic regulations.

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Original Blends

HerbalBlack Tea Tea




Turmeric Ginger

CAFFEINE-FREE - A classic, caffeine-free herbal tea of pure American peppermint leaves from the U.S. Pacific Northwest that are the most aromatic, soothing and potent. The peppermint cultivars grown in Washington State and Oregon are prized as the best in the world.

CAFFEINE-FREE - The wonders of pungent and alluring turmeric, a golden colored, ginger-like root and ancient Ayurvedic remedy combine with sweet licorice root and fragrant, zesty orange peel to create a magical and unique herbal tea. Turmeric has a bright, golden yellow infusion color with an awesome body and flavor that wonderfully balances this blend of tropical spices and enlivening lemon. Makes great hot herbal tea and mixes well with lemonade.

Ingredients: Organic peppermint. Origin: Washington, USA. Item: OPEP

Ingredients: Organic ginger root, organic licorice root, organic orange peel, organic lemongrass, organic turmeric, essential lemon and orange oils. -------------------------------------------------------------

Origin: Rishi Tea Blend. Item: OTUR

Serene Dream CAFFEINE-FREE - The potent, musky character of valerian root perfumes this blend of calming botanicals designed to soothe and refresh. Valerian root is the key ingredient of this blend and has been used since ancient times as a relaxing, bedtime herbal remedy. Ingredients: Organic valerian root, organic lemon verbena, organic lemon balm, organic chamomile flowers, organic lavender flowers, organic spearmint. Origin: Rishi Tea Blend. Item: OSD


White Ginseng Detox CAFFEINE-FREE - Juicy raspberry and revitalizing burdock root blended with a hint of heady mint highlight the sweet flavor and invigorating powers of ginseng roots. This blend has a refined and satisfying flavor and a cleansing, recharging energy. Ingredients: Organic schizandra berries, organic white ginseng, organic burdock root, organic rosehips, organic peppermint, organic raspberries, organic dandelion root, organic licorice root. Origin: Rishi Tea Blend. Item: OWGD


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Tangerine Ginger CAFFEINE-FREE - Revitalizing ginger roots and adaptogenic schizandra berries combined with succulent tangerines create a full-bodied hibiscus blend with a vivid crimson infusion and notes of tart cranberry, punchy citrus and zesty spice. An original herb blend created when Rishi Tea was first established in 1998. Ingredients: Organic ginger root, organic and Fair Trade Certified™ hibiscus flowers, organic schizandra berries, organic licorice root, organic rosehips, organic orange peel, essential orange and tangerine oils. Origin: Rishi Tea Blend. Item: OTG


Yerba Maté An uplifting and energizing herb tea that is mainly produced and consumed in Latin America. It has a bittersweet, earthy and mineral flavor with nuances of olive leaf and eucalyptus. Traditional roasting and aging of yerba maté creates a pleasant, toasted aroma. Ingredients: Organic yerba maté. Origin: Argentina Item: OYM

Rooibos Pu-erh Tea

Rooibos Rooibos (“Red Bush Tea” in the Afrikaans language) is an herb that grows only in the specific microclimate of South Africa’s Western Cape region, where it was originally consumed by the nomadic Koi and San tribes. Naturally caffeine-free, Rooibos is one of the most popular herbal teas in the world today. We suggest brewing it very strong to enjoy its nectar-like body and sweet, heady effect. Rooibos tastes great hot or iced on its own or with a slice of citrus or berries. We also blend Rooibos with herbs and fruits to make a variety of exclusive flavors.




Hibiscus Rooibos

CAFFEINE-FREE - Prized for its deep flavor and attractive red infusion color, Rooibos has a fruity and honey sweet flavor. When brewed strong using more leaves and/or a longer steeping time, the results are nectar-like and rich. Rooibos is great as iced tea or cold-brewed tea, and is often served with a lemon. Strong infusions of Rooibos can replace espresso to create rich red lattés and herbal tea cappuccinos.

