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Les Mills LIVE – Singapore 2019 Live exertainment at its best, this epic event offers community, activity, fun and a chance to network – and the 2,500 tickets are selling fast, says Hylton Drake, COO Les Mills Asia Pacific.

+ Hylton Drake


Regarded by many as the ultimate fitness festival for the region, we combine the best of entertainment and exercise in what we call “exertainment” with the best of stage setup, lighting and sound carefully coordinated with each program track, elevating the offerings of our presenters and the experience of all participants. This will also be exemplified

RIDE ON January 2019

through our program THE TRIP, which takes cycling to a new frontier of motivating and immersive fitness experiences. Over the last few decades, Les Mills International CEO Phillip Mills has seen huge change in what drives club members and keeps them motivated. In this video, using exercise bikes as an example, he explores how the evolution of technology has helped create a more motivating environment for exercise that helps members achieve more. Phillip Mills - The Evolution Of Motivation