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Richard M. Coleman

Boca Raton FL, United States

Richard Coleman, a renowned statistician, worked at Harvard University Medical School in Boston, MA, before founding his company, Coleman Analytics. He later joined Stanford University Medical School in Stanford, CA, where he gained valuable experience in data analysis and interpretation. Richard of Coleman Consulting Group is has specialized in providing advanced metrics for the NHL since 2005. These metrics involve complex calculations that help to measure the performance of teams and players. Some of the advanced metric counters include Corsi, Fenwick, Expected Goals, and PDO. Corsi measures the number of times players attempts to make a goal rather than a simple count of goals when the puck enters the net. Expected goals measure the danger of a team's shots, while Fenwick is similar to Corsi, except that blocked shots are not counted. PDO, on the other hand, puts the other analytics into stronger focus and counts real-world relevance. It calculates a game's on-ice shooting plus save percentage, which determines how "lucky" or "unlucky" a team is. Coleman and his collaborator, Mike Smith, developed software programming to gather deeper data for the NHL. They broke down hockey games into multiple layers, making tracking player and team performances easier. As a statistician, the industry has widely recognized Coleman's expertise in hockey analytics. He continues to innovate and improve the quality of statistical data analysis in sports.