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5 reasons to adopt your next pet

Matters of the Heart Ticker-friendly foods Relationship refreshers Get physical with your partner

Oliver Ekman-Larsson The Arizona Coyotes player talks finding his home in the Sonoran Desert, giving back to the community and returning to the ice after a tough year

Deskercise Fitness accessories for the office







A STAY WITH US WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE World Class Alcohol and Drug Addiction Treatment

Personalized Programs | Luxury Facilities | Relapse Prevention Fountain Hills Recovery is dedicated to providing high-end care with comprehensive addiction treatment solutions for our clients. Incorporating a wide range of treatment options centered around our clients’ health and wellness, we use our holistic approach to design a treatment plan best-suited to meet your needs. Whatever your expectations for treatment are, our experienced professionals are here to work with you in meeting your own recovery goals and realizing your potential for a life of sobriety.

30, 60 and 90 Day Residential Treatment Programs

480.725.7005 | 16872 E. Ave of the Fountains Suite 204 | Fountain Hills, AZ 85268

Steven Tyler

with the Loving Mary Band

You Won’t Want to Miss a Thing! MATTEO BOCELLI







Saturday, March 10, 2018 JW Marriott Phoenix Desert Ridge Resort & Spa THE MUHAMMAD ALI C E LE BRIT Y FIGHT NIGHT AWARD

Officer Tom McGrath and Jonathan Smith, Heroes of the 2017 Las Vegas Shooting | Presented by Lonnie Ali HONORE E S

Maria Shriver | Dr. Stacie and Richard Stephenson


Celebrity Fight Night Foundation, Inc. Jimmy Walker, President and CEO | Sean Currie, Executive Director 602-956-1121 | |

Winning the Fight for Charities Celebrity Fight Night Foundation, Inc. is a non-profit 501(c)3 organization. © 2018 Celebrity Fight Night Foundation, Inc.


Experts in

• MonaLisa Touch is the premier laser therapy for regeneration of vaginal tissue for both pre and post menopausal women.

• MonaLisa Touch is the leading NON HORMONAL treatment for vaginal dryness, painful intercourse, frequent bladder or vaginal infections and many more symptoms.

• Performed by board certified Ob/Gyn’s, an in-office procedure, no down time, no anesthesia needed - and incredible results!

You’re Invited Please join us for our MonaLisa Open House February 15th, 5-7pm RSVP to Julie at 480.455.0016

We welcome you to any of our Open House and Seminar to learn more about MonaLisa Touch! You will have the opportunity to meet with the doctors and talk with the patients that have had this life changing procedure.


JulieAnne Castilla M.D., Ann Langer M.D., JulieAnn Heathcott M.D., Kelly Helms M.D., Julie Kwatra M.D.

Call Julie at 480.455.0016 9823 N. 95th St. Ste 101, Scottsdale, AZ 85258

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Oliver EkmanLarsson

The Arizona Coyotes defenseman opens up about his community involvement, love for hockey, injuries and recent family tragedy

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Dealing with depression, the effects of spicy foods, drug use when pregnant, stress and women, flu shot improvements, spending time outside, seasonal weight gain, and smoking risks

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Pet rescue and adoption benefits

22 splurge

Attention at-home weight lifters


Bella Hibbs How a beauty pageant and bodybuilding competition changed her outlook on fitness




24 cook Fudgy tahini brownies

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Standout fitness mats

28 weight loss News to know
















92ND ST.



89TH PL.








PHOENIX: 230 S. 3RD ST., PHOENIX, AZ 85004

STUDIOBSMILES.COM High Attention to Detail • Financing Options Available • Friendly & Knowledgeable Team • 5 Year Warranty on All Porcelain Restorations TEAM DENTIST



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30 solo scottsdale Meet Tamara

32 muscle

Partner workouts

34 balance

Achieving feng shui and bajaro

36 nutrition

Heart-healthy eating

38 scottsdale soul A book about clean protein, a way to track your water consumption, Original ChopShop’s new juice, Scottsdale Recovery Center’s new treatment center, ASU’s Biodesign Institute’s Sip of Science series

40 life


McCormick Ranch’s newest day spa, the second annual ClimbFest, D-backs Fan Fest, Health and fitness stats, the new Urban Air Adventure Park and the new Fit 6-7-8 dance workout studio

5 reasons to adopt your next pet

Matters of the Heart Ticker-friendly foods Relationship refreshers Get physical with your partner


Oliver Ekman-Larsson The Arizona Coyotes player talks finding his home in the Sonoran Desert, giving back to the community and returning to the ice after a tough year

Deskercise Fitness accessories for the office


ON THE COVER: Oliver Ekman-Larsson, photo by James Patrick,




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42 crazy 8s The heart of it all

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Get ready to work those abs

44 toys, tech & gear Deskercise

52 relating Tips for mindfully connecting with others

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Probiotics for your skin

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Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon Fitness Expo

58 endurance Fitness-focused dates





Hide your braces,

not your smile.

Dr. Ken Danyluk of Team Orthodontics specializes in lingual braces. Hidden behind your teeth, you can gain confidence in your smile from your very first visit.


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MICHAEL FITZMAURICE, MD Founder of the Fitzmaurice Hand Institute Double Board Certified Hand Surgeon

When you've suffered a hand or wrist injury or need immediate care for persistent joint or nerve pain in your hands, wrists, or forearms, Hand & Wrist Urgent Care in Phoenix is a quick and cost-efficient alternative to the emergency room. We provide fast diagnosis and specialized treatment for injuries to the fingers, hands, and wrists by one of the top hand surgeons in the country – Dr. Michael Fitzmaurice. Our patients are evaluated as soon as possible and may receive on-site x-rays or ultrasound for an effective diagnosis and treatment plan. If necessary, minimally invasive surgery can be performed within the same day to ensure the best possible outcome. At our center, we treat a wide range of hand and wrist injuries, including (but not limited to) the following: • • • •

Lacerations Fractures Broken bones Contusions

• • • •

Dislocations Sprains Nerve damage Tendon injuries

Skip the stress, excessive wait times, and costly appointments at a hospital emergency room. Get the urgent care you need for the fastest recovery possible at Hand & Wrist Urgent Care!


REJUVENATION center for anti-aging & regenerative medicine

480.526.5106 8841 E Bell Rd. #102 Scottsdale, AZ 85260

February signals the national month of love. Many couples celebrate with romantic dinner dates, or extravagant gifts and gestures. How do we celebrate? By placing a focus on the heart health and relationships. On page 42, were sharing eight crazy facts about the human heart – you know, the place in your body that lots of your love originates from. On page 36, we’re featuring the foods to eat if you’re watching out for your ticker. Looking to stay active with you sweetie? On page 32, Jeremy Scott is showcasing a partner workout that will get your heart pumping. And on page 58, we’re featuring fitness-focused dates. Not in a romantic relationship right now? We suggest focusing on all connections, not just romantic ones. On page 52, you’ll find tips to mindfully relate with everyone around you. No matter who your spending the month of love focusing on – your friends, family, partner or just yourself – remember to spread love. Speaking of spreading the love, our cover feature, Oliver Ekman-Larsson knows a thing or two about that. The Arizona Coyotes player and Sweden native has made it a point to get involved in the local community and connect with his fans. We talk to him about all things on and off ice on page 46. Best, Gabby Richman Editor-in-Chief Find our magazine on Facebook!


H AND I N ST I T U T E MI C H A EL F I TZ M A U R I C E, M D Founder of the Fitzmaurice Hand Institute Double Board Certified Hand Surgeon

Dr. Fitzmaurice’s advanced regenerative medicine techniques provide natural and long-lasting relief from hand and wrist conditions.

Dr. Fitzmaurice’s advanced regenerative medicine techniques, including platelet-rich plasma (PRP), stem cells, and hyaluronic acid, provide natural and long-lasting relief from carpal tunnel, trigger finger, tennis elbow and thumb arthritis among many other hand and wrist conditions. His passion for customized patient care and innovative techniques have redefined his specialty and made him one of the most sought-after hand surgeons in the country. Dr. Fitzmaurice is also a pioneer; he personally developed a line of nutritional supplements and patented surgical techniques to improve the safety and efficacy of hand surgery. When combined with regenerative medicine treatment, severe conditions that affect the hand can be alleviated and eliminated in the most effective ways possible for each patient.



Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Cubital Tunnel Syndrome Trigger Thumb Trigger Finger Dupuytren’s Contracture De Quervain’s Tendinitis Thumb Arthritis (CMC Joint) Tennis Elbow Wrist Pain

8841 E Bell Rd. #201 Scottsdale, AZ 85260

P U B L IS H E R Bill Richman V IC E P R E S ID E N T OF OP E R AT ION S Stacey Richman E D IT OR -IN -C H IE F Gabby Richman C R E AT IV E D IR E C T OR Anthony Cox­

We’re here to help


A D V E RT IS IN G A RT D IR E C T OR Lalo Reyes A D V E RT IS IN G C OOR D IN AT OR Samantha Lapid


C ON T R IB U T IN G WR IT E R S Kari Backlund, Lewis Elliot, Courtney Francis, Melissa Gable, Zena Gabriel, Barbara Kaplan, Elizabeth Liberatore, James Patrick, Kelly Potts, Jeremy Scott, Laura Stoddard, Amie Valpone P H OT OG R A P H Y David Apeji, Good Thyme Kitchen, Mark Morgan, James Patrick

H OW T O C ONTA C T US E D IT OR IA L A D V E RT IS IN G 480.229.3122 S U B S C R IB E

32687 N Scottsdale Road | 480.575.7505 7679 E Pinnacle Peak Rd #110 | 480.689.5997

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*Offer valid with a minimum 12 month membership agreement at participating locations only. Training sessions to consist of 2-3 members. Terms and conditions may vary based on applicable state laws and regulations. Monthly dues still apply. Each location is independently owned and operated. Expires March 31st, 2018 ©2015 Anytime Fitness, LLC






What Works for one ‌ Major depression is the leading cause of disability, according to the World Health Organization, affecting an estimated 350 million people worldwide. But, only one-third of those who are depressed actually seek out help, and those who seek out help still deal with trial and error in terms of their medication. What works for one patient might not have success with another. A recent study found that identification of biomarkers predictive of individual responses would improve the treatment for depressed patients by taking the guessing game out of prescribing antidepressants.

