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SES Sports Bulletin

Volume 3 : Issue No. 2 - December 2011

SES Sports Bulletin

SWIMMING AT  SES               The  swimmers  in  swim  squad  are  training  well  during  their  a2er  school  clubs   and  their  hard  work  is  paying  off.  Many  of  them  have  knocked  seconds  off  their   personal  best  >mes: (BS  –  Breast  stroke,  FC  –  Front  Crawl,  IM  –  Individual  Medley,  BC  –  Back  Crawl,  Fly  –  BuHerfly)  

Megan Parsons:  IM  6.5  sec,  50m  BS  7.20  SEC Patrick  O’Connell:  IM  3  sec Nina  Storey:  25m  Fly  1  sec Jessica  Passey:  25m  Fly  0.18  sec Amy  Storey:  25m  Fly  0.10  sec Saul  C:  25M  BC  1.29  sec Leela  ChaHeri:  50m  BC  8.48  sec James  Passey:  25m  BS  4.57  sec Sami  Qudah:  25m  BS  2.69  sec,  25m  FC  1.42  sec Amy  Dowling:  50m  BS  7.24  sec Ishaan  Gosh  50m  BS  5.16  sec Josh  Vaughan:  50m  BS  1.62  sec Valeria  Rupasova:  25M  FC  5.70  sec Gabriel  May  25m  FC  1.82  sec Paula  Arnold:  25m  FC  1.28  sec Jade  Sillere  50m  FC  1.82  sec ElioH  Sistac  50m  FC  2.80  sec

SES Sports Bulletin Sharjah School Swimming Gala Sharjah English School’s boys swim squad travelled to Australian International School for the first of three swimming galas in Sharjah. With some key swimmers missing due to a school camp, last minute replacements had to be made to compete in all our scheduled events. Sharjah English School won the overall gala by just 3 points ahead of Victoria English School. Many of the boys in the U10 and U12 category were swimming in an age group above their own and were highly successful. The second gala, which will be held at SES, will be in March where they can try to emulate their success once again.

Secondary Swimming AIS The girls selected from all years in the school were invited to attend a gala at Australian International School and swam very well, collecting points in all races. The girls got lots of first places, including all of the relays! Well done to all the girls for their brilliant effort – in the end SES won by a huge margin.

Primary Swimming The boys’ swim squad were invited to attend a gala at Rashid School for Boys in Dubai this month and swam very well, collecting points in all races. Duncan Cottam was 1st in all of his races and Reece Bridle from Year 2 swam in his first ever gala against some much older boys. Well done to all the boys for their brilliant effort and coming in 3rd place.


SES Sports Bulletin Netball News Sharjah U15 Netball The good start to the year has continued for the under 15s netball team. Last week playing AIS, the under 15s team played extremely well, winning 14-3. It was a brilliant performance by SES, who tried hard throughout. The last game was played against VES. Again the under 15s played very well, winning 32-0. The girls have improved enormously throughout every game played. Ivy and Taya were on shooting form, scoring on average a goal a minute!! They are now looking forward to their first Dubai League game against Dubai Collage. Let’s hope the winning streak continues.

Sharjah U13 Netball The under 13s played against AIS, winning 18-0. Throughout the game the girls tried extremely hard and got a well deserved victory. Sarah was exceptionally strong in defence, not letting anything get past her. Hind got in some amazing goals, playing strongly in attack. They are now looking forward to the next game against Dubai College.

Under 15s Dubai College Match Report The U15 girls played in a Division 2 League Match this week at Dubai College. The girls had a nervous start but their confidence soon picked up as Taya and Ivy got 4 amazing shots in the first 8 minutes. Defence stayed strong as Kristina, Tori and Jess worked hard at intercepting the ball. Robyn, Megan and Sam were the link players in the centre third moving the ball down to the shooters. The final score was 11-10 to SES and the player of the match, selected by DC, was Taya Chase. Thank you to Phoebe and Jennifer for providing fresh legs on to the court when they played a quarter each. The girls have worked really hard this year and have been attending extra training on a Saturday and their hard work has paid off. A brilliant start to the Dubai netball league for SES. Keep up the hard work girls! Many Thanks to Miss Burroughs and Zorina for their commitment and hard work during training.

Under 13’s Dubai College Match Report On Tuesday the under 13’s had their first two Dubai League games against Dubai College. The girls have been training exceptionally hard, including weekends, break times and lunch times. Before the game the girls were extremely nervous, knowing what they were up against and the challenge they were about to take on. Throughout both games the under 13s played tirelessly, never giving up. Sarah (captain) led the girls in both games to victory, 9-0 and 8-1! This was simply an unbelievable, amazing result and we would never have thought it possible! Hind Asbana was voted player of the match and throughout the game was on shooting form. All of the girls, Hind, Sarah, Charlotte, Sakshi, Hannah, Hennie, Kapano, Eloise and Amelia played outstandingly. A very good win for SES! 3

SES Sports Bulletin Primary Netball The U10 and U11 teams played at Victoria International School and played extremely well. The U10 team had a friendly match and played well throughout the 30 minutes; the final score was 10-0 to SES. Fantastic defending from Tilly and our top goal scorers from Year 5 are Julia and Luisa Miles. Cordelia and Megan were picked out as strong players in the centre of the court and Elif as strong defence. Lana plays very well in GS with most of her shots on target. Well done ladies!

