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This is why you should continue to Develop for iPhones Before the advent of Android and Windows Phone, Apple was the biggest player in the Smartphone market. There were just a few rivals like Nokia’s Symbian Series OS and Research in Motion – RIM’s BlackBerry. Now, with the emergence of new mobile platforms, developers around the world feel more and more confused while choosing the platform to develop apps for. Although Google’s Android has surpassed iOS in market share, but that does not necessarily imply that iOS is not worth developing for. In fact these five reasons will make you choose iOS without a second thought. 1. Great Incentives It is a world known fact that people spend more money on Apple’s App Store as compared to other platforms. This means that although Android is leading the mobile space, the Apple’s iOS continues to be the most lucrative platform for developers. In terms of monetization too, Apple’s iOS seem to be an undisputed leader. In 2012, Apple proudly announced that more than 30 billion apps have been downloaded by Apple’s customers. This has enabled the iPhone developers to make more than $5 billion! All thanks to the whooping 400 million active iTunes accounts on Apple’s App Store. No other mobile platform can provide this kind of returns. Apple’s iOS is surely a winner when it comes to making money from apps. 2. Quality Matters The Apple’s review process has been criticized by on and all for its stringent quality checks. But this adamant nature of Apple has resulted to an App Store in which the quality of the average app is far greater than other app store. iPhone app developers have to take immense care while creating an app so as to get through the Apple’s review. This makes the customer to feel safer while purchasing an app from App Store. 3. iOS Ecosystem: Simple yet Effective Only a few of us knew that the iOS platform consumes 60% of the total internet-usage by mobile devices. This means that although Android is the market leader, iOS remains the most used OS (online) in the mobile space. The most pivotal reason for this is the simplicity of iOS ecosystem. As compared to Windows Phone or Android, Apple has a very small list of devices that can run on iOS. It means that testing an app for iOS will be far easy and less cumbersome than the process required for other mobile platforms. We can take iPhone 3GS as an example. Although it was released in 2009, this phone is still capable of running iOS 6 (latest version of iOS). Can anyone quote a similar case in Android or Windows Phone? 4. Sell Easy

With App Store, selling software was never so easy. The App Store will continue to grow at a fast pace thus giving you an opportunity to increase your earnings from apps with every iPhone or iPad sold. 5. Incredible Support Unlike its competitors, Apple has a great community of developers. You can benefit from an unlimited supply of tutorials, documentations, and articles. This creates a virtual world of support that never lets you get stuck with a problem. You have a problem; the community has a solution for you. Apple itself has left no stone unturned and presents an incredible documentation for its iOS SDK. The Final Word The above factors would have helped you create a clear picture of iOS’s unprecedented success. Now you can start with iPhone development.

This is why you should continue to develop for iphones  
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