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Cover Letter Dear Lindsay Tucker: I recently stumbled upon this internship opportunity while browsing your magazines website and I am confident when I say I am prepared to bring an unusual level of energy, dedication, and hard work to such internship. In addition to obtaining my degree and working an average of 30 hours a week in retail, I have been working as a senior editor of my schools newspaper where I have been given many opportunities to produce valuable content that many publications could only strive to have. This work background is an excellent complement to my education, as I am currently working towards my B.S. in Advertising and Marketing Communications. As a fast learner with Internet and computer skills, I have a keen desire to serve your publication. Can we pursue this possibility further? I will call within two weeks to verify that you received my resume, answer any preliminary questions you may have, and arrange an appointment to talk about this internship. I look forward to meeting with you to discuss how I can serve Boston Magazine this summer. Thank you for your time and consideration. Sincerely, Richard Gilmartin

Richard Gilmartin   179  Dillingham  Way  Hanover,  Massachusetts  02339   Phone:  781-­‐635-­‐0736  E-­‐Mail:  

Objective To  obtain  an  internship  working  on  the  editorial  side  of  a  magazine  publication  in  order  to  gain  real  world  experience   that  can  help  build  my  skills  as  an  editor,  and  apply  skills  I  already  obtain.  


Senior Editor  of  W27  Newspaper   n


n n

Write monthly  column  where  I  talk  about  my  own  experiences  as  a  student  living  in  New  York  City  in  order  to   attract  attention  of  audience.  

Write articles  that  cover  school  events  such  as  FIT’s  drag  show,  as  well  as  articles  that  cover  the  fashion  industry   such  as  an  interview  with  Tumblr’s  Fashion  Evangelist  Valentine  Ulhovski.     Work  with  other  editors  to  edit  all  articles  that  go  into  the  publication  in  order  to  produce  quality  content.  

Collaborate with  art  team  and  Editor  in  Chief  to  do  photo  research  in  order  to  produce  a  visually  stimulating   publication.  

Summer Intern  for  Boston  Based  Musician  Melissa  Jane   n

n n

n n

May 2010  –  August  2010  

Managed all  social  media  platforms,  including  Facebook,  Twitter  and  Myspace  in  order  to  engage  fan  base  in  a   personal  and  conversational  way.   Created  and  sent  out  EPK’s  in  order  to  gain  press  coverage  for  Melissa  Jane.  

Styled Melissa  Jane  and  worked  with  Betsey  Johnson  Boutique  to  pull  clothing  for  artist  showcase  at  the  Hard   Rock  Café.  

Sales Associate,  Express  (Soho)   n

September 2011  -­‐  Present  

May 2011  –  Present  

Work with  team  to  build  sales  by  engaging  customers  and  finding  their  needs  

Set floor  plans  for  visual  merchandising  to  create  an  appealing  floor  set  in  order  to  better  sell  merchandise.   Work  with  stock  team  in  order  to  efficiently  process  and  set  clothing  in  store.    


Education Fashion  Institute  of  Technology  –  New  York,  New  York  10001   B.S.  in  Advertising  and  Marketing  Communication.  Degree  Anticipated  May  2014      

September 2010  –  May  2014  


By: Richard Gilmartin

So it’s friday night, the lights are drawn down low, candles are lit, and you have a nice romantic meal set on the dinner table, but once again you find yourself alone. Let me just start off by saying it’s not you, it’s the city (well, it might just be you). A little more than half of the population in Manhattan lives alone, a complete waste of useful space if you ask me. No need to panic though, the internet is here to save us. Free online dating websites such as OkCupid and Date My School have targeted the college age market and have totally revolutionized the image of online dating sites from being creepy to fun.

Ok Cupid! ·

Greater network of people to choose from

Like any person new to the world of online dating, I was first hesitant to test out this new form of contacting people. Sure I have 7,000 friends on Facebook, doesn’t mean I talk to them all. We have a fear of being rejected; luckily the computer screen eases the pain a bit.


Uses survey to give you compatible matches


Notifies you every time someone visits your profile

I first decided to try out the popular, and free, dating website OkCupid, also known as OkStupid to some. My first impression was that the website so closely resembled Facebook that I wouldn’t be surprised if the Winklevoss twins filed a law suit soon. While the basic setup of the standard profile is the same and the ability to message people remained, there are minor tweaks that create a more romantic atmosphere. The poke has been replaced with a wink, and a list is given to you of people who are shown to be most compatible with you, which is based off a survey of random questions. One must be careful of how they choose to answer these questions though, one wrong answer and you could end up like me with a list of strung out hipsters from Williamsburg who are too original to actually write anything original in their profile. You are also notified every time someone looks at your profile, which takes a bit of time to get used to.


