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a showcase of p r e m i u m lo c a l a n d australian designers s a t u r d ay 2 2 n d o f s e p t e m b e r 2 0 1 2 | A r t g a l l e r y o f s o u t h a u s t r a l i a



The Elder Wing’s opulence and history perfectly sets the scene for this historic fa s h i o n e v e n t, w h e r e w e a r e p r o u d to s h o w c a s e s o m e o f THE BEST NATIONAL AND LOCAL DESIGNERS . We thank all sponsors, local businesses, designers and others who haVE helped make this event possible. Attitude Magazine is HONOURED t o h o s t A N i g h t O f F a s h i o n a t t h e Art Gallery Of South Australia with Honda.

NIC K MIT Z E V ICH DIRECTOR ART GALLERY OF SOUTH AUSTRALIA What do you think A Night Of Fashion will accomplish for Adelaide’s art community? A Night Of Fashion will be a marriage between Adelaide’s art and fashion communities, a meeting of like-minded creative individuals. What do you think is the relationship between fashion and art? Art and fashion have been bedfellows since at least the beginning of modernity. Fashion designers have their artist pin-ups and many of us in the art world have designers we admire. We both like to be at the cutting edge. Artists have frequently collaborated with fashion designers to define the look of the time; this is evident in the recent collaboration between Marc Jacobs and Japanese artists Yayoi Kusama for Louis Vuitton. The Art Gallery’s collection also holds some excellent examples of art / fashion collaborations including fabric and garments designed by Bloomsbury artist Vanessa Bell early last century. What is your art background? I went to art school in Newcastle and actually majored in textiles and fibre art. There, I was introduced to a whole raft of textile processes and looked closely at contemporary design.

What do you think is the significance of having the Elder Wing as the venue for A Night Of Fashion? The Elder Wing is undoubtedly our most beautiful gallery and many believe it to be the nation’s most inspiring display space dedicated to Australian art. A Night Of Fashion will mark the first time the Elder Wing has housed a catwalk and its sublime architecture will provide the perfect backdrop for this meeting between fashion and art. What are you most excited to see on the night? I’m most excited to see the Art Gallery Of South Australia humming with creative energy and hope the works of art provide inspiration for the designers, the makers, the models and the audience. As the hosts, what does the Art Gallery Of South Australia wish for guests to take away from the evening? I hope that guests take away that the Art Gallery is a place where the unexpected can happen; a place that embraces new ideas and audiences; and a backdrop for life at its most creative.


8pm Chambord Cocktails will be served in the Art Gallery Gardens

8 . 4 5 PM G u e s t s IN V ITED TO the Elder Wing

9 PM - WELCOME BY MANUEL ORTIGOSA - MC CASEY SAINT Pa r a d e c o m m e n c e s - Fa shion bY Scanlan & Theodore Willow Bianca Spender C a r l a Z a m pat t i Jaimie Sortino Couture + Love + Madness Pa o lo S e b a s t i a n The New Guard Claire Inc

9 . 4 5 PM Pa r a d e c o n c l u d e s

10pm A f t e r pa r t y c o m m e n c e s in the Art Gallery Gardens - Drinks Provided by Chambord Fox Creek Wines m c l a r e n v a l e B e e r c o MPANY t h e H i l l s C i d e r COMPANY Schweppes Dessert & Coffee cart Provided b y C i b o ESPRESSO

11.30Pm Ev e n i n g c o n c l u d e S


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p r o f i l e / FINESSE MODELS PROFILE / CALIBRE / HARRIS SCARFE / TONY hair / beauty EAT / DRIN K p r o f i l e / LISA K ING / SU Z Y O ’ ROUR K E what’s in the honda bag? sponsors



Become a DEPARTURE Member then sit back and enjoy the ride. Join other art-lovers in their 20s and 30s and experience a cultural events program like no other. Join before 15 October* and receive a ticket to DEPARTURE on 19 October. An exclusive opportunity to see art after-dark, hear from curators, experience live music and sample great food and drinks. Plus, as a Member you’ll enjoy discounted and pre-sale tickets for all DEPARTURE events, 10% discount in the Gallery Shop and Restaurant, home-delivery of our Gallery mag and more.

