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Volume 3 : Issue No. 2 - December 2011

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From the Principal’s Desk... Dear Parents  and  Friends, What   a   busy   time   of   year   December  always   proves   to   be.   There   have   been   a   large   number   of   events,   performances,   sports   competitions   and   galas,   visitors   to   school,   camps  and  trips,  the  Christmas  Fayre  etc.  to  report  on  this  month.  Many   thanks  to   all   staff  who  have  assisted  in  organizing  and  managing  all  the  activities  reported  on  here,   and   to   pupils   for   their   enthusiastic   participation.   How   everyone   manages   to   Cit   so   much  in  and  still  remain  so  focused  on  their  teaching  is  impressive. The   4th   December  was  characterized  by  an  unusual  and  ebullient  atmosphere,  as  our   Performing   Arts   Building  was   eventually   opened   to   students.   As  you  are   aware   the   whole  process   of   design,  construction   and   Cinishing  has  taken  longer  than  any  of  us   would  have  hoped.   We  believe  that   the  Cinal  result   will  justify  the  patience  of  parents,   staff   and   students.   Though   by   no   means   the   end   of   the  process,   the   ability   to   move   students  in  for  lessons  in  several  subjects,  marks  an  important  step  in  the  growth  and   development  of  the  school.   As   you   will   read   elsewhere   in   the   newsletter,   we   are   saddened   to   lose   Mrs.   Lynn   Nuttall,   our   Deputy   Head   of   Primary,   at   the   end   of   this   term.   Lynn   has   made   an   invaluable   contribution   to   the   school   in   her   time   here,   with   her   work   on   Primary   curriculum   issues   in   particular.   The   work   which   she   has   put   in   place   will   help   to   ensure   the   high   standards   of   teaching   and   learning   will   continue   and   will   be   developed  further  in  the   coming  years.   Thanks  for  all  you  have  done,  Lynn;  the  whole   school  community  will  miss  you. Thanks   are   also   due  to   the  unstinting   work   by  the  members  of   the  PSG.  The   recent   Christmas  Fayre   was   another  tremendous  success   –  raising  over   40,000  dhs   for   the   school.   I   would   like   to   wish   all   families,   friends   and   supporters   of   the   school   a   happy   Christmas  and  a  peaceful  and  prosperous  New  Year. Best  Regards,

John Nolan Principal


The school had a number of events recently to mark the 40th Anniversary of the founding of the UAE, some of which are outlined HH Dr Sheikh Sultan Al Qasimi in this newsletter. Our staff, parents and children all benefit from the peace and security that living in the UAE brings. Along with the economic and professional prosperity that many of us enjoy, we have the assurance that young people here can develop a sophisticated and genuine understanding of other cultures and traditions; they can grow up in a setting that provides abundant opportunities for outdoor pursuits, occasions for travel to many exotic parts of the world, and a lifestyle that many would envy. As members of the SES community we owe a particular thanks to the Ruler of Sharjah, His Highness Sheikh Dr Sultan Bin Mohammed Al Qasimi. The generosity which His Highness has shown to the school over the years has been immensely important, whether in providing us with our current school site, supporting the development of our buildings and grounds, and in easing our relationship with various government departments. We owe a particular thanks to the Ruler for his support with our recent building needs; his generosity has once again been crucial in ensuring that we can continue to make a significant contribution to the development of education in Sharjah. On behalf of the whole school community, I would like to extend to His Highness, our congratulations on the occasion of the 40th UAE National Day. J. Nolan


News from the Primary School It’s that time of year when there is so much happening that you wonder whether you are going to fit everything in! However, it is the energy expended by staff and children alike that makes it such an enjoyable, festive occasion. By the time you read this, Father Christmas will have visited during the Christmas parties, performances will have taken place, the choir will have entertained at hotels, to name but a view of the events taking place. All this is in addition to National Day celebrations, and an exciting visit from Mooj and friends who used a variety of entertaining circus skills to deliver the message that water is a valuable resource that should be conserved. It is with great sadness/regret that we bid a fond farewell to Mrs. Lynn Nuttall, our Primary Deputy. Lynn’s contribution to SES has been considerable and I would like to say thank you for all that she has done for the children, staff and parents during her 7 years with us. In particular, a personal thank you from me to Lynn for her great contribution and unstinting support and loyalty, which have proved to be invaluable. I will miss her immensely. Though we envy her extended holiday in Sri Lanka and Australia, our very best wishes go with her for the future. We have been fortunate to find a replacement, Mr. Graham Mabelson, who will be commencing at the start of Term 2. I am sure you will look forward to meeting him. I am immensely proud of two of our students who decided that they would like to raise money for charities – do make sure you read their write-ups about what they achieved. Well done girls. Finally, I would like to thank the staff for all their consistent hard work through out the term. May I wish the children, staff and parents a happy and safe holiday and a Happy New Year.

