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Who is Rikka? Rikka Zimmerman is a global leader in consciousness, energy transformation and a true example of “Being the Change” we all desire for the world. Rikka has envisioned a dream of a new reality and is leading the way for many. She holds large seminars, teleclasses, offers private sessions and group classes has just released her new book, audio collection and consciousness card deck “21 Secrets of the Universe; Getting Everything You Desire Out of Life”. Rikka is a facilitator of Access Consciousness, a set of tools to literally transform anything in anyone’s life and is acclaimed internationally for this work. What are people saying about Access Consciousness & Rikka Zimmerman Click The Link Below To Watch

Rikka speaking at Leaders For A Conscious World Global Launch

“I see the greatness in you. My mission is to be the change that changes the world, To inspire and facilitate every being in knowing the enormous gift they truly be.” Rikka Zimmerman

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“I have interviewed thousands of famous authors, visionaries and leaders… but no one has had a greater impact on me and my listeners , than Rikka Zimmerman!”

“My fans and I loved having Rikka on my show “Changing Paradigm”! I’ve already scheduled her back!”

“We had Rikka speak at our Expo and she pulled in 2x what the Keynote brought without the publicity! If you’re looking at drawing people to your event get Rikka!”

Sheila Gale; The Sheila Show

Dr. Patricia Hill; Changing Paradigm

Darcy Lodsen; Celebrations Productions

“There is only one person powerful enough to stop you. MEDIA PRESS KIT There is only one person powerful enough to set you free...YOU!” Rikka Zimmerman

RIKKA ZIMMERMAN Rikka Zimmerman Biography

Who is Rikka?

As a renowned facilitator of Access Consciousness, a signed recording artist, and a photographer Rikka is internationally acclaimed for her infinite joy, sense of compassion, and deep awareness in helping thousands break through the barrier of self-imposed limitations. Her engaging speaking style has lead to worldwide speaking engagements including becoming the four time Featured Speaker at the annual Conscious Life Expo in LA and Keynote Speaker at the Denver Metaphysical Fair. Download Bio @ Download Photos @

What is Rikka’s Mission?

What has Rikka been seen?

“My target is to facilitate consciousness for as many people as possible as quickly as possible so that we can change the world. What would it be like if everyone on this planet lost their capacity to judge? How different would this planet be?” Rikka Zimmerman

Rikka has been a featured guest on “Change Maker’s Radio” with over a million listeners, “Changing Paradigm” TV Show, “The Buzz on 82” TV Show, Co-Hosted “Birthday Suit on Lifetime TV, “Empowering Talk Radio; a co-creator radio network”, “Leading from Within”, “You Wealth TeleSummit” “Good Vibrations TeleSummit” “The Time Is Now Tele-Summit” along side Eric Pearl, Trivedi, T. Harv Eker, Hans King & David Wolfe, on Television with the Rev. Michael Beckwith at his Agape church, and has just launched a her own radio show on the World Puja Network broadcasting to a network of 900,000 in 138 different countries. She recently auditioned for the Oprah Show. Her infinite joy, sense of compassion, and utterly breathtaking awareness is bursting through barriers of limitations and allowing everyone to receive more. Rikka and Access Consciousness are actually giving us the tools the movie and book “the Secret” left out. 2



TV & Radio Appearances

All of life comes to us with ease, joy and glory! Access Consciousness Mantra

“Changing Paradigm” TV Show Dr. Patricia Hill award winning television show "The Changing Paradigm" has been produced and shown all over the United States and England for nearly twenty years. Rikka appeared alongside Dr. Wayne Dyer James Redfield “Celestine Prophecy” and Dan Millman “Way of the Peaceful Warrior” and others.

“The Buzz on 82” TV Show Blending warmth and humor, host Lynn Aliya, delivers an uplifting, inspiring show entitled “The Buzz on 82”. Lynn Aliya, Plum TV's Mountain Mama is an award winning actor, writer and director who has appeared in several national commercials and featured films. Click Below to Watch.

“Access You” TV Show Hosted by Rikka Zimmerman and Summer Scotland “Access You” aired in Santa Barbara, California on Channel 13.