CAFFEINE-FREE - A rejuvenating and tropical rooibos blend with tart hibiscus and zesty lemongrass

Ingredients: Organic and Fair Trade Certified™ rooibos. Origin: South Africa. Item: OR

Ingredients: Organic and Fair Trade Certified™ rooibos, organic and Fair Trade Certified™ hibiscus flowers, organic sarsaparilla root, organic lemongrass, organic rosehips, organic licorice root, natural passion fruit flavor, essential orange oil, organic orange peel, natural pineapple and mango flavors. Origin: Rishi Tea Blend. Item: OHIBR


Blueberry Rooibos CAFFEINE-FREE - Rooibos blended with wild blueberries and hibiscus. This tart and juicy herbal tea has an awesome fruity and floral aroma that is succulent with rich blueberry and balanced by a light sweet-sour hint from wild schizandra berry. Makes outstanding hot, cold brewed or traditional brewed iced tea. Ingredients: Organic and Fair Trade Certified™ rooibos, organic blueberries, organic schizandra berries, organic and Fair Trade Certified™ hibiscus, natural blueberry and strawberry flavors. Origin: Rishi Tea Blend. Item: OBR

Peppermint Rooibos CAFFEINE-FREE - Peppermint Rooibos has a deep red infusion and a smooth sweetness that balances and accentuates the fresh minty flavor and finer points of American Peppermint. A slight citrus aroma from a touch of Bergamot adds a fresh and invigorating aspect. The soothing aroma of peppermint is well defined in this blend and superbly balanced with the sweet and silky character of rooibos. This blend truly showcases the energy of great peppermint. Ingredients: Organic and Fair Trade Certified™ rooibos, organic peppermint, essential bergamot oil. Origin: Rishi Tea Blend. Item: OPR

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Iced Tea Black Tea 32 |

Organic Artisan Iced Tea The most vibrant collection of iced teas on the market, Rishi Tea’s exciting, tasteful blends feature timely ingredients and tried-and-true favorites for the most succulent, quenching flavor profiles ever. Our Artisan Iced Teas is designed for the gourmet café and are available as loose leaf blends sold by the pound. For high-volume commercial Iced Tea Brewer options, ask about our Food Service Iced Tea Program.



Blueberry Hibiscus

Citron Green

CAFFEINE-FREE - Vividly fruity blend with rooibos and hibiscus

A harmony of green tea and sweet citrus

Ingredients: Organic rooibos, organic hibiscus flowers, organic licorice root, natural blueberry flavor, organic blueberries, natural strawberry flavor. Origin: Rishi Tea Blend. Item: OBRIT

Ingredients: Organic lemongrass, organic green tea with jasmine, essential bergamot, orange and tangerine oils. Origin: Rishi Tea Blend. Item: OCGIT


Classic Black


Naturally refreshing, unsweetened black tea

Delicately oral, unsweetened green tea

Ingredients: Organic black tea.

Ingredients: Organic green tea with jasmine.

Origin: Rishi Tea Blend. Item: OPIT

Origin: Rishi Tea Blend. Item: OJTIT




Pure Green

Crisp black tea with perfectly juicy mango

Refreshing, unsweetened Japanese green tea

Ingredients: Organic black tea, organic oolong tea, organic licorice root, natural mango flavor.

Ingredients: Organic green tea.

IcedPu-erh Tea Tea


Origin: Rishi Tea Blend. Item: OPGIT

Origin: Rishi Tea Blend. Item: OMIT



Summer Lemon

Sweet Peach

Classic iced tea blend of pure black tea with a twist of lemon

CAFFEINE-FREE - Sweet honeybush with luscious peach

Ingredients: Organic black tea, essential lemon oil.

Ingredients: Organic honeybush, organic peaches, natural peach avor.

Origin: Rishi Tea Blend. Item: OSLIT



Tropical Crimson

Turmeric Ginger

CAFFEINE-FREE - Delicious Caribbean punch blend with tangy-sweet hibiscus

CAFFEINE-FREE - Uplifting, sweet lemon ginger blend with hints of spice

Ingredients: Organic hibiscus flowers, organic rosehips, organic lemongrass, organic licorice root, essential tangerine oil, natural pineapple flavor.

Ingredients: Organic ginger root, organic licorice root, organic turmeric, organic orange peel, organic lemongrass, essential lemon and orange oils.