Miss Jenefer  Race  -­‐  Primary  Headteacher

Bird watching  at  SES  -­‐  Whoopee  a  Hoopoe Foundation1  have  been  learning   about   sounds   in  Term  1.   A   topic   that  we  really   enjoyed   was   environmental   sounds.   On   our   environmental   sounds   ‘walk’   we   heard  many   birds   singing   in  our  school;   so  we  decided  to   look  around  for   them.     In  order   to  see  some  birds   better  we  put  a  bird  feeder  in  our   play  area.  Not  all  the   birds  come   to  visit  but  we  see  many  different   birds.   The  one  we  like  best   is  a  bird   that   pecks  the  ground  for   food  called  a  hoopoe  -­‐  it’s   a  kingCisher,   named  after  its   call  “upp  upp  upp”.  Sometimes  there  are  four  of  them  eating  on  our  lawn.                                                                                                  

Hope you’ll  join  us  next  time  to  Cind  out  what  other  birds  we  have  spotted.


News from the Primary School Foundation Stage enjoy a ‘Teddy Bear’s Picnic’ It was a lovely day for a picnic and the children came fully prepared with their favourite teddy or cuddly toy. We started the day with a variety of games such as Pin the Honeypot onto the Teddy’s Hand, Parachute Teddy in the Air and Bean Bag Throw into the Teddy Pot. We finished the morning with a well deserved picnic on the grass in the sunshine. There was plenty of food followed by a lovely dessert of teddy bear cake and teddy bear biscuits. It was a truly ‘teddyrific’ day for foundation stage!!

If you go out in the woods today You're sure of a big surprise. If you go out in the woods today You'd better go in disguise. For every bear that ever there was Will gather there for certain, because Today's the day the teddy bears have their picnic.


News from the Primary School Primary Maths  Day On  Thursday  3rd  November  2011,  we  had  our   very  first  Primary  School  Maths  Day.    The  idea  behind  the  day   was  to   give  the  children  an  opportunity   to  explore  Maths  through  different  areas  of  the  curriculum.  The  day   proved  to  be  lots  of  fun,  giving  the  pupils  a  chance  to  link  their  learning  of  Maths  to  everyday  life  and  the  ‘real   world’. Throughout  the  day  children  took  part  in  some  of  the  following  acJviJes: • • • • • •

Maths orienteering ICT  challenges Maths  in  Art Puzzles  and  problems Football  Maths Quizzes

In the  aRernoon  parents   had  the   chance  to  come  in  to  school  and  get   a   beSer   idea  of  what   goes   on  in  a   Maths  lesson.  They   had  their  first  glimpse  of   Maths  Kung  Fu   and   had  a  chance  to   do  some  of  the  work  that   the   children   are   expected   to  do,   as  well  as  finding   out   hints  and  Jps  for   supporJng   their   children  to  be   numerate.  It  was  fantasJcally  aSended  -­‐  many  thanks  to  all  of  the  parents  who  took  the  Jme  to  come  in.   Mr.  Smithard Maths  Coordinator


News from the Primary School UAE National  Day  in  Foundation The  year  2011   is  a  special   year   for   the  UAE  as  they  are  celebrating  40  years  as  a  country.    In  Foundation,  we   helped  to  celebrate   by  marking  the  occasion  with  flags  and  hat  making.    We  also  learnt  a  little  bit  about   the   UAE  through  a  PowerPoint  presentation  and  discovered  what  the  different  colours  on  the   flag  represented.     Some  children  were  also  treated  to  a  local   Arabic  sweet   called   Elqaimat,  which  was  a   delicious   dough  ball   with  date  syrup.    Happy  40  Years  UAE!  


