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Clearly that it is than more than meets the eye. We feel it’s political because we aren’t only seeing photographs of Dubai, we are looking into it through the mind of Tor Seidel. And we a pretty sure that we are seeing, feeling and experiencing way more than just architecture, urbanism, nature, Man or just business. The impact is real and it is not created it is capture from that reality. What strikes us is a shiny and dust reality which gets us thinking about environment, waste, resources, visuals, society, emptiness and loss of purity. But this is us being political about Tor Seidel’s photos, this is us being critical about a show of released by plutocrats eager to make huge profits and politicians only thinking about propaganda. And again we drown ourselves in questions about development, efficiency, harmony and balance among all parts. We dare to think if Man has really devel-

oped behavior, if some groups of individuals do ever think more deeply about consequences. It is indeed political and the whole could be based on the lack of spirituality despite all those forced technological and architectural exuberance. Nadine Barth and Dominic Wanders put in writing a very in depth perception of Dubai with contextualized information about all this artificiality.

Tor Seidel The Dubai Publisher: Hatje Cantz ISBN: 978-3-7757-3856-9 Hardcover German, English, Arabic 160 Pages 75 Color Illustrations 2014


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