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Some might claim it takes them a year to recover! •

We’re supporting our Band on their annual adventure ski-training. Many of you saw them and their Britain’s Got Talent champion LCpl Richard Jones perform at the recent ‘Scarlet & Gold Concert’. Some of you also witnessed Corporal Jones (not Dad’s Army’s Clive Dunn!) open our local London Street Party (in Motcomb Street) soon after he rode on this year’s Birthday Parade as a trombonist. Luckily he resisted the temptation to cut the official hostess in half...!! Other Household Cavalry sportsmen we’re supporting include CoH Martin. He has been selected as an Army racing cyclist

during his tour as one of the elite signals instructors at Sandhurst. •

Corie in the groove

Our Heritage has also been celebrated with support to our Museum from the charity that organised The Patron’s Lunch in The Mall; undaunted, like our Colonel-in-Chief, by the damp weather on the Sunday after this year’s Birthday Parade, the HCF has been selected to receive one of the resultant grants. This will help to refurbish our Museum’s shop which needs a revamp after ten years. This year the HCF has also funded a new robust carrying-case for The Zetland Trophy, and supported the ceremonies for laying-up our old Standards and Guidon.

Our website now links to both Regiments, Home HQ and our Museum; and readers will I hope be pleased to know that the overall HCav website with its five official inputs was praised by Army HQ as an exemplar that all similar military websites should follow. Strategically, the HCF has focused on securing more Donors; this is less risky than organising what were spectacular and popular events. In one case, their popularity resulted in a sell-out and a waiting list, but events’ income is not guaranteed. New Donors and sponsoring events such as Beaufort Polo, have been wonderfully generous; thus enabling the results described above. The HCF has also simplified operations with these initiatives:

Martin Colclough, a Paralympix Supremo and Help for Heroes volunteer with Corie Mapp celebrate his bronze performance

102 ■ News from the Associations

Most Household Cavalry monies are combined in a cost effective manner in a portfolio invested with Schroder Cazenove. HCF’s Finance Trustee will decide if the current support for both Regiments can be repeated next financial year.

The Day’s Pay Scheme continues to be shared with both regimental Associations who must receive no less than 51% of receipts.

During 2017 The Children’s Fund, set up by the Operational Casualty Fund trustees for the children of those Household Cavalrymen killed in action, is due to make its first payment to a child reaching official adulthood.

Gift Aid is being confirmed for all the HCF’s Funds. All subsidiary funds receive a quarterly dividend proportionate to their relative size in HCF’s investment portfolio.

Restricted and Unrestricted Funds. HCF only have unrestricted access to HCF (formerly HCCCF) and Serving Officer’s Trust monies. The Operational Casualties’, and Children’s Funds are restricted. HCR, HCMR, RHG/D Association and Oliver Montagu Funds are outwith the HCF, with their own separate governance.

The Life Guards’ Mounted Squadron Leader, Maj James Harbord, led a team in this year’s Mongol Derby, reported on elsewhere in this Journal.

As the HCF staff has reduced to one full-time and Mary Edwards our bookkeeper (once a week), so our work has been stream-lined. For example, all retail is now coordinated by our Museum’s shop. The only exceptions are T-shirts and other clothing memorabilia that are either supplied by Old Comrade Matt Pellett of ‘Troop Logos’, or Strath Carron; and specialist regimental accoutrements that are now sold by the PRI. Corie Mapp prepares for the bobsleigh

Finally, I want to pay tribute to the fantastic contributions from the family of Tpr James Munday LG who was killed in action in Helmand on 15th October 2008. For example, James’s brother Robert ran another London Marathon for the HCF last April. James’s nickname ‘Magpie’ is commemorated in the name of one of the LG Mounted Squadron’s horses.


Governance. There are now five Trustees: four Household Cavalrymen and one civilian (Jon Coles of Brunswick Group LLP). The Chairman is the Lieutenant Colonel Commanding.

Integrating the Household Cavalry Serving Officers’ Trust into the HCF.

Robert Munday and his mother at the finish of the London Marathon

Household Cavalry Journal 2016  
Household Cavalry Journal 2016