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If you own a handgun, you should own a safe. It gives you piece of mind that your are protecting the gun from criminals stealing it and from children finding it. Either situation can have bad results. So where can you find a less expensive handgun safe? Here are some suggestions:

Online-Many retailers such as Cabellas, Amazon, and carry several different manufacturers of handgun safes. Plus, they often carry the same brands. Compare the pricing and shipping costs to find the best overall value. If you are not in a hurry, watch for sales at any one of these retailers, especially around the holiday period. Craigslist-There are actually a large number of people selling safes on the free resources. You should plan to do your homework on the product they are advertising before making the trip to see it. Use the internet to find out more about make and model of what the seller has. See if you can determine hold old it is. When you drive over to see it, does the owner have the combination? Does it open properly? Does it appear that it has ever been forcibly opened? Has it been cared for well? A damaged or neglected safe will cause issues when you need it most. If you are going to use this mostly in your vehicle, you may be able to save money by purchasing a pistol safe box. This is really a metal box with a lock on it. It is not meant to be super secure, but just a place to keep your gun when you are out of your vehicle. The nice part is it is cheap, lightweight, and small. I can't imagine having a regular high security safe in my trunk. It would be too heavy and take up too much room.

Finding a cheap handgun safe is simply a matter of doing your research and waiting for best pricing to be available.

Owning a handgun safe is an important part of being a safe gun owner.Ă‚ While you can purchase many different kinds of pistol safes, you should do your research to find one that best fits your lifestyle.

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