Co-Hosted “Birthday Suit” on Lifetime Rikka Zimmerman Co-Hosted a TV Show entitled “Birthday Suit” alongside Famous Fashion Photographer Darren Tieste. Concept was written and directed by Christopher Owens and creative partner Jerry Biederman prolific creators of reality/alternative concepts. Owens' projects have been featured on "Entertainment Tonight," The E! Channel, KTLA's "Morning Show," and written about in the Los Angeles Times, The New York Times, the Los Angeles Daily News, Beverly Hills 213 magazine, Daily Variety, Hollywood Reporter and Billboard magazine. 3



TV & Radio Appearances On TV with Rev Michael Beckwith at the Agape Church Rev Michael Beckwith and Rikka Zimmerman at the Agape Church in Los Angeles. Author and speaker featured in “The Secret” Dr. Beckwith’s achievement as a humanitarian and emissary of peace have been widely acclaimed. To Watch Rikka & Michael Go To

“Access with Rikka Zimmerman” Live on the World Puja Network

Rikka launched in January a tremendously successful radio show entitled “Access Consciousness with Rikka Zimmerman” live on the World Puja Network. A network of over 900,000 in 138 countries alongside Gregg Braden, Marianne Williamson, Deepak Chopra, Barbara Marx Hubbard, Michael Beckwith, and more. For Webpage For Promo Video

Testimonial from Sheila Gale; “The Sheila Show” I have interviewed thousands of famous authors, visionaries and leaders in the human potential movement, but none has had a greater impact on me, and my listeners, than Rikka Zimmerman. Not only does her powerful energy and magnetic presence ignite people's passion, they bought more of her products than any other speaker, including best selling authors, 6 “Now Is The Time Tele-Summit” time Oprah guests, and 3 Stars from the movie and 30 year inspirational radio show host Sheila Gale book, "The Secret." from “The Sheila Show” and “Inspiration For Your Life.” chose top Visionaries, Healers, and Rikka is outstanding and really in a league of her own in the awakening of people's consciousness. She is the Modern Day Mystics including Hans King, David new "big deal!" Watch out, she's on fire! Sheila Gale; Wolfe, Rikka Zimmerman and Eric Pearl among The Sheila Show others. For Website Go To: 4


MEDIA PRESS KIT “What if everything you think is wrong about you has nothing to do with the ‘real’ you.” Rikka Zimmerman

Speaking Appearances

Keynote Speaker at the Denver Metaphysical Fair March 2011 2 hour workshop “Becoming Your Own Psychic” 2 hour workshop “21 Secrets of the Universe” Getting Everything You Desire Out Of Life (Book/Card Deck/Audio Collection)

Co-Founder and Presenter at Leaders For A Conscious World Global Launch

Featured Speaker at the Denver Metaphysical Fair

To Watch Video Go To:

September 2010 1 hour workshop “Having Money, Wealth & Abundance in Any Economy” “Unleashing Your Talents & Abilities; Becoming the Alchemist You Truly Are” Learn to bend forks!

Testimonial from Darci Lodsen Producer of Denver Metaphysical Fair “If you are looking for somebody to pump up the energy of your event, anything that you’re thinking about drawing people into, ask Rikka to come speak because Rikka pulled in 2x what the Keynote brought without the publicity! Her energy just draws people!”

Speaker at the Colorado Springs Metaphysical Fair

April 2010 1 hour workshop “How to Not Take-On Other People’s Energy” 1 hour workshop “Unleashing Your Talents & Abilities; Becoming the Alchemist You Truly Are” September 2010 1 hour workshop “How to Not Take-On Other People’s Energy”

I’m a testimony, I see a lot of people and have never been moved to go through the steps of what they promote and I’m definitely there with Rikka. We’re promoting & hosting Rikka in Colorado Springs for a round of Access Consciousness classes in Nov!” To Watch Testimonial from Darci Go To:

Denver & Colorado Springs Celebrations Metaphysical Fair, Darci Lodsen,, 719-634-1810.

Darcy Lodsen; Celebrations Productions

Speaker at the Denver Metaphysical Fair

4th Year Speaker at the Conscious Life Expo

October 2007-10 1 hour workshop "How To Not Take-On Other Peoples Energy" LAX Hilton, Vibhooti Ananda,, 909-895-4195

Speaker at the Raw Spirit Festival

September 2009 1 hour workshop "How To Not Take-On Other Peoples Energy" 5



Speaking Topics

“What if you’re not wrong? What if you’ve never been wrong? What if nothing you’ve ever been, done or said has ever been wrong, ever?” Money: Gary Douglas; Access Consciousness Founder Having Money, Wealth & Abundance in Any Economy How To ‘Be’ Money The Keys to Having and Receiving More Money Conscious Business: How To Do What You LOVE and Get Paid For It

Body: The Keys to Creating Change With Your Body Weight Loss with Ease, Joy and Glory

Relationship: The Keys to Creating A Phenomenal Relationship The Keys to Improving Your Sex Life in 3 Days

