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In This Issue  The Commander in Chief  Triaxis  The Jac Dalton Band  Dedication  Robin Beck  I AM I  Rick Springfield  The Biz

Firebrand Magazine

Wow what a ride. Where has the last two years gone, its simply just flown by . Two years ago Firebrand Rock Radio was created to see if it was viable to challenge the FM world with an internet radio station, to try and create a balance in the music industry where all artists are treated fairly ( No don’t panic im not going to grab the nearest oak and hug it) and in that time we have achieved a great deal of what we initially set out to do, made a great many friends all over the world. Perfectly timed as it is Firebrand Rock Radio’s 2nd Birthday this month, we have brought out the very first edition of Firebrand Magazine and we hope your going to love what you see here. Its not going to be genre focused like so many of our competitors, its about bringing you the listener/ reader the best in new bands, new artists that you may never usually get to hear about as we do not rely on who has the biggest advertising spend. Expect articles from both sides of the music industry , from the artist’s perspective and other industry people. Anyway enough prattling on this is the first edition lets hope you enjoy it. If you would like to be involved with the magazine moving forward or have any comments on this release then why not shoot us an email to

 Voodoo Highway  Jimi Jamison  Heaven The Axe

Peace and Respect Doc

 Hellbound Rebels  Hanging Dolls

Managing Editor : Rick Palin Editor: Lee Walker Cover Artwork:: Zoe Blush Contributors Donna Greene Graham Greene Jen Vogel Advertising: Submissions:

Firebrand Rock Radio

Firebrand Magazine

Volume 1, Issue 1

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Meet The Team that Rock Your World The Doc Host of Young Guns (new talent show) Group therapy and Docs House of Blues The owner of the firebrand group who founded the station based on helping out the unsigned.

Metal Goddess Jen Jen is our US operations director within firebrand as well as bringing you a host of kick ass shows such as Music Mania and Metal Flashback Jen has a great pair of shows (betcha were wondering what i was going to say then) airing each week on Firebrand so make sure you catch them

KC KC is our Australian Manager who looks after Firebrand for us in the land down under. KC who runs shows 3 times a week brings her own blend of great music to the station, with names from Australia you may have never heard before. Make sure you check her out Monday, Tuesday and Friday.

More team introductions next issue including the mighty Mick the Beard, The award winning Mike James and the rest of the gang. Including The Creptter Children’s Nator and Iballa...more on them next issue.

Firebrand Magazine

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THE GRAPEVINE Well news in this morning is really great ...Our friends over at HRH have just announced the festival line up for Hard Rock Hell AOR....and what an impressive line up. It is going to be hosted at the Magma Science Adventure in Rotherham on April 6th and 7th 2013. One thing about the Hard Rock Hell crowd they always pick great venues, the Magma is a converted Steel Works and a fantastic setting for the AOR event of the year. Headlining this festival is a band I personally am very excited about. It will be the only chance in the UK next year to see the mighty TESLA. Jeff Scott Soto, Danny Vaughn (Tyketto), Uli John Roth, Serpentine, Vega....Hell this is melodic Rock paradise... More information on the event is available from the following link....we will keep you posted as well on any breaking news.

Jeff Scott Soto


HRH AOR LINEUP.....So Far Tesla

Danny Vaughn

Jeff Scott Soto Uli John Roth




Dante Fox



Nubian Rose



Knock Out Kaine

Stampede Misbehaviour

The Morning After and Finally Summers More announcements soon

Volume 1, Issue 1

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THE GRAPEVINE Aussie rock band Tracer are back in the UK this month to start their “Space’s in Between “ Tour. Starting in the final week of September so by the time this issue hits the stands the only dates left Gloucester, Poole and Brighton but worth mentioning because they are an excellent band. I had the pleasure of catching up with Michael Brown from the band earlier in the year and what a gentleman to chat to. The dates in question still to come (at the time of writing it is unknown if tickets are sold out) are Gloucester Guildhall (October 5th), Poole Mr. Kyps (October 6th) and finally Brighton at The Haunt (October 7) If your lucky enough to get the chance to see these guys then by all mean do....If you have not heard of Tracer before ... Now you have so give the album some lovin. Tickets for Tracer’s UK tour dates can be ordered from the 24 hour box office number 0844 478 0898,

Black Country Communion are set to release their third album “Afterglow” later this month. The “supergroup” comprising of Glenn Hughes, Joe Bonamassa, Jason Bonham and Derek Sherinian and once again produced by Levin Shirley is an absolutely must have album. The Will Be a full review in the next issue of Firebrand Magazine, but if you want to find out more about the album please feel free to join me on Firebrand Rock Radio on Thursday 4th October between 6-8pm GMT to catch my interview with Glenn Hughes.

REIGN OF FURY bring their first full length album 'World Detonation' to the fore, and what a complete stormer of an album it is too! Hailing from the South West/Midlands in the UK, these 5 guys have blended their collective musical influences and come up with an ripping blend of fierce technical, old school metal, smashing early Testament and NWOBHM together, along with hints of punk and storming melodies thrown in for good measure. 'World Detonation' in part harks harks back to the much missed sound of classic 80's thrash but manages to keep its feel and groove modern and fresh. An album well worth checking out .

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Newsletter Title

THE GRAPEVINE Wow these boys do not hang about ..also coming this April from the boys over at Hard Rock Hell. Is HRH Prog which is proudly sponsored by PROG magazine and also take place at the great Magna Science Adventure in Rotherham on April 6 & 7 2013. Jonni Davis CEO of Chic Festivals, the company behind all the HRH events, Said “ We have always felt that the UK market was missing a dedicated prog festival and as huge fans of the genre we wanted to put on something that honoured the world of prog both old and new and that draws from all corners of it and that not only embraces the old but celebrates the new. We also felt it needed a special location to house the style of event and the Magna Science Adventure, being a renovated steel foundry with all its different interactive zones was the perfect choice to stage this new experience. This certainly will be a special event with the legendary Masters of The Universe Hawkwind performing and the sensational Mostly Autumn, who i personally have liked since I saw them on the stage of the old Limelight club back in the heady days of Crewe... Well about six years ago anyway.. Information and news can be found on additions to the event and all the latest news at

Mostly Autumn

Your Advert Could Be Here To Find Out More Ring Firebrand Sales on +44(0) 1244 940961 Or email

Volume 1, Issue 1

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Firebrand Magazine

Volume 1, Issue 1

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Music is the source….especially when its indie.. Hi everyone, time for a bit of a speech off me, being the first issue and everything one has to make the effort. No i’m not going to harp on about the success of Firebrand (for once...but who can blame me I am very proud) but instead talk about all the great music out there that is mostly still not getting to the audience it needs to, It is a passion of mine and FBRR’s to try and change that balance in whatever way we can. For an ageing rocker like me , who was best at home during the 80s with all the melodic rock taking the world by storm, its nice to see that 30 years later in 2012 it’s making a comeback. And its not just the old guard, people like Rick Springfield, Robin Beck and the like whose legendary tracks were signature tunes of the 80s, but new blood as well that have embraced the melodic rock sound of an era mostly before their time. And strangely mostly not from America but places like Sweden, Australia, Italy and the UK. However these bands also need your support .

