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rhythm and booze Pubs Are For Lif e, Not Just Christmas Passionate About Proper Pubs - Issue 16 - November/December 2012

Christmas is coming, the pubs are getting packed but for some places, this is one light on an otherwise sparse tree. For those of you who only venture out to the pub once a year, can you be sure that the one you’re reading this in will be open next Christmas? You’ve been enjoying the landlord’s hospitality (even if you did order your round one drink at a time, asking for Guinness last) so why not look in at the local a little more often?

Yes, I know that times are hard but going to the pub could actually save you money. Why go to a chain restaurant when so many pubs in and around Peterborough serve better quality food for a fraction of the price? Why take out a pay TV subscription if only to watch a couple of games, when you could watch those same games in the pub with your mates? And why take out a gym membership at the start of the year when you can get some

exercise, and get behind your local, by joining its football team? I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again, pubs are just as important a part of society as community centres and post offices, and like them, it’s a case of use it or lose it. I look forward to seeing you in the pub this Christmas and more than a couple of times after that. n For a list of events taking place over the next two months, turn to page 10.

World’s End? The Destructors 12:12:12 (Ragnarok) The Destructors give us 12 tracks that address the end of the world in the latest of their ‘date’ releases; a tradition that started with 06:06:06 on 6th June 2006. Out 12 December 2012

“A band that plays snotty punk with plenty of attitude and bollocks.” - Positive Creed “Blunt honesty backed up with hard hitting tunes. A phenomenal recording band!” - Suspect Device


The Surrealist Sportsman’s Club In this issue, David ‘Dai’Roll turns his attention to Gaming. dressed as a Star Trek character, but really it is no different than wearing a football top with the name of a favourite player on the back. The football fan doesn’t think she or he is that player, just that they recognise that the footballer has qualities to admire (athletic prowess etc). Equally the Star Trek fan doesn’t think that they are that character, merely identifies with some aspects of them (bravery, intelligence, charisma etc). For gaming in pubs all that is needed for a single game is an understanding landlord and a quiet corner and a couple of tables, for larger meets perhaps a function room can be hired. A small number of groups already meet around the city. The Peterborough SF Club, while

not a gaming group does have members who are gamers, gather in the Snug of The Bluebell in Dogsthorpe on the first Wednesday of each month. The Stamford Adventurers Society meet at the Millfield Community Centre on Lincoln Road every Wednesday, while the Regional Peterborough Gaming Society also meet there every Thursday. The weekend at the Plough (Crispycon) will be based around the Pathfinders fantasy RPG games system. Go to for more information. Another event (Travcon) is held just south of Sawtry each March and that focuses on the science fiction RPG Traveller. For details of that, go to

Creative Commons, Zanthia

The Plough in Farcet Fen is hosting a gaming weekend on 17 and 18 November. Gaming is an embracive term that can cover a wide range of pastimes, be they board games, card games, roleplaying games or Live Action Role Play (commonly thought of as dressing up in mock medieval armour and running around with rubber weapons, though often is more like Murder-Mystery nights) which in turn touches upon the re-enactment scene. While the main genres of gaming are fantasy, science fiction or horror the games can equally revolve around 1920s gangsters, Wild West cowboys, contemporary spies or other historical periods. Yes, you might snigger at the thought of someone

nMobile disco for parties, weddings etc nExperienced, reliable DJ with an extensive selection of music and lights

