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Our Mission The Rhode Island Foundation is a proactive community and philanthropic leader dedicated to meeting the needs of the people of Rhode Island.

Addressing Social and Economic Inequities As the state’s leading philanthropic organization, we recognize that equity is at the core of our work. We intend to be deliberate about investing in the substantial overlap between our three strategic priorities – economic security, educational success, and healthy lives – using quality data and influencing public systems reform to make lasting improvements that can be both seen, and felt, at the community level. Whether that be reducing healthcare costs for small businesses, increasing career readiness opportunities in schools, or creating healthier learning environments for students. Rhode Islanders of color, and low income Rhode Islanders, face disproportionate barriers across our three strategic priorities. Unsurprisingly, we see disparity in outcomes. To us, this is unacceptable. While the population of those in need may be different across our strategy areas, we will work to identify where our investments of funding, capacity building, and leadership will have impact. We will also work to build embedded, strong, cultures of civic engagement and philanthropy across our state – to ensure that all Rhode Islanders have the resources, the will, and the skills to continue the march toward equity. Learn more.

Our Values • Of, by, and for Rhode Island. • Excellent stewards of the charitable legacies entrusted to us. • Focused on finding long-term solutions. • Committed to innovation. • Addressing the underlying causes of inequity and eliminating disparities. • Strengthening the whole community by connecting community members across sectors. • Balancing competing priorities. • Rewarding high performance and initiative-taking. CULTURE OF CIVIC ENGAGEMENT







Economic Security Investments are aimed at long term, demonstrable improvements in household financial stability and household wealth. We will work to reduce disparities in these measures and will focus on three specific strategies for doing so — effective workforce development, small business growth, and high opportunity clusters. Learn more. 2025 IMPACT TARGETS

• $78,000 RI median household income (2011-2015: $56,852) • 70% of Rhode Islanders have a credential or degree (2015: 45%) • .40 on GINI Index of income inequality in RI (2016: .467) • 50% reduction in educational & income gaps • 45,000 net new jobs

Educational Success Investments are aimed at long-term improvements in student outcomes, improving the quality of educational environments, and coordination within and across the sector. We will work to reduce disparities in these outcomes and will focus on three specific strategies for doing so — improved student learning experiences, strengthened educator capacity and leadership, and meaningful partnerships within and across the K-12, early learning, and higher education systems. Learn more. 2025 IMPACT TARGETS

• 95% of students graduate from high school (2016: 82.8%) • 75% of 3rd graders are proficient in reading (2017: 41%) of students score at highest levels of proficiency in reading • &20%math (2017: 6% ELA, 4% math) 50% reduction in achievement gaps • 4

Responsive Grants As the state’s community foundation, we must create flexibility in our community investment strategies so that we are able to work with partners across the nonprofit sector to meet community need. To do so we have created the Responsive Grants program. Nonprofit organizations that are interested in applying should be working to address urgent community need and emerging opportunity, to test new ideas, and to support proven programs. The program is designed to support organizations across the

nonprofit sector — including those working in the arts, or to serve children & families, or to provide affordable housing, or to protect the environment. The program will also support organizations that are focused on other areas of need, and we continue to fund dozens of other grant programs and scholarship opportunities. Learn more.

Healthy Lives Investments are aimed at improving health outcomes, providing better care, and lowering costs. We seek health equity across race, ethnicity, income, and geography and are focused on three strategies to get there — increased primary care access, utilization, and quality, expanded alternative care models and collaborations, and promoting system—level reform that will improve patient experience, improve the health of populations, and reduce the per capita cost of healthcare. Learn more. 2025 IMPACT TARGETS

• 90% of adults report a routine checkup in past year (2016: 81.5%) 90% of children had 1+ preventive dental care visits in past year • (2016: 79.3%) • 75% of children have a medical home (2016: 52.1%) • 80% of health care dollars paid through alternative payment models • 50% reduction in disparity in health status

Lead We have earned the trust of our donors, community leaders, and Rhode Islanders through a century of effective investments, strategic grants, and responsible decisions.

Transform We align our fundraising, grantmaking, and leadership to inspire and engage Rhode Islanders to address today’s challenges and create lasting improvements in our community.

Inspire We challenge and encourage Rhode Islanders to become active and involved in the community, to form meaningful partnerships, and to work together for the good of Rhode Island.

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2018 strategy brochure