Bobby Kidd


The days of the million dollar advance have gone , the industry is in a state of turmoil at the moment with record labels choosing the quick turn, fast buck, fire and forget artists over investing long term in professional musicians who need your support. These guys are all tremendously hard working nearly all of them doing 9-5 jobs as well before going in to write, rehearse and record, but they do it for the love of music and I admire every single one of them for that, so next time you listen to an album by a new artist think about what the artist has gone through to bring you this slice of musical paradise. Listen more to new bands, go out and check out a gig of an artist you have never heard of, you may open yourself up to a whole new world.

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Firebrand Magazine

The Commander in Chief In this game it is not very often you can say you met a legend in the making at the start of their career but at Firebrand we were very lucky earlier in the year to get introduced to the Commander In Chief. I have seen over the years bands struggle with the concept of dedication worn down by the very industry they chose to be in. However not the Chief she is the musical equivalent of the Terminator. Relentlessly honing her skills and it shows in the performance she gives at a concert… I went to meet her at a local gig she was doing and arrived way before the crowd and managed to catch the sound check. The sound guy asked her to perform half a song, when she opened it up my jaw nearly hit the floor this chick can play as well live as she can on cd delivering a perfect performance.

The chief is an amazing act to learn about actually. Norwegian by nationality she is the only female metal artist in the world to play a seven string guitar, and what’s more she can play it a hell of a lot better than most of her male counterparts. Operatically trained voice as well, mostly through the coaching of her mother and manager Elisabeth Hagen (who’s role in the chiefs success we will come to later.) When the Chief hits a high note, your bones wish to turn to dust...and if she gets any higher she could probably make that happen. Supported by the trusty Godzilla ( in the picture above) her one off original Ibanez guitar she has continuously wowed and introduced her style of metal to a new fan base. Song writing she is a very interesting person to try and understand, her lyrics being very social / politicial / a statement on the society of the day if you will, but her insight into the areas she choses to write about is bordering on philosophical. When you combine that with her playing ability and voice, and stage presence it makes you realise just how special this girl is as she has the attributes and professionalism of someone that has been in the industry for decades and she’s only in her early 20s!. I think the thing that impresses me the most with the chief is the fact that personally her family has gone through some very hard times this year and she has never let that beat her once, its another example of how her dedication shines through.

Volume 1, Issue 1

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The Commander In Chief (contd) Any how enough about how dedicated and how professional the Chief is lets talk about how far she has come in a very short space of time since we met her. She released the Evolution EP some months back now and I have to admit it features very heavily on my shows, why i hear you ask? Because it is refreshing , it is different and above all for a first release EP is damn impressive. The four track EP opens with the no nonsense straight in to the action “ Evolution” and from that opening riff you know your in for a treat. Tracks include “Famous”, “Let It Go” and for me the stand out track of the EP “ Thou”. As if that was not impressive enough, the entire EP was mixed, produced and engineered by industry legend Sterling Winfield one of the best rock/metal producers out there. The Chief has come along way from the start of this year from working hard to get the EP out there to blowing them all off the stage at the Bloodstock Festival this summer. She was listed recently in Revolver Magazines, hottest chicks in rock, and tipped also as THE talent to watch. The commanders dedication and work aside , the other unsung hero of the piece is her mother/manager /Elisabeth Hagen who is a continual tour de force and for a “novice” fledgling manager, she is showing a lot of

People how to do the job. The two combined ensure that the Chief has a very bright future ahead of her. To find out more about The Commander In Chief please visit her website at the address below.

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Firebrand Magazine

Volume 1, Issue 1

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Triaxis—Rage And Retribution. Reviewer : Lee Walker Triaxis are a heavy metal band from South Wales. Formed in 2006, they self-released their debut full-length album Key To The Kingdom in 2009 to critical acclaim, including plaudits from Metal Hammer, Terrorizer, Zero Tolerance as well as coverage and praise from many leading music websites Having ‘discovered’ South Walian’s Triaxis at the Hammerfest festival a couple of years back, I was somewhat pleased when the new album turned up through the post unexpectedly. Opening track ‘Sand & Silver’ sticks to the tried and tested Triaxis formulae of stunning guitar work and powerful female vocals all underpinned by precision drumming.

‘Black Trinity’ continues on, displaying the clear Iron Maiden influences that Triaxis are known for, before ‘The Infected’ hits bringing with it a heavier, guitar driven sound.

‘Asunder’ and ‘Shadows Creep’ demonstrate a softer, more gentle, side to the band by delving deep into the traditional drive time power ballad style, which really brings the technical aspects of the guitar work to the forefront of the song. The album stutters slightly at ‘XGP’. The track itself continues to show off the bands technical prowess, relying solely upon the skills of the musicians to carry the instrumental piece, however, you can’t help but wonder if it would have been better suited to open the album up with, rather than included six tracks into it. ‘Under Blood Red Skies’ follows on, putting the album swiftly back on track with it’s fast paced traditional rock anthem sounds and is easily one of the best songs Triaxis have released to date. ‘Sker Point’, ‘Reunion’ and ‘The Butcher’ continues the memento, flying through at break neck speed, powered by a barrage of crashing riffs and punching drum bursts before ‘Some Things Are Worth Dying For’ plays the album out on a high. With this all important second album release, Triaxis have produced some great songs which are guaranteed to win new fans over, leaving them firmly placed to continue there invasion next year, with festival appearances already confirmed for Hammerfest, SCARfest and Belgium’s Wizzfest.

Triaxis : The Facts Members Krissie Kirby - Vocals: CJ Hale - Rhythm Guitar Glyn Williams - Lead Guitar Owen Crawford - Bass Giles Wilson - Drums Additional Information: Facebook: Website: Record Label: Rocksector Records Release Date: 8/10/12

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Firebrand Magazine

The Jac Dalton Band - Icarus The superb debut album from some of the most talented muso’s in Australia

Sometimes you get hold of a CD and it knocks you off your feet as soon as you stick it in the drive... Icarus is one of those albums. When people think of Australian bands they think of the legends such as AC/DC, Rose Tattoo, Airbourne as all deliver that unmistakably aussie sound, however Australia is a very strange place with a lot of acts that are unknown to the outside world , to put it plainly Australia is the musical equivalent of El Dorado the infamous lost city of gold, and Icarus make no mistake is pure gold!