Kick up the Spice Struggling with kicking that salt or sugar craving? Turn up the heat. Research has shown that simply spicing up your diet may help you consume less salt and possibly less sugar, while potentially improving your health even beyond the reduction of salt and sugar. On your next meal, skip the salt and add some pepper to see the effects in action. Source:

Source: www.

Stress on the Heart In a recent study, investigators uncovered a phenomenon: when under psychological stress, women are more prone than men to have constricted blood vessels, leaving their hearts vulnerable. So, ladies, take a deep breath. That stress increases your heart disease chances. Source:




Pregnancy and Drugs According to a new report out of California, more pregnant women are using marijuana than ever before. Pot use in pregnancy has steadily risen over the years from 4.2 percent of women in 2009 to 7.1 percent just seven years later. The researchers in this particular report believe that growing acceptance of marijuana may be a driving factor. In California, medical marijuana was legalized in 1996, and prenatal use may further escalate in 2018 when recreational marijuana is available legally. Source: www.


Flu Shots all Around Every year, millions of Americans get sick with the flu. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends that everyone 6 months and older get vaccinated every year. However, that’s not an option for those with egg allergies. Did you know that most flu vaccines administered today are manufactured using chicken eggs and contain trace amounts of a protein called ovalbumin? Therefore, people with egg allergies have been unable to get the flu shot for most years. However, a recent paper published in the Annals of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology found the flu shot to be safe and have now recommended its use for people who are allergic to eggs. Source: www.cnn. com.

Head Outdoors As stress among Americans rises, there is a simple solution: head outdoors. A new study boasts about the benefits of spending time in the great outdoors. Being outside is generally associated with activity, and being physically active keeps joints loose and helps with chronic pain and stiffness. In addition, when you exercise in nature, you have to disconnect from your phone, which that allows you to focus on yourself, and you are less likely to pick up a virus. The final score: outdoors 1, inside 0. Source:

Winter Weight Gain? Blame the Season We may have a new reason for that holiday/winter weight gain. In a research breakthrough, studies have shown the fat cells that lie just beneath our skin shrink when

exposed to the blue light emitted by the sun. During the winter months, when the sun is not out as long and we spend less time outside, our skin is not exposed to the blue light emitted by the sun. However,

the researchers caution the findings as only an initial observation, and that pursuing exposure to sunlight is not a safe or recommended way to lose weight. Source:

Quit Before You Even Start The latest advice from researchers regarding cigarettes: Quit before you even begin. According to a recent study, two out of every three people who try a cigarette become regular smokers. The study’s authors said the research showed the “remarkable hold” cigarettes could establish after one experience. Don’t give into peer pressure — one time could make a difference! Source:

02/18 ScottsdaleHealth


Left to Right: Tamir Mosharrafa MD, Co-Founder, Brandie Barclay, Creative Director, Kara Schell, Executive Director, Ali Mosharrafa, MD, Co-Founder

Truly Using Beauty for Good Anyone can write a check and send it off to a charitable organization. In return, they get a short-lived “I did a good deed” feeling and a tax deduction. This is enough for some. But for more than 20 years, Mosharrafa Plastic Surgery has been impacting our community through service to patients and personal giving to various local charities by doctors Ali Mosharrafa and Tamir Mosharrafa, brothers and plastic surgeons. They had a desire to do more than write a check to support local nonprofit organizations who are doing tremendous work in the Valley. “In our medical practice, over the span of our careers, we can and will do a lot of good, and that will impact the lives of our patients who walk through our doors,” says Dr. Tamir Mosharrafa. “Through Beauty for Good, we are able to reach countless people and impact many more lives beyond our patients. One day, these doors will close, and we will no longer perform lifechanging cosmetic and breast reconstruction surgeries. But through our foundation, we have an opportunity to build a legacy that will continue to reach many.” In 2015, the doctors co-founded The Mosharrafa Plastic Surgery Foundation (dba Beauty for Good), a 501c3 nonprofit organization. Beauty for Good’s mission is “to help beautiful changes in individuals inspire beautiful changes in our community.” Their goal is to bring awareness to and support causes in the Valley that are close to them – causes they believe in. Dr. Ali Mosharrafa is the chairman of the advisory board for Prevent Child Abuse Arizona, and Dr. Tamir Mosharrafa has given his time and talents removing branding from human trafficking victims for The Phoenix Dream Center. Kara Schell, managing director of Beauty for Good, has volunteered many hours for the charities that they support and is part of a mentoring group with Fresh Start Women’s Foundation. They truly have a personal, hands-on approach to their support of local nonprofits. “Being involved is more than writing a check. We choose our charitable partners carefully, and we commit to be a true partner, not just a sponsor to their cause,” Kara says. “Many small nonprofit organizations are unheard of, and the work they are doing could make a significant impact with more resources and support from Valley residents and businesses. We help those organizations showcase their mission in many ways through Beauty for Good by providing monetary gifts and hosting events to bring awareness to our charitable partners.” Mosharrafa Plastic Surgery is preparing to host the Second Annual Beauty for Good Gala at the Arizona Biltmore on Saturday, April 14, 2018. The gala will benefit five local charities and is co-hosted by emcee Olivia Fierro, Good Morning Arizona news anchor. You can learn more, support the cause, and purchase your tickets by visiting

A2ndAct.Org – A2ndAct. org was founded by breast cancer survivor Judy Martens. Judy has an unwavering belief in two things: one, valuable lessons can come out of all journeys, even the difficult ones. And two, we all owe a payback to humanity. While recovering and preparing for “life after cancer” she found herself asking, “I have beat cancer, now what?” The question was no longer “Why me?” but, rather, “What next?” This was a common question in the survivor community. A2ndAct. org provides many resources and support for women asking themselves that very question, women who have beaten cancer and are now creating their own “Second Act” in life. provides workshops and support groups that allow survivors to find strength in healing each other and giving back. It also provides microgrants to women who are starting a new venture in life, their own “Second Act.” To learn more about the impact that A2ndAct. Org is making in our community, visit

Pearce Family Foundation (PFF) – The Pearce Family Foundation is committed to being the bridge between the hospital and the home. They are devoted to giving back to families in their community by making a positive impact everyday. PFF was founded by Meghan Pearce Alfonso, whose mantra is “Service to others is how you pay for your room here on earth.” She feels that it is important to help those in need, which is how PFF was born. The foundation’s main initiative is Angels Around Us, which helps families get back on their feet by providing grants of monetary support for the home, so parents can focus on their child’s journey to get well without the worry of losing their homes or utilities – since care costs can consume financial resources that would otherwise go toward rent or electricity. The foundation’s newest initiative, Angel Pups, helps pay for a service dog for children in need of one. To learn more about PFF, visit

Phoenix Dream Center – The Dream Center started with one goal: “To find a need and fill it, to find a hurt and heal it.” From housing 60 people and outreach services for 500 in the streets with food, they grew to providing housing to over 450 each night and reaching 36,000 in the community. They provide resources for many, from a simple hot meal and a pillow at night for the homeless to supporting young adults who have aged out of the foster care system and now have nowhere to turn to women who have been pulled into human trafficking by choice and force. They provide invaluable services to our community, including medical care and education. Their efforts in providing rehabilitation services to human trafficking victims is supported by Beauty for Good fundraising and awareness campaigns. Programs are designed to give women a safe place and show them their value to our community. To learn about The Phoenix Dream Center, visit

Prevent Child Abuse Arizona (PCAAZ) – Prevent Child Abuse Arizona is shifting the public conversation about child maltreatment so that prevention is the priority, finding ways to prevent child abuse and neglect before it happens. PCAAZ provides training, parenting education and prevention services to families, foster parents, child welfare professionals, social service providers, law enforcement, court personnel, and the public. PCAAZ has been the state’s leading child maltreatment prevention organization for more than 25 years. Through programs, advocacy and training, PCAAZ implements strategies to keep children safe and support families in our communities. The PCAAZ family of programs are designed to promote child well-being, strengthen families, and prevent child maltreatment. Research confirms that providing education and support to parents prior to or just after birth of a child is the most effective prevention strategy. To learn more about PCAAZ, visit

Breast Reconstruction Awareness Campaign (BRA) – Breast reconstruction following a mastectomy or lumpectomy is not for every woman, but every woman should be informed of the options to which she is entitled. In this spirit, the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) and The Plastic Surgery Foundation (The PSF) lead the Breast Reconstruction Awareness USA Campaign, one of the few breast cancer campaigns dedicated to building awareness around breast reconstruction. The Breast Reconstruction Awareness Fund supports research focusing on breast reconstruction and provides financial assistance to uninsured or under-insured women seeking breast reconstruction following a lumpectomy or mastectomy. We believe that education is key to awareness, most women are not education on options available to them on their journey to become whole again post mastectomy following breast cancer treatment. To learn more: www.


/ by Melissa Gable Melissa Gable is the pets & people PR manager at Foothills Animal Rescue, www.

5 Reasons to Adopt Your Next pet Thinking of adding to your family? With so many wonderful animal shelters and rescues in the Valley, there’s no shortage of cute, homeless pets in need. Most animal welfare groups utilize social media and online resources to share photos of their adoptable dogs and cats, making it easier than ever to narrow down your search for the purr-fect pet. Still not convinced that adoption is the right option? Here are some other reasons why you should consider a visit to your local shelter or rescue group. 1. You Never Know What You’ll Find. While there are a lot of Chihuahua and pit bull-type breeds in shelters – which you may not be looking for at the moment – that’s not all they have. If you are looking for a particular type of dog or cat, be sure to check out some of the breed-specific rescue groups in town. You can also utilize websites such as www. or www.petango. com to search for adoptable pets in your area by breed, age and sex.




2. Caring Helpers. Some of the best resources in your pet search will the staff and volunteers at the rescue locations. These dedicated folks are a wealth of information and many of them can provide background details on the dogs and cats in their care. They’ll be able to find you a jogging partner or a snuggle buddy – just ask and your personality will be matched by people who spend a lot of time with the animals.

