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LCpl Robinson on Invader carrying the Union Flag

and a further two shows, an unprecedented degree of improvisation pushed CoH Jones’, Tpr Sayer’s and Tpr Collins’ musical talents to the limit. August saw the Ride heading dangerously close to the Welsh border for the Shrewsbury Flower Show. Tpr Yates stepped up at the last minute as a Monkey Man and demonstrated his equine prowess before hanging up his sword. As it was also Maj N Housby-Skeggs’ last show she also made a special contribution by breaking a lot of rules, setting a number of new records and evoking the Commanding Officer’s ire. There was some difficulty getting some of the horses to lie down - and not wanting to copy the Omani whipping technique demonstrated at HMQ90 - SCpl Powell was forced to improvise, requisitioning LCpl Smith and Tpr Strange to test their balance by standing on their saddles. It had been almost six years since the Ride had last performed in the spectacular grounds of Chatsworth House for the Chatsworth Country Fair. It made for a thoroughly enjoyable show and the latest addition to the team sheet, Maj

The Ride formed up

H Church RAVC, the new RVO, was in her seventh heaven amongst a myriad of dog breeds. Two points also to note, the RM celebrated his recent promotion to Major and LCpls Robinson and Alden rode out with the Duchess’es niece, against her better judgement. Unfortunately, rain was to plague almost all our performances over the weekend but, whilst the Band of the Royal Engineers deliberated about playing in the inclement conditions, the Musical Ride soldiered on, bolstered by the high spirits of the recently returned Tprs Strange and Alden from the Mongol Derby (fortunately in one piece). Next year’s calendar is already beginning to fill up. As it currently stands, the Ride will be performing at Windsor on 10th-14th May, HCR’s family open day on 24th June and at Regimental Training open day in Norfolk on 23rd July 2017. Inevitably, 2017 will see the annual

Maj Housby-Skeggs demonstrates how it’s done

50 ■ Household Cavalry Mounted Regiment

change of line up with promotions, drafts to Windsor and postings, but the ride will continue to exist in much the same way as it has since it first appeared at the Royal Tournament in 1892. I would like to take this opportunity to thank all those who have been part of it and indeed all those who have come to watch and support over the last year. The large number of former LG and RHG/D soldiers and officers who have dropped in over the year is testament to the unique opportunities that the Household Cavalry has to offer and its value to Household Cavarlymen past and present. Special mention goes to the welcome presence and experience of CoH (Retd) Jock Bissett RHG/D throughout the year - educating the ride on the good old days, providing much entertainment and imparting his wisdom to all who would listen to him - as well as his primary and indispensable role of transporting the horses up and down the country.

Walking over the bridge at Chatsworth House

Household Cavalry Journal 2016  
Household Cavalry Journal 2016