The Jac Dalton Band is without doubt an Australian supergroup, hosting some of the best talent in Australia... On Guitars we have the guitar shaman himself Mr. Graham Greene, Now I am a fan of the instrumental guitar genre, but Graham the undisputed Satriani of the south can do stuff with a guitar most musicians would believe impossible. Jac himself is a great guy a real gent to speak to and musically superior to most musicians out there, Originally from the states and now settled in Australia for a fair few years now, his voice can be described best as a younger version of David Coverdale. Providing a powerful performance and excellent vocal range. The album is a pure work of craft and love, and one of the rare times you can actually say that each track is a killer and not a filler, it is without doubt a jewel in the crown of the melodic rock genre.

Jac Dalton However we digress, Graham and Jac are not the only two talented members of the band, Graham’s wife Donna Greene, a singer / songwriter with an incredible talent and one of the best female vocalists I have heard, she easily is in my top 3 of all time which is a hard spot to get into considering its occupied by Doro and Lita. Annemieke again a guitarist and songwriter in her own right is another powerful addition to the band (which total 7 members!) originally from Holland and moving to Australia in 1984 is widely recognised to be the role model for female guitarists in Perth, On sticks we have Troy Brazier a man who knows his craft, technically superior in drums, and can be likened in ability to the legendary Neil Peart of Rush. Jim Awram yet again another guitar god...this band really meets the definition of the term supergroup. I normally would balance the good in an article with the bad, but I am happy to report that in this case there is no bad to balance it against, and in all the years of reviewing i have not uttered that statement too many times.

Graham Greene

Volume 1, Issue 1

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The Jac Dalton Band - Icarus (Contd) And the line up of the band is completed by keyboard wizard Jason Dohrmann, Jason’s skills fit nicely in to the mix with the incredible guitar playing of Graham and Annmieke. His skills and general keyboardiness stand out of tracks like “Icarus” and “Good To Go” delivering the finishing sheen to the Jac Dalton Polish! The word Super group is often used to define bands such as Black Country Communion where several industry legends get together to Jam for a while. However I think personally that the term should be extended to include the Jac Dalton Band, who possess all the qualities and the abilities of their counterparts within the industry. Jason Dohrmann

The best thing about Icarus for me is that the music is superb, its in a class of its own and I personally think having spoken to the band on a few occasions is because they get a lot of fun out of it and that comes across as the album presents itself... Everyone in the band has a great sense of humour and a warm human quality thats endearing to see in this day and age in this business. Want further proof ask Graham if you can speak to his mate Dingo Dave.

Donna Greene

In my honest opinion Icarus is a must own for any fans of the melodic rock Genre, I am not a person who gives out ratings willingly I think personally that approach sucks but if forced into a corner I would have to rate this as a 9.5 / 10

From the top Left to Right.... Jason Dohrmann, Troy Brazier, Jim Awram, Graham Greene, Donna Greene, Jac Dalton and Annemieke.....the 7 member of the fantastic Jac Dalton Band

Photos courtesy of Don Benson Photography and Crosbie Photography

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Firebrand Magazine

Dedication An Article by Rick Palin

Yes its me, The Doc, I thought it was about time I put pen to paper, finger to key and start writing this article that has been on the back of my mind for the last two years and you all may consider this a mad rant, but, what the hell its time I got it out of my system. When I started FBRR (Firebrand Rock Radio) in October 2010 I launched it with the intention of supporting the up and coming unsigned talent from around the globe and that dream is still my policy today. You see when I first started this I looked at it from the injustice placed on the unsigned artist by the record labels and even the radio station’s. The industry popular belief that you have to be able to turn over a fast buck in a short space of time is too prevalent in this day and age and sadly this affects the artist’s. If you are not a one hit wonder capable of turning over a mill a week you’re not even looked at. The fault of this lies firmly at the door of the mass media, brainwashing people into what they should be listening to, establishing in our culture a myth that the only talent out there available to the mass market is a conflagration of noise’s put together in a digital recording studio sang by some half decent looking girl with a good physical presence. The sad reality of this being that the eye candy will rarely see much in the way of money, but the giants will clean up off the back off her success, and she will be forgotten in twelve months time. But from the view of the listener there is no love, no connection to a song, no desire to stick it on repeat and listen to it forever, no desire to create a memory. Case in point being that whenever we look back through time, can you remember the first time you heard The Beatles, The Who, The Rolling Stones, Queen? It was like a mass assault on the senses song’s that blew you away, leaving you wanting more and more, etching themselves on the very fabric of your soul. Today, in this modern technological world we think all that is lost and all we have is our memories....Wrong! in fact so wrong, Its still out there, and it exists in many forms but, the media giants do not want you see it, as it requires a longer term financial investment than the record companies are prepared to commit to, for them two days of hype on a single, sticking it on global release on iTunes and Amazon as either a digital download or a tangible product ie CD, and their job is done. From an economic sense I can see the viability of their arguments, less staff means paying less wages, higher profits for the companies involved, but this has sadly killed the industry. The days of walking down the Sunset Strip in LA, getting signed and million dollar advances on your first album, now a dim and distant memory, a faded reality of a world gone by. In this business it has been a steep learning curve, getting an insider’s feel for how it all fits together the plainly stupid rules, the lack of organisation and the gaping void left in the middle of the music industry. Welcome to the world of the unsigned artist. I am lucky, no, blessed to have met so many great people from around the world that I can call friend from all walks of the musical industry, from as far afield as Australia, Sweden, Italy, Ireland, America, such a versatility of talent in such diverse fields from Folk to Heavy Metal, and the one thing every single one of these amazing people have funnily enough is the title of this article Dedication. A firm commitment in what they do, what they believe in, the conviction to carry on making fantastic music, no matter what the cost. The average listener hears the tunes and likes the music, without understanding the fact that these guys have to go out and do a day job to make ends meet.

