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Aug 2016

41 clubs in District 3780 register 204 new members In line with RI’s thrust to support and strengthen clubs, the District Membership Development Committee of RI D3780 chaired by PP Bernadette ―BH‖ Herrera-Dy rolled out Vision 20-20 program for RY 2016-17 where all clubs have been enjoined to increase membership by 20%, and maintain 100% member retention by the end of the Rotary year. It also calls for the induction of at least one new member under the age of 40. Clubs in the district and their All Star Presidents have been responding favourably to the challenge posed by Vision 20-20 as they enriched their knowledge & understanding of the Vision during district training events such as SEAMLESS Seminar and Membership Development Seminars. In addition to consistent messages from DG Dwight Ramos, District Chair BH Herrera and other district leaders during Governor’s Visits to clubs, the Membership Development Committee has announced  recognition system for new members, their sponsors 

and clubs and All Star Presidents consisting of certificates, pins, awards; and special recognition events for new members such as orientation sessions and a fellowship night with them

Chair BH Herrera-Dy happily reported that as of August 26, 2016, a total of 204 registered new members coming from 41 Rotary clubs in RI D3780 was recorded. More than half of these 41 clubs have already attained 20% increase in membership growth this early in the Rotary year, with some actually exceeding the target. The complete update report of District Membership Development Chair BH Herrera may be viewed by clicking on this link MEMBERSHIP DEVELOPMENT UPDATE August 26, 2016.

DG Dwight Ramos swears in two distinguished gentlemen who have agreed to continue serving through Rotary in D3780 as honorary members of RC Holy Spirit: 2016-17 Chair of Philippine College of Rotary Governors PDG Pichoy Ramirez of D3770, and PDG Robert Kuan of D3830 who has retired as businessman-founder of ChowKing and presently seats as Trustee of St. Lukes Medical Center and Brent International Schools while serving as outside director in a number of listed corporations. Another equally illustrious gentleman, PDG Rafael M. Garcia III of D3800 who served as PCRG Chair for 2015-16, was inducted by DG Dwight Ramos as honorary member of RC Bagong Sandigan D3780 during a separate occasion.

District Governor’s Message By Governor Dwight Hilarion M. Ramos, Rotary International District 3780

Let us lead the way in carrying forth the tradition of ROTARY SERVING HUMANITY

We should have more Rotarians who can achieve more good work, and who will become the Rotary leaders of tomorrow. And so it goes back to what Paul Harris has said about members combining all their effort in order to serve humanity together: This is Rotary Serving Humanity! This calls for all our Clubs to chart a seamless and smooth segue from membership to TRF to public image and back.

The recent Council on Legislation adopted some innovative measures that now give Clubs more flexibility to respond to the needs of their members and to clear away as many barriers to membership as they can. Clubs can already vary their meeting times, can have in-person or online participation, and can expand their pool of prospective members. Now in explaining the RI Presidential Citation for RY 2016-17, President John Germ said that there is no better path to meaningful service today than Rotary membership as we rely to our members in order to be able to make a real and positive difference in our communities. Through the members, Rotary has the capacity, the network, and the knowledge to change the world. Thus, our goal is to have more people join us and become members of Rotary.

We start by getting our members' ideas organized into projects and then apply for a TRF grant to fully or partially fund these Club Service Projects. We successfully implement our service projects then let everyone know of what our Club has done through a PR program. The community sees, reads and hears about our Club projects, thus membership recruitment is enhanced. Donors, both here and abroad, hear and read about them too and soliciting funds for future Club projects will be easier. This cycle goes on and on and at the end of the day, what you actually have is a proven formula for having an effective Club. This is our commitment, both a responsibility and an opportunity, to lead the way in carrying forth the tradition of "Rotary Serving Humanity" this Rotary Year 2016-17.


The Governor’s Monthly Letter


We thank the All Star Presidents who have proudly shared in this issue stories of how their clubs have been serving humanity through Rotary. Some of those service projects partake the nature of finite, immediate impact service such as in disaster relief, gift-giving & feeding, dental and optical missions; others may take time to observe impact such as health & road safety forum, bloodletting and 100-day nutrition program; while still others are longer term transformation initiatives such as the Rotary Community in Montalban and continuing upgrade of SPED education. Congratulations to all !!

District Governor Dwight Hilarion M. Ramos

We encourage all clubs to continue sharing their stories of Rotary Serving Humanity for publication in the GML which is distributed widely. Editors of Rotary club newsletters may freely cite or reprint materials from this GML without having to secure prior clearance from the editors, but please acknowledge the source and the name of the author in the by-line of an article. If you’re now reading this publication online, click on this link to view the July 2016 GML.


District Secretary Cesar “Poch” Jaymalin District Chief of Staff Ma. Cecilia “Cecille” Rodriguez District Information & Communication Officer Winston Sia Ricardo “Ric” P. Salvador Editor in Chief Associate Editors

Jesus “Jesse” Tanchanco Elizabeth “Beth” Directo Marcia “Marcia” C. Salvador Cresencio “Cris” Bacho The All Star Edition of the Governor’s Monthly Letter 2016-17 is published by the District 3780 Governor with offices at the Rotary Center Building, Roces Avenue, Quezon City, Philippines. Contributions for publication may be sent to the Office of DG Dwight or to EiC Ric Salvador at rp_salvador@yahoo.com. Please share a copy of submissions for publication with your Assistant Governor and AGR to keep them informed.