nReasonable rates nCall David on 07946 817123

w w w.mi n i stryo fb ro w n .co .u k

by Cardinal Cox

Pub Scrawl

Poets United’s regular meetings are on the first Tuesday of the month (so 6 November and 4 December, which starts with the AGM) at the PCVS building on Lincoln Road (roughly opposite Geneva Bar) and they are starting to look forward to their annual gig at the Whittlesey Straw Bear Festival in January. Ring Viv on 01733 340560 for details. Pint of Poetry, Dash of Drama will be having their regular nights at Charter’s Bar on Wednesday 14 November and 12 December. If you want to read, it is best to get there about 8pm as it can get quite busy, and the entertainment starts around 8.30pm. Stamford’s own Pint of Poetry night, on the last Wednesday of the month (so 28 November but not 26 December) from 8pm is in the cellar bar at the Arts Centre on St Mary’s Street. Dr Jane Mackay continues her popular Literature at Lunchtime talks on Tuesday 13 November at Stamford Arts Centre on the poets Ted Hughes and Sylvia Plath. This starts at 12.30pm, and is followed by a screening of the 2003 film Sylvia staring Gwyneth Paltrow and Daniel Craig at 2.30pm. Then on Tuesday 4 December the subject is The Hobbit by J.R.R. Tolkein with the option of mince pies and mulled wine afterwards in the Gallery. Tickets for the talks are £5.50, tickets to the films are £5; concessions available.

Congratulations to Simon Stabler (I know that name from somewhere) who won the title of 14th Poet Laureate of Peterborough at the last event of the We Love Words festival in September. In all, a good festival and we’re hoping for another next year. Keep up-to-date with plans by visiting the website of the John Clare Trust at Simon is pictured receiving the official jug from his immediate predecessor, Nikki DiGiovanni, watched on by Mark Grist. To book either ring 01780 763203 or go to the website at The New Networks for Nature symposium at Stamford Arts Centre from Thursday 15 to Saturday 17 November features scientists, authors, academics, composers and contributions from such poets as Ruth Padel, Charles Bennett, Andrew McNeille and Matt Merritt. Tickets, which are available from the Arts Centre, for the Ronnie Blythe talk on Thursday evening are £10; day ticket for Friday is £35, a two-day ticket (Friday

and Saturday) £45 and for all three is £50. Top football commentator and writer John Motson will be at the Key Theatre on Wednesday 21 November to talk about his life. From Grandstand, through Match of the Day and Football Focus he must be one of the most recognised sports journalists. Tickets are £18.50 and can be ordered on 01733 207239, by popping into the box office or by going to the website at As the deadline for entries is Friday 17 December there’s still time to enter for next Continued on page 8

Turning The

Left-Right: Ian ‘Bertie’ B Own Vinyl Night; Assista For many years, Oundle Road has been the spiritual home to live music in Peterborough. In the late-1990s, The Boy’s Head hosted up and coming original bands including the Irish trio JJ72 – whose selftitled debut album earned them a gold disc – while the Cherry Tree has been a longtime supporter of local acts. One pub that can now be added to that list is The Palmerston Arms, which

under new landlord, Ian ‘Bertie’ Benton, is undergoing a bit of a rebirth. The real ales are still as good as ever but the scowl from under a newspaper has been replaced by a guv’nor who likes to interact with his customers. Doing something a little different from the normal open mic night, Bertie has introduced Ukulele Night on the first Thursday of the month (1 November and 6

December), where beginners and experts combine to play popular classics from the last 50 years. “It doesn’t matter if you’re only just starting the play a uke,” explained Bertie, “we’ll show you a couple of chords to help you get through.” With new players joining each month, Bertie hopes that he will be able to get together a 12-piece ‘orchestra’ by Christmas for a special

Beat Around

enton gets the thumbs-up from one of his customers; Expect anything from Abba to The Damned at the Bring Your nt Manager Ewa Reciak; Classical guitarist Steve Bean who plays Lazy Sundays on 4 November. festive concert. For those who prefer to take it easy when listening to music, there’s an acoustic afternoon session called Lazy Sundays taking place throughout November. Kicking off on 4 November with classical guitarist Steve Bean, other acts throughout the month include The Collaborators and Ewa Reciak; the pub’s Assistant Manager who is also a

respected jazz/folk singersongwriter, having released an album in her native Poland. While piped music and DJs are usually frowned upon in traditional pubs like this, the Bring Your Own Vinyl nights allow customers to have a say in what they want to hear by bringing in parts of their record collection to play on the pub’s turntables. “We’ve had a great response so far,” explained Bertie,

“with customers dancing to anything from Abba to The Damned. “With our next vinyl night taking place on 21 December, I’m sure we’ll get to hear some long-lost Christmas classics alongside the usual suspects.” n For a full list of events at The Palmerston Arms in November/December, turn to the listings page at the back.

