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Report for the Financial Year 31st March 2015 to 1st April 2016 The table below indicates the activity of the year end in relation to the previous year. Transfer in from HCCCF Transfer in from HCav Serving Officers’ Trust

2016 278,440

2015 3,025,133

Income Donations + Legacies Other Trading Activities Investments + Interest Total Income

381,881 26,957 85,900 773,178

321,075 140,426 69,917 3,556,551

Expenditure Fund-raising Welfare/Charitable Activity Total Expenditure

109,265 253,257 362,522

270,274 456,515 726,789



51,727 537,350 589,077

6,954 304,175 311,129

Liabilities Creditors: amounts falling due within one year Net current liabilities Total Net Assets

2,271,575 1,682,498 3,302,275

2,555,248 2,244,119 2,970,473

The Funds Of The Charity represented by Restricted funds Unrestricted funds Total General funds

1,560,462 1,741,813 3,302,275

1,226,057 1,744,386 2,970,443

Fixed assets Current assets Debtors Cash at bank and in hand Total

The Household Cavalry Museum by Alice Pearson, Director


n 9th March 2016 as part of English Tourism Week, UKinbound - the leading trade Association representing the UK's inbound tourism sector - encouraged its members to participate actively in Tourism Constituency Day. To crown the occasion Deirdre Wells OBE, Chief Executive Officer of UKinbound introduced (acting) Tourism Minister, David Evennett MP, to one of its longest standing members - the Household Cavalry Museum. Hosted by Director/ Head of Commercial Development and Operations Martin Westwood, the MP and CEO were introduced to serving members of the regiment and given a tour of the splendid regimental exhibits; including the most recent editions highlighting the Waterloo era. This was the last major publicity engagement for Martin, who after six years at the Household Cavalry Museum and over three decades in the attractions industry retired to spend more time with his family and relocate closer to loved ones in the Midlands. We know you join us in wishing him and his wife Jenny all the best in their future endeavours. Stepping into the fold, the new Director,

Alice Pearson, comes to the Museum from the Inns of Court and a background in corporate events within heritage environments. Immediate priorities included the development of the Museum’s private hire opportunities, stemming falling visitor numbers, and bringing the Museum into closer working line with the Windsor Archive, Regimental Associations, Household Cavalry Foundation, and Engagement Team.

of key agencies and suppliers and a new charging structure. New ‘Director’s Tours’ have proven to be a great success

By the end of FYQ3 the event business had exceeded profits of the previous full financial year through the engagement

David Evennett - Minister for Tourism talking to a Life Guardsman outside the Museum on Horse Guards Parade, 9th March 2016

David Evennett (Minister for Tourism) Martin Westwood (Director - Household Cavalry Museum) and Deirdre Wells (CEO UK Inbound) at the Museum, 9th March 2016

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