Volume 1, Issue 1

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They are not partying 24/7, living on the edge or anything like that, they are hard working dedicated musicians who believe that they can change a little portion of someone’s world by doing what they love the most and creating music that will stand the test of time and even if that particular song only effects a hand full of people they will know they have done their job. This is the crime of the music industry perpetrated by the industy giants, these artists are an investment on the future of the music industry, an investment that if the labels were not so money hungry they would realise that placing their investment in these artists is not a false economy, but a commodity that will carry them well into the future. Facebook has become the social media weapon of choice in this modern day and age, and sometimes its a laughable farce, stickers being posted support indie music yada yada yada.....of all the people I have come across on there I can truly say that only a handful of these people are a true working force to seriously promote the independent musicians...most of the others do it so they can appear cool and be a fashion statement. Hell i know I will probably make a lot of enemies with that statement, but as my granny used to say “if the cap fits ....wear it” so for this paragraph I make absolutely no apologies. Internet radio stations being set up just to get free access to gigs, to have the nerve to charge these bands for airplay....Wake up and smell the coffee guys....these people are making your shows look good!!!, Not the other way around. Presenters and DJs take note of this fact. Within any business there needs to a financial structure, is a necessary evil in these modern times but to place that burden at the foot of the artist is completely abhorrent. It was enough to make me want to pull the plug on the whole firebrand operation, and I very nearly did, taking two years worth of work and team building then I nearly trashed it. I thought about people like Bobby Kidd, Danni Stefanetti, Elisabeth Hagen and her commitment to the Commander in Chief, my good friends Yvonne Laughlin over in America, Susi Eggers over in Germany and most importantly my team and the dedication and commitment and seeing what these people do....makes me keep on doing what I do. FBRR may not be the biggest in the world (yet lol) or the most polished but we have one hell of a kick ass team that are passionate about what they are good at and we are extremely fair and honest with our clients, and that above all is good enough for me. All these artists, these people who are working hard to bring you pleasure in a world so often bereft of it need your support and your assistance, there not all driving round in Ferrari’s with a drug dealer on speed dial, they are honest, hard working people trying to survive in an industry which is very tough and very unforgiving, the are not your Aersomiths, Bon Jovi’s, Motley Crue, who were in the right place at the right time to get the deals that set them up for life....They are the next generation of musicians, the next big thing just waiting for that elusive break. So next time you’re on isohunt or any of these sites bear this fact in mind, close down your browser and go buy their CD. FMSG and FBRR , and now Firebrand Magzine are all designed to help these guys, hell it would be lovely if we made money along the way, but we can hold our heads up and say whatever little difference we make to the industry is a start! And to all the artists out there, I say only this keep doing what your doing, your an inspiration to each and everyone of us to never give up and to keep working for that dream!

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Firebrand Magazine

Catch Robin Live at Firefest 2012 The rest of the tour dates featuring in the Article further in the mag

Volume 1, Issue 1

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Robin Beck , A Doc and A Great Escape Do you remember your “First Time”... I know I do and I am talking about the track before you all start, To me the First Time was a signature tune to better days, the 80s, despite the fact that it was everywhere due to Coca-Cola’s use of it in advertising it launched Robin to mega stardom literally over night..but that is not all there is to this amazing lady, Robin has worked with so many great names over the years, she is like a walking talking who’s who of the record industry. Robin has continued to have great success over the years. I was lucky enough to chat to her a few weeks ago for my show on FBRR and find out about her amazing career, the interview can be found on the Firebrand website but the thing that struck me the most is how down to earth and funny this lady is. Robin has gone on to successfully start her own label , Her Majesty’s Music Room and in 2011 launched

Her first album off that label, The Great Escape” is for me like a walk down memory lane, it reminds me of the 80s and that is a good thing, its a superb slice of melodic rock from undeniably one of the masters of the genre. Having listened to it countless times now, I am like Robin in the respect that my favourite track changes on a daily basis. Robin is on tour this fall and can be seen all over Europe I myself am looking forward to meeting her at Firefest in Nottingham in October. The rest of the tour dates are below.

Here Comes Trouble Tour Additional Dates 22.10.2012 23.10.2012 24.10.2012 26.10.2012 27.10.2012 28.10.2012 30.10.2012 01.11.2012 02.11.2012

Germany—Aschaffenburg @the Colos Saal Germany—Munchen @ Backstage Germany—Regensburg @ Gloria Germany—Lubeck @Werkhof Germany— Kiel @ Raucherei Germany— Mannhiem @ 7er Club CH—Prateln @Gallery Austria—Graz @ Orpheum Austria — Worgl @Komma

Tickets for some venues are available from the following links (Aschaffenburg only ) Tickets for other shows are available from the venues.

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Firebrand Magazine

Motorhead—The World is Ours—Vol 2 Review On September 24th, 2012 the loudest, most real and raucous rock'n'roll Grammy-winning band in the world, Motorhead, will release ‘The Wörld Is Ours - Vol 2 - Anyplace Crazy As Anywhere Else’, the follow-up to 2011's ‘The Wörld Is Ours - Vol 1 - Everywhere Further Than Everyplace Else’. Like it's sibling ‘Anyplace Crazy’ will come packed with more magnificent Motormaterial from ‘The Wörld Is Yours’ tour, including the triumphant 2011 Wacken headline appearance as well as highlights from the Sonisphere and Rio shows. The World Is Ours – Vol 2 will be released in the following formats: Digipak - DVD + 2 CDs; A double-disc CD only; A double-vinyl gatefold sleeved version (W:O:A concert); A blu-ray version; A direct-to-consumer box featuring 2 CDs, a DVD, Blu-ray and a special booklet While the years of alcohol and drug abuse have taken there toll on the band, it has also turned Lemmy into a truly iconic figure. Clad in his trade mark black cowboy hat, black shirt and his trademark handlebar moustache, physically he has not changed much since he was famously kicked out of Hawkwind back in 1975 for his drug usage, if anything the years have helped him to mould his lyrics around his trademark vocal style. With the immortal lines ‘We are Motorhead and we play rock ‘n’ roll’ Lemmy and co launch into their Wacken Open Air set taking no prisoners with the all action, no thrills, breed of rock that they are known for.

Containing all of the classic ‘head tunes that you have come to expect from Motorhead’s live repertoire you have the likes of ‘Iron Fist’, ‘Metropolis’, ‘Killed By Death’, ‘Bomber’, ‘Ace of Spades’, and ‘Overkill’ played alongside some of their newer material such as ‘I Know How To Die’, ‘Going To Brazil’, ‘Just ‘Coz You Got The Power’ to name but a few.