Annual membership $100 (Membership valued at $80, DEPARTURE ticket valued at $60)

Join now * Membership and inclusive ticket offer subject to availability. Installation view Deep Space: New acquisitions from the Australian contemporary art collection, Art Gallery of South Australia, Adelaide featuring Narelle Autio, The summer of us, 2009; Ed and Sue Tweddell Fund for South Australian Contemporary Art, assisted by the artist, 2011, Š Narelle Autio, courtesy of Hugo Michell Gallery, Adelaide

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INTRODUCIN G Th e N e w H o n d a C i v i c H atc h

Aesthetically, you’ll be delighted by the new Civic Hatch’s sleek design. Featuring a wrap-around cockpit, aerodynamic shape and innovative Magic Seats, which, with a pull of a lever, can be transformed into no less than 18 combinations to create an abundance of space for whatever you need to carry. For its style and innovation, A Night Of Fashion at the Art Gallery is the perfect occasion to unveil the new Honda Civic Hatch to the fashion industry.

Considering Carsguide motoring reporter Mark Hinchliffe described the Honda Civic Hatch as “…the Miranda Kerr of the small hatch world… petite, pretty from every angle and just enough curves to be sexy as hell…”, it seems only fitting to include the Honda Civic Hatch’s launch at A Night Of Fashion. Honda is no stranger to the fashion community, continuously at the forefront of automotive design and innovation. The new Honda Civic Hatch offers a combination of luxury and quality that is both stylish and sporty, embodying the definition of “style with substance”. Honda sees itself as a perfect fit as naming rights sponsor for A Night Of Fashion as


it is optimistic, full of energy and fun. This extends from founder Soichiro Honda’s company philosophy of the “Three Joys”, being producing, selling and buying. The philosophy reflects the enjoyment of those who engage in the Honda experience, from the engineer who designs the product, the employee who sells it and the person who buys it. This is embodied in the collaborative nature of A Night Of Fashion, where everyone including the designers, the hosts and the guests can be inspired by the craft of others.

SA Honda D e a l e r sh i p s Dav e P o t t e r H o n d a 141 Brighton Rd, Glenelg 8294 3444

Nordic Honda 385 Glen Osmond Rd, Glen Osmond 8229 2355

Formula Honda Honda’s ethos of “The Power of Dreams” is fitting for a fashion event of this nature, as, like Honda, everyone continues to strive for future successes while acknowledging their history.

754 North East Rd, Modbury 8265 9555



C A RL A Z A MPA TTI With her first boutique opening in 1972 in Surry Hills, Sydney, Carla Zampatti now has over thirty boutiques and concept stores across Australia. Zampatti is renowned as one of Australia’s most influential fashion designers, creating high fashion with a signature style for over forty years. Along the way she has been awarded a Member of the Order of Australia in 1987, which was upgraded to Companion level in 2009, along with a host of other honours both nationally and in her home country, Italy. Zampatti’s Spring/Summer 2012/13 collection features a strong presence of pastels, relaxed tailoring, jumpsuits and a return of swimsuits to Zampatti’s label. The garments feature colours of powder blue, tangerine, musky pink, black, cream and navy. Key pieces include Grecian chiffon gowns, a sheer-flocked crop top and white cut-out one-piece swimsuit.

c a r l aza m pa t t i . c o m . a u David Jones, Adelaide Central Plaza 100 Rundle Mall, Adelaide 8305 3208 225 Unley Rd, Unley 8274 1300 Shop 41A, Burnside Village, Glenside 8379 9299

B I A NC A S PENDER Finding inspiration for her designs in everything from art to music to historical dress, Bianca Spender has found a loyal following for her modern, elegant style. Spender uses geometrical references and draped fabrics to create garments that reflect her signature balance between shape and form. After commencing work in design at her mother’s company - acclaimed designer Carla Zampatti - when she was 12, Spender pursued a career in business before reigniting her passion for design. Spender first worked as a pattern maker in northern Italy and junior designer for Martine Sitbon in Paris. Upon returning to Australia, Spender worked as a designer with her mother once again, before entering into fashion design under her own name in 2007. Spender’s Spring/Summer 2012/13 range features rich colours including emerald green, turquoise, vivid blue and yellow in silky textures to create Spender’s perfect summer look.

