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same this period. There were no unrestricted grants for the period of 2015/16. However, to date £1,600.00 was awarded to the HCR Rugby tour of the United States. The Annual Dinner fund this year currently stood at £2,640.00 as we were awaiting ticket income from HCR serving members. Payments via BAC’s had been received this year for the first time. £2,500.00 had been paid to the National Arboretum Memorial fund for the initial work on the area adjacent to the memorial of The Blues and Royals being developed for the memorial to The Life Guards. The net cost of postage to date was £988.00. Funds for the Battlefield Tour for 2017 were being received and administered through this account as they were last year. Cash at bank £39,669.00.




The Life Guards Association Account The account continues to be a conduit for standing order donations with a total of £2,675.00 being received in 2015. So far £1,103.00 had been received through generous donations to date. There was no sum awarded from the Norman Hearson Fund during 2015, nor had any sums been requested to date leaving this Fund standing at £2,912. Cash at bank currently stands at £9,399.00. Investments Last year at this point the investment portfolio stood at a Total Value of £1,035.814.00. This year as of the 5th September 2016 it currently stood at £1,254,505.00. The Chairman and members of the Committee would like to thank all members of the Association for their kind and generous donations. The Chairman asked for comment: there being none he asked that the Treasurer’s report be accepted. Proposed by: Lieutenant Colonel D James Seconded by: Major J S Holbrook CHAIRMAN’S REPORT The following report was given by Lieutenant Colonel H S J Scott. Membership now stood at 2189. Communication. We now had 1613 Association members who were now on email. While email was our preferred method of communication, we would continue with at least two newsletters per year by post for those members that did not have an email address.

Welfare. So far during 2015/16 there had been 16 cases for assistance at an average cost of £680.53 per case; ages of recipients ranged between 35 and 88. This was a slight increase on the amount of cases on last year and the cases were now recorded to fall in line with the financial year April to April. Unfortunately, there had been 39 deaths reported to The Life Guards Association to date since the 1st January 2016. Lieutenant Colonel H S J Scott thanked all Association members that had sent in donations throughout the year and he stressed how grateful and how important these donations were and he assured all members that the monies donated were put to good use. The AGM was informed that we had purchased 11,000 Christmas cards this year and that they were selling well, with over 6000 cards sold to date. The AGM was informed that regimental diaries for 2017 were now available and that individuals were advised to contact Jodie Rosendale, the Home Headquarters Chief Clerk, for copies. Lieutenant Colonel H S J Scott wished to thank the regional representatives for their hard work throughout the year. He emphasised how much the membership appreciated their efforts. The Secretary was to contact all representatives to see if they wished to continue to serve, or whether they sought to be replaced. The Life Guards Association would be carrying out a Battlefield Tour of Passchendaele from the 18th-21st May 2017. The Tour was presently full but if anybody was to drop out the Secretary would inform the membership via email. The AGM was given a short report on the work being carried out at The Life Guards plot at the National Memorial Arboretum; it was expected that work would be finished in the next six weeks. The LGA Committee had committed £5,000.00 to this memorial and to date had spent £2,500.00. When the memorial had been completed the LGA would be informed and dates would follow for a dedication ceremony. Dates for The Life Guards Association Annual Dinner The subject of the Annual LGA dinner was raised. It had previously been agreed to run this as a five year trial. There was discussion as to whether the date should remain in September or be moved back to June and be held on the same Saturday as The Queen’s Birthday

Parade. A suggestion was made that the whole membership be invited to vote. As an interim measure the acting Chairman asked for a show of hands. The count suggested that there was a substantial majority at the AGM that would like the dinner to remain in September. The dinner will be held next year in September and a vote at the dinner will be held to decide when the future dinners will be held. Election of the Non-Serving Committee In accordance with normal custom, the non-serving members of the Committee had all resigned and had all offered themselves for re-election for the coming year. They were: Lieutenant Colonel H S J Scott, Major J S Holbrook, Captain G C Davies, Mr J E Lloyd, Mr C D Watson, Mr P P Lewis MBE, Mr G S Knowles BEM, Mr T J Land, Mr P J Richards MBE and Mr P C Lanahan. There were no objections. Proposed by: Captain (Retd) L D Stratford MBE Seconded by: Lieutenant Colonel (Retd) G G E Stibbe OBE Election of a new Non-Serving Committee Member It was requested that Mr Dave Darley be elected onto the Committee as a NonServing Committee member. There were no objections. Proposed by: Mr Paul Lewis MBE Seconded by: Mr Paul Lanahan Any Other Business Mr G S Knowles BEM asked if it was possible for the annual raffle to be reinstated. This was supported. It was agreed that the Honorary Secretary and Mr G S Knowles would organise it for next year. Colonel H R D Fullerton OBE asked if the Committee would consider sending personal invites to all wounded soldiers, and also look into the possibility of offering the dinner free of charge. The Committee would discuss this at the next Committee meeting. Mr Clive Watson asked if St Catherine Church in Cossall could be added to the list of potential locations where a Standard of The Life Guards might be laid up in the future. He then explained the relevance of Cossall to The Life Guards, the Waterloo Memorial in Cossall being the only one outside London and its dedication to two 2nd Life Guards who fell at Waterloo in 1815. Lieutenant Colonel H S J Scott would add this to the possible location list held in HQ Household Cavalry. Mr Tony Prynne asked if it was possible

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