Origin: Rishi Tea Blend. Item: OTCIT

Origin: Rishi Tea Blend. Item: OTURIT

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Origin: Rishi Tea Blend. Item: OSPEIT

BrewingBlack Tea Tea

Brewing Tea We offer a range of brewing tools, from the traditional to the modern, to help you brew the perfect cup. Some items, like the Simple Brew™ Loose Leaf Teapot, are suitable for serving all types of tea. Other items, like the Guywan, are perfect for tea rooms and cafés seeking to offer a traditional brewing experience with a vessel matched to the tea type. For brewing tips and demo videos, visit the Cupping Room on our website or our YouTube channel: RishiTeaUSA.


Simple Brew™ Loose Leaf Teapot The perfect brewing vessel for all varieties of loose leaf tea, herbs, spices and masala chai. The Simple Brew™ is dishwasher safe and made of strong borosilicate glass with a stainless steel strainer lid that is easy to clean. Volume: 13.5 oz Item: GW116



The essential brewing vessel for oolong and Pu-erh teas. Volume: 3.5 oz oz Item: GUY103

Fits into a mug or teapot. Ideal for any tea or herbal blend. Item: IB101


Loose Tea Infuser Basket


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Glass Tea Pitcher with Infuser Basket A basic brewing set for any loose leaf tea. Volume: 13.5 oz Item: GW101

Glass Pitcher Great for serving and sharing. Volume: 13.5 oz Item: GW114


Loose Leaf Tea Bags Natural fiber bag that you can fill with any tea. Item: TB107

Storing Tea Tea Pu-erh Most Rishi Teas are available in bulk by the one pound, resealable foil-lined bag, or by the 250 gram, resealable Kraft bag for most Japanese teas. These bags fit nicely into our Latched Copper Tea Storage Tins, which are great for displaying a selection of teas behind the café bar while helping to keep the tea fresh. We offer labels for our Copper Tins that provide tasting notes, origin and ingredient information, and suggested brewing guidelines for each of our bulk teas.

1lb. Resealable Bulk Tea Bags Our bulk teas, sold by the pound, come in resealable, foil-lined bags for the highest quality and freshness.

Latched Copper Tea Storage Tin Clasps shut to keep tea fresh. Holds all formats and sizes of bulk tea bags. Rishi Tea bulk labels available to display specific tea information including tasting notes and brewing guidelines. Dimensions: 5” x 9.76” Item: TSM137

250g Resealable Vac-Pac Japanese green teas are packed fresh at origin into 250g Kraft bags and vacuum-sealed to protect the tea freshness.

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Storing Tea

Tea Accessories Black Tea

Tea Accessories We offer several tea accessories to help you create your own Cupping Room. Cupping Sets are an essential tool for tea buyers and are great for tea classes or training sessions on the sensory evaluation of tea. Use multiple Cupping Sets to prepare a “flight� of teas. Each taster should also have his or her own Tasting Spoon.

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Tea Cupping Set

Tasting Spoon

The industry standard for professional cupping and sensory evaluation of tea. This 3-piece set includes the bowl, cup and lid. Clear white porcelain highlights the true colors of tea. Item: CS111

An essential item for cupping teas with the Cupping Set. Clear white porcelain shows the true infusion color of the brewed tea. Measures exactly 1 tbsp. when leveled along the top edge. Item: CS110

Crafting your own Tea Menu There are endless combinations of teas to make the perfect selection for your customers. Our Bulk Tea Menu presents so many options that it can be overwhelming to choose just a few. The following are recommendations to help you get started thinking about the different “occasions” of tea you might want to make room for on your menu.

Starter Sets

Starter Sets:

Use this as a starting point. All of our Sales Representatives are tea aficionados fully steeped in Rishi Tea expertise. They are standing by to help guide you through the journey of crafting your own menu that will set your tea program apart as unique.

Café: Choose 5-10 Teas Restaurant: Choose 4-6 Teas Classic Black Teas: Timeless tastes of tea’s grand tradition • Earl Grey - Black Tea - p. 20 • China Breakfast - Black Tea - p. 20 • Darjeeling Muscatel - Black Tea - p. 21 Daily Drinker Green Teas: Easy-to-enjoy, fresh selections • Jade Cloud - Green Tea - p. 06 • Bancha - Green Tea - p. 08 • Jasmine Tea - Green Tea - p. 06 • Green Tea Mint - Green Tea - p. 07 Caffeine-Free Herbal Teas: Artisanal, culinary-inspired blends released at peak flavor harmony • Chamomile Medley - Herbal Tea - p. 28

Bulk Section:

• Hibiscus Rooibos - Herbal Tea - p. 31

For a bulk tea section, we recommend choosing at least one tea and one flavored tea from each category (white, green, oolong, black, pu-erh). Remember to also consider chai blends, a handful of caffeine-free herbals.

