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How to install Webroot Antivirus through Installing Webroot Antivirus through For full protection and security of your working system or device, users are highly advised to install Webroot Antivirus Software through When it comes to protecting your devices from hazardous attacks of virus and malware, it is highly recommended to install this antivirus software. Webroot offers wide range of protection products which helps in preventing data losses and also protects the operating devices. Webroot Antivirus Software effectively prevents online frauds, threats and data breaches that can arbitrate while you are dealing with security issues for your data. This highly recommended antivirus software also offers a reliable technical support team or customer support which is available 24X7 for its valued customers.

Whether it’s a Mac, Windows or smartphone, users can secure their valuable data and devices with Webroot Antivirus. For purchasing any of the Webroot products, users can visit Every Webroot antivirus software product is available in both “unpaid” and “paid” versions. The validity of “trial” or “unpaid” version is available for only 30 days. If users prefer to buy the “paid” version of Web root Antivirus Software then

they have to look out for the subscription details which are mentioned below the purchased product. After purchasing the Webroot product, considering the validity of the subscription set, you will also be asked for the renewal of the subscription, if you desire to purchase or extend the product. The users have the options of choosing the “auto-renewal” option. In the process of installing Webroot on devices, users are supposed to keep few things in mind for successful installation of Webroot antivirus. They are below-mentioned, do follow them carefully. No matter, in which device you intend to install the Webroot product, your device should have adequate storage space in it. The users should make sure that all the applications and the operating systems that are preinstalled on their device should be properly updated. In addition, users should make sure that if any version of Webroot is already installed on their device then it should be deleted immediately. Furthermore, users should also check the specifications that the required Webroot Antivirus product is compatible with their device or not. Steps for Installing Webroot via 1. To begin with, users should click on the “Download” folder. The users should note carefully that any downloaded files, folders or software will be displayed in the “Download” folder (by default), unless they are going to make any changes. 2. Now, users should double click on “Webroot Antivirus” for accessing the software. 3. Next, users should click on the setup or run the Webroot software, depending on the type of browser they are using. 4. Finally, the process of installing Webroot Antivirus has been started 5. Thereafter, the will now ask for the Webroot Activation product key. 6. Now, users should click on “Next” and then follow the instructions which are given on-screen. 7. After successfully completing all the on-screen instructions, the installation will be completed. 8. The installation step will take sufficient time, which will depend on the working speed of user’s computer. Therefore, users should be patient enough in installing the Webroot Antivirus Software.

Installing Webroot safe on other devices from As every business is going online and digital marketing is ruling the world, all types of businesses and professionals are preferring online protection for their working devices. For competent and reliable protection of every PC, Mac, tablets and smartphones, it is highly advisable for users to download and install Webroot Antivirus Software from The main users of this antivirus software have the provision of adding devices to their accounts by sending other users an enrollment invitation. The enrollment invitation from main users to other accounts can be send through SMS or email. For successfully installing Webroot safe on other devices, users are supposed to follow below mentioned steps: -

1. Firstly, you are advised to log in to the Secure Anywhere website at 2. Now, you should click the Mobile Protection tab 3. Next, do click the Devices tab and click Add a Device. 4. Subsequently, the panel of Add a Device will be displayed. 5. From the ownership drop-down menu, you should select one of the owner types: a. Company b. Employee c. Not Specified 6. Thereafter, in the Phone Number field, please do enter the phone number of the device owner a. Every time, the phone checks in for the first time, its automatically added at that time b. If you are owning a tablet or similar device which don’t have phone numbers then they can enter another contact number for the user. 7. Next, you should select one of the following radio buttons: ●

Existing User

New User

8. In case, new user’s radio button is selected then do enter user’s information in the following fields: ●

First Name

Last Name


9. Now, you should go to the panel and then select one of the following checkboxes for deciding in what way the system will be sending enrollment instructions: ●

Email Enrollment Instructions to User

Email Enrollment Instructions to Me

SMS Enrollment Instructions to User

10.After accomplishing this step, you should click Save to send the enrollment invitation to the user.

The user is advised to follow the enrollment instruction carefully from the device before the device reports its status to the Mobile Protection Website.

Troubleshooting problems when installing Webroot Antivirus

Without shred of doubt, it’s clear that Webroot Secure Anywhere is one of the most reliable and trusted antivirus software for all types of computer systems. Nonetheless, there are times when problems erupt on installing it on our working computer system.

It is highly advisable to follow these instructions for both Windows PC and Mac, if users are facing problems in installing Webroot Antivirus software program on their system. So, let’s discuss these troublesome and optimum solutions for resolving them.

1. Commonly speaking, there are many users who type incorrect key codes, and this usually happens when they are confused with numeric and alphabets. As key codes are unique for every user, do ensure to type correct key codes. 2. While installing it from a CD, do ensure to note each letter or number, as you type them in the given field. If you are unsure about any character then do try typing it both ways. 3. While installing it from an email then you should copy and paste the keycode directly into the installer. For accurately copying as well as pasting your unique keycodes, you should highlight the full keycode with your mouse and then right-click the selection and select Copy from the context menu. Next, you should place your cursor in the keycode entry box, now right-click and then select Paste from the context menu. 4. In case, you are using older versions pf Webroot antivirus then do uninstall it, by following instructions given by Webroot Customer Care support team. 5. You should ensure that you are using the correct download. Furthermore, users can also request the company to have the current download file and their keycode will be sent to them through their registered email. You should click this link and if you are buying it from Best Buy then do click this link for the current download.

Basic Instructions for Android or Apple iOS users

1. The webroot installation of Webroot Secure Anywhere demands a steady and robust internet connection for verifying your account. So, it is highly recommended to switch to Wi-Fi connection, if you are still connected to any 3G/4G network. 2. The users should ensure that they are downloading the correct app for their keycode. In case, for any type of installation help and support, then do click this link mp;login=1&%2338;amp;app=vw&%2338;amp;solutionid=903 for your Webroot subscription. 3. The typing of correct keycode is very important. Commonly speaking, users are generally confused with characters i/1, o/0, s/5, b/8 and others, on typing the codes manually. So, you are advised to try it both ways, if you are not sure about the characters. In case, if you receive a license which has both an alpha and an alpha-numeric version of the code, then you are advised to enter alpha version during the installation. If you are buying it directly from the company then you should copy and paste the keycode into keycode field from the received email, at time of purchasing it. 4. Thereafter, do go to and then login. If login problem still persists then go to ruleid=1469 5. On Home Screen, if message – Go to Backup & Sync is displayed then it means that there are no issues with it. 6. In case, if Home Screen, a message-Set Up Account Now is displayed then do wait for loading to complete, before moving ahead to the next page. 7. You should ensure that you have all the essential and obligatory permission for the installation process. For viewing your account menu, you are supposed to click on your username in the upper-right corner. 8. Thereafter, from the menu, you should select Account Settings. Next, you should watch under the section Access & Permissions, if there are any listed items that do not indicate “Admin” or “Access”. In case, if there aren’t any then you should click on Change, which is placed next to one of the items.

9. Next, a page will be automatically displayed to set permissions. Next, you should use the drop-down selections to choose “Admin” or “Access” for all items they see and then click Save Access & Permissions. This will take about 15 minutes for permission changes to occur and make an impact. 10. To sum up, if you are still unable to install Webroot Antivirus Software on your system then you should click the link for any customer care support.

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