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Institutional Strategic Plan




To contribute to a better understanding of socioeconomic development processes and of the dynamics of institutional change in Latin American territories, by means of applied research.


To promote and consolidate institutional reforms that allow for an increase in quality and relevance of public policies, and that address emerging issues and new problems arising from the processes of transformation of rural territories.


To strengthen the capacity of stakeholders involved in territorial development processes, so they can be active agents for change and transformation in their respective spheres of influence.


To foster dialogue and encounter processes between different stakeholders at different levels, in order to provide a more transparent, relevant and participative formulation of development strategies.

is a network that generates and systematizes knowledge, with the aim of understanding the transformations of the rural world and contributing to the formulation of improved strategies and policies for a sustainable and inclusive development.

Differential Values t t t t

We build bridges between applied research and decision making processes. Region-wide presence and network approach. Flexible and responsive institutional capacity via national offices. Autonomy and independence.

Our Mission To promote transformation strategies to achieve territorial equity based on a nuanced understanding of the challenges faced by rural territories in Latin America.

Our vision We aspire to a Latin America where all people, regardless of place where they inhabit, have the same opportunities to be part of a just, sustainable, and inclusive development.


APPLIED RESEARCH A better understanding of socioeconomic development processes and of the dynamics of institutional change in Latin American territories. Review the results and learning derived from the research agenda of Rimisp in the light of contemporary intellectual debate on issues such us; rural transformation dynamics; the strengthening of democracy; quality of institutions; empowering, and guarantee of rights of excluded groups such as young individuals, women, rural communities, indigenous people and afro-descendant people. Consolidate the diversification of the institutional research agenda by incorporating new applied research issues and new methodological approaches, for a more integral understanding of territorial development processes. Increase the participation of Rimisp researchers and the visibility of our research results in technical and academic fora. Strengthen our networks and alliances with universities and development research centers at the regional and global levels. Strengthen the publication of our research with a policy aimed at safeguarding quality standards and making it more visible. Consolidate the Latin American Report on Poverty and Inequality as a region-wide reference publication on territorial inequality trends and on the strategies for advancing towards greater territorial cohesion.


political incidence Institutional r eforms that allow for an increase in quality and relevance of public policies. Influence policy processes at different scales, working together with governments, development organizations, civil society, private sector and the other partners of Rimisp, to make the results of our research useful for improving policy in Latin America. Contribute to the implementation of Peace agreements and territorial peace-building, supporting the design of policies and development processes of the post-conflict territories in Colombia. Support the design and implementation of public policies with a territorial approach for the inclusion of people living in poverty and vulnerability, particularly women and indigenous people in Chile. Create conditions to consolidate, at an institutional level, the productive inclusion approach in the public policies in Mexico and progress to achieve a better coordination among powers, orders and levels of government, which enables the implementation of territorial development strategies. Open up spaces for dialogue and discussion on rural transformation processes, social inclusion and territorially-oriented bio-cultural diversity, as drivers of development in Central America and Mexico. Contribute to implementing the agenda for agriculture in Ecuador, as well as a rural development strategy with a territorial approach, including a proposal for a new institutional framework on the subject.


CAPACITY DEVELOPMENT Strengthening the capacity of stakeholders involved in territorial development processes. Develop a cohesive offer of education by means of diplomas and courses in order to make theoretical and practical knowledge available to various stakeholders interested in becoming agents of change. Articulate and mobilize a network of exchange and learning in Latin America, as well as design and promote cooperation initiatives at the territorial and institutional level, among engaging graduate students. Support the development of doctoral dissertations on subjects related to Rimisp’s own thematic interests, through the Manuel Chiriboga Doctoral Dissertation Award.


DIALOGUE AND ENCOUNTER Fostering dialogue in order to provide a more transparent, relevant and participative formulation of development strategies. Consolidate the methodology of dialogue which promotes Rural Dialogue Groups as a mechanism to convey Rimisp advocacy agenda. Promote the construction of multi-stakeholder agreements and covenants, as means to address socioeconomic and environmental conflicts in rural territories. Incorporate consultation and dialogue mechanisms to Rimisp policy influencing projects, consistent with the aim of contributing to building more democratic societies through dialogue.

CHILE Huelén 10, 6to piso Providencia / Santiago Tel. : (+56 2) 2236 4557 COLOMBIA Carrera 9 No 72-61 Oficina 303 / Bogotá. Tel. : (+57-1) 2073 850 ECUADOR Pasaje El Jardín No.171 y Av. 6 de Diciembre. Edificio Century Plaza II. Piso 3. Oficina 7 / Quito Tel. : (+593-2) 5006 792 MÉXICO Tlaxcala 173, Hipódromo, Delegación Cuauhtémoc / DF Tel. / Fax: (+52-55) 5096 6592 / (+52-55) 5086 8134

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Institutional Strategic Plan 2017-2022  

Institutional Strategic Plan 2017-2022  

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