Pub Scrawl Continued from page 5

year’s Peterborough Drama Festival (to be held at Dogsthorpe Infant and Junior School, 1-3 March 2013) that includes, among the numerous classes, verse speaking (subject is Dangerous Things in the over-18 category), story-telling (limited to three minutes) and original poem. For full details either send an SAE to the Entries Secretary c/o 25 St Mary’s Street, Stamford PE9 2DJ or email peterboroughdramafestival@ The last time I was in the Palmerston Arms on Oundle Road, Peterborough, I noticed that they now have a book group meeting there on the

last Monday of the month from 7pm. For details about what they are reading, pop in and have a look at the blackboard by the bar. If you know about other reading groups meeting in pubs, I believe the Fenman in Stanground has one and also the Coalheavers Arms in Woodston, please let me know on I keep on forgetting to mention the Book A Poet ( website whose blog I’ve been contributing to. It also features information on poetry events across the country plus news from poets and writers. For a second year I’d like

The Cardinal also writes for to announce my Totally Arbitrary Best Thing of the Year. This year it’s a draw between the Fenland and Stamford poet laureate competitions that resulted in worthy winners. I hope both competitions continue for years to come; remember folks, it’s up to you to ensure that they do continue. Cardinal Cox is Poet-inResidence of St. John the Baptist church.

Hand & Heart

12 Highbury Street. Peterborough PE1 3BE 01733 564653

A traditional back-street pub with up to six real ales at any time nReal open coal fire in the bar nTraditional pub games nTraditional cider and perry available nCAMRA Cambridgeshire Pub of the Year 2010 nCAMRA Gold Award Winner 2010 nLocAle Accredited nListed in the CAMRA 2012 Good Beer Guide nCheck our Facebook page for updates on beer festivals and live music

REVIEWS Roll Out the Barrel: The British Pub on Film DVD, BFI, BFIVD937

Round of Bass, ‘very much more expensive than ordinary beer’. London: The Modern Babylon DVD, BFI, BFIVD968

along with a booklet of essays and credits, which help to identify the films and music – which includes Underworld and the Sex Pistols – used in this energetic production. Russ Sainty - Radio: Play That Song Again 3 CD set, SLICK 01, Slickstone Records

Packed with a host of familiar faces, this two-disc set contains 19 trade films and documentaries on the British pub’s place in society. Although its five-and-a-half hour duration means that you wouldn’t want to watch it in a single sitting, there are plenty of gems to digest if taken in bite sized-chunks. Talking of digestion; whether it’s the lovely side of roast pork in the Guinness sponsored All in Good Time, which features Terrence Alexander, Richard Briers and Robert Brown; the Italian menu that leaves Fred Emney baffled in the documentary Under The Table You Must Go or the soggy looking fish and chips in 1982’s Local Life, food features almost as much as beer; be it mild, bitter or lager, which, despite being produced in a giant chemistry set, isn’t, according to A

Using archive footage, specially filmed interviews and readings of classic texts, this two-hour documentary tells the story of London’s development since the late 19 th century. Of course, with highs come lows, and among the jubilee celebrations and scenes of ‘swinging London’ and the mini skirt, of which an archived Michael Caine believes to be an example of a decline in morality, are shots of poverty and rioting. The overlying theme though, is that Londoners unite time and time again, giving the City a sense of continual rebirth. The DVD includes a trailer for the documentary and an interview with director Julien Temple,

Although Russ Sainty isn’t as big a name as contemporaries Cliff Richard and The Shadows, he has continued to play an active role in music ever since his debut at the 2i’s Coffee Bar in 1958. Having been part of groups including the Nu-Notes, the Dallas Boys and the Rhet Stoller Group, this three-CD set is his first solo album. The first disc includes new recordings of classic hits made famous by others such as Three Steps to Heaven and Teenager in Love, plus selfpenned material including the country tinged title track. The second disc contains material transferred from the original vinyl, while the final disc contains demo recordings made on a tape recorder in Rhett Stoller’s bedroomand songs taken from the Dallas Boys’ regular appearances on Jack Good’s Oh Boy programme. Containing 76 tracks, the set comes with a 16-page booklet that contains many rare photographs. * Signed copies, available at a discount, can be ordered from