3. Shelter Pets are Evaluated. Most rescue groups and shelters assess their adoptable pets to ensure they are healthy (medically and behaviorally) prior to putting them up for adoption. If there are any concerns, responsible agencies will share that information with potential adopters prior to finalizing the adoption. Nearly every shelter and rescue group will spay/neuter and vaccinate their pets prior to sending them home and some groups include a microchip with the adoption.

4. You’re Saving a Life. Of course you are saving the life of the dog or cat you adopt, but you are also helping many other homeless pets. The money you pay to adopt your new furry friend is most likely going to help care for another dog or cat at the shelter or rescue. And that kennel that your adopted pet used to occupy? Now that he or she is going home with you, another dog or cat can take your new friend’s place in the hopes of finding an adoptive family.

5. Unconditional Love. Nothing beats being greeted at the end of a long day by a wagging tail or cheerful meow. Your adopted dog or cat will provide you with years of laughs, smiles and love. Adopters often say that their adopted pet seems to know and appreciate the fact that he/she has been rescued. Talk about love!

Benefits of coolsculpting®

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Buy Three CoolSculpting Treatments & Get One FREE* Buy One CoolSculpting Treatment & Get One 50% OFF*

No cutting, no needles, no downtime Safe, comfortable, and convenient Natural and effective Clinically proven and FDA Cleared

Coolsculpting® is also for Men! If you’re a man looking to eliminate stubborn fat in problem areas such as the chest, back, waist and/or stomach, CoolSculpting may be the treatment you’ve been waiting for!

Expires 3/31/18. *Buy three CoolSculpting treatments at full price and receive one of equal or lesser value free. Limit one (1) “Buy Three Areas Get One FREE” per person throughout the term of this promotion. Offer valid while supplies last on CoolSculpting Treatments purchased prior to March 31, 2018. Must complete a complimentary CoolSculpting Consultation at Arizona Aesthetics Center prior to purchasing treatments. Must purchase all applicable treatments in full at time of booking. Prices exclude tax. Not applicable to previous purchases. No refunds or exchanges. No cash value. Not valid with any other offers, discounts, special promotions or prohibited by law. Must mention “Buy Three Areas Get One FREE” at time of booking consultation and at time of purchase.

Results in as little as three weeks! ilable Now Ava bags for Saddlegs! and Le




8 WEEKS AFTER COOLSCULPTING® TREATMENT Procedure by Leyda E. Bowes, MD (-6 pounds)

LOOK SO GOOD YOU WON’T HAVE TO MAKE NEW YEAR’S RESOLUTIONS! CALL ARIZONA AESTHETICS CENTERS FOR A FREE CONSULTATION FOR COOLSCULPTING®. Arizona Aesthetics Centers • 480-656-5311 • Lewis Heller M.D. • 7450 E Pinnacle Peak Road #258, Scottsdale, AZ 85255 •

splurge / by Gabby Richman

About Time A trendy fitness tracker

From Garmin comes the Forerunner 35 GPS Running Watch, an advanced gadget of its type. The timepiece features Garmin Elevate wrist-based heart rate technology that provides accurate heart rate tracking using its sensor. It also has a built-in GPS that can track your distance, pace, intervals and more. Simply pair it with your smartphone and the screen will display notifications of incoming texts and calls. Want to check out your stats over time? Upload your run data to Garmin Connect, where you can review your progress and share your results to social media. In addition to tracking your runs, the waterproof watch will also follow your all-day activity, including counting your steps, calories and intensity minutes, and will even remind you when to move to keep your average up. Available for $199.99 (also in black) at L.L.Bean,




y a D s ’ e n i t n e l a Happy V

Lisa Garber Owner/Designer

“One Purpose...Be Glamorous” 15147 N. Scottsdale Rd. Located at the Scottsdale Quarter 480.421.9688

Trade or sell us your unwanted jewelry


/ by Good Thyme Kitchen

Flourless Fudgy Tahini Brownies

Kari Backlund and Courtney Francis are the founders of They are recipe developers that focus on healthy, easy and realistic cooking that the entire family can enjoy.

MAKES: 16 ½ cup tahini ½ cup dark brown sugar ¼ cup pure maple syrup 1 tablespoon coconut oil, melted + 1 teaspoon for drizzle 2 teaspoon vanilla 2 eggs 1 tablespoon instant espresso powder cup cacao powder 1 teaspoon cinnamon ½ teaspoon baking soda ½ teaspoon salt cup dark chocolate chips (can sub semisweet or milk chocolate) 2 tablespoons white chocolate chips Raspberries to taste

Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Grease an 8-by-8-inch baking pan with coconut oil cooking spray. In a medium bowl, add tahini, brown sugar, maple syrup, 1 tablespoon coconut oil, vanilla and eggs. Use an electric mixer to combine ingredients, mixing on high speed for 1 minute. Add espresso powder, cacao powder, cinnamon, baking soda and salt and mix on low speed until incorporated. Fold in 1/3 cup dark chocolate chips. Bake for 18-22 minutes, until toothpick inserted in the middle comes out clean. Do not overbake! Allow brownies to cool. While brownies are cooling, add white chocolate chips and remaining 1 teaspoon coconut oil to a microwave-safe bowl. Microwave on high for 1 minute until melted, stir until smooth. Drizzle white chocolate over the brownies. Cut brownies into squares and serve with fresh raspberries.




‘Drip’ Your Way to Health: Intravenous (IV) Nutrient Therapy Nael Dagstani, Naturopathic Doctor answers your questions


ntravenous nutrient therapy (IVNT) is a method of delivering vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and other vital compounds to the body by direct infusion into the bloodstream. A small intravenous catheter is temporarily placed into a vein, and the nutrients are administered slowly over a period of time that is dependent upon the nutrients that are used, typically 30 minutes to an hour. IVNT safely “floods” the cells with nutrients and thereby increases and optimizes cellular health; 100% of the nutrients are utilized vs oral intake, which typically results in 30 – 40% absorption, and a much higher nutrient dose can be given through IVNT. The compounds in IVNT exert a safe, natural, effective approach, but without the unwanted side effects of most prescription medications. IVNT may be needed only a few times, or periodically for an extended period of time, depending on the condition being treated.

What are the Benefits of IVNT? • Stimulates and increases immune system function • Encourages cellular repair and regeneration • Accelerates the process of recovery • Provides preventive immune support • Inhibits disease progression • Enhances treatment efficacy • Bolsters cancer-fighting capacity • Increases energy • Improves circulation • Increases cellular detoxification • Enhances sense of wellbeing • Decreases symptoms related to chronic or acute illness • Alleviates nutritional deficiencies • Hydrates the body • Increases body’s ability to heal

What Conditions Can Be Treated Through IVNT? The nutrients and compounds used in IVNT are specific for the use and condition being treated. There are many “standard protocols” that are frequently and effectively used for specific conditions and desired outcomes, and Dr. Dagstani is able to appropriately modify the treatment based on patient specific needs. IVNT is indicated for: • Pre and post surgery • Sports enhancement and recovery • Preventive and optimal health enhancement • Chronic fatigue • Chronic pain • Migraines • Headaches • Asthma • Heart disease • Autoimmune conditions (Rheumatoid Arthritis, Lupus) • Fibromyalgia • Cataracts • Macular degeneration • Depression • Cancer And many other conditions.

How Do I Find Out If IVNT Is Right For Me The first step in considering IVNT is to speak with Dr. Dagistani about your health issues and concerns. IVNT can be scheduled with or without a comprehensive initial assessment, depending on your needs.

CALL NOW TO SCHEDULE Direct: 480.861.3916 Office: 480.447.3131 Dr. Nael Dagstani, is located at Illumina Health, 9393 N. 90th Street #108B, Scottsdale, AZ 85258 Illuminate Health also offers • Cellular Detox • Pain Management • Bioidentical Hormones • ED treatment • Ozone Therapy • Whole Body Cryotherapy • PEMF • EWOT • Lymphatic Drainage • Colon Hydrotherapy • Naturopathic Medicine • Chiropractic Medicine


/ by Gabby Richman

Fashionable Flow Stand out in the studio with om-azing printed mats

eKO Lite 4mm Yoga Mat in Marble, Manduka, $72 at Zappos, Banana Yoga Mat, Sugarmat, $89 at Nordstrom, www. 6mm Premium Print Reversible Yoga Mat in Pink, Gaiam, $34.99 at Dick’s Sporting Goods, Combo Mat in Serenity, $68 at Yoga Design Lab, www. Commuter Mat in Kaleidoscope, $54 at Yoga Design Lab.




weight loss news / complied by Kelly Potts

Sleep for Good It turns out that in addition to feeling good in the morning, getting a good night sleep has another pretty great benefit – controlling those sugar cravings. During a recent study, researchers found that lack of sleep may lead to increased appetite and an affinity for unhealthy foods. Lack of sleep can be a risk factor because it boosts hunger, due to the delicate balance between the nutrients consumed and the energy costs of staying awake, which remain generally the same whether you’ve had enough sleep or not. But, during the study, subjects who had less sleep were hungrier and more likely to eat unhealthy snacks. The moral of the story: sleep more, crave less. Source:

The Non-diet Diet “My diet starts Monday.” “Let’s do this (insert fad diet here) for 30 days!” Do either of these phrases sound familiar? Probably. But, are either of them – or other similar ideas – helping you lose weight? We didn’t think so. According to new research, using the word “diet” sets you up for failure. Knowing there is an end in sight leads to cheat days, and over indulgences after the fact. So, throw out the D-word, and make better choices and small adjustments for this to become a real, lasting lifetime change. Source:

Easy Diet Hack: Almonds A study from the University of Florida suggests that improving your diet can be as simple as eating a few almonds a day. Researchers studied the effects that the addition of almonds can have on a person’s diet quality. They found that eating almonds helped families replace sugary snacks with healthy choices during the duration of the study and beyond.