• Turmeric Ginger - Herbal Tea - p. 30 • Scarlet - Herbal Tea - p. 29 • White Ginseng Detox - Herbal Tea - p. 30 Rare & Seasonal Selections: Save a spot on your menu for a rotating, special reserve or seasonal feature • Phoenix Dancong - Oolong Tea - p. 17 • Eastern Beauty - Oolong Tea - p. 17 • Ruby - Black Tea - p. 22 • Ancient Pu-erh Reserve - Pu-erh Tea - p. 23

Ask Your Sales Representative Contact your Rishi Tea’s Sales Representative for help choosing the best selection for your customers.

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• Bergamot Sage - Herbal Tea - p. 28

Single Origin Profiles Kirishima Mountain

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Yunnan Ancient Tea Trees

Xuan En Tea Co-op

Single Origin Profile:

Yunnan Ancient Tree Teas

Distinctive teas harvested from centuriesold trees in the ancient birthplace of tea.

ABOVE CENTER - Ancient tea trees are climbed by the local people to harvest the fresh leaf and bud sprouts that produce a variety of Rishi Tea, including organic Pu-erh.

Ancient cultivated, wild-grown forest tea comes from a sustainable ecosystem, and these non-timber forestry products go above and beyond their organic and fair trade certifications. ABOVE RIGHT - The ancient tree gardens Promoting biodiversity, soil retention and species preservation propagate through open pollination and is critical to sustaining the environment, but few large-scale natural seed selection. Each garden’s tea tea farms work toward this aim. No clear-cutting of forests, has evolved naturally over many centuries, weeding, or actions that erode the soil are committed in an creating an heirloom varietal character and ancient tea garden. No man-made inputs, irrigation or fertilizers flavor that is specific and unique to the are used. So little of the world’s tea is harvested in such a local area. low impact and truly organic manner. Our direct trade of ancient tree teas from Yunnan is a market-driven mechanism for environmental conservation that offers discerning, environmentally conscious tea drinkers an amazing array of flavors that cannot be produced anywhere else in the world, including: Pu-erh, black, green, yellow, white and jasmine teas.

39 |

ABOVE LEFT - Rishi’s organic Pu-erh teas originate in the tea forests of Mannong & Manmai villages in southern Yunnan Province, in the heart of tea’s ancient homeland.

These teas come from old growth tea tree forests established by ancient tea planters centuries ago throughout Southwestern Yunnan. Ancient tea tree forests, although planted by humans, grow wild by open pollination, stemming from ancient heirloom tea seeds dropped from elder trees that have sprouted into new saplings. This naturally renewing propagation cycle provides a lush, beyond-organic environment for regionally specific heirloom teas. The antique genetic quality of these “wild” tea gardens renders miraculous qualities for a diverse range of unique teas, all linked to the ancient roots of tea culture and history in Yunnan.

Single Origin Profile:

Kirishima Mountain

Pioneers and partners in organic Japanese green tea Rishi Tea formed an alliance in 2006 with the Nishi family, who are true artisan masters of Japanese green tea cultivation. In contrast with most of the Japanese tea industry, the Nishi family never sells their tea at auction. They only cultivate tea via totally organic methods for a handful of specific tea companies through farming contracts with trusted, long-term partnerships. The Nishi family’s techniques of total organic soil management and pest control are innovative and pioneering, setting an example for the world’s organic tea farmers. The Nishi family farms are located 300-450 meters above sea level on Kirishima Mountain, situated within Kagoshima Prefecture in Southern Japan’s Kyushu Island.

40 |

While more than 70% of all Japanese tea is made with the Yabukita breed of tea bush, the Nishi family cultivates 14 different tea bush cultivars. These cultivars, including Yabukita, flush at different time periods from late April to mid May and offer different flavors and attributes. The Nishi family farms tea cultivars with deep green color and rich umami flavor, as well as other breeds that have specific aromas and various degrees of sharpness and depth. Sometimes the weather is not right for one type of tea bush but may have positive effects on other tea bushes, or it may be that combining the attributes of a few different cultivars may provide the perfect seasonal blend that outperforms the quality of any single cultivar. Having a wide range of cultivars on hand to select from allows us the flexibility to adjust for seasonal variation and come out with the most lively, expressive organic Japanese green teas year after year. Our partnership and communication with the Nishi family affords us a very versatile platform for making high quality organic Japanese tea.