RY 2016-17 DISTRICT CALENDAR (As of Aug 12, 2016) MONTH





PP BETH DIRECTO Rtn. William Kang








24 25 30

















Multi-club Membership Development Seminars inspire Rotarians By District Membership Development Committee Chair PP Bernadette “BH” Herrera-Dy The first Membership Development Seminar was held on August 9, 2016 at the Silver Hall of the Rotary Center. Some 23 clubs had been represented by more than 150 attendees. Immediate Past District Governor Obet Pagdanganan of the Rotary Club of Manila of District 3810 was the guest speaker who truly inspired the Rotarians of our district to be on board our Vision 20-20. LG Ric Doria was the designated night chairman. District Membership Development Chair PP BH Herrera welcomed all the participants, DGE Chito Borromeo introduced the guest speaker while PDG Penny Policarpio facilitated the open forum. It was indeed a fruitful and fun night for all those present. LG Ric Doria and Vice Chair for Membership PP Suzette Lee were the over-all organizers of

this activity. The second Membership Development Seminar was held on August 17, 2016 in the Silver Hall also of the Rotary Center with PDG Oyan Villanueva of Rotary Club of Baguio Summer Capital of District 3790 as the guest speaker. Truly PDG Oyan motivated all the 200 participants present from 31 clubs in our district. LG Ric Doria was again the night chairman, DCOS Cecilia Rodriguez welcomed the participants, PDG Penny Policarpio introduced Gov. Oyan and facilitated the open forum while District Membership Chair PP BH Herrera closed the program. Again it was a very successful seminar where everyone who attended learned a lot and were motivated to grow their clubs.

Rotary serves dental care needs of 130 senior citizens By District Community Service Chair PP Aiza Remedios

In partnership with UNTV: Serbisyong Kasangbahay (a public service channel), the District Community Service Committee chaired by PP Aiza Remedios conducted a service activity called ―Project Senior Moments‖ in two (2) segments. The first segment was done on July 26, 2016 at the ADD Building in Munoz, Quezon City where 100 senior citizens living in the area were served for tooth extraction. The services were rendered by the RCC Dental Team of RC Kamuning Central. Also on this day, the RCC Dental Team performed dental casting on 30 senior citizen patients from different areas in Quezon City who had earlier appealed for help from UNTV. As an added feature of the service project, all the patients each received a gift pack containing rice, grocery items and

toothbrush sponsored by RC Kamuning Central. Gov Dwight Ramos led the distribution of the gift packs assisted by District Community Service (DCS) Chair PP Aiza Remedios, DCS member PP Jun Zipagan and District Membership Development Chair PP BH Herrera-Dy who was also present as a scheduled segment host of the UNTV program for that day. The second segment was done on August 11, 2016 at the Rotary Center where the dentures were tried and installed on the indigent senior citizens. The dentures were sponsored by five (5) Rotary clubs, namely: Kamuning Central, Kamuning East, Paraiso, Roces, and West Triangle. The senior citizens were grateful that their wishes have been granted through the efforts of Rotary.


Rotary’s immediate response relieves suffering of 1,000 flood victims in Quezon City By District Community Service Chair PP Aiza Remedios and PP Absalon Zipagan Jr of Disaster Preparedness, Relief & Recovery Committee When heavy rains spawned by the southwest monsoon on August 14, 2016 caused severe flooding in some areas in the metropolis, one of the heaviest hit was Barangay Bagong Silangan in Quezon City. District Rotaract Representative Rachel Diano of RaC Cubao QC immediately sent appeals for help on social media. It did not take long for the relief goods to arrive and soon sorting and repacking activities were taking place at the Rotary Center, with both Rotaractors and Rotarians working long hours. On August 15, 2016, the first 200 packs of relief goods were brought to the Barangay Bagong Silangan Elementary School (where hundreds of evacuees were temporarily staying) by ASP Mustafa Al-sayyad and PP Andy Almendral of RC Bagong Silangan. This despite the heavy rains, slippery roads and darkness. Relief goods (rice, bread, bottled water, noodles, canned goods, milk, coffee, slippers, used clothes, toiletries) continued to arrive from various Rotary clubs and Rotarians. Both Rotaractors and Rotarians were kept busy sorting and repacking. The next batch of relief goods were sent to the covered court of Barangay Bagong Silangan and Bagong Sulyap evacuation site also in Bagong Silangan.

Relief goods were also brought to Barangay Tatalon and Barangay Roxas, two other affected places in Quezon City. The district relief mission helped around 1,000 flood victims. Thanks to the efforts of DCOS Cecille Rodriguez, District Community Service Chair Aiza Remedios with Co -Chair PP Eren Tumali, PP Jun Zipagan of the Disaster Preparedness, Relief and Recovery Committee, ASP Mustafa Al-sayyad, PP Andy Almendral and LG Ric Doria. And, of course, special thanks to our Rotaractors led by DRR Rachel Diano. Thanks to the following Rotary clubs who generously contributed their share for the relief mission: Bagong Silangan, Camp Aguinaldo, Camp Karingal, Camp Panopio, Cubao, Cubao Edsa, Cubao South, Diliman North, Diliman QC, Eastwood, Holy Spirit, Kagitingang Cubao, Kamuning Central, Kamuning East, Katipunan, Lagro Ascencion, Midtown QC, Neopolitan Fairview, New Manila QC, North Edsa, Quezon City, QC Central, Quirino QC, Roces, San Bartolome, SFDM, Sta Mesa, South Triangle, Valencia, West Central QC, West Triangle.

