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Example 4: Sample Problem from IMMEX It is a challenge to find assessment tasks in the strategic category – i.e., higher order thinking. This example from the Interactive Multi-Media Exercises (IMMEX) program at UCLA uses computer technology to present real-world, case-based, higher order problems to students in the context of a rich set of resource clues. The technology tracks every keystroke, documenting student actions and data-mining strategies used to solve the problem, and displays a map of the strategies, color coded as to their potential contribution to the problem solving. IMMEX uses sophisticated artificial intelligence models to identify strategies. Research studies on IMMEX find it to be reliable in its analysis of student problem solving skills. 26 The figure below (Assigned Problem Sets) lists three of the cases the students can solve individually or in teams. The figure further below (IMMEX Search Path Map) is an example of one of the strategy maps produced for students after they completed one of the tasks. IMMEX is an example of the potential use of simulations and games in assessment. 27

Source: Personal correspondence with UCLA developer, Ron Stevens. Used with permission.



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