ABOVE - The Nishi Family gardens are situated within dense forestry and bamboo groves that provide the perfect buffer zones for organic tea cultivation. Kirishima Mountain is within Kagoshima Prefecture, which is the southernmost tea cultivation zone in Japan and noted for its wide variety of tea bush cultivars and rich, vivid green sencha.

Less than 2% of Japanese tea is hand-harvested. Seen here is the special technique of pulling and snapping the flush to prevent reddish leaf oxidation on the tender stem. Pinching or picking with fingernails causes the leaf to oxidize faster and harms the green color.

Japanese tea farmers often wrap their tea bushes for 5-10 days before harvest. This technique is known as “kabuse” and is employed to block the sunlight, inhibit catechin production and create a vivid green infusion color with maximum umami sweetness and low bitterness.

“We embrace the balance and harmony offered by nature, making use of what’s in our environment. Not just Japan, but most of the world relies on chemically invasive, unbalanced agriculture to maximize yields and prevent or kill pests and that’s where we are different from most agriculture. Our method is all about natural balance and we only use what we can find in our local, natural environment for cultivating our teas.” Mr. Nishi san (1951-2011) TEA FARMER, FRIEND AND INSPIRATION TO RISHI TEA

Learn about Nishi Sencha 1st Flush

and other teas from Kirishima Mountain on pages 12-13

Single Origin Profile:

Taiwan A rich tradition in highly specialized cultivation of oolong and black teas. Taiwan is home to numerous renowned tea regions, each with their own distinct microclimate and tea cultivar characteristics. Premium teas are produced at all elevations. Teas from each altitude have their own unique attributes. High-grown teas have a long lasting floral aroma and sometimes fruity complexity with fresh, lime green or golden colored infusions. Mid-grown tea areas between 500-999 meters above sea level in Nantou and Taipei Prefectures produce a variety of classic oolong teas from several tea bush cultivars, including Four Seasons Spring, Tsuiyu, Qingxin, Wuyi and others. Some types of mid-grown tea highlight light oxidation and a fresh green infusion with unique aromas evocative of specific flowers like lilac, freesia, orchid and gardenia. Other mid-grown teas like Tie Guanyin and Dong Ding undergo medium to heavy oxidation and roasting to create rich, deeply flavored teas with caramelized flavors of dried fruits and toasty aromas. Low-grown teas from less than 500 meters above sea level in Hsinchu and Miaoli areas are famous for “Eastern Beauty” and “Bai Hao Oolong” teas from the Qingxin and Qingxin Damao cultivars. These low elevation teas are only harvested for a few weeks in June and have a totally unique withering, oxidation, shaping and drying process that highlights an amber-orange infusion with a sweet, honey flavor and vivid aromas of pit fruits and tropical flowers.

Taiwan’s high mountain tea harvested between 1,500-1,900 meters above sea level in Shan Lin Xi is noted for its remarkable fruity and floral oolong teas.

High-grown (above 1,000m) High Mountain Oolong (Gao Shan Cha) 1,000m Mid-grown (500-999m) Ruby Black (Hong Yue) Iron Goddess of Mercy (Tie Guanyin) Four Seasons Spring Dong Ding

42 |

500m Low-grown (below 500m) Bai Hao Oolong Eastern Beauty

Taiwan Tea Elevations

Comparing Four Taiwanese Tea Cultivars: Qingxin (“Green Heart”) • Cultivated at all elevations • Main cultivar for many of our High Mountain Oolongs (Gao Shan Cha), noted for complex floral and fruity aromas • Low elevation Qingxin (and related Qingxin Damao) make up Eastern Beauty and Bai Hao Oolong, with sweet honey flavors and incredible aromas of pit fruits and tropical flowers

Four Seasons Spring • Cultivated at middle elevations for light-oxidation style oolongs • Creates a fresh lime-green infusion color with unique floral aromas • Cultivar used to make our Jade Oolong (Four Seasons Spring), with aromas of freesia, orchid and gardenia

Wuyi • Cultivated at middle elevations • Transplanted from birthplace in the Wuyi Mountains in Fujian • Ideal for classic medium-oxidized, medium-roasted oolongs such as Iron Goddess of Mercy (Tie Guanyin)

Hong Yue (“Ruby”) • Cultivated at middle elevations • Originated by cross-breeding a Burmese Assamica-type tea plant with a wild Taiwanese tea plant • Loaded with polyphenol content, ideal for processing into rich, malty teas like our Ruby black tea from Taiwan.