Rotaractors sort and repack relief goods

Relief goods are unloaded and distributed.

Evacuees wait for help at the Bgy Bagong Silangan covered court


Rotary in Quezon City reaches out to serve monsoon flood victims in the provinces of Pampanga and Bulacan By District Community Service Chair PP Aiza Remedios and ASP Stanley Agojo of RC Pag-asa QC

On August 21, 2016, RID3780’s Disaster Preparedness, Relief and Recovery Team went to four (4) areas in Sto Tomas, Pampanga which were inundated with flood waters resulting from the monsoon rains. Some 700 packs of relief goods were brought to Pantalan River Poblacion, Barangay Poblacion, Barangay Maros Dela Paz and Sitio Cabobong in Sto Tomas, Pampanga. The team led by District Community Service Chair PP Aiza Remedios had to ride real and makeshift (inflated interior rubber tire tubes) that served as bancas to reach

the flood victims. She was joined by PP Jun Zipagan, as well as by a team from RC Pag-asa consisting of ASP Stanley Agojo, WCP Malou Lapuz, PP Sarah Estanislao, PE Diane and two other club members. It was at the instance of WCP Malou that the relief mission was organized. Earlier, 200 packs of relief goods had been sent to Bulacan by District Secretary PP Pocholo Jaymalin on August 20, 2016.


RC Metro West Triangle & partners establish Rotary Community to make resettlement site self-reliant By All Star President Pearlito Garcia The South Ville 8 community located in Barangay San Isidro, Rodriguez (formerly Montalban), Rizal is a relocation site for an expected 10,000 families of informal settlers. Currently, there are 8,274 families in this site who had been evacuated from floodprone areas or who had to be relocated to pave the way for government infrastructure projects. For a great number of these families, resettlement had not been easy. Far from work, separated from previous support groups and immersed into a community with limited opportunities, many think of going back to where they came from. To help find ways to alleviate their adverse living conditions and keep them within the community, RC Metro West Triangle embarked to develop a Rotary Community. The objective is to transform the resettlement area into a self-governing and selfsufficient community conducive for permanent living and raising a family by addressing the health, livelihood and education needs, by 2025. To this end, a multi-phase Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) was conceptualized and signed between the National Housing Authority (NHA), University of the East Ramon Magsaysay Memorial Medical Center Inc (UERMMMCI) the local government of Rodriguez, and RC Metro West Triangle. Phase 1 of the MOA which included establishment of a health clinic or Bahay Pagamutan and trial run for medical services, has been completed. Phase 2 is underway. This involves the full implementation of the Bahay Pa-

gamutan project. With permission from NHA, three (3) housing units were converted into a health center, while another three (3) housing units were converted into a temporary lodging for medical personnel. Metro West Triangle has recently donated new tables and chairs, steel cabinets for files and medical instruments, weighing scale, stretchers, crutches, minor surgical instruments and supplies, as well as much-needed medicines. At present, medical interns from the UERMMMC provide free check-up and treatment Mondays to Thursdays from 8AM to 1PM. Physical Therapy students provide rehab care once a week in the morning. The establishment of a multipurpose cooperative has also been started with the NHA taking the lead role. Leaders of the cooperative will be guided in identifying the best suited livelihood program for the community. In the aspect of education, the project will provide on-job training opportunities for future medical specialists, nurses and physical therapists. Also, RCMWT will soon launch a Computer Literacy Program for high school students. Phase 3 of the project which is now in its planning stage shall be the development of the full Rotary Community Center, to include permanent Bahay Pagamutan, housing for health care providers, office for the multi-purpose cooperative, a Day Care Center and seedling-herbal garden.

RC Bagong Sandigan cheers up 120 street children from depressed area in Binondo, Manila By All Star President Maurice S. Librea On July 29, 2016, RC Bagong Sandigan shared joy with the street children of Binondo, Manila in a joint project with Alliedbankers Insurance Corporation (ABIC) dubbed Kaloob sa Mga Bata. The event that began with a Holy Mass Service was held at the Multi-purpose Hall of Sta Cruz Cruz Church in Binondo. Hygiene kits were distributed to more than 120 street children, after which a short interactive teaching on values formation was conducted. Kiddie meals were then served. The project was made possible through the help of RC Bagong Sandigan CP Becca Dela Cruz who is ABIC President, as well as from the company’s officers and employees. ASP Maurice Librea was assisted during the event by several club members who came to interact with the kids.


During its induction rites, RC Bagong Sandigan relaunches “World’s Greatest Meal To Help End Polio” campaign By All Star President Maurice S. Librea and PE Marilen Lagniton It was a luau party as RC Bagong Sandigan (RCBS) celebrated its 2nd charter anniversary and induction rites on August 24, 2016 at the Global Lounge of the Rotary Center. It was also a momentous occasion as the club re-launched the ―World’s Greatest Meal To Help End Polio‖ campaign. The guests were given envelops into which they could give their donations that would then be remitted directly to TRF’s End Polio Now program. District Membership Development Chair PP Bernadette ―BH‖ Herrera-Dy and Gov Dwight Ramos were only too glad to charge and induct, respectively, ten (10) new members of RCBS, who were mostly below 40 years of age. They lauded the club for having exceeded the year’s 20% target in new member recruitment early in the Rotary year. During his speech, the Governor made special mention of a new member inductee, Rotarian Rodolfo Ebreo, who was likewise the sponsor of a new member --- a first, according to Gov Dwight. Rotarian Ebreo is also one of the Club’s seven Paul Harris Fellows.