B I A NC A S PENDER. COM . A U David Jones, Adelaide Central Plaza 100 Rundle Mall, Adelaide 8305 3208



WILLOW After studying commerce and working in fashion PR, Kit Willow launched her debut collection in 2003. Since then, Willow has become one of Australia’s most well-loved and successful designer brands, both at home and on the international stage. Skillful in the art of corsetry and draping, Willow’s pieces are renowned for their craftsmanship, fluidity and romanticism. Willow’s Autumn/Winter 2012/13 collection, Monarch Movement signifies a darker turn for the designer with its bold colour combinations and gothic undertones. Inspired by the Monarch butterfly, the collection revolves around metamorphosis. Features include magnified butterfly wing graphics, leather bustiers and curved silhouettes, culminating in the centrepiece of the collection, the cocoon coat – a design feat that perfectly reflects this season’s shape for outerwear.

w i l l o w l t d. c o m Shop 126, Burnside Village, Glenside 8379 0956

S C A NL A N & T H EODORE Founded in 1987 by Fiona Scanlan and Gary Theodore, Scanlan & Theodore is firmly established amongst the big guns of Australian fashion. Known for their unique prints and clean lines, season after season their intelligently designed collections exude a quiet confidence and complexity that is simultaneously classic and ultramodern. Spring/Summer 2012/13 sees a slight departure from their signature fluid lines in favour of sharp tailoring and a bold colour palette. Crimson, royal blue and black dominate the collection with metallic accents scattered throughout. Structural silhouettes reign supreme, underscored by a few powerful floor-length pieces for an added touch of drama. 310 Unley Rd, Unley 8271 0622



Tell us a bit about your new collection. This collection is an evolution of my Autumn/ Winter 2012 couture collection. I’ve tried to go more in-depth with my story and my take on the ballet Swan Lake.


What do you think the significance is of having the Elder Wing as the venue for A Night Of Fashion? The Art Gallery Of South Australia is spectacular and such a wonderful concept to combine the idea of art and fashion. Having studied art and art history quite a bit I’m very much looking forward to seeing how the Elder Wing lends itself to this kind of venture. Where did you find inspiration for your new collection? It was actually a while ago. I was given tickets to the theatre and I heard Tchaikovsky’s score from Swan Lake. I instantly envisioned my entire collection and I raced home to put pen to paper.

pa o l o s e bas t i a n . c o m

If you could collaborate with anyone who would it be? I would love to do something one day with a mega brand such as Gap or H&M. I think that would be a really cool challenge.   Who do you admire in the industry? The Australian fashion industry (Adelaide in particular) is very supportive and nurturing of young and emerging designers.   What made you want to be a fashion designer? I don’t think there was ever any one thing. I honestly think I was made to do this (I can’t do anything else). I was playing with fabric and always drawing since I was three years old. It was just a natural thing for me.  

C o u t u r e + L o v e + Ma d n e ss WIT H CRI S TIN A TRIDENTE

What is your opinion on the relationship between art and fashion? I believe they are very closely related, especially the art of couture. Couture to me is wearable art. I love creating pieces that take weeks or months to make. I don't think I could ever go into mass production. Tell us a bit about your new collection. It is a fresh colour palette for me - acid yellow, black, navy and watermelon. I have stepped out of my comfort zone with this collection to explore a different side of design. I undertook a lot more background research for this collection to form a real 'story' behind it. What celebrity would you want to dress? Beyoncé, Megan Gale and Jennifer Lopez. I love their sexy curves. What do you think the significance is of having the Elder Wing as the venue for A Night Of Fashion? Being such an iconic building in South Australia, it is fantastic to partner the surrounds of the Elder Wing with fashion. A perfect synergy, I think. If you could collaborate with anyone who would it be? It would have to have been the late Alexander McQueen. He was never afraid of pushing the boundaries. Who do you admire in the industry? George Gross & Harry Who, they have been such an iconic South Australian label for such a long time.

c o u t u r e l o v e m a d n e ss . c o m . a u



J A IMIE S ORTINO What is your opinion on the relationship between art and fashion? For me it’s a strong relationship in my designs - finding the balance and creating wearable art. What does being a part of this event mean to you? It means the world! To showcase at A Night Of Fashion alongside other great Adelaide and Australian designers in this historic building is going to be epic! Which celebrity would you want to dress? Anne Hathaway or Florence Welch. Who do you admire in the industry? I love reading stories of the great designers, past and current. YSL, Chanel, Dior, Alexander McQueen - their stories are full of such emotion that I am sure every designer can relate to, yet are so inspiring.

fa c e b o o k . c o m / ja i m i e . s o r t i n o DE S I G N S

Exclusively at

What are you most looking forward to at A Night Of Fashion? The Art Gallery Of South Australia is a place I have always wanted to showcase in. Seeing my gowns walk through the Elder Wing will be something special for me.    What’s your favourite piece in this collection? That’s a hard question! Every gown in this collection has a personality that speaks to me creatively. I sketched up to thirty gowns for this collection and spent weeks looking at them, picking the perfect balance and right story to tell through fashion and art. 