News from the Primary School Key Stage 1 love the UAE! Years One and Two have fully entered into the spirit of the fortieth birthday celebrations for the UAE With the help of Miss.Thiara we have made hats, banners, flags, painted Emirati people and put ourselves on the UAE map as well as learning the national anthem. Please see some of the photographs below to get a taste of the fun. We wish the UAE many more years of progress and prosperity.


News from the Primary School Primary  National  Day  Assembly On   Wednesday   November   30th,   all   the   pupils   from   Key   Stage   1   &   2,   joined   together   for   an   enjoyable   assembly   to   celebrate   the   40th   anniversary   of  the   founding   of  the   United  Arab  Emirates   in   1971.   A   large   number  of  the   pupils   had  come   to   school   wearing   clothing  in  the   colours   of  the   UAE   National  Flag.   Many   brought  Clags  and  badges  and  all  wore  headbands  made  to  represent  the  Clag.     With  the   help  of  Mrs.  Thaira   Ali,   our   Arabic   and  Islamic   studies  teacher,   they  learned  about  the  history   of   the   region  with  particular  emphasis  on  the  time  that  Sheikh   Zayed  bin  Sultan  al  Nayhan  brought  together   the  seven  Trucial  States  to  form  The  Union.  Using  a  power  point  presentation,  Mrs.  Thaira   showed   pictures   to  demonstrate  the  developments  that  have  taken  place  over  the  40  years. At  the  end  of  the  assembly,  the  pupils  sang  the  UAE  National  Anthem.


News from the Primary School Key Stage  2  -­‐  National  Day  Photo  Competition

The children   in   Key   Stage   2   have   been   showcasing   their   photographic   skills   this   National   Day,   as   part   of   a   School     Photo   Competition.   The   range  of  images  entered   showed   the   Clamboyant   decorations   in   and   around   Sharjah  and  Dubai.  

Sharjah Water  Festival On  Tuesday  November   29th   we   were  delighted  to   welcome  Mouj   on   a   return   visit   to  SES.  This   time,  the  event  was   even  more  enjoyable  as  he   brought  some  friends  to  entertain  us.  We  were   treated  to   a  display   of   fantastic  circus  skills:  acrobatics,  juggling  and  stilt  walking.   As   usual,   there  was  a  serious  message  for   us  all   and   Heather   Harries,   the  organiser,  explained  to   all  the  staff  and  pupils   how  they  could  help   to   conserve   our  valuable  resource   –  water.  Thank   you  to  Heather  and   Mouj   for   an   entertaining   and   educational   time   and   the   gifts   they   donated. We  look  forward  to  seeing  you  again  next  year.


News from the Primary School Key Stage 2 Art During Key Stage 2, pupils develop their creativity and imagination through many different art activities. These help to build on the skills they have already learnt in Key Stage 1 and improve their control of materials, tools and techniques. The children increase their critical awareness of the roles and purposes of art, craft and design in different times and cultures. This enables them to become more confident in using visual and tactile elements and materials and processes to communicate what they see, feel and think.


News from the Primary School


News from the Primary School Foundation Christmas Performance On the 7th and 8th December the children in the Foundation Stage presented their yearly Christmas performance. It was a wonderful glittering affair with sparkling snowflakes, Christmas baubles, jolly snowman, Santa's elves, Christmas parcels, Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer and, of course, Santa Claus. The children had been looking forward to the event for weeks and worked very hard on their songs, actions and Christmas crafts to turn their central area into a wonderful winter land. On the morning of the concerts the children were in high spirits and when it came to the performance they all performed brilliantly. A big thank you to everyone who helped make it such a special day for the children and also our ever supportive and enthusiastic audience.