Volume 1, Issue 1

Page 21

Motorhead - The World Is Ours Vol 2 (contd) Where I do feel the set does stutter slightly is with the inclusion of the 4 minute drum solo during ‘In The Name of Tragedy ~ drum solos have always been controversial in there inclusions in live sets and I am afraid to say that I am not a fan of them at all. The Wacken set also suffers from being dark in places due to the time that the band played, while this can not be helped, it is very noticeable especially when the cameras pan out for ‘crowd’ shots. The DVD also contains highlights of the bands Sonisphere (UK) Festival set and their Rock In Rio set which provide an interesting contrast to the Wacken set. As an added bonus, a small ‘festival impression’ feature taken of two ‘super fans’ at WOA is also included. Overall fans of Motorhead will love this release and while the band will never be fashionable, they will always be remembered as being one of the best rock’n’roll acts out there. This release successfully captures them in the wild doing what Motorhead do best - playing live, loud music. Highlight of the album: ‘Killed By Death’ (Wacken Open Air Performance) Lee Walker (2012)

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Firebrand Magazine

I AM I announce CD release of Event Horizon and UK Tour. One of the nicest interviews I have ever done on air has been the frontman of I Am I ZP Theart. We caught up with ZP not so long ago to ask him a few questions about “Event Horizon” After leaving UK power metal titans DragonForce in 2010 after several years of great success, vocalist ZP Theart could easily have hung up his touring boots and lived off his war stories for a few years. But thanks to his enthusiasm for making music and entertaining his huge fan base, he wasted no time in assembling a brand new band jumping straight back into the heavy metal saddle. The band is called I AM I and their debut album ‘Event Horizon’ is one of the most invigorating and thrillingly Heavy Rock albums to emerge in years. We spoke to ZP as he prepared to unleash his band and their first album on the world. “I’m proud as fuck!” he proclaims…

You left DragonForce in the spring of 2010. What were your immediate thoughts at that time? Did you want to get a band together straight away? ZP: “Oh dude, I thought ‘Fucking hell, is this really what I want to commit my life to?’ That was my first thought! There are so many arseholes in this business. Firstly I needed to think whether I wanted to be in a position where I had to deal with those people on a daily basis or did I want to sit on a farm in the middle of nowhere and maybe just enjoy my life instead! But yeah, ultimately, here I am still. This is my life. This is what I want to do.”

Did you have a clear idea of what you wanted your new band to be? And how did you discover your guitarist, Jacob Ziemba? ZP: “I had some ideas. Because I don’t excel at playing any instrument in particular, to sit down and write the songs was going to be a tedious and long-winded process, so I needed someone that I could communicate with in a musical sense to write music with. That was ultimately what I wanted to do, and lo and behold, it turned out exactly that way. On meeting Jacob Ziemba, I knew he was exactly what I was looking for. His background and style of music is exactly the same as mine, he’s really pleasant to work with and also a great composer. I can say ‘Let’s try this melody’ and immediately he comes up with what I want and he understands what I mean. That was the first point of contact. I found him on the Internet, having scoured it wall-to-wall looking on sites such as YouTube for UK-based musicians. I looked at all the videos and it took a long time, but I found him. I called him up, we had a quick chat and that was it. Rock and roll!”

Volume 1, Issue 1

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I AM I (Contd..)

Did you realise immediately that the working partnership was going to work out? ZP: “Yeah, I did. It was in the back of my head that yeah, this was the guy. He’s not a kid anymore. Jacob’s paid his dues and that’s the kind of people I was after. He hadn’t really achieved that much, but he had the talent to become something more than some of the most revered artists out there. So talent was a big thing and obviously personality was important too, and he had both.” Presumably you wanted to avoid doing anything that sounded like Dragonforce… ZP: “Whatever I was going to do next was never going to be a Dragonforce clone. Been there, done that! I wanted to do something where I was entirely in my comfort zone, and where I could express myself with music that is serious and meaningful. That band’s music doesn’t breathe at all. It doesn’t allow any space for anything else. I was unhappy 80 per cent of the time. And now I’m happy 100 per cent of the time, which makes life a bit easier! Ha ha ha!”


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I AM I (Contd…) Did you have any specific reference points or influences that you wanted to explore with the new band? ZP: “My background is firmly rooted in the 80s, with bands like Skid Row, Bon Jovi and Def Leppard. That’s the stuff I grew up with it. Like any kid, you latch on to the first thing that you really love and Slippery When Wet was the first rock album I ever bought. That got me into music and singing and so I wanted to do exactly that. I don’t know if it was training or what, but I played that album so many times that I ended up sounding pretty much just like Jon Bon Jovi when it came to singing those songs. It was comfortably within my range, you know? My whole style has sprung from that, I guess.” Did it help to know that you’d been in a successful band and that there would be people excited to hear what you did next? ZP: “Kicking off, I knew I was going to have a fan base to start with so it meant I didn’t have to start from scratch again. I didn’t want to appease them and I didn’t want to alienate them, but maybe it was a bit of both. I didn’t really care if people didn’t like it, but I didn’t want to offend them so much that they hated what I was doing! Ultimately, I wanted to do what I was comfortable with and if people don’t like it then fuck it. I’ve already done what I didn’t want to do, so now I’m doing what I want to do and I’m happy with it.”

Where did the name of the band come from? ZP: “It’s nothing to do with the Queensryche song! No! I actually had a really fucked up dream one morning. I leapt out of bed and what was ringing in my head was I Am I. I checked straight away to see if anyone had taken it. Before that we were going through a couple of hundred band names every day, to find one that we wanted. For a long time we were trying to play on my name or my solo name, but this is not a solo project. This is a new band and a new beginning. I love the idea of being a band of guys traveling the world together and fucking shit up! With the name I Am I…I’ve seen a few people saying it’s some bigheaded singer thing, but it’s not that at all. In modern times, I think a lot of people are waking up to themselves. There’s a lot of shit happening. The ‘me’ side of things is coming a lot more to the fore for people. But ultimately I can say anything…the name came to me in a dream, mate! Ha ha ha!”

Great bunch of guys and a really great sound., If you want to find out more , go check out the band on tour this fall, Tour Dates opposite and check out the debut album Event Horizon as well, you wont be disappointed.

