Texas Midwest 2022 Visitors Guide

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Heritage Village, one the grounds of the coliseum; the Village was established in 1980 and houses the Cornelius Dodson-House, Dermott School, the Hermleigh Calaboose, and the “Redwood Chapel”. For appointments call 325-574-4279 The Quanah Parker Trail, follow the Arrows into History, located at the Downtown Plaza, a network of 22-foot tall steel arrows marks sites where the Comanche, and their last war chief, Quanah Parker, hunted, traded, lived, traveled and fought. List available at QuanahParkerTrail.com Scurry County Museum, 6200 S College Avenue at Western Texas College campus, Hours: Tues. - Fri. 9:00 a.m. - 5:30 p.m. & Sat. 10:00 a.m. - 2:00 p.m., historical display of ranching, farming and oil industries through present day, 325-573-6107 Historical Markers & Historic Homes Driving Tour, Texas Historical Markers located throughout the county, list available at the Snyder Chamber of Commerce


Cinema I & II, 325-573-4567, Snyder Shopping Center

Theatre Productions

Ritz Community Theatre, on the Courthouse Square, opened as the Cozy Theater in 1917. This 100-year-old theater was fully-restored in fall of 1992 and has delivered at least five productions per year to the delight of all generations, near and far. The refurbished historic theater is home to live theater, musical comedies, and movies as well as community functions. For performance and ticket information contact 325-305-0055.


Downtown Square, locally owned shops and restaurants, local artist exhibits, cozy event venue nestled in the corner of the square with a little bit of night life

RECREATION Hiking Trails

Walking Nature Trail in Towle Park, call 325-573-3313 for more details WTC Walking Trail, call 325-573-8511 for more details

Putt Putt Golf

Just Putt’n, 1904 43rd Street, call 325-575-9044 for more details

Skating / Skate Park

Skate Park in Towle Park, no charge – open year round

Water Park

Swimming Facility and Splash Pad, in Towle Park, 325-573-3313

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