News from the Primary School KS1 & KS2 Performance The Title   of   the   Production   really   did   say  it   all:   ‘The   Stars   Come   Out   For   Christmas’.  The   stars  were  truly  out   in  force.  There   was  everything   from   apprentice  angels   and  shepherds   to   chefs   and   cooks,   cards   and   trees,   Santa   and   his   helpers   and,of   course,   that   elusive   ingredient  for  which  most  of  us  are  nostalgic  …..SNOW! As  always,   the   concert   was  the   perfect   way  to   make   us  all  realise   that   Christmas  really  is   just   around   the   corner.   I   am   sure   that   the   sight   of   the   turkey   on   the   platter   had   many   members  of  the  audience  mentally  starting  their  festive  shopping  list. Congratulations  to  all  the  pupils  who  took  part   and  huge  thanks  to   everyone  who  helped  to   make   the   performances   so  successful.  Thank  you  also  to   all  the   parents  and  relatives  who   came  and  supported  us. Finally,  a  very  large   thank  you   to  Mrs.   Hutchison  and  Miss  Stanley  for  pulling  it   all  together.   It  really  was  a  cracker!


News from the Primary School Charity Raisers My name is Anjali Menon. I am 9 years old. I study in Grade 5RB. Earlier this year, I participated in the Flea Market along with my friend and classmate Ayesha. I gave all the proceeds from the sale to a charity called All As One which helps support deprived and orphaned children in Sierra Leone. I collected 72,199 Sierra Leoneans from the sale. I was extremely pleased with my effort and thrilled that the money earned would be utilized to help the poor and needy children of Africa. I learned a valuable lesson that helping others gives you satisfaction. I look forward to collecting more money during the next flea market on order to continue to support the needy children in Sierra Leone.

Hello Everyone, My name is Ayesha Maria Fernandes , I'm 10 years old. One day, during my summer holidays, which I spent back home in India, my taxi stopped at a traffic signal. Some children came up to us and asked us for something to eat. They didn’t even mind if we just gave them a few crisps and sips of the drink we had. I saw many tiny children all over the pavements with torn clothes and just a cloth over their head for shelter. I was very shocked to see them and felt very sorry for them. Like many children in the UAE, I have a lot of toys, books, good food, good home etc. I felt that I had to do something to help these poor children. I decided to sell some of my books, toys etc. at the school flea market to raise some money. I managed to raise around approximately 3200 rupees. This summer, ,,when I went to Mumbai, my grandfather took me to a little orphanage near my house. This orphanage is called ASHRAYA, which means “Shelter”, and looks after children whose parents have AIDS. About 20 children lived in 1 room, which is smaller than our school central area. They wore old clothes donated by people. When I went there I was amazed to see the children so happy and cheerful in spite of not having any parents or good things. My grandfather and I bought some snacks, rice, tea, soap etc., which would be useful to them, with the money that I made from the flea market. Next summer, when I go back to India, I would like to take some more toys, games, clothes and money that I can use to help them.


News from the Secondary School What a Waste! Al Ain offers the duel delights of the water treatment and the recycling plants and it is there that Year 11 headed this week with Year 10 to follow in a few days. The friendly and helpful staff provided us with tours of the facilities and an insight into the technologies behind these industries. Photo 1 - The large site is controlled by computer and nearly anything you need to do can be done from the single screen in the control centre. Photo 2 - The raw sewage is first sieved to get rid of the plastic bags and rubbish and then enters the aeration tanks. This is where the biology starts as the bacteria feast on the “nutrients” in the water and convert it into something a little less unpleasant. All those bacteria need lots of oxygen so air is constantly bubbled through the mix, giving the impression it’s boiling. This is not a place you want to fall in, but to the right bacteria, it’s pretty close to heaven. Photo 3 - Then on to the settling tank where the sediments sink to the bottom and clean-looking water drains off (emphasis on looking). It still has to be sand filtered and treated with chlorine before it’s fit to leave the plant. Don’t worry, if you go to Al Ain. You won’t get to drink this water, it’s for irrigation only. Photo 4 - There’s a lot of heavy plant involved in recycling so it’s not a place you can walk around. Photo 5 - We did get a bus tour and leant about everything we would see in a very informative talk given by the Project Manager, Mr Dawson Photo 6 - Rubbish in Al Ain is not separated and so arrives at the plant mixed together, making the separation task much more difficult and one that can only be done by humans. Even so, they manage to recycle or compost an impressive 60% of all the material they receive. Sewage treatment, composting and recycling are covered in the Biology, Chemistry and Geography syllabuses. This trip provided first-hand experience of these concepts on an industrial scale as well as providing an insight into arguably one of humanity’s hgreatest inventions: sanitation.