Need your makeup applied for that special event or want to learn more about makeup? Come & visit our Professional Makeup Artists at Shop 17, Renaissance Arcade, Pulteney St, Adelaide or purchase Make Up For Ever online at Media Makeup has workshops which are designed and tailored to suit your individual needs. For more information go to or call 82233233. 15


T H E NEW G U A RD In just a few years The New Guard has firmly established itself as an Adelaide and online institution for cult brands like Acne, Alexander Wang, Dries Van Noten and Isabel Marant. Owners Erin and Anna have an eye for tailoring and effortless, minimal chic that is refreshing amongst an ocean of flash-in-the-pan fad-wear. From an instantly classic Acne leather jacket to the perfect Alexander Wang tee, The New Guard is an Adelaide Mecca for intelligent, no-fuss and self-assuredly cutting edge fashion. At A Night Of Fashion The New Guard will be showcasing a selection of pieces from international designers, predominantly the fall 2012 collections from Isabel Marant and Dries Van Noten with select pieces from Acne and Alexander Wang.

t h e n e w g u a r d. c o m . a u 138 Unley Rd, Unley 8357 9887

CL A IRE INC Claire Inc specialises in ‘80s and ‘90s designer vintage. All their collections are curated to be in line with current trends and pieces are selected for quality craftsmanship as well as avant-garde and wildly fun over-the-top design. From a bold Moschino slogan tee to a classic Chanel blouse, there is a timeless edge to these pieces that defies age or season restrictions. Pieces are handpicked to meet modern sensibilities and are designed to be mixed with current designers and good quality basics. Claire Inc strongly believes that vintage informs the new and the new in turn, gives an evolutionary nod to the past… the best results come when the old and new co-exist! Claire Inc will present a curated capsule collection of 90s designer vintage with a strong focus on print. Showcasing iconic clothing and accessories from pioneering designers Franco Moschino, Gianni Versace and Karl Lagerfeld, it will be an exploration of the origins of slogans and branding. Each piece is a vintage one-of-a-kind and the collection will be on sale exclusively for summer 2012/13.


Featuring all the best in adelaide Fashion, music, bars, style and Fresh young artists.

at t i t u d e m a g a z i n e . c o m . a u / fa c e b o o k . c o m / at t i t u d e fa s h i o n m a g a z i n e


PRIDE The current focus for Pride Models is the development and potential of at least six of their new faces. This includes up-and-coming models Meg Riley, Charlotte Gregg, Laura Dewitt, Madison Stubbington, Adele McKeen and Holly Watson, as well as the recruitment of fresh faces at their annual International Model Search competition, being held in November at Westfield Marion. They hope these girls will be able to follow in the footsteps of Shanna Jackson, who has her much anticipated launch in New York on December 14. For A Night Of Fashion, Pride are excited to see their beautiful girls (and boys!) walking through the Elder Wing. This event will embody their belief that fashion is an artistic expression through the design and manufacture of garments, which, like art, can be appreciated for the context and time in which it is created and the cultural nuances it reflects.

PRIDEMODEL S . c o m . a u 16

35 Wakefield Street Kent Town SA 5067 Telephone 8362 0588

we love

we love


F INE S S E Exciting things are happening both at home and overseas for Finesse Models. As well as having A Night Of Fashion model, Sophie Loxton, launched in the Paris couture shows this January as an IMG New Face, Finesse are endeavouring to place more models within the US market due to their blossoming US working relationships. Back home, Finesse are excited to introduce some new young talent onto the scene throughout the year. For A Night Of Fashion, sixteen of Finesse’s best girls will grace the catwalk. By considering fashion as seasonal art, Finesse is most excited to see their models walk through the halls of the Elder Wing filled with beautiful art, before joining the rest of the guests after the show to enjoy the party.