Volume 1, Issue 1

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Volume 1, Issue 1

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Rick Springfield releases “Songs for the end of the world” For all his accomplishments as an actor, a best-selling author and the subject of a recent documentary, Rick Springfield’s first love has always been music, since the first time he picked up a guitar at the age of 12 in his native Australia. That passion for writing and performing songs, as well as playing guitar, comes through loud and clear on his new Universal Music Enterprises album, ‘Songs for the End of the World’, which comes out in both physical and digital form on Oct. 9. It is his first album since 2008’s UMe release, Venus in Overdrive, which entered the Billboard sales chart at No. 28, his highest position in two decades. The album will also include special bonus, digital, cloud-based material that can be accessed by scanning a picture inside the album’s booklet via a special app developed by Aurasma, including videos, photos and additional bonus tracks. There also will be four separate album covers containing unique bonus content available through various individual retailers. I was somewhat surprised when asked to review the new album by Rick Springfield, after wondering who is Rick Springfield a quick bit of research shown me that he was responsible for the iconic ‘Jessie’s Girl’ which turned out to be the only song that I knew, so this album was my introduction to Rick Springfield. ‘Wide Awake’ starts off well, with a fast paced, almost indie style tunage, complete with its quirky guitar playing and slightly distorted vocals adding a touch of mystery to them in all the right places it grabs your attention and refuses to let go. ‘Our Ship's Sinking’ follows on, continuing the Indie route. It manages to convey a sound similar to iconic 90’s pop rock act Savage Garden, with its well thought lyrics and structured song layout, all of which are held together nicely by the deliberately understated drum playing ‘I Hate Myself’ is the most hyped track on the album though the clever use of Youtube as a marketing tool, having fans submit clips of them singing along to the song. Rick Springfield then used these fan’s actual voices on the album as well as an extended bonus version of “I Hate Myself” and has included their names in the credits. A 30 minute audio collection of the individual entries will be part of the extra features offered for all physical versions of the album. The song itself is infectiously catchy with it’s classic early Tom Petty style ‘sound’ about it, which when coupled with the Youtube factor is guaranteed to make it a huge hit amongst Rick’s fans. ‘You & Me’ reverts back to the Savage Garden sounds with its thoughtful lyrics, and ballad style, a theme which continues across for the next song ‘Gabriel’. ‘My Last Heartbeat’ is a different affair, incorporating an almost spoken word type/rap intro before the song explodes outwards with its catchy hooks, punctuating the controlled riffs, and incorporating an understated synth based element to it. Overall ‘Songs For The End Of The World’ makes an interesting introduction to the world of the multi talented Rick Springfield, proving impossible to pigeonhole in any one given genre, containing something for everyone to listen to.

Reviewer: Lee Walker Highlight of the album: ‘I Hate Myself’

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The Biz with Graham Greene, Then ‘Til Now—Is It Better? Welcome to the first of our regular features. Hosted by Graham Greene (no not the dead one) but the guitar shaman from Australia, the Satriani of the South. Graham has been in the industry since time began and will be contributing the news and views on the music industry. Graham also a seasoned journalist, has a valuable insight into the industry which we hope you will enjoy. So for now I will leave you in the very capable hands of Mr. Greene

Back in 1982, when I was first turning pro in the music industry, there was a standard way of getting your music under the noses of radio programmers and record labels. You transferred your carefully-crafted demos (recorded in a proper studio if you could afford it) onto cassette tapes – normally from a ‘master’ cassette that you made either at home or in-studio – and labelled them as neatly as possible. If you had some extra money, you could have a heap of tapes made at a duplicating facility that could run off multiple copies at once, saving time, energy and tape wear on the precious master. If the tape machines were not perfectly calibrated, the songs might be a tiny bit out of concert pitch, but it was hardly noticeable unless one of the machines was way out of whack, so it hardly mattered. The next step was to type out the band bio – with a typewriter (remember them?) – and took the prepared pages to a post office to get them photocopied – no home printers in those days. Once the tapes and bio sheets were ready, all that remained was to add some 8 x 10 inch glossy black-and-white photographs of the band (professionally done if possible) to the packages, then back to the post office to send them to the recipients. After all of that came the wait to see if the music and images were what the radio stations and record labels wanted for their playlists or artist rosters.

Today in 2012, you can put a band bio and photos in a PDF, put it in a zip folder with a selection of mp3 audio files, and email it – done. We’ve come a long way from photocopies and the humble audio cassette. But is it any easier to make it in the music industry? Are we better off? Maybe, maybe not. The world music industry has indeed changed since the halcyon days of rock and roll, when massive acts played massive concert tours to massive audiences and travelled in their own airliners – this is now the exception rather than the rule. Musical tastes have changed, the world economy has changed, the media has changed, and public accessibility to music has changed. The thing is, it is debatable whether or not all these changes have been for the better. The obvious thing that has had a huge impact is, of course, the internet. The sudden appearance and spread of the World Wide Web caught the music industry – and probably many others – with their pants down. Legally and logistically, there was simply nothing in place to deal or cope with the new deal in entertainment consumption. Songs, movies, games and books were placed online to be accessed and downloaded anonymously by anyone with an internet connection, and there seemed to be little any of the regulating bodies could do to stem the tide of pirated copies and illegal downloads. The original dramas surrounding the Napster download website are now the stuff of legend, and some of the reactions by the industry have been a case of too little too late, or in some cases, too much directed at the wrong people. For a lot of people in the general public, the net seemed like a paradise of everything they wanted, available for free at the click of a mouse button. For musicians and other artists trying to sell their wares through traditional means, this felt very much like the death knell for their established or nascent careers. Widespread panic ensued, and the dust had yet to fully settle on a number of fronts.

Volume 1, Issue 1

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The Biz (contd) To be sure, there are other factors affecting the legitimate sale of music and various forms of entertainment – if people are under financial hardship, they are less likely to spend their hard-earned cash on trifles and luxuries. Likewise, if people are living in a war zone, entertainment makes way for survival. Thus, economic and political factors will always figure into the habits of any particular population. These factors have always been with us. The internet is something new that has not been experienced before, and the adjustment, locally and globally, will be a protracted and uncertain one. But is all of this stopping us from creating and expressing that which burns within our creative hearts and souls? Most certainly not. For those of us who have made music our lives, it is not so much something that we want to do – it is something that we have to do. In fact, being a musician is not a matter of what we do, but who we are. For this reason, it is in our own best interests to come to grips with this new, ever-changing landscape and find a way of continuing to do what we were born to do without selling our souls (nothing new there), yet still turn a profit. For all the creative and artistic satisfaction that being a musician brings, we still have to make a living. To do so, we must find ways of making this new technology work for us – we have to get smart, and get educated about this twenty-first century way of doing things.