News from the Secondary School F


The weekend   of   the   17th  November   will   be   remembered   by   the   Year   10s   and  

11s who  came  to  a  mix  of  team  building  challenges,   sports,  BBQ,   campfire  and,   of  course,  camping  (on  the  school  field).   Though   there   was   some   iniFal   lethargy   about   a   Key   Stage   Four   Camp   at   this   busy   Fme  of   year  4  FEST    was  devised   to  include   games,  musical  entertainment,   T  shirts  design  etc.. Team   colours   were   decided   on   and   bandanas   made.   Everyone   who   was   there   made   it   a   weekend  to  be  remembered,  and  the  photographs  included   in  this  item  reinforce  this  idea.  The   teams   took   part   with   enthusiasm   and   worked   together   in   a   compeFFve,   friendly   way   which   made  it  enjoyable  for  all.  Some  quotes  from  the  students  aNerwards  were:




‘Rounders   was  fun  and   the  BBQ  food   was  delicious’  

‘I enjoyed  the  hat   game  as  it  was   compeFFve  but  at   the  same  Fme   good  fun’.

‘I liked  siTng  and  singing   around  the  campfire  with  my   friends  and  enjoyed  the  camping’.




They all   felt   that  they   would   like   to   thank   Marcus,   Mikail   and   Tim   for   their   impressions   of   teachers   performed   around  the  campfire,  Felix  for  his   flips  and  Lauren  for  being  the  Bandana   Queen  as  she  had  six  coloured  bandanas  wrapped  around  her  body  most  of  the  Fme!   Also  thanks   go   to  the   staff  for  everything  they   did   to  make  it  a  great  night   including   making   the  most  disgusFng  chocolate  bananas  of  all  Fme!  


News from the Secondary School


News from the Secondary School The students have completed their Panton Chairs and the judges have been in and the winners announced. But what an experience this has been! I owe a massive thank you to Sankar Viswanath, the managing director of Swiss Corporation for Design and Technology. Swiss Corp provided the iconic Panton chairs free of charge and have given each student a choice of design books from Vitra, as well as other prizes. Their generosity is very much appreciated. The Judgement Day went very well. The students presented their chairs to the judges prior to their final deliberation. One of the nicest comments came from one of the judges. Having spent a few minutes viewing the students work he asked; “How are we expected to judge these? The level is far too high; I was not expecting such talented students". To be honest, we didn't want to have to choose and when it came to choosing the judges deliberated for a very long time. The results were very close and expectedly so. Obviously, there was going to be disappointment as any of the teams could have won. Originally, we had proposed a winner and runner up. On the day the judges asked if they could have a winner and two runners up as they were torn between three chair designs. Even that proved to be difficult as the final marks showed no difference between 3rd place and 4th place. In the end 3rd place went to ‘Knitted’. The judges were impressed with the fact you could not see the beginning or the end of the wool. They appreciated the hours put into making the chair and how well the colours came together. 2nd place went to ‘Sculptchair’. The judges were very impressed with how well the positive and negative spaces worked together. They felt the students’ understanding of shape and form was very impressive, especially with how they calculated the sizes of each piece. 1st place went to ‘Well Travelled Panton”. The judges chose this design for numerous reasons. Firstly, they liked the idea that the chair was multicultural and felt it incorporated the spirit of the school. (I should add a school they were highly impressed with). Secondly, they were impressed with the fact the students had recycled hundreds of tickets to complete the chair. Lastly a suitcase handle was added. What a great finish to the chair, making it functional in more than one way. Thank you to the judges: from American University in Sharjah: Robery Reid, Assistant Professor of Architecture from City Space, Dubai: Ronald Estoque - Project Designer from Point of Design Mehdi Moazzen – Partner Mr JB Savage


