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APARTMENT IN VIGO Design: MDBA Photographs: Héctor Santos-Díez

This apartment located in Vigo, in Galicia, Spain, was refurbished by Manufactured Design By Architects – MDBA. The team lead by Maria Díaz, main architect, and collaborators Marta Ariza, Jacopo Biasio and Magdalena Mozuraiyte made an analysis of the hierarchy of the spaces in order to comprehend how everything flows in a natural way. The mission was to reshape a penthouse located on Vigo’s waterfront. The describing text of the project is clear, “the living room, the kitchen and the dining room, are lead onto each other to take maximum advantage of sun light.” The program was lead so that “open spaces allow contemplation of the passage of time through the numerous windows.” A contrast is made, “north facing rooms provide private area which is separated from the rest by the bathrooms.” The whole space is characterized by the geometry of the roof which allowed MDBA “to play with the proportions of the apartment, changing the sections 48

of each zone but always taking into account the existing structure.” The MDBA was found by Maria Díaz an architect with more than 15 years collaborating with Vicent Guallart. She leads a team of young architects, designers and professionals of different disciplines. The studio is focused on research and creating spaces obtaining so far a wide experience in project development. From new projects to reforms passing through interior design, MDBA provides from the concept, construction to the conclusion. The main services are architecture, interior design, furniture design, graphic design and landscaping providing in each one all the technical aspects, budgets and licenses. On every new project the challenge is to fulfill client’s needs and to seek for benefits of the location or of the existing space. The studio expresses its commitment for finding the “appropriate character in every space, always bearing in mind the materiality, the warmth of the materials.”

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