Other Topics: How to Not Take-On Other People’s Energy (This topic tends to draw large crowds) 21 Secrets of the Universe; Getting Everything You Desire Out of Life (Book/Card Deck/Audio Collection) Unlocking Your Family Programming Ending the Cycle of Abuse Creating Your Dream Life and Business as a Reality Becoming Your Own Psychic Ending Self-Judgment - Getting Out of the Wrong-ness of You – Getting Out of Judgment of You (same content) Acknowledging the Gift and Contribution You Truly Are Out of the Matrix and Into Your Own Reality Unleashing Your Talents & Abilities; Becoming the Alchemist You Truly Are or Wizards Party (If this class is live we can bend forks) Unleashing Your Sexual-ness (If this class is live we’ve hired a Fitness Pole Dancer to instruct the audience)

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Press & Media

Tele Summit Interviews “Now is the Time” with Sheila Gale “Plug Into Your Power” with Solarzar & Kyralani “You Wealth Revolution 2012” with Darius Barazandeh

Radio Show Appearances Change Makers Radio with Linda Strick (Over 1,000,000 listeners) Leading From Within; Castle Rock Radio with Hosts Steve Sorenson & Greg Glesen Empowering Talk Radio a Co-Creator Network with Host Ken Ludwig Transformation Talk Radio with Jennifer Longmore “Inspiration For Your Life” with Sheila Gale

Oprah Show Audition: Rikka Auditioned to Have Her O.W.N. Show on the Oprah Network

Printed Press: Article in ICOSA Magazine So What if there are No Answers Article in Rocky Mountain Collegian Individuals ‘Unlock Universe’ With Their Minds Article in Aspen Daily Times




21 Secrets of the Universe

Tools For Getting Everything You Desire Out Of Life A 21 Day Step-by-Step Program

Would you like to interview Rikka about her Upcoming book? Each day contributes a new tool to apply in your daily life that transforms your awareness to knowing and experiencing just how talented and amazing you truly are.

Is your life everything that you would like it to be right now? Or do you desire more? MORE money? MORE joy & gratitude? MORE expansive relationships? MORE energy with your body? Would you like to CREATE YOUR LIFE just as YOU would like it to be… and a whole lot MORE?

Your book/journal companion will lead you through written life expanding exercises that pertain to YOUR life. Day by day this!"#$! %&'(%)%&*!()"+,%+$!+)$",$'!-"',%&*!+."&*$'!/0)!"! #.0-$!&$#!(-",/0)1!/0)!,.$!+0&'+%02'!+)$",%0&! 0/!302)!-%/$4

What if you've just been missing the tools and information that actually work to expand and improve any area of your life?

You are inspired and empowered, journaling the unveiling of the infinite gifts delivered to your doorstep as the universe whispers in your ear, “Keep going, you’re on the right path.” Click the Link Below To Download The Promotional Packet

Imagine the excitement of waking up every morning to an enlightening, fun, and igniting audio session with Rikka Zimmerman as your guide exploring the secrets of the universe you should have been given when you were born.

The Complete Set 21 Audio CDs, Book/Journal Companion, 63 Piece Consciousness Card Deck, Secret Post-it Notes • • •

Your Book/Journal Companion with 21 Daily Written & Experiential Exercises 21 Daily 45-60 minute Class Audios walking you through each secret step-by-step 63 Piece Consciousness Card Deck = 63 tools to transform your life

What if you just found the Secrets Of The Universe you’ve been asking for? 8



Other Resources Did you know that Rikka is a signed recording artist?

“What if everything you think is wrong about you Is a greatness you are not yet willing to perceive?” Dr. Dain Heer; Co-Creator of Access Consciousness

Rikka Zimmerman A.K.A. “Rikka Z” is also a signed recording artist with Do Rite Records with Producer Alan Abrahams; former head of RCA Records. She has just completed her first 5 song CD entitled “Billion Butterflies.” She won 3rd place singing Billion Butterflies for Denver’s Got Talent.

Rikka Z on the cover of The Independent Magazine To Download the Independent Article: To Download Follow Up Article: To Go To Rikka’s Music Web Page:

Other Resources What is Access Consciousness? What is “The Clearing Statement?”TM What are “The Bars?”

The Foundation of Access Consciousness First 4 Radio Shows on The World Puja Network

Did you know Rikka has created an Internet community with Live Stream Classes, Mp3 Downloads, Blogs, Forums and much more? What if the purpose of your life was to have fun? 9



I wonder what change we can create in the world together? Thank you so much for you‌ If you have received this kit you may be one of the ones here to change the world. I would like to thank you for that! Thank you for your bravery and willingness to choose something different. So that everyone can have a different world. I look forward to the gift I can be in your life. Gratefully, Rikka Zimmerman

Rikka Zimmerman 350 Chapala St. #205 Santa Barbara, CA 93101

For Booking Information Call Kim Estock (970) 309-5898


All of life comes to us with ease, joy and glory! TM

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