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Thief caught through Craigslist




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Thief caught through Craigslist by Riah Lawry, news editor January 19, 2011 A total of eight thefts occurred in 2010 "oncampus or on any contiguous public property," according to Asbury's online Crime Report which is required by federal and Kentucky state law to be available to the public. In particular, one of the thefts that occurred last year in the fall had a different ending than most thefts. Associate Dean for Residence Life Joe Bruner said, "The last three years I've been here, it has happened twice where something has been for it. It doesn't happen all

Wilmore Chief of Police Stephen Boven encourages all students to report thefts to Asbury’s campus security as well as to the police. Boven said, “It’s better to report it ... so if we do learn of somebody involved in this type of activity, we can go back and connect that person to the other crimes.” Photo by Tyler Hoff . returned, and/or something that had been stolen, restitution was made the time."

This particular theft took place in front of Trustees when a student left textbooks, a MacBook Pro and other miscellaneous items in a book bag on the porch during a Wal-Mart trip. On returning, the student was unable to locate the items even after a thorough search of the premise and campus lost and founds. "Finally I just reported it to the security here at Asbury. They asked me to come in so I could file a report," the student said. Director of Security and Environmental Safety Jerry Marchal said that once the report is filed with Asbury's security, "it's up to the student to go to the police to report it, because the police won't take our word for it. They have to hear the

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information from the victim." The process for reporting a theft to the Wilmore police is simple. "They can call 911. Call the police even if it is something small," Wilmore Chief of Police Stephen Boven said. He went on to say, "It's better to report it so we have it on file, so if we do learn of somebody involved in this type of activity, we can go back and connect that person to the other crimes."

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Thief caught through Craigslist

5/18/11 6:13 PM

However, he said, "if they don't report it, and we arrest somebody later that has some books, we won't know anything about it." Boven also said he believes it is important to alert the campus security. "I think there's a dual role for the victim not only to notify the police department of the theft but also to call the head of security Jerry Marchรกl and let him know what is going on as well because he will want a copy of that report." Marchรกl, the director of security and environmental safety on-campus, encourages students to report thefts even if a student is not certain a theft occurred. "That way we can start checking with the RDs in the dorm or with Joe [Bruner] or, depending on what the crime was, with the police," Marchรกl said. Almost 10 weeks after the student filed a report with the campus security and finals were approaching, the student received a facebook message from an individual from Lexington who said he or she "may have found something that belonged to you." When the student was able to positively identify the stolen computer purchased by the individual off of Craigslist, the individual called the police and reported the incident. The following day, the police put the suspect in custody, and "next thing I know, they have my book bag and everything else," the student said. Presently, the student who allegedly stole the book bag and MacBook Pro is being prosecuted in the Jessamine Courts and has provided restitution for the stolen items. Looking back on the incident, the student who had his book bag and Macbook Pro stolen last semester said, "I was kind of mad at myself. You've got to be responsible whether you're at a Christian campus or not, because things could get taken." The best way to protect against theft is to "keep your doors locked in your dorms and don't leave things lying around that are valuable, thinking they're going to be there when you want them," Marchรกl said. Asbury's campus has been very fortunate when it comes to crime, though, according to Marchรกl. "But we still have people who walk through the campus, walk through the dorms, walk through the buildings and look to see what they can find," he said.








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Thief caught through Craigslist  

January 19, 2011 A total of eight thefts occurred in 2010 "on- campus or on any contiguous public property," according to Asbury's online Cr...