Raising the standard of netball at SES The students in Primary and Secondary took part in a netball workshop during the Eid holidays to try and improve our game. We were joined by Zorina Vondracek, the coach from the Dubai netball league, who kept us on our toes! The morning was a great success and I think everybody went away feeling like they had improved. A huge thank you to Zorina for giving up her Saturday morning for us and we hope to do it again soon.


SES Sports Bulletin Football News The Year 4 boys have been training very hard since September, learning new skills, formations and drills. They finally got to show off their footballing flair with a home fixture against Australian International School. As parents and friends watched on in glee, the boys gave us a masterclass of passing, tackling and commitment and ran out comfortable winners with a highly impressive 7-1 scoreline! Man of the match, centre forward, Oliver Sherlock, scored five goals and midfield maestro, Tarriq Mennad, got the other two. The boys decided to dedicate their win to the memory of Premiership footballer Gary Speed who tragically died a few days before the match. Well done boys, you were brilliant!!

The Year 4 football team warming up before their big match

Match Reports – U13s Football SES vs AUS Sharjah took on our football neighbours over the road at University City. There were two games of 7 vs 7 played. In the first, the SES boys went into the lead early, with a hat-trick from lone striker, Mustafa. However, Sharjah took their foot off the pedal and AUS piled on the pressure and went on to win the game. In the second game AUS fielded their strongest team. With only a short break from the first match, SES started to look tired and mistakes were creeping into their game. The AUS first team looked unstoppable with effective passing, movement off the ball and accurate finishing. The game turned into a one-sided affair. However, as usual, the Sharjah U13s put in a huge effort and never gave up. SES vs AIS With regular team manager Mr Mosley away on a school trip, Paul Jalenski stepped in to organize the U13s against a competitive and strong Australian International School side. From the kick off AIS came out with a physical approach and took control of the game. SES were taken aback by a level of physicality that they had previously encountered. At half time SES were 3-0 down, regreting numerous chances that were missed. After a few words of wisdom at half time from the managers, SES U13s came out a different side. They took the game by the scruff of the neck immediately and began their dramatic come back. Goals from Mustafa and Arran brought the game to within reach of SES at 3-2. Sharjah continued to go forward, splitting the defense with effective movement and accurate passing. However, the finishing did not match the build-up and the AIS keeper was equal to all our efforts. Final score, SES 2 – 3 AIS. 5

SES Sports Bulletin Rugby News Dubai College  7s  Tournament  –  26th  November U14  –  Sharjah  English  School The   U14s  went   into   their   first   compe>>on   of   the   season   at   Dubai  College,   with  the  huge  task  of  taking  on  well-­‐established   and  compe>>ve  Dubai  schools.  Sharjah  U14s  produced  a  tense   day  of  rugby.   A2er   two  disappoin>ng   games   early   on,   the  boys  needed   to   dig   deep   and   looked   to   the   example   of   the   determina>on   shown  by   their   role  models,  the  U16s,   to  help  mo>vate  them   for  what  was  an  extremely  exci>ng   baHle  against  Dubai  Bri>sh   School.   There   were   valiant   performances  all   over   the   field,   with  Oliver   CoHam  playing  through  a  dead  leg  injury   and  Jack   Stevenson  gegng  up  and  dus>ng   himself  off   a2er   a   series  of   big  tackles.  The  U14s  never   gave  up,  fought  un>l  the  end  and   walked  off   the  pitch  losing   three   tries   to   one  but   with   their   heads  held  high. This  tournament   was  a  test   of   character   for  the   boys,   who  learnt   just   as  much   about  themselves  as  they   did   about  playing  seven-­‐a-­‐side  rugby.   The  U14s  can  now   look  forward  to  playing  in  their  preferred   game  set  up  of   10s  and  15s  rugby,  with  more  friendly  matches  coming  up  and  the  league  star>ng  soon  a2er  the  winter  break.   Notable   performances   were   MaHhew   Bates,   the   youngest   player   in   the   compe>>on   showing   a   fearless   approach  to  tackling.  Oli  CoHam  for  two  great  tries  and  Jack  Stevenson  for  a  resilient  agtude  and  willingness  to   compete   and  carry   on  at   all  costs.   The  whole  team  wore  the  Sharjah  badge  with   pride  and  represented  their   school  superbly.