RC Cosmopolitan Cubao reaches out to serve students in the mountain province of Benguet By All Star President Nikko Carlo Cayaga On August 5, 2016, RC Cosmopolitan Cubao (RCCC), in partnership with the Benguet Dental Chapter of the Philippine Dental Association, organized and conducted dental care outreach service in the town of Kabayan, Benguet Province for the benefit of students of Tawangan Elementary School. The team of dentists, led by RCCC PP Dr Jesus Tumaneng, conducted a dental care orientation briefing prior to the check -up, dental treatment and distribution of medicines to the students.

An added purpose of the outreach project was to help the school children meet their need for school supplies. So while the dentists were working on dental care needs of the children, other RCCC members took care of distributing school kits for students from pre-school to high school levels. The outreach team left the school with two hundred seventyfive (275) school children beaming with joy for the gifts they had received.


RC Quezon City & partners sustain program to upgrade teaching & learning facilities for SPED pupils By All Star President Mike Enriquez and PP Cesar Baltazar Now in its fourth year, the Rotary Club of Quezon City’s assistance to the Batino Elementary School SPED Center continues. Firstly, the training of teachers was held in June. Secondly, the Annual Children’s Party was conducted for the children in July. And thirdly, a package of other improvement efforts and donations was provided.

and repainting of the structure) of the termite ridden school building on the western portion of the school compound. These renovations are made possible in partnership with RCQC’s international sister club, Rotary Club of Yokohama Honggo, who donated the equivalent of Php330,000.00 for this project. Expected completion of renovation works is in late October.

The children’s party once again proved to be an exciting opportunity for RCQC and the school children and its teachers and administration officials to get together and for the children to showcase their talents, and experience fun and partake of the party food and gifts for everyone. The occasion was attended by some 15 RCQC members and about 200 children with special needs.

RCQC believes that these efforts will contribute in furthering the goals of the school and ultimately enabling the children with special needs to learn and achieve a quality of life they deserve.

As the teachers are the key to the education of the children, the Interactive Teaching of Science and In-Service Training of Teachers (INSET) for the teachers was conducted in partnership with the Department of Education and the Don Bosco Science and Technology Centre. In this seminar, lead instructor Prof. Narciso F. Mefragata taught the teachers new trends in the teaching of Science and gave out free Science Kits. In June 2016, in pursuit of Rotary International’s 6 Areas of Focus, RCQC completed the installation of partitions for six classrooms for the 3-storey Batino SPED Center Building. These partitions effectively resulted in converting the rooms to four classrooms per floor for a total of twelve (12) classrooms. In addition, RCQC also donated and installed fourteen (14) ceiling fans and hand wash stations with water supply lines for the comfort and personal hygiene of SPED Center pupils and teachers. The newly partitioned classrooms were inaugurated and blessed during the Annual Children’s Party hosted by RCQC in partnership with the Inner Wheel Club of Quezon City (IWCQC) led by Ms. Babes Arroyo (IWCQC President) and officers, the Rotary Club of West Triangle (RCWT) led by ASP Jacqueline ―Jackie‖ Santos and ASP Nikko Cayaga of the Rotary Club of Cosmopolitan Cubao. In progress is the renovation (replacement of classroom ceilings

Blessing and Inauguration of Batino Elementary School SPED Center Building Classrooms and 14 Hand Wash Stations. July 15, 2016

Teacher graduates of Interactive Teaching of Science In-Service Training for Teachers (INSET) with RCQC IPP Edwin Gonda, PP Poch Jaymalin, VP/PE Bong Fernando and ASP Mike Enriquez and Prof. Narciso F. Mefragata lead INSET instructor.

RC Broadway distributes free reading eyeglasses By Club Secretary Imelda Reyes On August 21, 2016, RC Broadway conducted an optical mission in Barangay Tatalon, Quezon City, in coordination with the Barangay Council. ASP Eric Soriano led members of RC Broadway in facilitating the conduct of the mission. After being examined by an optometrist, a total of seventy-two (72) indigent patients were given pairs of reading glasses suited to their requirements. Most of the beneficiaries were senior citizens who were just too happy to receive their gifts. 9

RC Holy Spirit prepares rollout of 6th annual program to save children from malnutrition By All Star President Peth Rivera Emerging from the successful completion of the 5th annual 100day milk-feeding and nutrition program for 50 malnourished Grade I pupils of Dona Juana Elementary School, RC Holy Spirit is completing preparation to launch the 6th annual program in September 2016. The nutrition program for 50 selected ―wasted & severely wasted‖ pupils of Dona Juana Elementary School, a public school, featured daily intake of chocolate-flavoured fresh milk, snack food and multivitamin syrup for children over 100 school days. The project has been successful on account of passionate care by the Feeding Program Chair PP Beth Sy of RC Holy Spirit, by the feeding teachers, and by volunteer-parents. There was also the continuing support and assistance of Rotary officers and members throughout the 100-day program. Special events like Christmas were also celebrated with special meals and gifts to cheer on the children and teachers. Height and weight of the children were measured, and body-mass indices determined, at program launch, at mid-point and at the end of the program. The annual nutrition program has been made possible and sustained through the generosity of sponsors who share its purpose and achievement, and donations by club members.