Healthy Life, Happy Life A new analysis finds that children who eat healthfully are more likely to be happy, and those who are happy are more likely to eat healthfully. Interestingly, these links were independent of weight. With childhood obesity at an all-time high, it’s important to note that healthy foods help kids feel better and lead to healthier weights. So parents, help your kids feel better, and help the family feel better with healthy food choices.

Source: www.






Dr. Geier talks a new treatment for pain management Wouldn’t it be great if you could treat the majority of all pain related symptoms with a non-invasive approach? Now, you can. As a Chiropractor, my education and training was focused on relieving pain by influencing the nervous system through the use of spinal manipulation. However, in my practice I intently focus on the myo, which is the Latin term for muscles and connective tissue called fascia. Here in lies the term Myofascial therapy. When treating pain, I chose to focus on the myofascia of the body because this is the most important component to influencing the Central Nervous System to decrease pain, specifically honing in on treating this pain by taking an alternative, non-invasive approach. Unfortunately, myofascial therapy receives little attention as a major source of pain and is seldom taught in modern medical school training. Even more unfortunate is the lack of insurance reimbursement for this important therapy. So, let’s dig into the topic a little deeper.

running through, around and crisscrossing every inch of your body including muscle, organs, blood vessels, nerves, spinal cord, brain and skin. The central nervous system receives its greatest amount of sensory nerves from myofascial tissue. This means that the fascia is as important or more important than muscle in sensory input delivery. The key to this statement is that your myofascia becomes the byproduct of your environment without you even realizing it. It experiences stress, memorizes chronic poor posture, feels the weight of your head sitting at the computer all day, and permanently holds onto old untreated injuries. As a result of never ending signaling to the brain, the body develops symptoms like pain and endocrine dysfunction like adrenal fatigue, dysfunctional mood and brain fog, to name a few. If the fascia controls the information that can influence the brain, then this is the first step to calming down the body’s pain response and also improving overall global body function.

THE SCIENCE BEHIND PAIN AND MYOFASCIA The muscular system is the largest sensory organ. Approximately 50 percent of your body weight is made up of about 400 skeletal muscles. Your fascia is actually one giant interconnected web of connective tissue

WHAT IS MYOFASCIAL THERAPY? It is a deep tissue treatment involving the breakdown of fascial adhesions known as trigger points. These trigger points ultimately create a permanently shortened muscle, resulting in pain and muscle dysfunction and, in turn, weakness and uncoordinated movements. Myofascial therapy can be performed in many ways including by a practitioner’s hands, using tools that break down adhesions and stretching. This therapy proves to be a very efficient and effective therapy for pain management, improving athletic performance and reducing cellulite.

COMMON INJURIES RELATED TO MYOFASCIAL TRIGGER POINTS • Pain or stiffness in your neck, mid- or lowback • Headaches or jaw pain • Sciatica and other nerve related symptoms like numbness and tingling • Tendonitis, Bursitis and Plantar Fasciitis • Joint pain especially in your shoulder, knee or wrist • Generalized dull, achy pain • Athletic performance issues

HOW DOES HEALTHY FASCIA BECOME UNHEALTHY FASCIA? This happens when extra layers of fascia grow due to stress, trauma, repetitive motions, dehydration and inflammation. Inflammation comes from repetitive working out or even eating inflammatory foods such as (but not limited to) sugar, fried food, certain oils and processed wheat.

CALL 480.800.4924 AND MENTION SCOTTSDALE HEALTH MAGAZINE TO RECEIVE 20 PERCENT OFF A PACKAGE OF THREE VISITS, EQUALING $149. Dr. Geier is located inside Jewish Community Center (JCC). A JCC membership is not required to be treated. Sign up to see Dr. Geier and also receive a one week pass to the JCC!

solo scottsdale / by Gabby Richman / photo by Mark Morgan

Each month, Scottsdale Health features one local single. This month, meet…

Tamara Parisio AGE: 57 ABOUT ME: As a media and advertising agent, I summon my inner Mad Men (my favorite TV show!) character by day. I have an appetite for learning new things. Gathering with fun people, exploring new horizons, and creating memorable experiences fill my heart’s desires. At day’s end, I unwind with a glass of wine and sometimes a rare but cherished bubble bath. It’s always a joy to hang out with family and friends. I like to entertain and to join intimate dinner parties for the fabulous company and the fine food. My passions include travel, the arts, hiking, and running with the wind. One of my goals is to participate in the occasional half-marathon or 10K. Oh, and I love to dance — on a crowded dance floor or slowly by the fire.

MY FAVORITE BOOK IS: Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand. WHAT I’M LOOKING FOR IN A SIGNIFICANT OTHER: Connection — to champion each other, encouraging the most epic experience in every adventure (including stirring up a home-cooked meal with foodiestyle enthusiasm). THE MOST IMPORTANT QUALITIES TO ME ARE: That everything you do and everything you say are with flirtation, fitness, fun… and ever-unfolding enchantment. I like a sense of humor, a point of view, tolerance, compassion, and engaging conversations. THE LEAST IMPORTANT QUALITIES TO ME ARE: I’m not concerned about your ability to carry a tune (though you can whisper Joe Cocker lyrics in my ear anytime).

Interested in meeting Tamara? Email her via gabby@ Put “Tamara” in the subject line. Interested in being featured yourself in an upcoming issue? Send an email with your name, age and a recent photo for consideration to the same email, with “Solo” in the subject line.




PAINLESS FIX FOR RECEDING GUMS! Pinhole Surgical Technique



A University Study revealed that 89% of patients over 20 years old have gingival recession. If you are concerned about receding gums due to gum disease or have gum recession because of aggressive brushing, smoking or medications, turn to Dr. Erik Svans, a Certified Pinhole Surgical Technique® Provider. This surgical treatment rebuilds the gum line without cut and suture surgery. You can walk out of our office with a beautiful new smile in a single visit! In fact, the Pinhole Surgical Technique® is often called the “Lunchtime Gum Lift” as it takes as little as an hour to perform and is done under local anesthesia so you can return to work after your appointment.

Case of the Month BEFORE


Pinhole Surgical Technique by Dr Erik Svans: 1 Year Post Op ®


Contact us for a free consultation 480.219.8760 Erik P. Svans DDS

For everything you need to know about this amazing procedure, visit www.

Svans Dentistry PLLC 7400 E Pinnacle Peak Rd, Suite 200, Scottsdale, AZ 85255 (480) 219-8760


/ by Jeremy Scott / photos by James Patrick Jeremy Scott is an expert advisor for Olympian Labs Nutrition and Reebok. He owns and operates Jeremy Scott Fitness, located at 7750 E Redfield Road, Suite D106 in Scottsdale. For more information, call 605.481.2611 or visit

Buddy Up! 3 heart-pumping partner exercises

One of my all-time favorite sayings is “Champions come in pairs of two.” The power of having a good training partner when it comes to exercise and getting in shape is often underestimated. When you invest in a training partner, you are also making an investment in yourself to be more accountable, train safer, and compete in a healthy way to get the most out of your training sessions. It’s best to try and find a partner of similar ability level or better if possible. It will help raise the level of your training, push you and hold you more accountable in your pursuit to get better and work hard week after week. Here are three fun, quick, easy exercises you can do with a partner. Not only does this make your training more dynamic, but it also creates a great energy often missing when you train alone. And, after all, it is V-Day – what better way to bond with your significant other than a hardcore sweat session?




The Valentine’s Day Workout of Champions: Exercise #1 – Partner Squat to Pass Start this workout by holding the ball with both hands at chest level with elbows bent, feet standing shoulder width apart. You will squat down at least 90 degrees or as low as your hip mobility allows. In one fluid motion, you explode up through your heels and hips, passing the ball to your partner, ready to receive the ball. Your partner will then squat and explode up, passing the ball back to you.

Exercise #2 – Partner Sled Push If you can, find a partner of similar size or in this case, someone who has enough strength to push the bigger partner. Simply have one partner sit on the sled while partner two pushes the sled a distance of around 50 yards or somewhere close to 30 seconds of work. Once partner one is done pushing, change spots and repeat the pattern over again.

Simply have one partner sit on the sled while partner two pushes the sled a distance of around 50 yards

Exercise #3 – Partner Hand Clap Push Ups Setup in the pushup position across from your partner about 1-2 feet apart. Both partners complete a push up rep at the same time and once raised to your starting position, simply clap hands and repeat another pushup and another handclap. Aim for between 30-60 seconds of work before taking a rest depending on your ability levels.

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balance / by Barbara Kaplan

Synchronize Your Space Feng shui and bajaro: defining and differentiating

Combining feng shui with bajaro is believed to create the perfect combination of harmonizing the environment in which we live and work. For many people today, home and work is a shared space, which makes it even more important to understand these two philosophies. Together, they are the most powerful method of creating synchronization in personal environments for happiness, good health, productivity and success. These two techniques used together are believed to bring about personal connection and healing of the mind, body, and spirit. We react to our surroundings whether we are aware of it or not. We are either healing or hurting all day long. This is influenced by what we see, hear, feel, smell, touch, taste, and of course the energy around us.

Feng Shui This Chinese philosophy simply means “wind” and “water” which, as in nature, is natural to any environment. Feng shui aims to adjust the energy, or chi in a room or house to bring positive attributes to the space. Chi can be either clear or blocked, depending on many factors in the space.

For example, changing the position of a desk in relation to the door can promote a better flow of energy which can result in being less distracted. Feng shui also focuses on the materials in the room – rubber, synthetic fabrics, wood, stone, brick, or earth as they either obstruct or assist free flow of good energy around

your home and workplace. It is important to know that there are remedies for all situations to create better chi. Bajaro Bajaro has three elements: understanding, acceptance, and allowing, which create an awareness to the distractions and discomforts, or the things in our environ-

ment that make us feel good. With this awareness, we are able to adjust what is necessary to help us feel good in a space. By turning inward, which some call the ultimate “interior” design, we can ask ourselves what it is that we need to feel positive or productive, thus heal and create a harmonizing environment.