News from the Secondary School Year 7 Camp On the  Year  7  camp  we  took  part  in  3  activities:  kayaking,  rock  climbing  and  mountain  biking.  We  only  had   time  to  do  two  activities  so  I  chose  mountain  biking  and  rock  climbing.    Unfortunately,  rock  climbing  was   really  popular  so  I  had  to  do  kayaking  which  was  still  great  fun.  My  favourite  activity  though  was  mountain   biking  as  we  saw  lots  of  goats    in  the  trees  and  I  got  to  spend  a  couple  of  hours  riding  around  with  most  of   my  friends. The  tents  were  huge!  We  had  6  bunk  beds  so  I,  Sarah,  Anna,  Amelia,  Rita  and  Aniqah  all  shared  a  tent  and   we  all  got  to  have  a  top  bunk.  It  was  really  cool. Before  we  went  to  bed  we  had  a  lovely  dinner  and  then  we  played  Indiana  Jones.  This  is  a  game  where     you  had  to  go  behind  enemy  lines  into  the  other  team’s  zone  and  take  their  straws  back  to  our  zone   without  being  caught.  It  was  in  the  dark  so  it  was  really  fun.  After  that  we  sat  by  the  camp  fire  and  roasted   marshmallows  while  telling  ghost  stories.    Mr  Mosley  also  showed  us  the  two  techniques  of  how  to  roast   marshmallows  correctly.  One  of  the  camp  leaders,  Sebastian,  then  scared  some  of  the  boys  when  I  was   telling  my  ghost  story.    It  was  very  funny.     In  the  morning  we  ate  a  yummy  breakfast  (although  Mr  Mosley  ate  all  the  beans!!!!!)  and  then  we  set  off   on  our  second  activity.  After  we  returned  to  camp  the  staff  gave  us  our  lunch  to  eat  on  the  bus  journey   back  to  school.  IT  WAS  A  FANTASTIC  TRIP  !!!! Thank  you  very  much  to  Mrs.  Moore,  Mrs.  Egan  and  Mr.  Mosley  for  taking  us.  We  all  had  a  great  time.


News from the Secondary School International Award Update The huge increase in the number of students progressing from Bronze to Silver this year has created opportunities for students to learn to use GPS and take responsibility for dealing with passport and visa control. Our combined Gold and Silver Practice expedition took us into Oman and included camping on the beach, followed by a tough trek through very inhospitable terrain. Once again the students were focused and positive despite the heat and the early starts. The new Bronze candidates have also been out on their practice trek to the mountains in Masafi. They demonstrated excellent team work and produced some spectacular cuisine. As always, there was a lot of fun, much socialising and great camp fires. I would like to applaud the energy, enthusiasm and determination of the students and the dedicated efforts of the staff. Well Done and Thanks Marie Byrne


News from the Secondary School

Congratulations to the followings students who have now completed their Bronze International Award Pongphat Young Laura Hennessy Matt Wood Harini Kannagara

Faisal Hamza

Sonam Chopra

Laura Daniel

Eissa Liwo

Georgina Whiffen

Soyeon Lee

Samia Jahangiri 23

News from the Secondary School My Fair Lady Production

We are having a break this year in the Secondary school from our normal Christmas music performances. Instead however, we are working towards a very exciting event. To inaugurate the new auditorium, we are going to produce our first ever full length musical, a new version of ‘My Fair Lady.’ The English, Music and Art & Design departments are all working together on the show. Auditions for the main stage roles have already taken place. The band is rehearsing the musical items and the sets are in the early stages of design. A large number of secondary students and staff will be involved in the production in one capacity or another. The show is scheduled to take place on Wednesday 15th and Thursday 16th February. Put the dates in your diary!

Year 11 - Geography The Year 11 Geography students had a very successful field trip on the beaches of Dubai. They were investigating the physical and human processes that affect the beach profile. They studied the beaches either side of the Palm Jumeirah and two beaches in Umm Suqeim 3. They are now writing up their work ready for final submission in February

Parents The Drama Team Needs


Do you have any long dresses, suits or hats that you could donate to our costume cupboard? All donations will be gratefully received. Just hand them in at reception. Thank you.

Key Stage 4 Eid al-Adha Celebration Key Stage 4 took time out on a Thursday break time to celebrate the Islamic occasion of Eid al-Adha. Staff and students brought in various dishes to share with the others and took time to discuss the reasons behind the tradition. This was to represent one of the main themes of Eid al-Adha - of making an animal sacrifice and eating and sharing the meat with family and friends.