Taiwan’s Specialized Tea Cultivation Tea plants were transplanted from China to Taiwan in two waves at the turn of the 19th century, first from the Wuyi Mountains in Fujian to northern Taiwan, and later from southern Fujian to southern Taiwan. The specific breeds of tea bushes that the early tea farmers brought to Taiwan were well-suited for oolong and black teas. Over centuries of adapting to local climate, soil and geography, the oolong and black teas of Taiwan have taken on a unique character and style. The Taiwanese tea industry is also noted for its artisanal tea making methods, specialized tea garden cultivation techniques and selective tea cultivar breeding. Rishi Tea buyers are closely connected to the farming families and tea artisans in Taiwan who specialize in creating exquisite oolong and black teas.

A mid-grown tea farm planted for Rishi Tea in Nantou Taiwan’s Mingjian Village.The yellow flowering plants between the rows of Ruby cultivar tea bushes are nitrogen-fixing legumes that enhance organic soil health without the use of chemical fertilizers.

Single Origin Profile:

Xuan En Tea Co-op

ABOVE LEFT - The unique ecological characteristics of Xuan En make it perfect for growing organic green teas. The average elevation in Xuan En is about 900m, and the highest point is over 2,000m. Xuan En has a sub-tropical, continental monsoonal climate with high humidity. It is blessed with four dramatic seasons and mild weather throughout the year, with an annual average temperature of 57°F and average rainfall of 55 inches. Its purple-sandy and red-brown soil is loose, fertile and abundant in selenium. ABOVE RIGHT - Long Jing #43 cultivar used in Rishi Tea’s Jade Cloud green tea

44 |


Sustaining long-term organic tea cultivation and supporting Xuan En’s tea farming communities Xuan En County is located in the southwestern hinterlands of Hubei Province, in the Wuling Mountain region in the upper reaches of the Yangtze River. Home to the Tujia and Miao ethnic groups, Xuan En is renowned for its pristine natural environment and local small-leaf tea cultivars that make teas of unique quality and purity. The production of green tea from these special tea breeds in Xuan En has an ancient history stretching back to the 3rd century. Later, these green teas would become famous as high quality tribute teas treasured by the Emperor Qianlong and his successors of the Qing Dynasty. In 2004, Rishi Tea began development of signature green teas in Xuan En with the Xuan En Yisheng Tea Co-op. The Co-op was originally founded in 2005 as a Fair Trade Certification initiative. The Co-op was formally registered as a nonprofit association with the Xuan County government in August of 2006, and the Fairtrade Labelling Organization (FLO) issued its first Fair Trade certificate in January of 2007. Today, the Co-op represents more than 1,200 families totaling over 3,600 people. The FLO Certified Social Premium Funds have been used by the Co-op to improve roads and infrastructure in the villages, build local hospitals and elderly care centers, provide access to education and health care insurance for all members and have helped to establish a fund supporting the livelihoods of the most impoverished Co-op members. The local people have built their own Co-op managed tea factories and organic management systems with FLO funds so they can improve ownership rights and add further value to the teas they once only harvested. Now, they not only harvest the fresh tea leaves, but also produce and sell the teas, taking a greater stake in the total supply chain.

Vibrant green and full of fresh sweet flavor, the early spring budsets of two leaves and a bud are plucked with care.

Fair Trade funds helped to establish a village health clinic and hospital for Co-op members in Xuan En’s remote tea growing villages.

Rishi Tea buyer, Joshua Kaiser meeting with the director of the Xuan En Co-Op, Mr. Qu (middle) and an elder tea farmer and Co-op member.

Learn about Jade Cloud,

a green tea from Xuan En. Page 08

Spring harvested tea leaves collected by tea farmer Mr. Neng Yong from ancient tea forests in northern Laos.

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