F INE S S EMODEL S . c o m . a u 20

zoey vink 5’10.5

simone 5’11.5

mj 5’11

vanessa 5’11


ExcEllEncE SpEakS for itSElf

finessemodelsaustralia finessemodels 08 8232 7044

hannah 5’11.5

sanja 5’11.5

tess 5’11

alice 5’11

alex 5’11.5

kate 5’11

kirsty 5’9

michelle 5’9

sophie 5’11

emilia 5’11

millie 5’11

emma 5’11.5

holly 5’10

georgi 5’11

georgie 5’10

stephanie 5’10

shannon 5’10

rebecca 5’10

jasmine 5’10

nina 5’10


C A LI B RE Calibre clothing was founded by Gary Zecivic in 1989, with the first Calibre store opening on Oxford St in Paddington, Sydney, the following year. Within ten years Calibre had become Australia’s premier men’s fashion label and can now be seen on the likes of Australian male celebrities from Daniel MacPherson to Hugh Jackman. Quality Italian and Japanese fabrics are paired with superior tailoring and perfect cuts. From T-shirts to dinner suits, Calibre pride themselves on making men look like men. In their Spring/Summer 2012/13 collection, Calibre presents the impeccable guide to style. A mixture of bold colour combinations and classic neutrals run throughout their range of structured sportscoats, tailored pants, polos and shirts. The look is completed with a unique mix of colourful accessories and textured leather belts. This dynamic range easily transforms from day to night, turning heads and making style statements for any man about town. 259 Rundle St, Adelaide 8359 3204 Shop 104, Burnside Village, Glenside 8379 2535 David Jones, Adelaide Central Plaza 100 Rundle Mall, Adelaide 8305 3348

H A RRI S SCARFE By channelling timeless style icons Brigitte Bardot and Sophia Loren, Harris Scarfe’s Spring/Summer 2012/13 range embodies the colour and freshness of a Mediterranean summer escape. This range is spearheaded by the four in-house designed labels – Luca & Marc, Khoko, Inspry Signature and Savannah – which all work together to cater for the diverse needs of women’s fashion. Clashing patterns of polka dots and stripes with bold colour contrasts of pinks, reds and greens show a daring new style for Harris Scarfe and complements their new direction with a focus on spring racing and summer fashion. A brand new Rundle Mall store opens imminently. The hostesses for A Night Of Fashion are dressed in Harris Scarfe’s new Spring/Summer collection. The collection is available at Harris Scarfe stores now.

H A RRI S S C A R F E . c o m . a u Rundle Mall Plaza Level 1, 50 Rundle Mall, Adelaide 8203 4444 Westfield Marion 297 Diagonal Rd, Oaklands Park 8377 3822



TON Y B I A NCO With the recent opening of their first Adelaide boutique and launch of their new White online magazine (featuring cover girl Bambi), Tony Bianco pride themselves on bringing high street fashion to your doorstep and are the go-to brand for on-trend, affordable and stylish footwear. With a focus on luxury materials and contemporary styling, Tony Bianco’s latest collection combines vintage glamour, sporty chic and luxe streetwear with a refreshing spring palette. Metallic points, bright pastels, elegant ankle straps and summer wedges feature heavily, with enough gorgeous strappy sandals to get you straight down to your local pedicure joint for a postwinter foot renovation.

t o n yb i a n c o. c o m . a u 234 Rundle St, Adelaide 8232 0794

South auStralia’S largeSt privately owned dedicated printing, mailing and diStribution company working with you Since 1971 certified SuStainable green print


101 Mooringe Avenue, Camden Park SA 5038 p 08 8179 9900 f 08 8376 1044 e



L A UREN M c COWA N Cloud Nine, Creative Director

Aspiring to be a cross-disciplinary creator, Lauren McCowan studied fashion and make-up before embarking on a career in hair. McCowan studied her apprenticeship under the innovative eye of Benni Tognini and was involved in numerous shows and seminars under the Togninis banner. After winning awards such as 2009 AHFA Apprentice of the Year, she completed her apprenticeship and moved to editorial, working in Manhattan for publications such as Zink, Black, Vice, Stil., Nylon, The Source, Sneaker Freaker and Yen. Whilst in New York, she also worked for famed salon Woodley and Bunny in 2010 before returning to Australia in 2011 to become the Creative Director for Cloud Nine in Australia and New Zealand. Forever the multi-tasker, she also returned to the editorial world to work on music videos for record labels such as Universal, Sony, Mercury, Island and Ministry Of Sound. By offering her passion, international experience as an award-winning stylist and superior technology of Cloud Nine, A Night Of Fashion is overjoyed to have McCowan as the event’s creative director for hair.

