"Paradigm" by Bette Ridgeway at Ventana Fine Art

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Opens Septe

ember 3, 2021

“My paintings are a spontaneous occurrence, born of experience, but maturing reflexively in the process of creation. My technique is controlled improvisation. Gravity is my medium. Images are caught with intent”.

Photo: Audrey Durrell For Trend Magazine 2021

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400 Canyon Road, Santa Fe, NM 505-983-8815

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ew at 5pm MST on Thursday, September 2, ed to the Ventana website.

ry 4-6 pm on Friday, September 3, 2021.

5 | 800-746-8815 www.VentanaFineArt.com

Photo: Jo Ellen Thompson

Ridgeway is acclaimed for her unusual pouring technique developed over the last four decades. It is best explained in this short film.

Recent Awards: In January 2021 Ridgeway received the Michelangelo International Prize in Rome, Italy. Other awards include: 2020 DaVinci Prize, Top 60 International Contemporary Masters by Art Tour International Magazine and the Oxford University Alumnae Award at Chianciano Museum in Florence, Italy. Selected Collections & Books: The Mayo Clinic, Federal Reserve Bank and the John Deere Corporate Collections are amongst Ridgeway’s many permanent public placements. Numerous books feature her work, such as: Encyclopedia Art Universal 2021, Art Folio 2020, International Contemporary Masters, and 100 Southwest Contemporary Masters. Exhibitions: Global exhibitions in 80+ museums, universities and galleries, including: Palais Royale, Paris, Embassy of Madagascar and the inaugural London Art Biennale. Recent Publications | feature and/or cover Dwell Time Press, Apero Magazine, ARTERY NYC Magazine, the High End Magazine, Monk Magazine, UK, ArtFolio 2020, LandEscape Art Review UK and Periferal ARTeries Magazine, UK. Click here for a film on her largest public commission.

“Paradigm One” acrylic with gold on canvas 62 x 50 inches

“Paradigm Two” acrylic with copper on canvas 58 x 40 inches

“Fusion” Acrylic on canvas 52 x 66 inches

“Red Sky at Morning” Acrylic on canvas 48 x 50 inches

Ridgeway selected this painting for the cover of her newest coffee-table book which is available At Ventana Fine Art

“High Desert Spring” acrylic on canvas 48 x 52 inches

“In the Wind” acrylic on canvas 30 x 38 inches Opposite: “A Day at the Beach” acrylic on canvas 60 x 50 inches

“Jitterbug with Red” acrylic on canvas 66 x 44 inches

“Magma Rising” acrylic on canvas 52 x 50 inches

“Portals I—IV” each c

canvas 20 x 20 inches

“Coherence” acrylic on canvas 54 x 44 inches

“Along the River of Life” acrylic on canvas 46 x 46 inches

“Summer Romance” acrylic on canvas 48 x 40 inches

“Temperatures Rising” acryl

lic on canvas 34 x 72 inches

“The Flames of Passion” acrylic on linen 75 x 54 inches

“Emergence II” acrylic on canvas 68 x 46 inches

“Fandango” acrylic on c

canvas 46 x 30 inches

“Garden in the Rain” acrylic on linen 58 x 42 inches

“Deep Summer” acrylic on canvas 60 x 50 inches

“Birth of the Blues” acrylic on linen 80 x 64 inches

“Copper Canyon” acrylic

on canvas 52 x 66 inches

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