For those of us without ready access to the big record labels, the internet age has provided myriad ways of reaching our potential audience without having to score that elusive record contract. Social networking sites such as MySpace and Facebook give us a free place to hang our shingle and display our wares, and to directly touch people that may like our music enough to purchase it, via digital download or good old hard copy. Building a web page, however, is the easy part – people still have to be made aware of the existence of the web page, and have to be driven to it in order to be impressed with our product. This has its analogue in the ‘real’ world, where you would take up residence in a store and advertise the location and content of said store. Putting a website online is like sitting in the middle of a very large ocean and dangling a single line in the water, hoping for the big fish to happen by. Possible, but improbable. Luck plays a huge part in ‘making it’ in this business, but with the right strategy and a lot of persistence and hard work, luck can be tipped a little in our favour. Getting informed is the first step. One encouraging thing about the new musical landscape is the emergence of the independent label. Once relegated to the fringes of the music biz and dealing with obscure acts, there are now a number of well-run indie labels that have done good things for the acts on their books. While not having the cash reserves of their big league counterparts, the indies have shown that in some cases, dedication and application, combined with a sound work ethic can do amazing things in the absence of massive advertising budgets. Labels like Frontiers and Roadrunner now boast some impressive names on their artist rosters, and have become a viable alternative to major labels that may or may not put time, money and effort into any given artist at any given time. Internet radio, similarly, is more accessible to unsigned artists, and a good way to reach an otherwise unreachable audience. Today, we stand on the threshold of a new ‘normal’, where big label advances for bands have gone the way of the dinosaurs, and kids listen to crappy mp3 files on iPods with tiny earbuds. Just as when people first witnessed the phenomenon that was Jimi Hendrix, music will never be the same. The music industry as we knew it has been irrevocably altered, and it is up to us to find our place in the new state of things. Those of us who are driven to create and express will continue to do so – nothing will change that. Those of us who take the time and effort to explore the new possibilities on offer will stand a much better chance of finding a way to do what we love and, with a bit of luck, find a way to make it pay. Is this new way better? Many would argue no, and they would have a valid point. The fact of the matter is that things have changed. Whether the change is for better or worse, we have to adjust, to adapt, to evolve in order to survive. Living organisms have been doing just that for millions of years without leaving our planet a barren wasteland. It can be done, and with our famous human ingenuity, perhaps we stand a better chance than the dinosaurs. Want to help? Get out and see a band. If they have product for sale at the gig, buy some. You might just be helping to save a precious species from extinction. Graham Greene (2012)

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Firebrand Magazine

Voodoo Highway—The next Deep Purple? A year is a long time in the music industry, new albums come out, we all pick new favourites, and our old faves lay on the shelf gathering dust or simply we forget about them, until we happen across them and decide to give em a spin and be reminded what a classic album we forgot about. One album that has not left me in that state yet is the first release from Italian Rockers Voodoo Highway. I first came across this album last September when it was presented to me to play on my Young Guns Show, FBRR Tuesdays nights at 6pm (gmt) (shameless plug over now). The Album itself met with such critical acclaim from the likes of Craig Guber (ex Rainbow, Black Sabbath) who said of the band...”The new movement of heavy metal has arrived! This band is the next Deep Purple” It certainly is an impressive release, I met up with Filippo Cavallini of the band for a catch up and a brief chat on how the year has gone. Q Hey Filippo good to catch up with you as always, Broken Uncles Inn has been around for a year now, and personally speaking is one of my favourite albums of the year, that is regularly heard in my sets, but where did the idea for the style of the album come from? “Hi Rick and Firebrand Magazine, Its a pleasure to be here with you. Well about Broken Uncle’s Inn what more can I say? It’s just the perfect mixture of what we used to listen to during our teenage years! We have always been huge fans of Deep Purple and seventies rock in general, so it’s quite natural to us to play and compose this kind of music.”

Q Has the success of the first album been everything you had hoped for ? “Honestly our main intention was to be billionaires by now, but we can’t complain! Hahahaha! Things are good now, we had a lot of fun, we played some really cool gigs and met some really cool guys (and girls), so all is quite ok now! Q What has been the highlight of the year so far? “ Probably the recording of the new album, we had an awesome time in the studio with our super producer at Dysfunction Productions, they are really great, very cool and professional guys. Also to get in contact with renowned artist Storm Thorgenson for the new album art work has been quite a great thing.” Q Where does the name Voodoo Highway come from ? “Someone can think of Badland’s album, but the idea came to me while i was listening to Black Sabbath’s Voodoo (From the Mob Rules album) while I was tripping on a highway to Rome, So you know Voodoo + Highway, sounds kinda nice!” Q Obviously your a hard working bunch of guys and very talented musicians as well, We hear your working on the follow up album, what can you tell us about it? “ New album? It’s simply going to be a thousand times better than the debut one! Really well produced, some killer tunes on it, more mature ones, awesome artwork by Storm.....What more can I say? Its an album we’re really proud of...You’ll listen Rick, and hopefully enjoy it”

Was great to catch up with Filippo and find out what is going on in the voodoo camp. The new album is not far off release. If your new to Voodoo Highway, check out the guys debut album “Broken Uncles Inn” and you will be in for a real treat. Rick Palin

Volume 1, Issue 1

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Its all about ....Sex, Chugs and Rock n Roll.....yeah baby!

Female fronted rock bands are very much of a muchness at the moment, with some great talent out there Halestorm , Evanesence, Nightwish etc and the return of the two undisputed queens of the genre Lita Ford and of course the delicious Doro Pesch. So can it get any better i hear you ask! Well yes people it can, imagine a world where a driving rock sound, a classic sound remembering the hey day of the 80s the strong guitar riffs from such legendary bands such as AC/DC etc etc think of that....and add a female singer with such power and presence....Ladies and Gentlemen i give you Heaven The Axe. Fronted by the rather delectable Phoebe Pinnock, Heaven The Axe are fast rising to be one of the most successful rock bands on the Australian circuit at the moment. The current CD release is amusingly titled Sex, Chugs n Rock n Roll, typical display of aussie humour there and combines some superb none stop very well played tracks, and Phoebe’s voice is definitely going to make sure every red blooded male is cuddling his speakers, and yes i cleaned that up a LOT. The CD launches with Enemy, a great track to open the proceedings on this none stop balls to the wall dose of cd perfection (btw im not suggesting Phoebe has balls....well not in that way, vocally she does!) This CD is more proof that so many incredibly talented bands residing in Australia, need to get out to the rest of the world. This CD for sure is a must own. With the driving force of the band delivering a first class performance and a pure adrenaline fist pumping rocking sound this is one not to be missed.

Website:- Facebook:-

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Just a tale of four hard working folk from the North West of England.... Hellbound Rebels are four hard-working, hard-rockers from the North-West of England. The band formed from the ashes of Warrington metal band Abyss when Dan Fido (Guitar/Vocals) and Jack Hamnett (Bass) sought a new sound. Adam Hulse was installed as lead vocalist after a handful of intense practice sessions and quickly followed by Steve Erskine on drums. The opening drum salvo of ‘Vulture’ leads the way for this debut e.p, with a blues laden, solid slab of prog rock with it’s cut back, layered sounds, and structured lyrics merged with traditional metalcore style beat downs.