The Differences The key difference of the two philosophies is that feng shui is about the space, aligning spaces and objects to facilitate the free flow of positive energies and remove the negativity in the environment. Positive energies are those that move freely in your spaces to bring people good health, happiness, sound relationships and prosperity. Negative energy is stagnant like from clutter and wrong placement or size of furniture. Once the space is clear there is room for people to live and thrive there. Bajaro is about the people in the space. It addresses the individual and

Barbara Kaplan is an interior designer, author, and member of the Arizona North chapter of American Society of Interior Designers. Kaplan aims to empower her clients to become their own “interior designer” and understand the benefits professional designers can bring to a project. ASID’s Interior Designer for Hire program which runs Feb. 1 through April 30 is an excellent way to work with a designer at a reduced rate. For more information on this program visit www.azn.asid. org/news/the-design-for-hire-program-is-back For more information on Kaplan visit




empowers them to create the spaces in a personal way to express their desires, be comfortable and enjoy living with what they feel is beautiful. Bajaro believes, “If it feels right, it is right.” Bajaro encouages people to have confidence in their taste and style and address the design through their eyes. The practice asks the right questions so each person is able to find the right answer for themselves for what they need and how they want to fulfill their lives. For example, what color feels soothing in a space meant for relaxation or what color inspires you in an area used for a creative process? As individuals we must consider the complete experience we have every day. What is the first thing you see in the morning? How does it make you feel? Or the last thing you see at night. How well do you sleep? What is the energy when you walk into your work space? It becomes more difficult when you are out in public spaces, but learning the cues that affect you becomes critical. For instance, when in a restaurant do you carefully select the seat where you will be eating so that you are comfortable, looking in the direction that pleases you, not hearing loud conversation from a nearby table or other distractions? When you have both the energy and personal understanding working together you have perfection! Remember, rooms do not have feelings, YOU do!

30+ Years of Providing

Thorough Eyecare • Finest Eyewear • Superior Service SCOTTSDALE 8752 E. Shea (101 & Shea) 480-991-6432 MESA 555 N. Gilbert, Suite 101 (Gilbert & University) 480-827-9184

• Precision Exams • Diagnosis and Treatment of Eye Diseases • All Makes of Contacts - Including Bifocal, Keratoconus & Scleral • Designer Eyewear - Over 1,000 Styles • New, Improved Dry Eye Treatments • Provider for Medicare, VSP, United Healthcare, Eyemed, Avesis, Superior Vision, Cigna, BlueCross/BlueShield, Healthnet

Dr. Katherine Blaskovich

Dr. Susan Reckell

Dr. Tina Ansari

Our Top Notch Team of Eye Doctors

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/ by Amie Valpone

Food to Love

Amie Valpone, HHC, AADP, is a Lycored Nutrition Ambassador and celebrity nutritionist

The power of heart-healthy eating

The majority of children, and even a large portion of adults, don’t understand why eating vegetables, fruits, whole grains and healthy fats is good for our bodies. Most of us grow up being told to eat these food groups because they are “healthy” but we’re not taught why. When you start to understand the why behind eating these foods, you start to understand how important they are for your well-being and how powerful these foods really are. So, why do you eat these so-called healthy foods? Because these foods are filled with antioxidants, phytonutrients, minerals, vitamins, protein, complex carbohydrates and healthy fats that fuel the body; balance hormones; keep the bowels moving smoothly; keep your hair, skin and nails growing; keep your blood sugar stable and




more. When diving deeper to understand how foods can do all these things, something called free radicals and antioxidants come into play. Free radicals are toxic byproducts that cause damage to your tissues and cells, otherwise known as oxidative stress, which you’re exposed to on a daily basis. But the good news is that the vitamins and minerals (aka antioxidants) in the healthy foods are used to counteract the oxidative stress. This is why eating foods rich in antioxidants can combat free radicals and prevent disease, aging and more. If antioxidants aren’t available, cellular damage occurs and what many people don’t realize is that free radicals are the major cause of aging and declining health. This is the why behind why we eat “healthy” foods.

Heart-healthy Foods Because it’s February, the month of love, we’re focusing on heart health and exploring the following foods, which are all filled with the nutrients your body needs to be strong, healthy and energized. A lifestyle filled with healthy foods can be beneficial for your heart as well as your waistline. This is not about counting calories, it’s about eating whole, anti-inflammatory foods to fight inflammation and keep your body healthy. Toss out the old calorie-counting mindset that you were sold many years ago – that doesn’t take into account foods that

are inflammatory versus anti-inflammatory. For example, an avocado has more calories than a 100-calorie pack of Oreos, but the avocado is anti-inflammatory and filled with nutrients to fuel your body and keep you healthy while the Oreos are highly inflammatory and will do nothing for your body because there are no nutrients or antioxidants in them. Stick with the following heart-healthy foods and you’ll see how good it feels to not have to count calories when you’re eating whole, antiinflammatory foods. Whole Grains Whole grains such as quinoa, wild rice,

brown rice, oatmeal and millet are all gluten-free whole grains and they’re an excellent source of fiber, vitamin B and minerals such as selenium, magnesium, iron and folate. The American Heart Association says, “Dietary fiber from whole grains, as part of an overall healthy diet, may help improve blood cholesterol levels, and lower risk of heart disease, stroke, obesity and Type 2 diabetes.” Healthy Fats Some examples of healthy fats include extra-virgin olive oil, avocado, tahini, walnuts, almonds, Brazil nuts, macadamia nuts, pecans, pumpkin seeds, sun-

flower seeds, ground flaxseeds, chia seeds and sesame seeds. These are all rich in protein, fiber and Omega 3 fatty acids, which are antiinflammatory and ideal for tossing into salads, stir-fries, desserts and smoothies. Be sure to store all nuts and seeds in a sealed container in the refrigerator or freezer for up to four months so that mold does not grow. Try avoiding peanuts and pistachios and cashews if you have stomach problems because they can be very high in mold. Produce Think tomatoes, asparagus, broccoli, red onions, carrots, berries, cauliflower,

kale, spinach, collard greens, Swiss chard, Brussels sprouts, cabbage and arugula. They are filled with fiber, vitamins and nutrients including beta-carotene, vitamin C, vitamin A, vitamin E, calcium, carotenoids and lycopene that help your heart. Fresh or frozen fruits and vegetables are both great options if you cannot find fresh produce in season. Sometimes frozen produce is healthier because it’s flash frozen when the produce is picked versus the fresh produce that sits on a truck from the farm and on the shelf in the food store. So, don’t ignore the frozen fruit and veggie aisle!

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UpBeet Juice

Recipe and photo courtesy of Original ChopShop, Ingredients

New Book, new Movement The Good Food Institute Executive Director Bruce Friedrich has partnered with New York Times’ best-selling author Kathy Freston to release Clean Protein: The Revolution that Will Reshape Your Body, Boost Your Energy, and Save Our Planet. After spending years researching the future of protein, the food and wellness experts provide a practical guide or creating a diet that is healthy, sustainable, and accessible to everyone. Rather than “dieting,” the guide is meant to be a way of eating (and life) that will put both people and the planet on a better trajectory for long-term health. Complete with recipes and a detailed guide to food planning, Clean Protein provides tips to get lean, gain energy, and stay mentally sharp, through the use of protein. Available at Amazon,



1 red beet, raw 1 ounce-wt ginger 1 ounce-wt turmeric 1 whole carrot, raw ¾ granny smith apple Instructions

Track Your Consumption Scottsdale-based company Drink Down 64 recently launched, providing local and national consumers a way to track their water consumption from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. The company’s bottle is designed to support individuals’ goals of drinking more water throughout the day, combining health and hydration with the innovative design and idea. Simply fill the bottle in the morning and drink down to each hour interval indicated on the side of the bottle. Refill at lunchtime and repeat. By 6 p.m. you will have consumed 64 ounces of water, the minimum amount of water recommended for proper hydration. For every $15 bottle sold, the company is donating $2 to local animal shelters in Arizona. Available at Re-Barre Studio Scottsdale and online (


Juice all ingredients and serve. Yields one juice.

A new Treatment Center Scottsdale Recovery Center (SRC) recently opened its doors to a new 10-bed highintensity residential inpatient treatment center. The center provides a higher level of care, around the clock, for patients needing addiction detox or co-occurring disorders. Patients will experience treatment therapies in a residence setting, much like a boutique hotel. Treatments include: recovery-focused

support groups and specialized wellness groups, nutritional counseling and education, family-geared support services, relapse prevention, and life skills training and job readiness skills. Some elements that set SRC apart include: daily catered gourmet and healthy meals, daily exercise classes, weekly yoga and meditation classes, and daily physical and recreational activities on-site.


A Sip of Science On Feb. 8, Arizona State University’s Biodesign Institute launches a new outreach program that invites the general public to mingle with notable scientists and learn about some of the world’s most fascinating and current scientific issues. The “A Sip of Science” talks will take place at six venues from Feb. 8 through May 8, where guests will have the opportunity to meet with biologists, neuroscientists, chemists, physicists, engineers and computer scientists at local restaurants. From why plastics in the ocean could make seafood extinct by 2050, to whether it’s possible to ignite the brain to higher functioning or better memory abilities, ASU’s Biodesign Institute researchers are breaking out of their labs and coming to nearby restaurants to share their expertise on a number of hot button topics, including their challenges, new discoveries and aspirations to make the world a better place. In this casual setting, attendees will be able to share their ideas and ask questions. Register at This month’s events include:

Because you deserve to have perfect teeth to go along with your perfect look.

Metal • Clear • Invisilign


Breaking the Ice: Exploring the Frozen Continent with the Penguin Whisperer Thursday, Feb. 8, 5:307 p.m. at George and Dragon English Pub Led by molecular virologist Arvind Varsani, aka “The Penguin Whisperer,” who works across ecosystems from plants and animals from the tropics to the Antarctic, this lecture covers the role viruses play in ecosystems and how they affect the world’s population.

Mo’ Plastics, Mo’ Problems: The Life of a Microplastic and Your Seafood Sunday, Feb. 11, 2-3:30 p.m. at Tavern Americana Biologist Charlie Rolsky shares his passion for keeping the world’s oceans clean and seafood edible and helps guests understand the real threat of seafood becoming extinct in years to come.

