Texas Midwest 2022 Visitors Guide

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Population 3,526 - (page 48) Around 1869 water supply issues arose and a disputed land title induced many citizens of Brownwood to move from the east to the west side of Pecan Bayou. Early is named after Walter U. Early, an attorney who donated land in 1928 for several school buildings. Early incorporated on December 15, 1951. Heartland Mall, the first mall in Brown County opened in 1980, a city hall was built in 1982, and a post office was opened in 1985. In 2019, the Early Visitors and Events Center opened. Early continues to grow today and has the largest traffic count intersections in Brown County. Early City Park and McDonald Park are gathering spots for families and the community. On any given day, you will find Early Citizens/Visitors enjoying the beautiful parks and friendly neighborhoods! Shopping, Dining, Hunting & Fishing – Come see what you have been missing! Early Visitors and Events Center @ 419 Garmon Drive (Hwy 183 S & HWY 84/67 E), 325-649-9300, dhudson-brian@earlytx.net


Population 3,862 - (page 51) Discover Eastland! The city was founded in 1891 by Jacamiah Daugherty, Charles Connellee and J.B. Ammerman. In the late 1880s the Texas & Pacific Railroad cut an East/West path across the state bringing development and conveniences to newcomers who were drawn to affordable land. Home of Old Rip – the horned toad placed in the cornerstone of the third courthouse in 1897 and removed in 1928, flat, dusty, but alive. Old Rip can be observed today in a tiny glass casket in the Eastland County Courthouse. The Nation’s first trans-continental highway, the famed Bankhead Highway, built in the 1920’s, passes through Eastland, and is paved with bricks from Thurber, Texas. Ringling Lake, named after famed circus ringmaster John Ringling, who purchased the land around the lake to build an amusement park, is located just north of the City. Eastland Chamber of Commerce and Visitors Bureau is inside the Connellee Hotel, 209 W. Main, 254629-2332, chamber@eastland.net


Population 2,722 Although many would think of a biblical reference, Eden was named for its founder Frederick Ede who moved to Concho County with his family around 1881. In February 1882, Ede designated forty acres of his land as a town site and donated land for the town square. When the post office was established in 1883, the community officially became known as Eden. The first school in the community opened in 1884–85 and by 1890 Eden had a church, general store, saloon, jeweler and a population of 107. The bank, which still stands today, opened in 1906 followed by the telephone service in 1907. Eden formally incorporated on February 4, 1911. As sheep ranching in the area increased after 1925, Eden became a trade center for wool and mohair. By 1940 the local ram sale was advertised nationwide. City of Eden, 325-869-2211, edenchamber@verizon.net


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