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nature of the CT1 training had created the foundations for success but we must maintain our guard and not become too complacent. Of particular note were the performances of LCoH Tipling who stood up as CoH for 1 Tp. After less than a week back in camp, in which we conducted Roll Back as the Maintenance Sqn, we received our airline tickets for Latvia, of which more elsewhere. Our STTT was then followed by another Gunnery orientated STTT in late Nov-Dec 16 which included CsoH Fetigan and Turner, who ran a 30mm live firing package with the Latvian Army. Most importantly these STTT enable us to foster better relations with our Latvian allies and improve their capability, assisting them in the protection of their nation. Whilst we were in Latvia, Lt Crosthwaite-Eyre led his D Sqn Cambrian Patrol Team to a creditable Silver medal supported by the equally talent LCoH Hinchley as his 2iC. They were only beaten by 2 Infantry Battalions who won Gold. The team had undergone a rigorous training package whilst conducting all the previously mentioned events and exercises; this shows the nature of commitment they have displayed and the reason why they were so successful. To his credit, Tpr McLaughlin’s performance set him apart through both the preparation and the competition, though just as much credit should be given to the Support Team enabled by Sgt Tyrie and others. Not content with the training themselves, they Lt C-E also run a familiarisation package for the Swiss Army team whom we hosted at Windsor both before and after the Competition. One of the most demanding events we have taking part in and also the most rewarding was the regimental Troop Tests Exercise IRON WILL. Possibly the best kept secret in regimental history saw every Sqn deploy three teams on a Bear Grylls meets Commando challenge. Unlike anything done before, 12 man teams deployed to Dartmoor to

Tpr Keeney taking part in a Sandhurst exercise which enabled O’Cdt to interview soldiers for the first time

D Sqn on Remembrance Sunday returning from the Garrison Church

be taught SERE skills by elements of UKSF and survival specialists before deploying on different scenarios with missions and task which not only tested individual mental robustness and team work but also stretched people to their physical limits - notably the river crossing. All our teams put in a fair performance but most importantly they all built on their basic knowledge and soldiering skills. Credit should go to 3 Tp as they were the most successful Sqn team; well done Lt Adcock and CoH Barbour. Another interesting fact was that SCM Harris was the only SCM in the Regiment to complete every obstacle on the assault course including the monkey bars; from his performance it was clear that this was not his first Rodeo. As usual this was another great year for Regimental sportsmen with the Sqn members distinguishing themselves in: rugby, cricket, football, basketball and athletics and not forgetting their success in swimming. LCpls Cleary and Atkin put a monumental effort into the boxing team; LCpl Hurst for planning and delivering the swimming camp, Tpr Redford represented the RAC at cricket; LCpl Duffield has been a Army Football Association Referee. The Sqn said goodbye to several long standing members this year and became the home for new friends and colleagues and these included: SCM Quickfall who move

onto become RQMC(T) being replaced by SCM Harris; SCpl Cox who leaves to go on tour to Afghanistan in the acting rank of WO2, he was replaced by the talented SCpl Salmon; SSgt Paterson move to HQ Sqn in an elevated role and was replaced by SSgt Slater; CoH Morgan moves onto HCMR. CoH Armstrong leaves the Army to take over his family business, CoH Fetigan joins HQ Sqn as Gunnery Warrant Officer, though not leaving the Sqn CoH Doran is elevated to Senior Tech Rep. We have welcomed CsoH: Turner, Barbour and Perry whose presence has been instantly felt at Tp and Sqn level. With myriad of changes, constant demands and tasking plus the standard requirements of being on high readiness, the Sqn has experienced many highs and lows. People have shown great robustness and sacrifice in order to achieve effectiveness and meet the high standard dictated by Battle Group HQ. At the same time, we have been enabled by all elements of the Regiment and also supported and backfilled all Sqns in return, for the greater good of the Regiment. I am proud of our combined performances and would like to extend my thanks also to your families and loved ones for their sacrifice in your absence whilst serving the Sqn. And it has not all been hard work.

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Household Cavalry Journal 2016  
Household Cavalry Journal 2016