Offers a variety of tests for entertainment

After answering question after question to try and discover your “quiver” matches, it comes time to message them. This can be a bit tricky because a profile on an online dating website is often nothing like what the person is, just what they think is the best interpretation of themselves. According to the article “5 Dating-Profile Cliché’s and What They Really Mean” on the Shine! Network if someone writes that they are very sarcastic, they are the complete opposite and almost never have a sense of humor. I wish someone had told me this before I went on a spree of witty banters spanning across several personal messages I sent out to numerous females. Over all I give OkCupid two “Like” thumbs up. The second website I chose to visit was Date My School, which allows you to network with others in your school and other surrounding schools. Upon signing up for the site there was a banner on the top right of the screen that said “Sign up to get: Free drinks, a free movie, a green card”. How comforting I thought. The setup of Date My School, which is still in Beta form, follows the same formula as OkCupid, basically just without being able to wink at people. Their key strategy is being able to allow the customer to choose exactly who can and who cannot see their profile, depending on which school they go to. It was here that the stereotypical blood thirsty FIT girls came searching for a mate. These girls are much more forward than females from OkCupid and not afraid to make the first move and send a message. The exclusivity of the site makes you feel much more comfortable in your technological search to find the perfect companion. Overall I give the website Date My School four “Like” thumbs up. Overall, even if someone appears to be “the one” according to their profile, and answers every single one of your questions correctly, you never truly know if you are compatible until you meet in person. It could take weeks of communicating with someone before you finally decide to meet in person, and if you feel no sparks it’s all just a big waste of time. Choosing the right online dating website can be vital in helping you find the perfect mate, so we’ve created a chart comparing the two websites face to face.

Date My School ·

Provides a more exclusive network of people


Surveys are given, but compatible matches are not generated from answers


Notifies you every time someone visits your profile.


Environment makes it much easier to talk to potential dates.


In the words of Wiz Khalifa and Snoop Dog we are young, wild and free, that is until we go back to live with our parents for winter break. Let’s face it, as much as we would like to think that we are Independent at the end of the day it is our parents that are still tucking us into bed and paying for our tuition. The problem arises when our new found freedom meets our parent’s stern bedtime of 10 pm. It’s not always easy and sometimes it could end up a huge disaster that everyone will regret ever happened, trust me I’ve been there and it’s not pretty. When you first arrive home you may think that all boundaries with your parents have been broken and you are now free to do whatever you want. While your parents may put up with your crap for a while, six weeks is an extremely long time and they are going to get tired quickly. Whatever you do, do not mistake your parent’s leniency for weakness because they will not let you walk all over them just because you barely see them anymore. I’ve found the best way to deal with living with your parents is to have as much communication on both ends as possible. Let your parents know you’re not happy that your dad moved all of his band equipment into your room for storage. They might just say tough luck because you’re only home for two more weeks but it will feel good to get it off of your chest. While you’re not going to always get what you want from your parents, still give them the respect they deserve and let them know where you’re going to when you’re going out. Most parents would rather know and some are even willing to pick you up if you’re incapable of driving home. Try to get out of the house as much as possible also. If you’re able to, try to find a job for over break, this will keep you from getting super bored and taking it out on your parents and also give you a bit of cash for your pocket. Also let your parents know your schedule, because you are gonna be pissed when you miss the annual Christmas party because you have work or decide to go visit a friend. The six weeks between winter and Spring Semester can be brutal or they can be great, it’s really up to you and how you choose to act. As long as you go into your house with your battle armor on and ready to negotiate your living situation you will be fine, and remember, it’s only six weeks and you’ll be back in the city before you know it.

VALENTINE, SCHMALENTINE “You come to love not by finding the perfect person, but by learning to see an imperfect person perfectly.”-Sam Keen

If one were to look up the term Bachelor on Urban Dictionary the first definition you would see is, “Someone who understands the TRUE definition of MARRIAGE (Marriage is the #1 cause of divorce).” This right here is my love life in a nutshell, until recently that is. I have always been afraid of taking a chance when it comes to relationships, after all we are young and it most likely won’t work out in the end so what’s the point? It’s a question that’s been haunting me lately, and I’ve been determined to get to the bottom of it. It all started the night of the Super-Bowl. There I was sitting in the corner of my friend’s party being held at The Manhattan Club in Midtown, surrounded by hipsters trying to connect with me by complaining about how Advertising is ruining today’s society. I kindly told them that I one day aspire to be one of those “Mad Men” that shove advertising down your throat and sent them on their way. For the most part it looked like it was turning out to be somewhat of a bad night, I had gotten into a fight with half of the party and my team, The Patriots, had lost. As the party was clearing out to join in on the festivities being held in Time Square, I noticed a cute yet unfamiliar face looking at me from across the room. We quickly made eye contact, and that’s when I heard, “You have really beautiful eyes.” Who, me? Actually, I knew she was talking to me because I get that compliment so often it doesn’t even phase me anymore, beauty is only skin deep after all.

image courtesy of

After the party cleared out we hit it off. I did some extremely creepy Facebook stalking on my part and eventually found her. We connected immediately, and slowly started to get to know each other. After seeing a movie the following weekend I had mustered up the confidence to ask her out on a date for Valentine’s Day. Now I’m not exactly the hopeless romantic type, but who can say no to a free dinner on the one day no one wants to feel alone right? My thought’s exactly. Of course I went all out and bought flowers in the flower district, which I happily paraded around the FIT campus purely for attention. I even got reservations at Seven Bar and Grill, which if you know me personally than you know I’m not likely to think ahead like that. Other than the creepy news coverage of the now deceased Whitney Houston playing on the television at the bar, dinner was a success. The conversation flowed constantly and she adored the single pink rose I had picked out for her. The awkward part came when it was time to part ways. I walked her up to the bus stop on 34th Street and nervously waited around for the bus to show up for about ten minutes. I wanted to kiss her goodnight, however the atmosphere and the timing just didn’t seem right and I just wasn’t feeling it. I gave her a nervous peck on the cheek and saw her off onto the bus. It was then that I had seen the error of my ways. Looking back on the night I realized how much fun I had and how much I enjoyed being in the company of another. It’s not about the destination, it’s about the journey. I’m still seeing the same girl, and while it may not be perfect, neither is life, and that is just something I am going to have to accept.

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