‘hOw AwKwArD’ follows on displaying a mixture of distinctly early The Cure and Echo and The Bunnymen style influences as the song takes you on a magical mystery tour with its helter skelter mix of riffs and hooks and distinctive vocals. ‘Suffer This’ powers on with a distantly 90s style sound, reminiscent of 90’s nu-metalers Coal Chamber with its crunching riffs, layered sounds and technical beatd owns. The e.p finishes with a burst of high octane energy with ‘That’s Just Outrageous’ which manages to capture the raw, uncut, early 80’s punk sounds and attitude with its infectious catchy chorus, bringing it kick and screaming into the 21st century sounding similar to modern day pop punksters Mindless Self Indulgence. Overall ‘Corruption for Beginners’ is a great start for this fledgling band and displays all the signs of a band to keep track of and see how they develop.

Track Listing: 1. Vulture; 2. hOw AwKwArD; 3. Suffer This 4. That’s Just Outrageous

Members: Adam HBR1 Hulse - Vocals Dan HBR2 Fido- Guitar Jack HBR3 Hamnett - Bass Steve HBR4 Erskine - Drums Additional Information: Facebook: To find out further information please contact

Lee Walker 2012

Volume 1, Issue 1

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Firebrand Magazine

Volume 1, Issue 1

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Hanging Doll—The Sacred and Profane

Formed in Walsall, England in 2002 the band set out to form a dramatic and melodic metal band, with a name inspired by the doll hanging from the ceiling in one room featured in the computer game Silent Hill. The game also inspired the mood and feel of the band’s music. ‘Cradle to the Grave’ opens up the much anticipated second full length album from Birmingham based symphonic goth metallers Hanging Doll. The album itself was originally scheduled to be released in April, but for various reasons the release was delayed until this month. Oozing bluesy dark, almost gothic overtures the song starts the album off with a bang. Drawing you in with a mix of blues laden riffs, and dark gothic lyrics Sally Holliday’s smooth, velvet lined vocals soon win you over as the song rapidly develops into what will surely become an anthem for Hanging Doll. ‘Carnival of Sin ‘ and ‘Dark Narcissus (The Forest)’ quickly follow on, relying heavily upon distorted male vocals being offset against the almost symphonic vocals of Sally, to create the perfect atmosphere to explore the darker side of the band. ‘Lacrimosa’ and ‘Only in My Reveries’ slow the pace down, producing an almost gloom ridden sounds, not too dissimilar to fellow female fronted gothic rockers Evanescence. ‘Immortal Beloved’ continues towards the gothic path, relying heavily upon a piano to bring out the almost operatic aspects of the vocals, until the song busts into a fully fledged symphonic track, acting as a perfect foil for launching ‘Tincture’ which explores the symphonic style further using Sally Holliday’s vocal range to great effect. Title track, ‘The Sacred & Profane’ rapidly ascends into a full on masterpiece seamlessly merging the gothic symphonic style with a more uplifting sound producing a killer track. ‘Bound in Servitude’ changes the mood totally going for a more spacey, Hawkwind style sound which seems out of place on the album, before ‘The Inauspicious Host’ and ‘A Question of Faith’ play the album out in the gothic style that was present throughout most of the album. Overall ‘The Sacred & Profane’ marks the beginning of a great start on Rocksector Records for Hanging Doll and contains some standout songs which will set them apart from the competition and make them a band to watch out for in the future. Lee Walker 2012

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Firebrand Magazine

In days old when Knights were rock bands...erm..... Arizona based Knight Fury formed in 2011. Featuring ex-Lizzy Borden axe man Chris Sanders, Megadeth bass master Dave Ellefson , drum machine Ken Mary (who has featured in the Alice Cooper band, Impelliteri, Fifth Angel among others) and William King on vocals, it didn’t take long until their debut album ‘Time to Rock’ was released independently. Here we are in 2012 with ‘Time To Rock’ being remastered and released through Pure Steel Records as a special limited edition vinyl release. ‘Nothing Left’ sets the scene for this pure guitar driven rock slab of excellence. With stunning guitar work, tight, structured drum bursts matched with power metal style vocals merging seamlessly into a cohesive unit providing a great start to the album. ‘Attack’ follows on in quick fire form, with a pure out and out guitar driven, power metal style with crunching riffs and precision drumming being the order of the day, before ‘Forbidden’ slows the pace down slightly with its classic driving rock style opening, which rapidly develops into a full on power metal balled of the highest order making the most William King’s powerful vocals. ‘Battle for the Castle’, ‘Awaken’ and ‘The Message’ venture into battle metal territory with sounds and lyrics similar to the mighty Hammerfall with stunning guitar solos, precision drumming and great vocals.

‘Endless Night’ reverts to the power metal route, with its powerful guitar arrangements and structured song writing leading into the mighty power balled ‘Out On Your Own’. ‘Believe’ delves deeper into the drive time style quickly becoming an out and out ballad and demonstrates a different side to Knight Fury possessing a style similar to early Tyketto, before ‘Time to Rock’ plays the album out with a high octane, all out classic rock assault taking you back to the early 80s with its nwobhm influences, producing a time defying anthem. Overall ‘Time To Rock’ is a stunning debut album and more than justifies Pure Steel’s decision to re-release it to a much wider audience.

Members: Ken Mary - Drums Chris Sanders - Guitar David Ellefson - Bass William King – Vocals Website: Record Label: Pure Steel Records Release Date: 24/8/12 Reviewer. Lee Walker 2012

Volume 1, Issue 1

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Launch Date for the New Media Site is Nov 10. Watch this space peeps

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Volume 1, Issue 1

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  Firebrand Management     Revolutionary New Management Concept    Are you an artist who believes that the music industry is not paying you enough? Face it that problem is in‐ dustry wide, and has been the norm for quite a few years now.  Most management  like to take a minimum  15‐20% of everything you earn .     At Firebrand we have a different route, Why? Because the musician is the talented one who deserves the  credit and the financial rewards. We have scrapped the percentage rule in favour of a new system which  effectively means you keep all your revenue from Sales and merchandising and tours etc.    From our humble beginnings in Internet Radio we have seen how the industry affects the artist and how  much dedication and effort they put into their craft,  so in our books they deserve the rewards. Artists are  no longer termed to a fixed contract period of whatever duration they are typically signed to, many averag‐ ing two years.     So you may ask if we’re not fixed to you, if you are not on a percentage your work is not going to be as ef‐ fective? My answer to that is not true, Firebrand have always been dedicated to changing the industry and  delivering the best possible solution for our clients. Reputation is everything in the music business and we  strive to make sure  ours is of the highest calibre. So you can be assured that each project carried out on  your behalf is done with the utmost professionalism.      Whether it be Management or PR Firebrand will look after your interests delivering a fully tailored solution  to each of your individual requirements.     For Further information please do not hesitate to contact us.      Firebrand Media Services Group  Tel: +44(0)1244 940961 Mobile:‐ +44(0) 7507 794639    

Firebrand , Rockin your world since 2010.

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