*$0 DOWN, 0% FINANCING! (*$0 down does not apply to Invisalign)

The Wright place, the Wright time. Jack G. Wright DDS CAGS Specialist in Orthodontics for adults and children

Call today to schedule a free consultation



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Get to Climbing

The Spa Scoop Inspire Day Spa recently opened in McCormick Ranch, offering aesthetician services such as relaxing facials, HydraFacials, microdermabrasion, chemical peels, microneedling, body treatments, body wraps and dermaplanning. The tranquil lakeside locale also offers full-body massage services such as therapeutic deep tissue massages,

relaxing Swedish massages, lymphatic drainage, couples massages and a large selection of half-day and full-day spa packages. All spa services are performed by licensed aestheticians and licensed massage therapists, and services offered use organic skin care products by Eminence Organics. www.inspiredayspa. com.

This month, local rock climbing gym, AZ on the Rocks is teaming up with REI Outdoor School to host the second Annual ClimbFest in Scottsdale. Whether you’re a master climber or adventurous beginner, every fitness level is invited to experience this fun introduction to outdoor rock climbing in the beautiful McDowell Sonoran Preserve. The event will be held Saturday, Feb. 24, from 9 a.m.-3 p.m. ClimbFest will kick off at Tom’s Thumb Trailhead, where the experts from REI and AZ on the Rocks will introduce participants to some of McDowell Mountain’s best climbing spots. A variety of climbing courses will be available at the event, led by REI Outdoor School Instructors, and popular top rope climbs of various levels will be set up throughout the event. There will also be a rappelling station and an anchors class. Snacks and beverages will be provided throughout the day. Registration is encouraged and available on REI’s website, The $20 registration fee includes all the equipment you will need: harness, shoes, helmet and chalk. Participants are welcome to bring their own shoes and harness. Water and sunscreen will be provided as well.

The Annual D-backs Fan Fest The Arizona Diamondbacks host the 14th annual D-backs Fan Fest, taking place Saturday, Feb. 17 at Salt River Fields at Talking Stick. The free event will offer fans access to current players, coaches, alumni and broadcasters during the stage show and more. Activities will include player autographs and photographers; batting cages and baseball activities for all fans; a kids area with inflatables, face painting and wiffle ball; an Arizona Diamondbacks Foundation yard sale, team shop and authentics. There will also be Q&A sessions with D-backs players and ticket plans for sale. www.

Health and Fitness by the Numbers Last month, Myprotein conducted a nation-wide survey covering 1,350 respondents aged 18 to 65 to figure out how much Americans spend on health and fitness.


The results showed that he average American spends $155 per month on their health and fitness ($112,000 in their lifetime). In addition, out of the five categories



surveyed (gym memberships, personal trainers, meal plans, gym clothing, and supplements), Americans spend the most on supplements, averaging $56 per month

($40,287 in their lifetime). So, what did they find specific to Arizona? Apparently, the state is the place to be if you’re vegan. Americans in this state are the most

willing to spend in the higher price ranges for veganspecific products, with 5 percent of people spending more than $71 per month on vegan produce, which is 5

percent higher than the national average. On average, these Arizonans will spend $51,120 solely on vegan products in their life. For more information, visit

Adventure for the Kids Venture outside of Scottsdale to Ahwatukee to explore Urban Air Adventure Park, a fullservice family entertainment center offering a variety of attractions for all ages. Open as of last month, the 25,000-square-foot facility features two Olympic size trampolines, a slam dunk track and dodge ball heaven – where you can dodge, dip, duck, dive and dodge. Urban Air also features a Sky Rider Coaster, where guests can fly through the park on a track located along the ceiling. And for the little ones there’s a kids 7 & under area. Future sites of Urban Air include Goodyear, North Scottsdale and Gilbert.

A Dance-focused Fitness Studio Last month, a new dance-inspired fitness studio, Fit 6-7-8 is opened in Old Town. Fit 6-7-8 offers fun workouts disguised as high-energy dance routines fit for women of all shapes, sizes and dance/fitness backgrounds. Fit 6-7-8 is the first fitness facility in Arizona to be accredited to offer the highly sought-after Vixen Workout, a dance fitness program that originated in Miami. In addition to offering the Vixen Workout, Fit 6-7-8 also features Booty Barre Brigade (a butt-kicking ballet barre workout), Stretch and Flex (which fuses deep restorative stretching with low-impact, bodyweight strength training), and Swelter (a High Intensity Interval Training dance workout class). The 800-square-foot studio features a professional sprung dance floor and a state of the art surround sound system. Fit 6-7-8 offers morning, midday and evening classes Monday through Saturday. There are no sign-up fees or contracts required. Pricing for packages varies.

02/18 ScottsdaleHealth


crazy 8s

You might not think about it often, yet your faithful heart continues to beat, keeping you alive. In honor of Valentine’s Day, we’re putting the spotlight on the human heart. Research shows that – in addition to a healthy diet and regular exercise – signing, laughing, happiness and being in love can keep your heart healthy, fighting off disease. Here are eight more facts that might make your heart go pitter-patter.

1. By the numbers. The average adult heart beats 72 times a minute; 100,000 times a day; 3,600,000 times a year; and – in total – 2.5 billion times during a lifetime. 2. The one exception. All 75 trillion cells in the human body get blood from the heart – except the corneas. 3. Get physical. Of all your muscles, the heart does the most physical work.

Crazy Facts About the Human Heart 42



4. Lost in your partner’s eyes? Some researchers found that after three minutes of staring into each other’s eyes, romantically involved couples are able to sync their heartbeats. 5. Sizing things up. Your heart is about the size of your two hands clasped together.

6. One Freaky fact. The human heart has its own electrical supply and has the ability to remain beating even when it’s completely separated from the human body. This is because the heart and its individual cells, the myocytes, create an electrical impulse, allowing them to beat with their own inherent rhythmicity. 7. Tick, tick, tick. The beating sound of your heart is the clap of valve leaflets opening and closing. 8. Pump it! Each minute your heart pumps 1.5 gallons of blood. The right side of your heart pumps blood into your lungs while the left side pumps it back into your body


The Joke’s on Us! So go ahead and laugh already – hey, it’s good for you!

An artist asked the gallery owner if there had been any interest in his paintings on display at that time. “I have good news and bad news,” the owner replied. “The good news is that a gentleman inquired about your work and wondered if it would appreciate in value after your death. When I told him it would, he bought all 15 of your paintings.”

A bank robber pulls out a gun, points it at the teller, and says, “Give me all the money or you’re geography!” The puzzled teller replies, “Did you mean to say ‘or you’re history?’” The robber says, “Don’t change the subject!”

“That’s wonderful,” the artist exclaimed. “What’s the bad news?” “The guy was your doctor.”

Q: Why did the school kids eat their homework? Teacher: “What is the chemical formula for water?” Student: “HIJKLMNO.”

A: Because their teacher told them it was a piece of cake.

Teacher: “I think you might want to try again, that isn’t the right answer.” Student: “But, yesterday you said it’s H to O!”

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toys, tech & gear / by Kelly Potts

Deskercise Skip the gym and get in shape on the job

Do you ever spend eight (or more) hours at your desk, wishing that you could be working out? These days, our lives are busier than ever, with less and less time to hit the gym. But, they say you can workout just about anywhere – even your workplace. We’ve rounded up six office-friendly fitness accessories that’ll help you multitask your way to getting in shape while still rocking your 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. – or later – job.

Gaiam Balance Ball Chair This might just be the desk chair that puts all other desk chairs to shame. The Gaiam Balance Ball Chair helps to build a healthier core, align the spine, relieve back pain and stiffness, boost energy levels and increase productivity with an active body and a focused and engaged mind. This alternative desk chair was created by health and fitness experts, and features the same yoga ball used in standard exercises. $79.38 at Amazon, Stamina In-Motion Elliptical Trainer Bring the gym elliptical to your desk. The Stamina In-Motion Elliptical Trainer offers low-impact workouts that are easy on your joints, and can be stored under your desk. Work your leg muscles while checking your emails – piece of cake! This compact elliptical trainer also allows reverse leg motion to break the monotony of the typically elliptical workout. The trainer also features indicators to display the remaining workout time clearly. $70.99 at Target,




AMYCO Wrist and Strength Exerciser Avoid the strained wrist muscles and sore hands from the repetition of the keyboard and mouse. This wrist exerciser is designed to improve strength, power and speed in the wrists, fingers and forearms. The portable product is a perfect compact size, easy to take on the go; bring it to the gym, office or use it at home. Before you know it, you’ll have a full gym at your desk. $11.99 at Amazon, Focus Standing Desk Balance Board Balance your board and balance your mind. The Revolution Focus Balance Board is designed to maximize your standing-while-working experience by further engaging your body and your mind. When you throw the Focus balance board into the mix, not only does it help you get more out of your upright endeavors, it’s a whole

lot more fun. The goal is to stay balanced, and engage the core, mind and body. $149.95 at Rev Balance, www. SKLZ Mini Resistance Bands Little bands, big results. Built to enhance your strength and endurance levels, the SKLZ® Mini Resistance Bands pack a big punch. Strap these bands around your arms or legs for effective resistance training, including lateral leg extensions and shoulder stabilization exercises. They can be used while you are sitting at your desk, or while you’re walking to make copies … although you might get a few

stares from other cubicles. $19.99 at Dick’s Sporting Goods, Treadmill Desk Be the envy of your coworkers with the coveted treadmill desk. The NordicTrak Treadmill Desk features custom built-in workouts, a heart rate monitor and incline for the workout features. The desk features a cushioned deck, USB charging station and an oversized work surface to meet your work needs. Ideal for corporate, larger spaces or home offices, this is the perfect fitness accessory to change the workout while at you work game. $863.00 at NordicTrack, www.



SUBWAY FRESH FIT® should not be considered a diet program. Visit for full nutritional information. ©2014 Doctor’s Associates Inc. SUBWAY® is a

registered trademark of Doctor’s Associates Inc.

