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journey to the polo ground for the big match. Here we played the very team we had been coaching the days previously, this time in front of a crowd of Ministers, Ambassadors and visiting dignitaries, keen to see Polo being played by the antecedents of those who had invented the game (The Mongolians) and those who had formalised and exported it (The British). A Phase 2 Mongolian Recruit

practised from birth. The author was pleased that the Riding Master was a good seven thousand miles away. He would have died instantaneously from heart palpatations at the first sight of a Mongolian cowboy backing an unbroken horse without any tack, wearing a baseball cap, and clinging on to its mane. The Mongolian Brigadier gave us a demonstration teaching us how to do it.

Thankfully, the British Army Team came away with a respectable but not a rude win, of 8-3. There followed another bone-rattling journey back to Ulaanbaatar for drinks with our Ambassador to Mongolia, the truly delightful Catherine Arnold.

Lt Col (Retd) Simon Ledger delivering a half-time talk to the British Team, watched over by the AMA to Beijing, Maj Matt Hayward

All Photograph credits to: Mr Sam Churchill:

We then undertook a six hour bus-

The Author playing in the Inter-Army match

The victorious British Army Polo Team. L-R: Capt Robert Freeman-Kerr, The Author, Lt Col (Ret) Simon Ledger, Mr Gaston Devrient, Capt Hugh Richardson

Household Cavalry Sailing Report 2016

by Major P J R Chishick, The Life Guards


he Regiment has sent teams to participate in a number of regattas this year. In May they sent a team down to Seaview on the Isle of Wight in order to compete in the Combat Arms Regatta - the major keelboat competition of the year between all the Combat Arms. Due to a shortage of personnel at Regimental Duty due to exercises and the State Opening of Parliament, the author returned from ERE to skipper the boat, crewed by LCpl Scheepers (RHG/D) and Tpr Bridgeman (LG). The racing was ably run by a series of retired officers, including two former Life Guards and two former Royal Hussars and the competition for the RAC Gold Cup on the water remained firmly between these two teams so the rivalry on the race platform and the water was maintained throughout. The HCav crew, who had not used a spinnaker on a Mermaid before and were relatively inexperienced at small boat racing, performed admirably, gaining a good understanding of the boat and carrying out some excellent drills. The PWRR crews also

put up a strong performance as well with some seasoned crews and the competition between the KRH, PWRR and HCR was tight. In the end, HCR came third overall out of 26 crews, with the PWRR (A) in second place and the KRH in first, placing HCR second in the Royal Armoured Corps trophy. With the experience gained this year, we hope that the crew will be able to return next year and knock the KRH from first place. A great couple of days’ racing and it would be good to bring two crews next year. Three crews from the Household Cavalry also made it down to Seaview for the Household The Household Cavalry Crews at the HDYC Regatta Division Regatta in June. This with the Princess Elizabeth Cup: Front: Capt (Retd) year marked the 30th anniver- Law LG, Major Chishick LG Centre: Lt Soames RHG/D, sary of the Seaview Regatta Capt Boyd-Thomas RHG/D, and it was good to see a strong Capt Faire RHG/D, Lt Flay RHG/D participation from the regiRear: Lt Cochrane-Dyet LG, Capt Lewis LG, ments of the division with 33 Capt Huda RHG/D, Capt Jordan LG

Household Cavalry Sports Round-up â– 77

Household Cavalry Journal 2016  
Household Cavalry Journal 2016