RC Katipunan organizes health & road safety forum to protect children & persons with disabilities By ASP Emerito Rojas On July 21, 201, in celebration of the National Disability Prevention and Rehabilitation Week, RC Katipunan conducted a forum on Health and Road Safety at the Laguna Lake Development Authority Building in Quezon City, in cooperation with the New Vois Association of the Philippines. It was attended by 105 parents, PWD’s (persons with disabilities) and government employees. Atty Via Paras of the Ateneo de Manila University School of Government spoke on road safety.. The topic on health promotion was handled by Mr Allan Chester Nadate of Health Justice Philippines. It was also an opportunity for RC Katipunan Charter President Jorge Banal to talk about Rotary and its role as a service organization. 10

RC West Triangle shares “gift of love” to cured patients in Tala Leprosarium By All Star President Jacqueline Santos Last August 4, 2016, the Rotary Club of West Triangle (RCWT) went to the custodial wards of Dr Jose Rodriguez Memorial Hospital in Caloocan City to visit the cured patients of Tala Leprosarium. This is the club’s 2 nd visit this year for its planned quarterly project called ―Gift of Love.‖ The club gave gifts not only to 80 cured patients, but also to the 20 helpers of the four wards. The RCWT family handed out 80 bed sheets to the 4 custodial wards. PP Marlon Rivera and PP Merlita Flores donated 3 wheelchairs to patients who were just too happy for the blessings. Nanay Lita who has been living in Tala for 52 years received her first wheelchair, while Puloy and Roberto were finally able to replace their dilapidated ones. Pastries and drinks were handed out for merienda and each of the 100 patients and helpers received assorted grocery items and personal hygiene products. Aside from gift giving, our club’s primary purpose in visiting Tala is to give joy to the forgotten ostracized members of society. If you stop and listen to their stories, they all have the same sentiment…that their families have abandoned them and society is afraid of them because of their physical appearance. A few hours of joy through conversation and some singing surely uplifted their hearts and made them feel that there are still some people who think of them and are concerned of their well-being.

RC Paraiso and partners hold blood-letting campaign to save lives By All Star President Rosanna Cuevas RC Paraiso organized and conducted a blood-letting project on August 20, 2016 at the clubhouse of UNFHAI in North Fairview, Barangay Pasong Putik, Quezon City. This was done in partnership with FEU Hospital, Dugong Alay Dugong Buhay, United North Fairview Homeowners Association Inc and the Philippine National Police Station 5.

The campaign aimed to raise awareness to the increasing number of incidents of blood shortages in the country, and show how a simple act of blood donation can help save lives. About 40 blood donors came. A total of 8100 CCs of blood were collected.


At their induction, DG Dwight Ramos encourages Rotaractors to join Rotary while still in Rotaract By District Rotaract Club Service Director Marjorie G. Liwag July 30, 2016 was a joyous occasion for Rotaractors as they held the District Rotaract Handover and Multi-club Induction Ceremonies. It was time to say goodbye to the World Class Year and welcome the All Star Year. The event was attended by 87 Rotaractors from 17 Rotaract clubs. Ten (10) Rotarians and nine (9) Interactors were also present.

After swearing in the New Rotaractors and the District Rotaract officers, District Governor Dwight Ramos gave a short but very meaningful and love filled speech, wherein he challenged the Rotaractors to love the ―Least, Last and Lost‖ people.

Outgoing District Rotaract Representative Patrick Hermoso of the Rotaract Club of Balintawak was profuse with thanks to fellow Rotaractors in his valedictory address. This was followed by the induction of the incoming District Rotaract Representative and the All Star Team by District Governor Dwight Ramos. In her inaugural address, DRR Rachel Diano of the Rotaract Club of Cubao urged all Rotaractors present to engage themselves and be partners of Rotary in serving humanity.

DG Dwight then announced that under the new membership options adopted by Rotary International, Rotaractors are now allowed to become members of Rotary clubs while they are still in Rotaract. The district governor encouraged the senior Rotaractors to consider the opportunities in joining their sponsoring Rotary clubs as active members.

Past District Governor Rufino ―Penny‖ Policarpio Charged the New Rotaractors of District 3780

The event was hosted by RaC Cubao and co-hosted by RaC Balintawak, with the theme ―PERLAS: 30 Years of Service. Now Passing the Torch.‖

By joining DISTAS 2016, Rotaract leaders refine understanding of their roles during the All Star Year On August 27, 2016, the District Rotaract Training Assembly (DISTAS 2016) was held at the Quezon Ballroom of the Great Eastern Hotel in Quezon City, with the theme ―Unleash the Superhero in You.‖ It was attended by more than fifty (50) Rotaractors from fifteen (15) Rotaract clubs.

Diano gave an overview of the goals and programs of District Rotaract for 2016-2017. The Rotaract Distas was hosted by the Rotaract Club of SFDM Malaya Achievers.

Governor Dwight Ramos, in his message, called on the Rotaractors, who had dubbed themselves as QCRACStar Heroes, to fight our greatest enemy, ourselves, with a superhero discipline to be able to serve ―not ourselves, but our clubs and our communities,‖ and to be able to conquer new worlds. District Rotaract Representative Rachel 12

“What are your reasons for joining, and for staying, in Rotary? Most joined for the opportunity to serve and stay for the friendships. The Rotarian magazine recently asked members around the world to share their reasons for joining, and for staying in, Rotary. THE DOVE, newsletter of the Rotary Club of Holy Spirit D3780 in the Philippines, asked the same questions to a number of Philippine Rotarians and added their responses to some of those reported by The Rotarian August 2015, in the summary below. 