U14 –  Sharjah  English  School Sharjah   English  School  U16   rugby   team  went   to  Dubai   College   for   the   annual   DC   7s.   SES   had   an   extremely   tough  group  stage  involving  eventual  cup  winners  DESC,   Jumeriah  College,  JESS  Ranches  and  BSAK  Abu  Dhabi.   The  performances  from  SES  improved  with  each  game,   demonstra>ng   massive   steps  forward     in   confidence   and   self   belief.   Even   though   the   results   went   against   SES,   there  were  certainly   a   lot   of   posi>ves,   including   some   outstanding   tries   scored   and   a   great   team   agtude. SES   can   now   look   forward   to   the   domes>c   league   where   they   will   travel  to   Abu   Dhabi   to   play   BSAK   in   January.  


SES Sports Bulletin Kenya Training Sharjah  English  School  hosted  the  Kenyan  Interna>onal  Rugby  Team  so  they  could  prepare for  the  2011  Dubai  7s  Tournament.   Kenya  arrived  with  a  TV  crew  who  were  filming  a  documentary  on  the  team  throughout  the   IRB  World  Series.   The  squad  trained  with  great  intensity  for  two  hours,  demonstra>ng  why  they  are  one  of  the  crowd’s  favourites,   showing  raw  speed,  power  and  agility.  A2erwards,  each  team  member  was  ordered  by  the  physio  to  have  an  ice   bath  (a  wheelie  bin  with  ice,  ice  and  more  ice).  For  2  minutes  the  rugby  stars  endured  the  discomfort  of  the  freezing   cold  water  which  aids  the  recovery  a2er  intense  physical  ac>vity.  Day  2  also  consisted  of  two  hours  of  training  but   with  more  emphasis  on  tac>cs  and  game  play,  followed  again  by  the  ice  bath. From  Dubai,  they  will  travel  to  Port  Elizabeth,  South  Africa  for  the  third  event  in  the  IRB  Sevens  Calendar. We  would  like  to  wish  them  all  the  very  best  for  the  rest  of  the  season.  

Australia Training Sharjah  English  School  hosted  the  Australian  Interna>onal  Sevens  squad  the  day  prior  to  the  Dubai  7s  Tournament.   The  team  had  just  arrived  a2er  finishing  4th  in  a  tournament  held  in  Australia  a  few  days  earlier.   Australia  showed  up  with  a  very  young  squad.  One  player  was  17  and  had  only  just  finished  his  school  exams  the   previous  week.  However,  there  was  a  good  buzz  about  the  players,  clearly  a  high  team  morale. Their  training  was  based  around  simple  drills  and  prac>ces  that  were  done  precisely  and  intensely.  Players  wore  GPS   transmiHers  so  the  coaching  staff  were  able  to  monitor  average  speeds,  accelera>ons  and  distance  covered  in  the   session  for  each  individual.   All  the  players  signed  a  Sharjah  English  School  rugby  shirt  as  a  thank  you  for  hos>ng  them.    The  team  put  in  a  huge   effort  at  the  Dubai  7s  2011;  however,  inexperience,  perhaps,  was  a  factor  and  they  were  unable  to  progress  in  the   cup  compe>>on.   From  Dubai,  they  will  travel  to  Port  Elizabeth,  South  Africa  for  the  third  event  in  the  IRB  Sevens  Calendar. We  would  like  to  wish  them  all  the  very  best  for  rest  of  the  season  and  hope  to  see  them  again  next  year.


SES Sports Bulletin Interhouse compeHHon The  Year  10  and  11  students  have  been  comple>ng  their  Sports  Leader  and  Junior  Football  Organiser   Awards  and   have   been  in   charge   of   the   Key   Stage   2   house   tournaments.   The   students  in   Burton,   Doughty   and   Lawrence   have   been   compe>ng   for   their   house   in   either   football  or   basketball.   The   young   leaders   have   planned   and   delivered   four   successful   compe>>ons   as   part   of   their   course.   Thank  you  very  much  to  these  students  for  making  the  tournaments  a  success.

Junior Sports  Leaders  Award The  Year  10     students  opted   to  do  the  Sharjah  English  School  Level  1  Sports  Leaders  Award  as  part  of   their  PE  lesson.   They  have  spent  the   last   10  weeks  learning  and  developing  their  leadership  skills  and   applying  them  in  a  spor>ng   context.  The   students  delivered  a  basketball  skills  session  and   tournament   to  Year  4  and  Year  5.  

F.A. Junior  Football  Organiser  Award 12  Year  11  students  took  part   in  the  F.A   Junior  Football  Organisers    (J.F.O)  award.  For  10  weeks  they   learnt  how  to  plan   a  skills  session,   evaluate   their   own  performance,  and  to  communicate   effec>vely.   They  proved  they   can   lead  a  fun,  safe  and   enjoyable   football  session.  As  part  of  their  assessment,   the   JFO  students  delivered   a  two  hour  skills  session  rounding   off   with   a  tournament   to  the   Year  6  and   Year  3  pupils  with  great  success.  


SES Sports Bulletin


SES Sports - December 11  

SES Sports - December 11

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