CLOUD n i n e H A IR TE A M


CLOUD n i n e


evo Cloud Nine ‘O’ Curler and Straightener


GANG Ma r t i n RIC H TER Mabe

9/11 Bailey St, Adelaide 8231 6136

OR B E H A IR & B E A UT Y 174 The Parade, Norwood 8364 5270

MABE B EN g u l ly Mabe 24

10 Kensington Rd, Rose Park 8332 0393



B EC COC H R A NE Media Makeup

MEDI A M A KEUP Shop 17, Renaissance Arcade, Adelaide 8223 3233






Cha m b o r d Derived from a raspberry liqueur introduced to Louis XIV in France’s Loire Valley during the late 17th Century, Chambord’s elegance and versatility embodies its rich history. The dark raspberry liqueur is the cornerstone of the following cocktail that has been specially designed for A Night Of Fashion, harmonising the evening’s themes of art, fashion and history in a drink. To enjoy Chambord with like-minded fashion-lovers, visit Adelaide’s best boutique bars, such as Rocket Rooftop and Botanic Bar, for a selection of cocktails and flavours.

c ha m b o r d o n l i n e . c o m

S C H WEPPE S Since Johann Jacob Schweppe founded the Schweppes Company in Geneva in 1783, the brand has continued to be synonymous with a premium drinking experience. While over time they have continued to improve and innovate their products, key mainstay beverages include ginger ale from 1870, bitter lemon from 1957 and the oldest soft drink in the world, tonic water, which was first invented in 1771 and soon adapted by the Schweppes brand.

s c h w e p p e s. c o m. a u 26

M A KE Y OUR OWN C H A M B ORD PUNC H Take a jug or pitcher filled with ice and pour over 120mL of Chambord. Add to the pitcher a selection of freshly cut fruit. Chambord loves pineapple, lime, orange, mint, strawberry and cucumber, but be creative to your personal taste. Top the pitcher up with Schweppes Dry Ginger Ale, stir and serve. Enjoyed best in springtime with good company.

MVA 799_ANOF_AD_215x150.pdf



4:07 PM


CI B O E S PRE S S O The aim of Cibo Espresso is to bring ‘Italian Moments’ to locals whenever they choose by simply stepping into one of their eighteen locations. Everything including the pastry, bread, food, gelati and coffee is made at the Cibo Espresso kitchen, which is dedicated to continual innovation and the development of new products for Cibo Espresso’s summer and winter menus.

MCL A REN VA LE B EER COMPA N Y As one of South Australia’s leading beer companies, McLaren Vale Beer Company are determined to continue growing. They brew a Gold Medal-winning portfolio with Vale/Ale, Vale/Dry, Vale/Dark and the newest addition, Vale/IPA. Joining their brewery with an inn that serves as the Vale/Inn Taphouse & Kitchen in McLaren Vale, McLaren Vale Beer Company are committed to sharing their motto of ‘Be Silly/Be Honest/Be Kind’.

T H E H ILL S CIDER COMPA N Y The Hills Cider Company was founded on one belief: to craft and create Australia’s best cider utilising 100% fresh Adelaide Hills fruit with no added concentrate, sugar, flavour or water. They haven’t done too badly with this mission statement, being awarded Best Australian Pear Cider, Best Pear Cider in Class at the 2011 Australian Cider Awards with the Apple Cider awarded highest points in its class for an Australian-made cider. In their spare time, The Hills Cider Company continue to support local communities with their produce and sponsor an enormous range of events.

F O X CREEK WINE Established by Jim and Helen Watts in 1984, Fox Creek Wines is recognised as one of South Australia’s premium shiraz-producing wineries, with their Reserve Shiraz falling in the ‘excellent’ category in Langton’s Classification of Australian Wine. The Fox Creek ethic is based on respect for the land, a belief in using sustainable practices and a focus on producing outstanding wines.  Fox Creek also seeks to make a contribution to South Australia by supporting a range of cultural events and is a significant patron of the arts.  A short drive south of Adelaide and you can visit the historic Fox Creek cellar door cottage in McLaren Vale. 28

THE Hills Cider COMPA N Y







Brendan Gallagher & Chris Finnen Jeff Lang & Cal Williams Jnr

$15/1 day or $25/2 day presold • $20/day at the door • children 13 & under free to book 08 8557 0000 • • for details 90 MALPAS ROAD, MCLAREN VALE, SA CELLAR DOOR OPEN 10AM - 5PM DAILY WWW.FOXCREEKWINES.COM


Support Local. The Fashionable Choice. Pe ar s

Follow us


thehillscidercompany. Made from 100% Adelaide Hills Apples & Pears.


