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AZ State Flower Saguaro Blossom (only the white ones from the largest cactus in the USA)

AZ State Seal “Ditat Deus” means “God Enriches” Once you’ve taken in all this great state has to offer, you realize that He surely did (and continues to)!

AZ State Bird Cactus Wren Yes—they really do sit on cactus needles

AZ State Butterfly Two-Tailed Swallowtail (our newest state symbol)

AZ State Tree Palo Verde (means “Green Stick”) Yep, the bark is green They are quite beautiful in the Spring (but look out allergies!)

AZ State Mammal Ring-tailed Cat Related to the raccoon (I’m so glad we have a cute one—they could have picked the collared peccary)

AZ State Fossil Petrified Wood (does any other state have one?)

AZ State Neckwear Seriously???? No kidding—we have one—it’s the Bola Tie

AZ State Gem Turquoise (often found in the Bola Tie!)

AZ State Flag Long may she wave! The yellow & red stripes represent the original 13 colonies of US, with the colors representing our incredible sunsets here. The copper star rep the Az copper industry (largest producer in the Union). The blue is “liberty” blue of Old Glory.

AZ State Fish Apache Trout We actually have lots of great fishing here (of course mostly man-made) but we DO have some natural streams & lakes!

AZ State Amphibian Arizona Tree Frog (I can hear you asking, amphibians? In Arizona?)

The 5 “C”s of Arizona Yes, I can still name them (we had to learn them in elementary school) Copper, Cattle, Cotton Citrus, Climate

AZ State Reptile (do we need one?) Az Ridge-nosed Rattlesnake was the last rattlesnake to be named by herpetologists (wow!). They only live in three places in Az (thankfully): the Huachuca, Patagonia and Santa Rita mt ranges

Arizona State Symbols  

Created by me to help others recognize the beauty and uniqueness of the 48th state, aka "the Valentine State" since it was accepted into the...