I joined Rotary to be a part of our collective humanitarian projects, and I have stayed because of the joy on the faces of beneficiaries each time we solve a need.

Raewyn Kirkman Rotary Club of Waikato SunriseHamilton, New Zealand

Chibuzo Hilary Asogwa Rotary Club of Ekulu, Enugu State, Nigeria 

I had a desire to give back to my community and the world. My father was a Rotarian, so I knew a lot about it. That was about nine years ago. I think what keeps me there is the friendships, not only with people in my local club but with Rotarians I’ve met from around the world.

Elizabeth Cohoe Rotary Club of Cataraqui-Kingston, Ontario, Canada 

In the Philippines  I joined Rotary in 1995 unexpectedly for business reason.

I offered to do the club bulletin because liked the work, and finally found myself doing more and more. From that time on, I tried to do my part in making Rotary look better and attractive to others.

As a disabled couple who are both Rotarians, we knew that our fellow Rotarians would see us as people, not disabled people, and would welcome our input into the community. And so it has proved for the last 10-plus years!

I joined to make a difference in my community. I’ve stayed because I am.

Glo Nethercutt Rotary Club of Mabalacat, D3790 Philippines 

Heather R. Klein Rotary Club of Alleghany County, North Carolina, USA 

I joined Rotary after having been involved in a post-tsunami project in Sri Lanka in 2005. This was the first contact I had had with a Rotary club, and I was so impressed by the dedication of its members in their efforts to help others that I immediately applied to join my club in Stockholm when I arrived back in Sweden.

Nicholas Thompson Rotary Club of Stockholm International, Sweden 

Honestly? I joined for business. But I stayed for the fellowship and causes.

Craig Howie Rotary Club of Whitby Sunrise, Ontario, Canada

I joined Rotary for the opportunity to inspire and give hope. To the down-trodden, to make them aware that all is not lost; to other members of Rotary, to make them aware that there is more value to life than material things and that their support gives life to others; and to the Rotary movement, to express that all things must change, evolve and improve.

Eric C. Santos Rotary Club of Commonwealth, D3780 Philippines 

I sat down and figured out how much time I was donating, and how much more effective it would be as part of a club instead of doing it all myself. I joined for the service and stay for all the friends I’ve made. It’s nice to travel and instantly have friends wherever I go.

Aur Beck Rotary Club of Carbondale Breakfast, Illinois, USA

I’ve been speaker in Rotary and other civic clubs. I readily said yes when I was invited after a talk. As a total quality practitioner, I found that Rotary had good systems I could apply in my work. Club visioning and tourism master planning for Paranaque were my first Rotary projects. I stay because my time and competencies are fully utilized in club projects. And most Importantly our "God-inspired enabling friendships" is lived by the club.

Marge Lamberte RC Paranaque Metro, D3830 Philippines

Making friends, travel, and self-development attracted me to Rotaract. After a successful decade in Rotaract, I graduated to be a Rotarian. The bonding with Rotary family and the way projects are executed to benefit society at large helped me ascend to be a Rotarian.

Saket Gadkari Rotary Club of Thane Hills, Maharashtra, India

I joined Rotary to render service to the downtrodden; I stayed because I found fun and friendship.

Nze Anizor Rotary Club of Trans Amadi, Rivers State, Nigeria

David Shaw Rotary Club of Thornton-Cleveleys, Lancashire, England 

The more I give back, the more I continue to get. Rotary moments, personal development, great friends, the joy of service — Rotary is the gift that keeps on giving!

I joined Rotary because I wanted to expand my network of friends and open myself to more opportunities of service. I have stayed in Rotary because of friends that I acquired, the joy and happiness I have experienced in doing service and the blessings I have continuously received.

Pastor “Mar” Reyes Rotary Club of San Francisco del Monte, D3780 Philippines 

I joined to render service in my small way to our community. I stayed because I enjoyed it well. Rotary is a better organization to find friendship.

Fernando Pine Rotary Club of North Balintawak, D3780 Philippines 13


RI President’s August 2016 Message Forty years ago, a man named George Campbell, the owner of the company I worked for, invited me to join Rotary. Back then, that was a common practice in the United States. Your boss invited you to join Rotary because he thought it would be good for business and good for the community, and you said yes. It’s not surprising that our membership surged during that period. George warned me not to use Rotary as an excuse to slack off at work. Even so, I always had time to attend lunch meetings and serve on committees. I never had to worry that taking a long lunch once a week would hurt my advancement, or what my boss would think about the occasional Rotary phone call at work. Today, things are different. Companies are less generous about time, and not every manager looks favorably on community service. It’s hard to enjoy a Rotary meeting when you’ve got emails piling up on your phone. It’s harder than ever to balance work with Rotary – and the model that gave us so much growth a few decades ago is part of what’s holding back our growth now. That’s why the recent Council on Legislation adopted some innovative measures that allow clubs to vary their meeting times and expand their pool of prospective members. Clubs have more flexibility now to respond to the needs of their members and to clear away as many barriers to membership as they can. But there’s one barrier to membership that only you can remove, one thing that every prospective member needs to become a Rotarian: an invitation to join a Rotary club. Whenever I tell a group of Rotarians that we need more willing hands, more caring hearts, and more bright minds to move our work forward, everyone applauds. But those hands, hearts, and minds won’t magically appear in our clubs. We have to ask them to join. And an invitation to Rotary is something that only you can give. An invitation is a gift. It’s saying to someone, ―I think you have the skills, the talent, and the character to make our community better, and I want you to join me in doing that.‖ I’m the president of Rotary International, but the only club I can invite someone to join is the Rotary Club of Chattanooga, Tenn. I can’t make your club or your community stronger. Only you can do that – by inviting the qualified people you know to join you in Rotary Serving Humanity. JOHN F. GERM President 2016-17

