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Sec, Mr Taylor held a meeting with the curator of the NMA as how best to arrange our site to improve the visitors experience and reduce the cost of maintenance. The Chairman explained that the cmte have agreed a spend of £5K to achieve the works, all works will be carried out by Mr Taylor and the North Staff Branch with a view of all works being completed by winter 2016. The chairman explained that once the RHG/D memorial rock has been lifted and moved into its new location and that the LGA will place a like for like memorial rock in the location left vacant. The LGA has also agreed on a £5K spend to improve the whole site. With the LGA becoming a part of the RHG/D Site in the NMA it will now take the shape of the Household Cavalry site, the Chairman will be approaching the HCF to take on the maintenance of the following H Cav memorials 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

NMA Combermere Barracks Hyde Park RHG/D Ramp Zandevoorde

Accounts Before asking the Honorary Treasurer to speak on the accounts, the Chairman reported that during the past year the Association had continued to maintain its aims and objectives as laid down in the Constitution and Rules. Specifically, grants had been distributed to applications for assistance when called upon. The Treasurer ran through the statement of accounts; as the accounts are looking healthy the Treasurer explained he would transfer £50,000.00 to our Investment Portfolio in due course. No points raised

Committee Meetings The Chairman explained that given the nature of very good communication links between the cmte members and the Hon Sec that we currently hold four cmte meetings and an AGM as directed by the charter, we find ourselves covering old ground along with attendance dropping off. The Chairman would like to propose we move to two cmte meetings and an AGM, one meeting in the Spring and the other in the Autumn. As there were no objections, the Chairman asked for a proposer and a second. Proposed by Major Trinick seconded by Mr Shillabeer


The Combined Cavalry Parade The Chairman mentioned that security passes were required to gain entry into Hyde Park Barracks, if you haven’t already given your names to HHQ then members should contact Mr Ken Robertson prior to the parade so he can issue the pass. There will be a 53-seater coach on the Sq tomorrow, leaving Combermere at 0900hrs. Departing from Hyde Park at 1300hrs Christmas Card The Chairman thanked all those who ordered Christmas Cards, we sold out of Christmas Cards last year, over 11,000 were sold with the majority of members donating monies to the Association. This year’s order form (which has an image not been used before) is in the Journal, the Hon Sec has already started receiving orders. An Association member complained to the chairman that he didn’t like the image of this year’s Christmas card. The Chairman excepted the point but

explained we wanted to try a different image this year that hadn’t been used before, the Chairman then asked those in attendance if they have any pictures/ images they would like to be used then they are to contact the Hon Sec. Battlefield Tour 18th to 21st May 2017 The Chairman mentioned the successful BFT of the Somme this year, we can now confirm that next year’s tour will cover the Battle of Passchendale in which The Household Battalion took part and suffered very heavy casualties. A detailed itinerary will be available later in the year from the Hon Sec. Any Other Buisness Mr Tim Mardon brought up the subject of an Open Day, the Chairman invited Lt Col Ed Hayward (CO HCR) to reply to Mr Mardon’s question. Lt Col Ed mentioned there is a Families Day taking part on the 21st May, the chairman confirmed with the CO that a families day would include any Association Members who wished to attend, Lt Col Ed agreed. Mr P Young asked if it was possible to have visits organised around Hyde Park Barracks for spouses of ex members of the Regt. RHG/D SCM replied and informed that the visits could be arranged with prior notice via the Hon Sec. With there being no further business to discuss, The Chairman thanked members for attending, the meeting closed at 1847 hrs. Next AGM The next AGM will be held in Combermere Barracks at 1830hrs on 13th May 2017.

The Blues and Royals Association Regional Representatives 2016 Regional Representatives of The Blues and Royals Association are volunteers that have agreed to have their details published in the Household Cavalry Journal in order that they may be contacted by other Association members in their area. Initially the Regional Representatives will provide contact with Home Headquarters for those who have served but have lost touch with the Regiment. Additionally, they may be asked to represent the Association at funerals of departed comrades, visit former members of the Regiment and circulate Regimental information to those in their area. If you would like to be considered as a Regional Representative for the Association please contact the Honorary Secretary at the address shown within the Association information. ENGLAND South East Berkshire Mr P Henney 07738 150 113

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Household Cavalry Journal 2016  
Household Cavalry Journal 2016