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the country mothers were pressing the pause button on their remotes and pointing, “There’s my boy!” The rest of the show was mostly enjoyed waiting in the holding ring or back in the stables packing tack away. Had we been in the arena throughout, however, we would have seen the likes of Kylie Minogue, Alan Titchmarsh, Katherine Jenkins and Helen Mirren; not to mention a multitude of horses from Canada, Oman, Azerbaijan and France to name a few.

The Adjutant, Capt H B H Boyt LG, during the Inter Services Tent Pegging competition

While waiting for the finale at the end of the show, it was somewhat surprising for Maj Woolf, the LG Leader, to be approached by a very smart mounted lady awaiting her turn to go on. “Ah! Good evening Colonel”, says the ever alert Red Leader to Colonel The Blues and Royals (wearing riding mufti) as she enquires how the men are.

Coach Troop

by Corporal of Horse T Baker, The Life Guards


oach Troop had an extremely productive and enjoyable year, during which we attended numerous events and parades. One of the biggest events was the Suffolk show where the competition was extremely high, so we did well walking away with a respectable 3rd place. This was an amazing achievement as the team consisted of two brand new horses (Bentley and Classic), who had only been part of the team for a very short period and it was their first show of this size. The Regimental (daily exercise) Carriage has had many outings, taking part in most of the Regiment’s parades throughout the season. Coach Troop had the pleasure of assisting the Foot Guards with their rehearsals for the Queen’s Birthday Parade; something normally done by the Royal Mews who were otherwise engaged. The Troop deployed on regimental training in Norfolk and took part in all of the usual regimental training antics. We hosted a number of VIPs and guests where CoH Baker had his work cut out, handing over the reins to The Major General, Maj Gen Ben Bathurst.

CoH Baker and Team at the Suffolk Show

The Major General taking the reins

The Victoria (wedding) Carriage has seen a few outings this year, fighting its way through London traffic to deliver a bride on time. We already have at least one booking for the coming year. Coach troop bade farewell to the following: Tpr Marskell to civilian life and Tpr Blowes to HCR. A few new members joined the troop too: LCpl Hansford who has taken up the role of 2ic and is currently under the instruction of CoH Baker - being brought up to speed on how to drive and all the aspects of coaching. The daily exercising and training of Coach Troop horses is always enjoyable, especially whilst driving around the Windsor Great Park which happens to have some stunning views when it’s not raining.

Morning exercise for Coach Troop on the short walk

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Household Cavalry Journal 2016