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22205340 Tpr Sydney Armstrong LG Served from 8th April 1949 to 11th March 1954 Died 22nd September 2016, aged 85 Years 23215479 Tpr Alan Roberts LG Served from 9th April 1957 to 9th April 1967 Died 7th October 2016, aged 77 years

295354 Tpr James Aspinall LG Served from 10th July 1939 to 24th November 1947 Died 11th October 2016, aged 94 Years 24096666 SCpl Dave Mean LG Service dates unknown Date of death TBC

22556002 Tpr John Richards LG Served from 1st January 1952 to 1st January 1955 Died 29th December 2016, aged 82 years

The Blues and Royals It is with much regret that the Honorary Secretary announces the death of the following Old Comrades. The Blues and Royals Association offer their sincere condolences to all members of their families. May they Rest in Peace. O Lord Jesus Christ who by the Holy Apostle has called us to put on the armour of God and to take the sword of the spirit, give thy grace we pray thee, to The Blues and Royals that we may fight manfully under thy banner against all evil, and waiting on thee to renew our strength, may mount up with wings as eagles, in thy name, who livest and reignest with the Father and the Holy Ghost, ever one God, world without end. Amen. 19101650 Tpr James Robinson 1RD Served from 7th November 1946 t o 13th November 1948 Date of death unknown

22205147 Alfred Garrett RHG Served from 1st August 1948 to 31st August 1953 Died 19th January 2016, aged 85 years

Lt John Newman RHG Served from 1st January 1948 to 31st December 1954 Died 10th May 2016, Aged 86 years

Tpr Andrew Ogilvie RHG Served from 19th March 1956 to 1957 Date of death and age unknown

George Edward William Beardsley RHG Service dates unknown Died 20th January 2016, age unknown

23215986 CoH Keith Marsh RHG Served from 4th August 1959 to 4th August 1968 Died 20th May 2016, aged 76 years

306739 WO1 Peter Stanton RHG Served from 20th February 1945 to 25th July 1968 Died 28th January 2016, aged 88 years

23865826 Cpl Barry Coughlan RHG Served from 8th November 1961 to 7th November 1967 Died 24th May 2016, aged 72 years

357327 Captain William David Bagnell RHG Served from 7th October 1945 to 7th February 1955 Died 5th February 2016, aged, 89 years

23215296 Tpr George Charlesworth RHG/D Served from 1955 to 1959 Died 23rd June 2016, aged 81 years

23425145 LCpl Thomas Ellis RHG Served from 1st January 1961 to 31st February 1967 Date of death unknown 306811 LCpl Bruce Kurhnert RHG Served from 27th April 1946 to 24th August 1952 Date of death unknown 306144 Tpr Arthur Budgen RHG Served from 10th December 1942 to 20th May 1948 Date of Death unknown. Aged 92 years 22556720 CoH Joseph Allen Oliver RHG Served from 24th May 1954 to 23rd November 1967 Died 24th August 2012, aged 76 years 23298304 LCpl James Nunn 1RD Served from 5th April 1956 to 4th April 1958 Died 21st December 2015, aged 78 years Lieutenant Malcom Napier RG Served from 1951 to 1953 Died 13th January 2016, aged 82 years 23736076 Trooper George Davis RD Served from 12th October 1959 to 4th August 1968 Died 15th January 2016 aged 73 23879562 WO2 V Sturrock RHG/D Served from 9th July 1962 to 23rd September 1954 Died 18th January 2016, aged 74

23875022 SCpl Brian Proctor BEM RHG/D Served from 10th September 1961 to 10th September 1984 Died 23rd February 2016, aged 72 years 23879523 Tpr Malcolm Barker RHG Served from 21st May 1962 to 23rd June 1968 Died 1st March 2016, aged 71 years 22017232 Tpr Peter Hill Marlow Served from 18th March 1948 to 1st February 1950 Died 5th March 2016, aged 86 years 22182515 Tpr Ronald Peter Wright Served From 1st September 1949 to 1st September 1951 Died 24th March 2016, aged 84 years 24239399 Tpr Shields RHG/D Served from 1976 to 1978 Died April, age unknown 22275186 Mr Fredrick Chamber RHG Served form March 1949 to March 1968 Died 7th May 2016, aged 83 years

24557966 LCpl Andrew Young RHG/D Served from 1980 to 1987 Died 5th July 2016 14497916 Cpl Thomas Edgar RHG Served 17th November 1943 to 26th December 1947 Died 16th July 2016, aged 90 years 429197 Major Bryan Wright Served from 11th October 1966 to 31st December 1973 Died 30th July 2016, aged 81 years 23879512 CoH Alan Gratton RHG/D Served from 9th April 1962 to 8th April 1986 Died 3rd August 2016, aged 77 years 24294532 LCpl Ian Davey RHG/D Served from 1st January 1972 to 31st December 1976 Died 9th August 2016, aged 64 years 22542586 Tpr Clive Piper Service dates unknown Died 25th August 2016

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