The Brewery Tap, 80 Westgate, Peterborough PE1 2AA 01733 358500

The Ostrich Inn 17 North Street, Peterborough PE1 2RA 01733 746370



04 - Open Mic ‘n’ Jam 30 - The Gangsters

02 03 09 10 16 17 23 24 30

December 02 - Open Mic ‘n’ Jam 31 - One Eyed Cats Charter’s, Town Bridge, Peterborough PE1 1FP 01733 315700


Corduroy Vintage Stuff The Influence The Wash Dizzy Miss Lizzie The Limit Claddagh Band Sidewynder The More I See


06 - Ukulele night 15 - Malingerers 21 – Bring Your Own Vinyl The Prince of Wales Feathers, 38 Peterborough Road, Castor, Peterborough PE5 7AL 01733 380222 November 02 - DB5 17 - Grounded 24 - Dizzy Miss Lizzie

December December

November 09 - Les Woods Band 11 - Adrian Duffy 16 - Shake Hands Eric 18 - Richard Hall 23 - Five Miles High 30 - Flashback Photograph

01 07 08 14 15 21 22 28 29


Psychobombs The Malingerers Retrolux Beats Working Kickback One Eyed Cats Porky Pig The More I See Electric Warriors

December The Kurmujun Isiah Pennyless Dizzy Miss Lizzies Jessies Ghost Kerry Devine & Kasandras Magic Pylon Band 21 - Marmite & The Pussy Ratz 31 - Children of the Revolution

07 08 09 14 15 16


The Palmerston Arms 82 Oundle Road, Peterborough PE2 9PA 01733 565865

01 - One Eyed Cats 07 - Children of the Revolution 15 - Overdubs Quiz Night every Sunday 9pm (Free Entry) The Woolpack, 29 North Street, Stanground, Peterborough PE2 8HR 01733 753544 November

November 01 - Ukulele night 04 - Steve Bean 11 - Collaborators, Ewa Reciak 18 - Geoff the Chef 23 - Ewa Reciak & Friends

03 - Rocket Dogs 15 - Jewellery Party (4pm on) 24 - Be Bop A Lulas December 09 – Steve Bean

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All January/February Listings and any editorial should be emailed to before 7 January 2012. Rhythm & Booze, Issue 16 - Nov/Dec 2012. All written material, unless otherwise stated, © Simon Stabler

The Palmerston Arms 82 Oundle Road, Peterborough PE2 9PA Tel: 01733 565865

A Permanent Mini Beer Festival with 14 Ever-changing Real Ales available every week!

Ukulele Night

Thursday 1st November

Ewa Reciak & Friends Friday 23rd November

Ukulele Night

Thursday 6th December

Bring Your Own Vinyl Night Friday 21st December

For more live music and events, please see our Facebook page O p e n i n g T i m e s : Monday - Thursday 15.00 - 23.00 Friday and Saturday 12.00 - 00.00 Sunday 12.00 - 23.30

The Woolpack North Street, Stanground, Peterborough PE2 8JF (01733) 753544

Stanground's Best Kept Secret - A 15 minute walk from the centre of town n Open all day, every day n Up to four real ales available n Food served Tuesday to Sunday lunchtimes and Monday to Saturday evenings n Quiz on Sunday evenings with cash prizes

Live Music

Saturday 3rd November (9pm) - Rocket Dogs Saturday 24th November (9pm) - Be Bop A Lulas Sunday 9th December (4pm) - Steve Bean plays Classical Jewellery Party - Thursday 15th November

Starts at 4pm. Browse, buy or commission a piece of handmade jewellery, ideal for Christmas!

Rhythm & Booze - Issue 16  
Rhythm & Booze - Issue 16  

We take a new look at The Palmerston Arms and get prepared for Live Action Role Play at The Plough.