RISD XYZ Spring/Summer 2015

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Geoffrey Warner 77 PH

Wood Doctor Five years ago Geoffrey Warner 77 PH channeled his RISD hero Tage Frid in designing a sustainable, ergonomically therapeutic hardwood stool that can be used for hours—without feeling it in the “sit bones.” The Owl Stool and the next-generation Pro Owl— made to meet the needs of healthcare professionals— now form the backbone of Owl Furniture®, an offshoot of Warner’s primary design/build studio in Stonington, ME. “I love seeing how the Owl has provided such comfort and relief for so many,” says the self-described “wood doctor.” owlstools.com

Marcia Patmos 91 AP

Woolly World Champ After winning the US Woolmark Prize for womenswear last summer, Marcia Patmos 91 AP rose to the top again, collecting the 2015 International Woolmark Prize in Beijing. Judges from Vogue Italia and Vogue China (along with fashionista Victoria Beckham) love the “socially conscious and eco-friendly” production techniques M.PATMOS uses for its line of “easy, modern, understated, beautifully crafted clothing.” The New York-based designer just started her own new venture in 2011, but it seems to suit her: She beat out 59 competitors for the top Woolmark prize of $100K, with international distribution added as the cherry on top. mpatmos.com