News from the Secondary School Year 9 Science Year 9 have been studying the “Using Models to Explain Phenomena� part of the Scientific Enquiry section of their Key Stage Three Science course. As part of this the students had to choose a body organ (or similar) and make an edible model of it! Some of the items produced were: Chocolate cake brain Vegetarian meatloaf brain Cheesy bread kidney Chocolate cake kidney Chocolate muffin blood cells Vanilla and Strawberry Cake Lungs Marshmallow and Crispies cross section of the skin Cookie Intestines Cake heart Banana cake stomach Marshmallow trachea They then made a model lung using plastic bottles, balloons, straws and plastic sheeting to investigate breathing in and out. Students analysed both models to compare them and to then identify the strengths, weaknesses and limitations of using the different models.


News from the Secondary School

The Going Green Team

Can you believe it? It’s been over a year since we ran the ‘Going Green Tree Campaign.’ Well, after a very hard and long summer we are pleased with how well the trees managed. There have been a few that found the summer harder than the others and we aim to have them replaced in the coming weeks. Last academic year four of the trees ‘flamed’. We are hoping for a lot more this year and looking at how well some of them have taken I think we might just get there.

Education UK The senior students had an opportunity to visit the Education UK Exhibition in Dubai at the end of November. A level students, already busy with their UCAS applications to UK universities, had a chance to meet representatives from over 50 institutions and ask pertinent questions about courses, life at university, entry requirements, and, most importantly for many parents, …. college fees! Direct contact and the personal touch proved useful for many; though applications and information are mainly on-line, there are always individual and unusual questions to be posed. Having direct access to someone they have met has proved beneficial to some students in the past; it gives a point of contact for follow-up queries and questions when results are published in August. All of the students and parents who attended remarked on how productive and useful it had been. 26

Whole School News and Information The new Performing Arts Centre opened recently with lessons beginning in many of the new classrooms just after National Day. Secondary Mathematics, English, Business Studies, Media Studies and Arabic have now relocated to the new building, easing much of the pressure for classrooms in our Secondary section. The school Learning Support and Music departments will also be located here alongside an additional ICT room. The building marks the first major expansion of the school facilities since we moved to the current site in 2005. It will permit the school to develop and expand, enhancing and pushing forward with what we already do well, while creating opportunities to forge ahead in many new directions. There are so many ways that the facility will enrich and offer increased opportunities to the pupils of SES that it marks an exciting period for the school.


The Board of Governors has worked tirelessly during what has been a long and sometimes frustrating process, overcoming many challenges in the design, building and completion phases. We are sure that all parents will want to join us in thanking them for their work and their willingness to give so much time in the demanding role of being on the Board. The next stages of development involve getting the theatre, library, ICT and music rooms fully fitted out and operational. This work will continue for some months, but we will have an opportunity in the New Year to organize a proper opening ceremony.


Whole School News and Information The Christmas Fayre This year’s Christmas Fayre, held at the end of October, was a terrific success. All the usual favourites were on show, the camel rides, tombolas, raffles, food stalls and plenty of opportunities to stock up on presents for friends and family. The presence of Santa and the musical numbers also added greatly to the atmosphere of the day, as did the sight of staff and Mr. Nolan having cream pies thrown in their faces. The day raised over 43,000 dhs for the school. So many thanks to the busy members of the PSG and to all the stall-holders, sponsors and volunteers for a tremendous effort. The Fayre was supported as usual by many local businesses and companies. A special thanks is due to Ethiad Airways for their generosity in providing two airline tickets for the raffle. The next major events from the PSG include The International Fair and the May Ball.

Photographs courtesy of Ophelie Sistac


Whole School News and Information

Photographs courtesy of Ophelie Sistac

Thailand Fund  Raising Mrs   Siranee   Dowling   raised   money   at   the   Christmas   Fayre   for   Clood   relief   in   her   native   Thailand.   In   addition  to  money  raised  by  her  stall,  money  collected  by  the   Student  Council  was  added  to  the  total  and   the  funds  were  sent  to  the  Thai  Red  Cross  Disaster  Relief,   bringing  in  a  total  of  4,000dhs.   Many  thanks  to   everyone  who  contributed. 29

Whole School News and Information Mr. Ralph   Berzghal   and   Mrs.   Eileen   Hutchison   were   the   lucky   winners   of   the   much   coveted   Ethiad   Airways   tickets   in   the   Christmas   Fayre.   They   are   pictured   receiving   their  prizes  from  Ethiad's  Mr.  Yahya  Ahmed  Hussein,  Key  Accounts  Manager. SES  is  very  grateful  to  Etihad  for  their  generous  support  of  the  Fayre.