Foundation Chairman’s August 2016 Message More members mean a stronger Foundation Our Rotary Foundation depends on a strong and thriving Rotary membership. It is, after all, our members who provide the generous support that enables our Foundation to tackle some of the world’s most pressing problems. As important as that support is, it’s not the only contribution Rotarians make to our Foundation. The Rotary Foundation has an unusual business model. Like many charities, we receive donations that we use to address a host of critical issues. Unlike most other nonprofit organizations, we depend on our members to develop relevant and effective service projects. Your volunteer labor stretches our contribution dollars and helps The Rotary Foundation to do much more with less. The typical global grant requires hours of planning and budgeting before even one dollar is received or spent. Then the sponsors must purchase supplies, seek donated goods, set up bank accounts, organize volunteers, write reports, and monitor the project’s progress, all while working with Rotarians in another part of the world. Fortunately, our clubs have a wide variety of professional skills and talents to call upon throughout this process. Smaller clubs may not have the financial or human resources to sponsor a global grant, even if their members share a strong commitment to the Foundation’s mission. Imagine what those clubs could accomplish with two or three times as many members. As we celebrate Membership and New Club Development Month in August, let’s not forget the importance of quickly engaging new members in Rotary service. Make sure they know about the many opportunities our Foundation offers members to pursue their service interests, from promoting better health to providing training and education to bringing peace and stability to communities in need. Through The Rotary Foundation, our members have a chance to use their skills to make a real difference. First, we need to bring those talented people into our ranks and engage them in our Foundation’s vital work to create a better world. And only we, the Rotarians, can bring in those new members. So it is up to us, really, isn’t it?

KALYAN BANERJEE Trustee Chair 2016-17 14

What defines a Rotary club? You choose

Posted on August 9, 2016 by John Hewko, Rotary International General Secretary What Rotary has achieved over the past century is remarkable. We were one of the world’s first membership service organizations. Rotary members have made a decisive positive impact in our communities and around the world, from helping to draft the UN Charter in San Francisco in 1945, to spearheading the most successful global health partnership in history with the launch of our PolioPlus program in 1985, bringing one of the world’s most feared diseases to the brink of eradication. The list of groundbreaking Rotary projects is too long to mention here. But as our Foundation enters its second century, we also need to think hard about how we will continue to have the kind of impact and influence that has shaped our first 100 years. Our members, of course, are the beating heart of Rotary. So membership is a good place to start. Greater flexibility Over the past 15 years, Rotary has carried out pilot programs that have explored new definitions of membership, classifications, and the club experience. We have consistently found that when clubs are given the freedom to determine how to hold their meetings, the composition of their membership, and what defines engagement, the club is more vibrant and better able to grow. In some parts of the world, the traditional club model works just fine, but in others, our membership is flat-lining. To be frank, a single club model applied universally across our incredibly diverse

Rotary communities is probably not sustainable. To address this, and support Rotary’s future health, Rotary’s Council on Legislation adopted two measures that in my mind are critical for our organization: clubs now have greater flexibility (see the video) in when, where, and how they meet and the types of membership (see the video) they offer. Also importantly, Rotaractors can become members of Rotary clubs while they are still in Rotaract. It’s your choice While this flexibility is available to those clubs that choose to amend their bylaws, a club that wishes to continue to adhere to the traditional requirements regarding meetings, attendance, structure, or categories of membership may continue to do so. Some clubs are already taking advantage of the new flexibility, as this blog post from a Rotaract member who is also now a Rotary member shows. Rotary needs to retain the talents of qualified young leaders as well as attract members from all demographic groups. The membership decisions, like many others at this year’s Council, are a significant step for Rotary’s future. Learn more about the membership and meeting flexibility decisions and the impact they will have on our organization’s growth in the years ahead (download the PDF). I encourage you to share this information with Rotarians in your club, district, and region. You can also read a review of the Council’s actions on rotary.org.


AUGUST is Membership and New Club Development Month in Rotary

The Age Demographics help us understand why membership must increase by 20% and with younger new members Data presented during the RI Webinar Aug 13, 2014 - MEMBERSHIP: IT’S NOW OR NEVER

Rotary membership has remained steady at 1.2 million

Watch the webinar MEMBERSHIP: IT’S NOW OR NEVER by clicking here or on the image

18%, or 216,000 Rotarians worldwide, are 70 years old & above



We are this close to ending polio. Our commemorative car sticker to highlight the TRF century of service. Stickers are available for free on September 10 to All Star Presidents. Post by Anthony Vidal

The good you do comes back to you. Rotary's member benefits program gives Rotary and Rotaract club members access to discounts on a variety of products and services selected with their interests in mind. Rotary Global Rewards offers discounts on vehicle rentals, hotels, dining, and entertainment. Products and services from companies around the world are being added every week. Check back often to see what’s new in Rotary Global Rewards at Rotary.org My Rotary. For more information, please contact the D3780 Rotary Global Rewards Chair/PP Jesse Tanchanco.