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/ by Elizabeth Liberatore / photos by James Patrick

All-Star athlete Oliver EkmanLarsson returns to the Arizona Coyotes stronger than ever




ARIZONA COYOTES’ ALL-STAR DEFENSEMAN and one of the team’s assistant captains, Oliver Ekman-Larsson has called Arizona home for nine years now. In 2009, at the age of 19, he officially joined the NHL and played his first game with the Coyotes during the 2010-2011 season. Ekman-Larsson was 3 when he first found his footing on the ice. Just two years later, he picked up a hockey stick and never looked back. Everything about hockey – the speed, the skill, and the action – captivated the young player’s heart. “I quickly fell in love with the sport and knew this is what I wanted to do. Of course, when I was young, my dream was to be a hockey player, but I had no idea I would be an NHL player.” He adds, “I just knew that I needed to work hard to realize my dream.” And work hard he did (and continues to do). Ekman-Larsson has come a long way. Not only did he see his dream to fruition by playing hockey full time, but he remains steadfast in his commitment to evolve as a player. “When you come into the NHL, it’s overwhelming,” he explains. “You have so much to learn and you are still developing as a player. I’ve been in the NHL for eight seasons, and although I’m still learning, I’m also much more experienced now than I was and I think my game has improved over the years.”




GIVING BACK TO THE COMMUNITY There is another thing this now-26-yearold is steadfast in: community outreach. Ekman-Larsson echoes the saying he once told his past, boyish self to Valley youths: “Work hard to realize your dream.” This All-Star athlete frequents nonprofit organizations like the Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Scottsdale, Phoenix Children’s Hospital and HopeKids, an organization that restores hope and transforms the lives of children with life-threatening medical conditions. “It’s very important to give back to your community, and I like helping kids,” he says. “It’s important to show them that you can dream big and achieve your goals. If I can help the Valley’s youth understand this and make a difference in their lives, that’s great.” The community outreach doesn’t stop there. Ekman-Larsson also donates a suite for every game to one of the multiple charities he serves. Additionally, prior to every home game at the Gila River Arena in Glendale, he can almost always be found chatting to guests during meetand-greets. In fact, the player has been conducting meet-and-greets, otherwise known as Oliver Ekman-Larsson (OEL) selfies, for the past three years. “The team approached me about the idea and I loved it,” he says. “It’s great to meet our fans and provide them with such a cool experience before games. After all, we do what we do because of them.”

FROM SWEDEN TO THE SONORAN DESERT Before Arizona became his community, there was Sweden. Specifically, his small, southern hometown of Tingsryd. Population: tiny. Ekman-Larsson recalls nothing but fond memories growing up in his home country. He had a supportive family, a tightknit friend group and played plenty of hockey and soccer. As one could imagine, the switch from the southern side of Sweden to the Sonoran Desert was quite jarring. EkmanLarsson went from a town of 3,500 people

to the 14th most populated state in the United States. He traded cold weather for the dry desert heat. Goodbye, lush foliage! Hello, weird prickly green plants. Despite all the new – not to mention the language barrier – Ekman-Larsson embraced the change and fell in love with life in Arizona. “I really enjoy the weather and laidback lifestyle here. There is also a lot of great restaurants and nightlife and great scenery throughout the state. It is all very different than Sweden, but there is no better place to live than the Valley,” he smiles.

PLAYING THROUGH THE PAIN The NFL 2017-2018 season is in full swing now. The Coyotes will conclude their six-month long season on April 7 against the Anaheim Ducks. EkmanLarsson admits that it’s been a tough year for the team thus far, with members enduring injuries and their record not being exactly where they’d like it. The team, however, is hopeful to finish the season strong. Speaking of strong, Ekman-Larsson made an impressive comeback to the rink this year after the previous season, which left him with some significant bruises (emotional and physical ones). Early in the 2016-2017 season, Ekman-Larsson broke his thumb and continued to play for two months with the injury. Although he received the medical attention he needed, the player admits that his thumb never really felt right throughout the season. Nonetheless, he forged ahead for his team. “Everyone plays hurt so I don’t want to use it as an excuse, but the injury made it difficult to pass and shoot. Despite this, the thought of quitting never crossed my mind,” Ekman-Larsson recalls. And so, he suited up for 79 games, scoring the third-most goals among defensemen in franchise history, whilst demonstrating outstanding leadership for his team. He did all of this during the 2016-2017 season with a heavy heart as his mother, Annika Ekman, was losing her hard-fought, 10-year battle to cancer back in Sweden.

Ekman-Larsson stayed with his team up until the very end. Although he wanted to spend the last few days with his mother, he stayed in Arizona, per her request, and continued to play. The rink was a welcomed distraction and his team, which doubles as a second family, offered their hurting teammate a supportive environment. “I don’t think she ever missed a game,” Ekman-Larsson continues about his mother. “Even if she wasn’t there, she was at home, watching it on her computer.” He returned back to Sweden during the All-Star break last January to say his goodbye to his beloved mother, which he says was the toughest thing he ever had to do. The player then took a leave of absence to be with his family, celebrating the life of his mother, for the final three games of the 2017 season. “My mother and I were very close,” he elaborates. “She meant the world to me, my brother and my dad. She was very brave and battled extremely hard for over a year. We all miss her very much.” Adversity is a term Ekman-Larsson is well acquainted with given the past few years. Despite his bruises and hardships, the superstar athlete bounced back since moving (and skating) forward was his only option. “What motivates me to keep moving forward is my team,” he says. “I want to continue to improve as a player and leader every year, but more importantly, I want our team to get better.” This past January, Ekman-Larsson was selected to represent the Coyotes at the 2018 NHL All-Star game in Tampa Bay. He continues to lead by example, to his team and fans everywhere, showing that any obstacle can be surmounted in life by staying focused and working hard. “When I’m having an off day, I give myself the same piece advice I would give anyone who may be struggling right now – keep working hard, stay positive and believe in yourself and your abilities.” To learn more about the Arizona Coyotes and Oliver Ekman-Larsson, visit

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/ by Laura Stoddard / photos by James Patrick






You often hear people talk about work-life balance. Bella Hibbs, 25-year-old owner of Good Faith Casting, decided a few years ago to add health and fitness into the equation, even though she’d always been the kid sitting on the sidelines of the sports field. “I was never an athlete,” she says. “I was super clumsy in school. I grew up as a teenager, never being happy with my body; not knowing the science behind it, or why I was like that.” However, everything changed in 2015. “I wanted to compete for the Miss Arizona USA pageant, and I thought, ‘You know what? I’m going to take my body to the most extreme – I’m going to do a bodybuilding competition.’ Before the pageant, I did a couple shows. My first one, I coached

myself, which—” she laughs, “was a mistake. I knew nothing – basically just what Google told me. Competing at her most vulnerable (in an itsy-bitsy bikini nonetheless) on the bodybuilding stage definitely prepared Hibbs for the Miss Arizona USA pageant. Through she didn’t find a love for pageantry, it did lead her to discover her passion for fitness. Since then, she has been involved in regular training with a coach. “I plan on going to [bodybuilding] Nationals in June, because I qualified,” she says, “but at this stage, what I’ve learned is, competing is great, and I love it, but for me, I’m focused on learning balance in my life. Competing is so extreme, but not competing can be extreme on the other end. So it’s

finding that healthy balance of training, running a business, doing my YouTube channel, and still enjoying the process.” That’s right – because health and fitness have become such an important part of Hibbs’ life, she started a YouTube channel to chronicle her ongoing journey. “At first I just did daily blogging about what I was eating, how I was working out. The big thing is, busy is the new standard of life, basically. So, how do we manage our busy schedules, still stay fit, but enjoy our wine? I try to do either a nutritional post – something about a good recipe – or share a new workout.” The YouTube channel is something Hibbs does for fun, and says she currently only has a few hundred followers, but if she can inspire just one person to try working out, or educate them about how doing cardio for two hours, but then eating pasta, isn’t the best idea, then she thinks it’s worth it. Speaking of education, Hibbs plans on going back to school to get a personal training degree to educate herself on the process. “I’m a sponge when it comes to knowledge. My mom growing up would always say, ‘Knowledge is power – the more you know the better you’ll be.’ So being new to being fit and healthy, I just want to know what I can learn, what I can do to be better. It’s given me a lot of self-confidence; made me comfortable in my own skin.” Though fitness is now a big part of Hibbs’ life, running a successful business and fostering healthy relationships are equally important to her. While attending Scottsdale Community College to get an associate degree in hospitality, and being between jobs, Hibbs asked her mother if she could work for her at Good Faith Casting, the agency her mother founded. As a teenager, Hibbs never would’ve believed that she’d be working for her mother one day, and only intended to help out for a few weeks. “I literally started all the way at the bottom, doing all the grunt work that nobody else wanted to do. [My mom] slowly gave me more responsibility, and then we had this big casting for Peter Piper Pizza, and she was like, ‘Hey, I really need help; it’s going to be a long day,’ so I [agreed]. I naturally enjoyed working with people and communicating, and because we were around casting and movies and TV shows growing up, it was kind of familiar.” Following the Peter Piper job, to her, and her mother’s surprise, Hibbs asked if she could stay on permanently. And now, a little less than a decade later, Hibbs is the sole owner of the company. In addition to that, she is newly engaged, and the proud new mama of a rescue dog. On top of it all, Hibbs strives to volunteer at least once a month for different organizations, whether it’s a food bank or an animal shelter. “Also, every year, our company does a Halloween party where we raise money for a new charity. So I’m taking it from personal life into my business life. My mom always said, ‘Give back – you’re blessed right now, what can you do for others?’” In Hibbs’ case, quite a lot.

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relating / by James Patrick

James Patrick is the owner of James Patrick Lifestyle Training. He is a certified lifestyle trainer/coach, yoga instructor, motivational presenter and career development instructor currently working with the award-winning Southwest Institute of Healing Arts in Tempe. His motto is, “Make SHIFT Happen.” His mission is to fuel passion, expose purpose and motivate actions that inspire a new way to be through personal training and interactive coaching.

Can you Relate? 5 tips to mindfully connect to those around you

February may be the month of love, yet it isn’t just a month for celebrating romance. It is also a month to honor the connection which exists among all the different kinds of relationships in our lives. It’s a chance to recognize how we relate to our self, romantic partner, families, social circles and professional ties. It’s how we create, grow, maintain and sustain those connections. Just like all relationships, they require time and effort to hold their place in our hearts and continue to create value in our lives. If we look deeper, we see that it all comes down to how we mindfully relate to those around us. Take a relationship refresher to work on your connections.