Secondhand School Uniform Shop A big thank you to all the parents who have been sending their children’s used uniforms. We are nearly ready to open shop and aim to have everything running at the beginning of next term. If you still have some uniform you are willing to donate please do send it through. The shop is being run by the students as an exercise in learning some important life skills. Thank you once again. Mr JB Savage

Maths Problem Of The Month The solu9on  from  last  month  is: Each  son  receives  3600  pounds.

The problem  for  this  month  is: A question of Algebra

Work out the values of the whole numbers a and b in the following simultaneous equations a + b =8 1/a + 1/b =2/3 The answer will appear in the next issue of the newsletter. 30

Whole School News and Information A Note from our Nurses Please do not send your child to school if they are showing any signs of sickness. Please help the medical team keep Sharjah English School as germ free as possible by following these guidelines. Kind Regards, Mary Smythe and Rita Datinguinoo School Nurses

GUIDELINES FOR KEEPING SICK CHILDREN HOME FROM SCHOOL The following guidelines may be helpful for you when making the decision to send your child to school or to keep him/her at home. Please keep your child at home from school if he or she: • Has been vomiting or had diarrhoea during the night. Your child should not return to school until 24 hours since their last episode of vomiting/diarrhoea. • Has a cold with fever, sneezing or coughing and a persistent runny nose •

Has an oral temp of 38 degrees or higher. Your child should be fever free for at least 24 hours before returning to school. (Without taking fever reducing medicine).

Has a severe sore throat.

Has a pink bloodshot eye with yellow or green discharge.

Has just begun antibiotics. Any child with a contagious condition such as strep throat must be taking the medication for 24 hours before returning to school

Have lice or nits, until treated and free of nits.

Has a rash all over his/her body. A child with a suspicious rash should only return to school after a diagnosis has been made.

Keeping a sick child home prevents the spread of illness in the school and allows your child to rest and recover.

Nut free  school There   are   students   in   school   who   have   severe,   life   threatening   nut   allergies.   In   an   effort   to   make   the   school   environment   as   safe   as   possible  for  them  we  would  like  to  remind   parents  that   Sharjah  English   School  is  a  nut  free  zone.   Please   ensure   that   no   nuts   or   nut   products   are   put   into   your   child’s   lunch   box.     Always   read   the   labels   on   pre   packaged   snacks   as   they   sometimes  have  hidden  nut  products  in  them.  Many  health  and  cereal   bars  contain   nuts  so  please  check   before   putting  them  into   the  lunch   box.  In  some  homes  the  lunch  boxes  are  prepared  by   maids/helpers  so   please  share  this  information  with  them.  


Dates For Your Diary January 2012 Wednesday  4th

Start of  Term  2

Tuesday 10th  -­‐  Thursday  2nd

External Examinations

Sunday 15th

UCAS Application  Deadline

Monday 16th

Year 7  Parent/Teacher  Meeting February  2012

Saturday 4th  -­‐  Sunday  5th

International Award  Bronze  Expedition

Tuesday 7th  

Year 12  &  Year  13  Parent/Teacher  Meeting

Wednesday 8th

Key Stage  Two  Disco

Sunday 12th

School Closed  -­‐  Half  Term

Tuesday 14th

Primary Science  Day

Wednesday 15th  -­‐  Thursday  16th

My Fair  Lady  Production

Monday 20th

Secondary Sports  Day

Tuesday 21st

Year 10  &  Year  11  Parent/Teacher  Meeting

Wednesday 29th

Year 8  Parent/Teacher  Meeting March  2012

Friday 2nd  -­‐  Saturday  10th

Primary School  Ski  Trip

Saturday 3rd  -­‐  Friday  9th  

Secondary School  Ski  Trip

Sunday 4th  -­‐  Friday  9th

Geography Fieldtrip  -­‐  Cyprus

Wednesday 7th

GCSE Options  and  Parent/Teacher  Meeting

Wednesday 14th

Sixth Form  Options  and  Parent/Teacher  Meeting

Thursday 29th  

End Of  Term  2   April  2012

Sunday 15th

Start Of  Term  3


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SES Newsletter - December 11  

SES Newsletter - December 11

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