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Spectemur Agendo Waterloo 2016 After the display of the 105th Eagle at the RHG/D Association dinner in 2015, a few old Royal Dragoons suggested they raise the old tradition of a dinner on Waterloo Day to commemorate the day. Come Sunday 19th June some 30 old and bold Dragoons gathered at the Union Jack Club, London, to mark the occasion. All attending agreed it was a grand event to be maintained until ‘last man standing!’ Contact details for 2017 dinner is The Gang

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President The Rt Hon The Earl of Normanton - formerly The Blues and Royals Vice President George Dugdale - formerly The Life Guards Chairman Raymond D Peck - formerly The Life Guards Secretary and Treasurer John Triggs BEM - formerly The Blues and Royals Committee Fred Kemp - formerly Royal Horse Guards Brian Murray - formerly The Blues and Royals Bill Stephenson - formerly The Blues and Royals Barry Woodley - formerly The Life Guards


e mounted 2016 with relish and enthusiasm for this was the 90th birthday year of HM The Queen. The Committee agreed in 2015 to commemorate this event as near as possible to the day by way of a Celebration Dinner and Dance. Contracts argued and agreed with the Hotel Celebrity and we were off for this first event of the year - which incorporated the Winter Warmer Draw. We agreed to host two draws this year - the profit made from each is used to subsidise the Annual Dinner, thus making the event as affordable as possible to members. The weekend centred on Saturday 16th April and saw members and friends assemble from the Thursday night onwards at the Hotel Celebrity in Bournemouth. Friday night was the usual ‘meet ‘n greet’ night where the lamps were

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swung and family news updated and exchanged with 55 souls gathered and enjoyed dinner and a later disco. Come the next day, 83 members and friends gathered for the Queen’s Dinner and a much enjoyed informal dinner was savoured with good food and the most excellent of company. Our sincere thanks to our Gentlemen Trumpeter Steve Hyett for the most hair on the neck raising perfect Mess Call and for looking the part -immaculate as always! Many members posted photographs on Facebook to demonstrate their enjoyment of the event. Each diner took home an engraved souvenir glass to remember the occasion. The Winter Warmer Draw drew some anticipation as the three prizes of short hotel breaks and inner tickets were most attractive. Again, very special thanks to Tony Prynne who yet again produced in excess of £300 of ticket sales - many thanks Tony! On Sunday 8th May, Committee Member Barry Woodley again laid our wreath at the Memorial to the 1982 Fallen in Hyde Park after the CCOCA Annual Parade, many members assembled on the day to join the muster and the service of remembrance followed by refreshments in HCMR and many thanks for the privilege. After the success of the Waterloo Dinner the previous year, we expected the slow take-up for the Annual Dinner in October. Not a bit of it! By mid May all 150 seats had been sold and there was a waiting list running too! We completely filled all the accommodation in the hotel for the weekend and the establishment was running at full bore all weekend. Friday night dinner proved most popular, with 95 giving the kitchen an exercise in al carte menu dining! Marty Elliott again entertained after dinner with his cracking cabaret show, truly

excellent and much appreciated. Come the Saturday, diners gathered in their finery well suited to mark the event and post AGM, photographs were taken along with pre-dinner drinks. At 6:40 pm our Gentlemen Trumpeter of the night, Steve Hyett gave a resounding call to dinner and diners were invited by tables into the restaurant to reduce congestion. The hotel did us proud in being able to seat everyone on both round and square tables, there were many good comments about the layout and good table displays. The Rules of Engagement were explained and then the top table was paraded into dinner to tremendous applause and vigour. Grace was uttered and once seated a grand gala dinner. Come the moment and the President read the Salutation to Her Majesty and Her kind Reply, he then proposed the Loyal Toast which was well joined by all. The Chairman introduced Col Toby Browne LVO RHG/D and former twice Commander Household Cavalry and Crown Equerry, who gave us as ever a most amusing and illuminating slant on Waterloo and the Household Cavalry, rounding off with a toast to the Household Cavalry. The Chairman finished off the ‘talk-talk’ element of the dinner with a toast to The Ladies. It was then time for a welfare break and diners were asked to take their seats again for the Charity Auction element thereafter. The Secretary then warbled on in rapid order asking the diners to thank Steve Hyett for his ‘blowing’ and that was well appreciated. There followed the charity auction and with donations from members and the 2016 diaries donations we happily raised £750.00 for each of the regimental associations - a total of £1500.00 in all; the Secretary announced that this would be the last auction he would run due to ill health. Overall an excellent night with superb food and wonderful company was enjoyed. The

Household Cavalry Journal 2016  
Household Cavalry Journal 2016