LI S A KIN G A self-described lowbrow artist, Lisa King identifies with the DIY culture and subculture of kids today, embracing the passion of everyone from punks to comic nerds. Considering her mantra is ‘art rules my happiness’, King’s core inspiration comes from within herself, finding she is only happy when making art. King enjoys how art is always expressive, whether confined to society’s standards or not. King’s previous works are heavily influenced by her interest in ethnology, human behaviour, tragedy, her family and artists she admires. King looks forward to using A Night Of Fashion as an opportunity to work collaboratively with people she looks up to. Since King has focused primarily on portraits, it is fitting for her inclusion at A Night Of Fashion, as she will be painting a live model throughout the evening.

t h e a r t o f l i sa k i n g . t u m b l r. c o m

SUZY O ’ ROURKE With her creations worn by the likes of Miranda Kerr, Natalie Imbruglia, Megan Gale, Emma Freedman and Kate Waterhouse as well as a plethora of Fashions on the Field winners and racing ambassadors, it’s no wonder Suzy O’Rourke is one of the key names in millinery. The Sydney designer launched her label in 2003 and has continued to earn national and international acclaim for her unique handcrafted headpieces. By listing her inspiration as the ‘pursuit of elegance and divine detail’ with the ‘love of sculptural and dramatic nature of the craft’, O’Rourke’s inclusion in A Night Of Fashion is testament to the symbiosis that exists between the art and fashion worlds.

s u zy o r o u r k e . c o m . a u

the CONCEPT During A Night Of Fashion, Lisa King will be painting a live model who will be wearing a gown provided by designer Jaimie Sortino and a headpiece by Suzy O’Rourke. This will further encapsulate the evening’s marriage between fashion and art. Guests will be able to view King’s work in the Art Gallery during the evening.


Music. Art. Film. Food. Fashion. Your daily guide to Adelaide.


DJS DJ duo, local girls Nan and Betty, have been playing together for the last six months, yet have both been working in the industry for the last five years. Nan and Betty will bring their specialised mix of disco, boogie and house to the A Night Of Fashion after party.

NOVA TEC H As one of Australia’s leading and most respected audio visual production companies, Novatech Creative Event Technology make it their mission to take on any challenge and surpass all expectations. Across Australia they have staged unique and professional events with anything from conferences, gala dinners, product launches, road shows and concerts. For A Night Of Fashion, Novatech are enhancing the essence and beauty of both the fashion and the Elder Wing for this unique event. Novatech Creative Event Technology 153 Holbrooks Rd, Underdale 8352 0300


Available from Official Cloud Nine stockists nationally. For further information contact 1300 437 436.


Wha t ’ s i n t h e H o n d a bag ?


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Evo beauty is skin deep kit C i b o Es p r e ss o c o m p l i m e n t a r y r e g u l a r c o ff e e c a r d Ma k e U p F o r E v e r l i p s t i c k A t t i t u d e m agaz i n e n o t e pa d, d e s i g n e d by L i sa K i n g Pa r k l i f e s t i c k e r H A RRI S S C A R F E TE A TOWEL A t t i t u d e Magaz i n e s p r i n g e d i t i o n L e Ta n C o c o n u t Ta n n i n g G e l Na i l R o c k d e s i g n e r n a i l w r a p s I t e m s m ay va r y d e p e n d i n g o n t i c k e t t y p e


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A N i gh t Of F ash i o n i s p r o u d ly p r e s e n t e d by Na m i n g r i gh t s

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What if rather than trying to overpower the wind, you outsmarted it instead? That’s precisely what the engineers at Honda have done with the all-new Civic Hatch. With a cleverly integrated tailgate spoiler, hidden rear door handles and sculpted taillights, its sleek, aerodynamic shape optimises airflow around the car, making every drive a breeze. To find out more, or book a test drive, visit

*Rec. drive away price for Civic Hatch VTi-S manual in Yellow Topaz as shown.

A Night Of Fashion 2012  

Honda presents A Night Of Fashion At The Art Gallery with Attitude Magazine

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