Post by PDS Jesse Tanchanco. 17

Rotary Information - HISTORY OF RI DISTRICT 3780, Quezon City Philippines Rotary International District 3780—which includes all chartered Rotary Clubs within the territory of Quezon City, Metro Manila, Philippines—was formally established by Rotary International in RY 1987-1988 (then named as R.I. District 378 under the old numbering system). District 3780 holds the distinction of being the only ―One-City, One-District‖ in the Rotary world. The Rotary Movement in Quezon City started on April 28, 1960 under the ―original‖ R.I. District 380. At that time, District 380 was comprised of the whole of Luzon and Palawan, with 29 Clubs under its then first governor, DG Mat Caparas of RC Caloocan (Mat Caparas later became the first and only R.I. President from the Philippines). In RY 1968-1969 Ceferino Picache of RC Quezon City, was elected as the as first governor of the ―original and undivided‖ D-380 coming from Quezon City. He was later followed by DG Marcos M. Herras also of RC Quezon City, in RY 1972-1973. District 380 was further ―divided‖ into two in RY 1976-1977 with the creation of D-382 to cover all clubs south of the Pasig River, including Manila, and with the original D-380 retaining governance over all clubs north of the Pasig River, including Quezon City. Under the leadership of then Governor Mar Un Ocampo, D380 was further subdivided. Thus, D-380 was made up of Metro Manila and the northeastern provinces from Bulacan

to Batanes, while D-379 (now known as D3790) had jurisdiction over the northwestern provinces from Pampanga to Ilocos Norte. In RY 1980-1981, Jose Agaton ―Tony‖ Sibal became the third district governor of D-380 who came from Quezon City. He was followed by DG Fernando ―Nanding‖ Pedrosa of RC Cubao, in RY 1985-1986, and by DG Prospero ―Pros‖ Crescini of RC San Francisco Del Monte, in RY 1986 1987. The birth of R.I. 3780 finally came about from another ―subdivision‖ of R.I. District 380 into three districts. To ensure a steady and well balanced Rotary growth, the district governor (of District 380) submitted a proposal for the regrouping of the clubs in District 380 into three districts. A ballot by mail was subsequently conducted in August 1985 to ascertain the opinion of the clubs about the proposed regrouping. After a majority of the clubs supported the proposal, it was recommended to Rotary International that the clubs in District 380 be regrouped into three districts. Thus, subject to the provisions of Article XIII, Section 1 of the By-laws of Rotary International, effective July 1, 1987, the clubs in District 380 were regrouped into three districts, namely: District 380 that covered all clubs in Metro Manila except Quezon City; District 377 that included the provinces of Bulacan, Nueva Ecija, Nueva Viscaya, Isabela, Cagayan, Ifugao, Quirino, Kalinga-Apayao and Batanes Isalnds; and District 378 for Quezon City. The four-digit district numbering system went into effect 1 July 1991. At that time, District 378 became District 3780.

Since the creation of District 3780, the District has been served by the following Governors: Rotary Year District Governor Rotary Club 1987-1988 Jesus “Jess” Laxamana RC New Manila 1988-1989 Antonio “Tony” Pascual RC San Francisco del Monte (SFDM) 1989-1990 Ernesto “Boy” Mañalac RC Quezon City 1990-1991 Jose “JL Pete” Morales RC SFDM 1991-1992 Armando “Manding” Gonzales RC Sto. Domingo 1992-1993 Melito “Bimbo” Salazar RC Diliman 1993-1994 Mario “Mar” Nery RC New Manila Heights 1994-1995 Oscar “Oca” Inocentes RC Uptown Cubao 1995-1996 Efren “Efren” Lim RC Cubao East 1996-1997 Manuel “Manoling” Monroy RC SFDM 1997-1998 Gil “Gil” Divinagracia RC Balintawak 1998-1999 Nemesio “Nemie” Peralta RC Diliman 1999-2000 Mojamito “Mo” Libunao RC Kamuning West 2000-2001 Hermogenes “Hermie” Jarin RC Fairview 2001-2002 Danilo “Danny” Reyes RC Ayala Heights 2002-2003 Roberto “Bobby” Viray RC Cubao West

History of Rotary 101

2003-2004 2004-2005 2005-2006 2006-2007 2007-2008 2008-2009 2009-2010 2010-2011 2011-2012 2012-2013 2013-2014 2014-2015 2015-2016 2016-2017

Roberto “Bobby” Viray RC Cubao West George “George” Howard RC SFDM Benjamin “Benjie” Bacorro RC Neopolitan Fairview Danilo “Dan” Espinosa RC Biak na Bato Danilo “Danny” Fausto RC New Manila East Alexander “Alex” Cureg RC Diliman Dulce “Dulce” Coyukiat RC Kagitingang Cubao Pablo “Ambo” Gancayco RC New Manila East Jose Francisco “Jess” Cifra RC Loyola Heights Rufino “Penny” Policarpio III RC SFDM Francisco “Francis” Rivera RC Timog QC Samuel “Sammy” Pagdilao, Jr RC New Manila East Reynaldo “Rey” David RC Timog Dwight M. Ramos RCQC

District 3780, at present, comprises 104 clubs and has 2,400 Rotarians. Future Governors have also been selected in the persons of Chito Borromeo from RC New Manila East for RY 2017-2018 and Pastor Mar Reyes of RC SFDM for RY 2018-19. 18

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