1. Body Language Make yourself approachable. Our bodies can speak in ways that our words may never get the chance to. The connection to others often begins with




how they perceive you to be prior to even meeting you. They say a picture is worth a thousand words and first impressions are what matter most. How do you want others

to see you? Unfold those arms. Stand tall. Smile. Laugh. Be confident, but not cocky. People are more likely to gravitate toward someone whose picture or presence is inviting

versus intimidating. 2. Active Listening Believe it or not, relating to someone means giving our undivided attention and focus to them at

times. It’s not always about us or what we think and we don’t always have the answer. There are times when support is needed and the greatest can be found when we keep our mouths closed and our ears open. Everyone wants to be seen AND heard. Be the ear to listen, the shoulder to cry on or the one who is simply going to hold space. 3. Conscious Communication We all receive and perceive things differently when communicating with others. Author Gary Chapman taught us that there are five love languages when it comes to romantic relationships. It’s important that we recognize the other languages that people speak through conscious communication. Ask questions. Seek to understand. Be mindful of your words because they carry intentions and an emotional charge. Are they positive or negative? Do you hold space or hold judgement? We actively listen first, and then respond if needed. Yet, before you do, consider sharing how you heard what was said to avoid any miscommunication or misunderstanding that may not have been intended. 4. Avoid Drama Leave the drama

and overacting to Hollywood. In order to maintain and sustain value in all relationships, we must steer clear of negative talk and gossip. It holds no purpose. If it doesn’t create value or add to the growth of the connection then it doesn’t serve anyone. When we allow the presence of drama, we create “termites” that eat away at the foundation which everything else is built upon. Keep your foundation strong with empowered and motivated individuals that push you forward as you push them forward toward your next best self. 5. Gratitude It’s a standard of living. Every day is one to celebrate those around us. Remember, you never know what someone is going through. Take a moment to remind someone that they matter. Let someone know that you “see” them. If you’re ever at a loss, there is always the traditional, “thank you!” Keep it simple, yet meaningful. When we mindfully relate, we consciously create. What remains are the valued connections that will take everyone where they want to go in life. No one is ever alone on this journey.

KFNX Exclusively Features Laura Ingraham and Michael Savage Ranked Top Ten Shows in the Country


THE SAVAGE NATION WITH MICHAEL SAVAGE To advertise, host a show, or for more information: Call (602) 277-1100 or visit our website: 02/18 ScottsdaleHealth



/ by Zena Gabriel, MD

The Skinny on Probiotics Spoiler alert: they aren’t just for gastrointestinal health

One of the biggest medical trends right now is the use of probiotics for the skin. Probiotics have been studied extensively in gastrointestinal (GI) medical literature, but not extensively in dermatology literature. Overall however, the bacterial milieu of the GI tract is intrinsically important in inflammatory conditions all over the body. The bacteria in our GI tract play a crucial role in our digestive health but are also integrally related to our immune system as they help restore the level of healthy bacteria in your gut. When these microorganisms get unbalanced, the immune system is affected; inflammatory disorders get worse, so diseases like acne can flare up. Probiotics help maintain a robust microorganism culture in the GI tract and this can reduce inflammation and improve acne and the skin overall. This benefit may be greater in those whose immune system is sensitive to GI issues. Some of us are sensitive to what’s going on in our gut, and some of us are less sensitive. Topical probiotics hit the market quite recently and the preliminary studies show that anti-inflammatory effects can improve acne and reduce breakouts, all while helping your system on the inside. Topical probiotics also regulate the follicular bacteria (skin bacteria), so there is a direct effect on oil production and inflammation, which are largely due to the bacterial overgrowth in the follicle. You could even say that the studies have shown that they help you stay beautiful, inside and out. Topical antibiotics (like benzoyl peroxide or clindamycin) have been the standard of care for years to eliminate the bacterial overgrowth involved in acne. Most over-thecounter acne treatments tend to have a good amount of them. Now, topical probiotics can be used as another way to regulate this bacterial component to acne. However, once again, it is important to realize that acne treatment is not a one-stop-shop – it is a complicated disorder related to genetic and environmental factors. There is no overnight or miracle treatment. Totally effective acne treatment requires multiple ingredients to target the four main factors: follicular plugging, oil production, bacterial overgrowth and inflammation. It is a process that sometimes involves a long period of trial and error. Not one drug or cream does all of this.




Dr. Zena H. Gabriel has been featured as a dermatology expert in syndicated commercials and seminars alongside major brands like Neutrogena, L’Oreal Paris, Johnson & Johnson and Allergan. She has also been invited as a medical expert to appear on national television to showcase her unique niche and sharp industry perspective. She is actively sought out for honorary industry panel appearances and is the practitioner of choice for a wide variety of discerning celebrity clientele.

Rachell Hall’s Permanent Makeup

MICROBLADING PLUS™ Microblading PLUS With Rachell Hall’s signature Microblading PLUS technique, she creates the virtual hairline effect of Microblading plus a soft powdered backdrop of shading to create the illusion of perfect natural brows that are the envy of every woman.

Whether you are challenged with short, sparse, or thinning eyebrows, Rachell Hall’s 28 years of expertise in makeup artistry, custom color blending, art and science will be your perfect solution plus... Remember, discounted prices are not an indicator of value in permanent cosmetics. Trust YOUR face only to the very best. For over 20 years Rachell Hall has eased the makeup woes of an international clientele with her exclusive perfected signature procedures. Be beautiful at breakfast and still look fresh at four! Work out or go out your permanent make up will be perfect! Save time with any procedure. Always natural, always pretty, always perfect. Don't you deserve wash and wear beauty? • Powder soft eyebrows create the illusion of fullness, frame your eyes with the perfect arch, and of course save all that time in the morning! • Smokey eyeliner, never smears, enhances your lash line and eliminates daily tugging at delicate eye tissue • Custom contoured lips- naturally full and blushed lips with contour and colors blended just for you! • Restores lip fullness without the "duck lip effect" and eliminates lipstick bleeding into fine lines • Breasthetics, 3-d nipple areola restoration post mastectomy

"My motto is Classic Beauty, nothing trendy. Nobody wants to look like they had their makeup tattooed on! That’s why all my signature treatments are designed to look soft and natural. Remember you can always add more! My clients never wake up Wednesday morning with Saturday night makeup! Classy, classic and conservative is my specialty look.

REFERRED BY THE VALLEY'S FINEST PLASTIC SURGEONS AND ESTHETICIANS Make your life simply beautiful! CALL FOR A FREE CONSULTATION 8075 E. Morgan Trail, Suite 6 | Scottsdale, AZ 85260 | (Off Hayden, between Mountain View and Shea)


event / by David Apeji

Tida Kesgomol, Lauren Davis and Angie MacKinnon

Nishant Nishant and Lana Petjukevica

Natalie Brainerd and Lynda Posgay

Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon Health & Fitness Expo This two-day expo was held prior to the big race. The event featured the latest in running technology, fitness apparel, and included health and nutrition information as well as interactive displays. Kim Klocek, Emily Sawyer and Matt Klocek

Robyn and Kris Burgoon

Kashmir Horton and Shane Rideau

Melissa Nolan and Abigail Scott

Alec Sills-Trausch and Steven Gould

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endurance / by Lewis Elliot

Lovely Workouts

Celebrate Valentine’s Day the healthy way

Sign up for an Event If you want to do more than the typical nature walk or run around the neighborhood, try something new. Signing up for a charity fun-run 5K, where you both agree ahead of time to run together, can be a fulfilling way to do an event and feel a sense of rewarding fulfillment beyond just the miles covered.

You’ve made your way through the always healthchallenging holiday season while (possibly) keeping your fitness in check, and now the excitement of Valentine’s Day is upon us. The birds are chirping, the days are lengthening, and one would have to be completely desensitized to not feel the seismic waves of love pulsating through the atmosphere! Though usually a selfish pursuit, there is no better time of year to share your love for fitness with your partner or spouse. This year, forgo the heavy, prix fixe meal ending in loads of chocolate and opt for an active date that gets your heart pumping with your partner.

HEAD OUTDOORS Hiking Hiking is a common romantic activity, and fantastic way to explore the peaks in the Valley together. Arizona has so many impressive trails and mountains to be enamored with. In doing this with your romantic partner, it’s very important that you work to remove competition from your sensual forays into the wilderness. There’s nothing less sexy than a partner who is continually trying to show you that they’re better than you.

Team Activities Relay mountain bike events like Dawn to Dusk, or a similar running race like The Ragnar Relay, can be an exciting option as well. These events allow for and encourage multiple teammates, so the weight of success isn’t put completely on you and your partner. Put a team together with two or three other couples, and have a blast running or riding together through the desert for the better part of a day, all while celebrating your love. STUDIO SWEETHEARTS Indoor Cycling Another great option for couples is to envelop yourselves in a local indoor

cycling spin spot like CycleBar or Flywheel. Both are great options, as you can sweat and ride along together, and neither of you will be able to pedal too far away despite even the largest discrepancy in ability. Let’s not forget the fun music and exciting atmosphere. Pilates and Yoga This might typically be a male-resistant idea, but it’s also one that connects couples. Enjoy a yoga or private Pilates class together. While these are commonly female-dominant activities, men will be pleasantly surprised if they haven’t explored this arena. Many experts agree that yoga with your partner can be a greater aphrodisiac than dark chocolate, so don’t hesitate to cultivate this metaphorical Garden of Eden! Enjoying fitness with your partner can be a great stress relief, while also bringing you closer both romantically and emotionally. Get creative, drop the competitiveness, and use your fitness to celebrate this romantic season together!

Lewis Elliot is a Scottsdale resident and professional triathlete. The avid hiker, skier and mountain biker was born and raised in Montana. In 2012, his first book, “7 Weeks to a Triathlon,” was published. He is one of the founding members of the Komen Tri For The Cure and the Tri-Scottsdale Foundation. The former U.S. National Team Cyclist can be reached at








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